DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

what did postman brings me?

Lomo order only took less than a wk!!
Gosh~ thats e fastest spree i had till date lehx..
e box was smaller than e 1 huifen got..
most prob bcux e items inside r small too..
as usual.. toto did a check on e box..
least it contains "illegal" thingy? kekeke~
toto sniffin out e box..
from here 2 there 2 e other side..
upon openin e box..
i spot FishEye Camera 1st.. ;D
but its not mine..
none of e thingy inside is mine..
and here's all e stuffs ordered..
gonna meetup 2 spree-ers ltr..
cant wait 2c their happy face.. ;)

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

oh GOSH~!

i've tried out my hol-ka already!!
heheheh~ using e 120mm film nw..
thou its abit exp 2 use this than 35mm..
but at least me & sis manage 2 figure out..
loaded e film in a subdued light bedrm..
hiakx hiakx hiakx~
Sat im gonna brin it 2 zhen's bdae~

not 4gettin 2 thx 4 pretty khloe..
;) she looks prettier than last time ;x
i mean.. mature.. pretty..
dun look like 19yrs old thou..
thx girl~! ;)


2nd Last Day of MC

its not on purpose 2 MIA 3days..
jux that photos r in my hp..
and i cant infra/bluetooth them 2 PC..
hafta plug in cable n setup etc 2 transfer pix..
find it abit too much hassle.. so...
but anyway, im bac 2 update..
F21 loots arrived last Fri..
n it has 2 pass toto's check 1st..
openin up..
so all e clothes r "bind" 2gether..
& i check thru e clothes + order sheet..
so here's all e loots! ;D

finally my sis meetup with her fren..
n she collected our Lomo stuffs!
120mm films + SuperSampler + CSFlash!!
2 show u guys how SuperSampler looks like..
here's my CSFlash!!
wOohOo~ cant wait 2 try out on my Hol-ka!
(i named my Holga baby as Hol-ka~) ;x

Sat was spent at hm..
nite time met dar.dar 4 dinner..
a decent meal alas..
had grilled fish w/o fries..
my sis went out dinner with WeiHong..
n they bght this back.. *jumps*
know whats inside? ;)
its Orangey taste jelly!
super soft.. i can eat i can eat!
got Orange fruit inside as well..
v appetising indeed!
think these r toy cars?
ur wrong!
bcux u can use e remote 2 control these cars..
jux like those bigger kinda controller cars..
really v cutie worx.. ^v^

m alterin sth give dar.dar..
cux he move bac hostel 2 stay again..
n i tot of doin sth 4 him 2 put in his rm..
plus "sth else" 2b shipped in frm US.. ;D
Below is the BEFORE of altering..
a frame yet again.. ;x
Door Hanger!
for him 2 hang on his door?
or anywhere else?

stay tuned 4 e AFTER of altering.. ;)
oh yehx~ this entry got another meaning..
is 2 push e bloody tooth down..
so it wont be anywhere near e taggy..
den it wont give Pinky any goosebumps.. ;p

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Friday, October 26, 2007

OH NO! I've been tagged!

So I’ve been tagged by Avina

1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself (on your blog, we all want to know them).
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 random / weird facts about me

1. I can memorise numbers pretty well..
(esp hp no. which i dont use phonebook for those i call frequently.
2 name afew here, min, cine, zhen, dar.dar, lisa, shar, mk, chris, sis, dad, hm..)

2. I got sweet tooth
(thou every1 knows that but i can finish 1 whole Mentos within mins)

3. I always eat the same thing at restuarant/fast-food
(MOS : Teriyaki Chix, LJS : Combo1, MAC : Fillet, Sakae : those usual side dishes)

4. I buy things in advance b4 it runs out
(toilet paper as eg. i wil remind my mama 2 buy them when it stil got 10+rolls,
OR buyin tissue paper packs when there's stil 1 row left)

5. I uses 6 packs of Ketchup at LJS
(those frenx who i eat BK with wil know..
i wil demand 6 packs 2 go with e chix + fries)

6. I was once attacked by a cockroach while in toilet
(it stopped on my shoulder, i shove it down with my hands
only 2 realise its a cockroach. Scream out loud & whole family
rush 2 e toilet only 2c me in shock!)

7. I cant tak chilli or spicy food. NOT even a teeny weeny bit.

Tagged people
Francine Low
Desiree Yeo
Joey Chan
Diana Neo
Joyce Ong

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Im BaAcCckKkk~

NO! i didnt die of overly-traumatized..
im stil alive & kicking! lolx..
it wasnt as bad as i imagine it 2b..
kekek~ Mr Dentist is v gentle with me..
e injectS of anesthetic wasnt painful at all!
everything was done speedily fast..
like e teeth was extracted w/o my knowledge..
Mr Dentist jux say, "its out"
and i was spotted with e "???" face..
he was smiling at me & say, "u din feel it right?"
yes.. he was right!
i really din feel anything..
except, e extraction of my upper tooth was diff..
nurse hafta hold onto my head with BOTH HANDS,
when Mr Dentist is doin e "pluckin" of e stubborn tooth..
i guess, my tooth refused 2 come out aft afew attempts..
in which he keep changin tools.. ;x
stubborn owner with e stubbon tooth ehx? ;p
initially i tot extraction was "more painful" than op.
but aft e anesthetic wear off, i start 2 feel e pain hauntin mee..
(upper was extraction & lower was op.)
my lower gum was in much more pain than upper..
nw im scare of my right side tooth le..
according to Mr Dentist, my right side BOTH hafta op.
they're in grown so cant extract it out..
BUT, i wont be goin 2 extract them so soon..
my Medisave r kinda depleted aft 1 op.
op. + x-ray + med + blah blah cost me $700+!
luckily, its paid with my Medisave
(thou its oso my $$)
extraction of upper tooth is $80..
which i paid by Nets.. :(
gotta work another few more mths..
save up on Medisave b4 i can go remove right side..

anyway, all words & no pix make my entry dull..
so i've, i mean dar.dar took some pix..
when i was lyin down on e bed gettin ready..
no pix/video of my op. lohx..
Mr Dentist asked dar.dar 2 walk arnd outside..
so dar.dar oni stay til e end of anesthetic injection..
puttin on e op. robe & cap..
Mr Dentist & Nurse gettin ready..
Injectin Anesthetic in process..
cant c my hands which r all tensed up..

aft arnd 20mins of "surgery"
im out sittin at e reception..
is my face swollen?
Mr Dentist say wil blue black.. :s

Mr Dentist know im nervous b4 e op.
so he asked Nurse 2 gave me 3 pills 2 eat..
sayin can calm me down aft that..
2b make things worse..
dar.dar keep teasin me lohx..
infront of e nurse, make me super paiseh..
lolx~ finally its OVER~!!!
e amt of med i've got..
mouth wash too..
given 1wk MC..
luckily got 2 days is wkend..
else i think my tis yr MC might b gone..
oOooPx! did i gave u a scare?
keke~ my wisdom tooth~!
e bloodier one is lower tooth..
upper one is cleaner right?
FYI, e "blood" is act. my GUM!!
OMG! *painful*

i changed afew cotton guaze at hm..
think arnd 5-6 times b4 i stopped bitting it..
n i can stil taste e blood comin out.. :s
while bitting e cotton, i cldnt swallow my saliva..
n i keep "drippin" saliva can?
i feel like im toto again! -.-"

was supposed 2b restin at hm..
but dar.dar wanna brin toto go 4 a walk..
so i went with them 2 Bishan Park..
i used up 2 packs of tissue lohx..
jux 2 absorb e "keep-flowin-non-stop" saliva of mine..
wahahaahahah~ ;x
look at toto..
anxious 2 stomp out of e lift..
e trail of urine left by toto..
as i've said b4..
toto loves 2 leave behind his "mark"
headin hm already~
toto cldnt tak e 2km+ walk..
1 happy photo in e lift..
this time rnd, toto is lookin at e cam..

AND last but not least..
we went 2 catch a movie aft that..
lolx~ m i crazy or wat?
Mr Dentist advised me 2 rest at hm..
yet i stil went 2 watch movies..
my dinner 4 ytd was Campbell Soup.
really not enough.. im hungry..
but e pain stopped me frm eatin more.. :(
watched Brothers..
rated it 2.5/5 stars..
not really worth catchin it..
mayb buyin a DVD from JB can le.. ;x

breakfast 4 2dae?
only a cup of Milo..
*scream out loud*
but my right side no strength 2 bite..
how 2 eat u tell me? (>.<)

on a happier side,
i've placed order 4 my Lomo spree..
its 2 get Flash 4 cine & bing..
hEe~ hope wil arrive nx wk..
b4 my MC ends of cux.. ;D

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

one more thing

in 1hr 15mins time..
(that wil b 3pm sharp)
i shld b lyin on e dental bed..
gettin ready 2b op. on..
wish me luck..
gimme e courage~!

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虽然我还有“拔牙前忧郁症“ 但,也不至于到最后一餐!
anyway, afew upates b4 i go prepare..
bath & had my v last "bite-able" lunch..
aft which, i guess most of my meals wil b porridge..
and MORE porridge liaox.. :(
thats y i'll missed alot thingy on zhen's bdae!!
*sObx*sObx* i stil cant accept it! =|

1 last pix of me..
cux u'll not c my face 4 a long time..
dun 4get me okie?
i'll update often esp im at hm!
wil participate more frequently in MWL forum..
i wanna change my rankin!! ;p
another concert tix..
any idea whose concert is that?
i like e words on e cover thingy..
"Losing your voice screaming for your idol : priceless"
but no dance only singing..
so not worth buyin $198 de tix..
even if we want oso cant buy..
lolx~ for more info, go my sis's blog..
not 4gettin 2 thx my sis's bf, weihong..
he Q-ed 1hr 30mins 2 get e tix!!
imagine e Q at sistic counter?

ytd aft work went town-ing awhile..
spent 1 of my gift vouchers..
on a tee 4 myself + briefs 4 dar.dar..
wanted 2 buy boxers but design not nice lehx..
my Bumble Bee tee!
any idea how excited i was ytd?
i wanted 2 change into it imm. lohx.. ;x
n all my loots!
im really a happy happy girl nw..
i mean NOW, at this moment..

mayb afew hrs moment ltr i might not..
cux i'll be sufferin under e pain of....
2b exact, injection of anesthetic..
:( anesthetic suppose 2b painkiller..
but e injection into gum wil b painful..
*cry out loud uncontrollably*
im havin "post extract wisdom tooth sickness"
i've got a slpless nite ytd..
i cant imagine myself under op. lahx..

救我 救我 救我!!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Delightful Surprise!

Finally after a long long wait..
my F21 loots have all arrived!!
thanx a BILLION 2 my wonderful organiser..
she allows me 2 combine "postage",
whats more?
this pix ur viewin is sent by her!
really nice right?
i even asked her 2 try on e pair of pumps..
so as not 2 dampen my mood if it cant fits me..
she went 2 e extend of measuring it too!

im glad i choose Bumble Bee tee rather than Optimus Tee..
cux according to her, other spree-er ordered e latter..
and, it wasnt as "nice" as my Bumble Bee tee!
wOohOo~ new tops.. new tees.. new footwear..
even new accessories too!

too bad.. i cant eat alot of things..
else wld've arrange lunch with my dear girls..
*cry out loud*
i duwan 2 miss any food on zhen's bdae!!

OH! im sneakin off 2 meet organiser ltr..
jux 2 "self-collect" my loots..
TO : you-know-who-u-r,
i really appreciate what u did..
certainly help me save alot on postage.. ;D

AND, im NOT gettin e Diana+ cammy..
since majority thinks there's NOT a need 2 buy..
this helpful organiser even willing 2 post a spree 4 me..
so as to accumulate enough amt 2 order from LOMOASIA!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Star Struck-ed again

im back with photos!!
yes yes~ transferred 2 lappy liaox..
read on 2c my Star booklet.. ;)
i wil update again..
a pix showin toto with his tongue out..
why he lidat? ru wonderin why?
i wil update later or tml on that.. ;p
durin class.. or end of class..
we finished way B4 time alright?
thou i was quite slow sometime,
we stil manage 2 finish b4 530pm..
e rest busy copyin e measurements down..
me? i took photo of it! lolx~
grp photo 1..
its my habit 2 tak pix with every1..
so i can remember e class i attend b4..
and of cux, how e teacher looks like..
2nd grp photo..
hp was in silent..
wasnt sure 1st 1 look nice anot..
but turns out both r NICE!
and my teacher is Avina.. ;D
nice lady.. cux we got a small class..
n she got time 4 every1 of us..
helpin us here & there..
in e lift..
lotsa things 2 carry hm ytd..
book papers frm PO,
received my MWL "survival kit",
bght things frm MWL,
& my starry booklet of cux!
my starry booklet..
haven add in smally pages yet..
waitin 4 my MC 2 come n i shall start!
e "survival kit" from MWL..
its my fave brand lahx..
K&CO thingy..
(my 1st album is K&CO)
other thingy i bght frm MWL..
mostly r adhesive stuffs..
my JP cosmetics arrived!
aft like nearly 1mth? o.O
e extreme right is shimmer powder..
really shimmery alright? ;D
taken ytd nite..
while "doin sth" 4 dar.dar..
hahahah~ u guys shld know wat bahx?


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toy or vintage?

UGH~ dilemma dilemma~
i duno shld i or shld i not? :(

act. spotted this cam b4 holga..
but bcux it uses 120mm film,
so i gave it a miss..
budden, seems like SG can develop 120mm film easily..
which makes me havin 2nd tots nw.. (>.<)
it cost even cheaper than gettin a holga..
cux e holga itself stil got adapter & flash 2 get..
which cost me ~$140 liaox..
(dont include developin films yet)
plus, i dun invest in digital cam since i got my hp..
n such cam only cost <$150 each..
(is e developin which is exp)
how how?
there's 2 types available..
in Blue which i find it toyish-looking..
& in gold which my sis say she find it vintage..
cast your votes in my taggy NOW!
YES or NO?

shoo shoo~ go vote nw..
this is Limited Edition 2007 Diana+ LWC camera
this is normal Diana+ camera..

YES, u din read it wrongly..
this cammy is call "Diana+"
hahaha~ same as my sis..
here's e price of e cammy :
im gettin extra 120mm film too..
that wil throw in additional US25!

tell me tell me..
im so addicted in photography..


Monday, October 22, 2007

Star Struck-ed

i've attended Star Struck class~!

simple AWESOME, i must say!
got e feel of buyin several "bundle",
and do 1 4 all my love ones..
so we can ALL have e same "starry booklet"!
that'll certainly make them rem me 4EVER!
hiakx hiakx hiakx~

its so star that i lurrvvveee it SO much!

can u tell i love it v much?

photos up tml..
even pix of my "classmates" & "teacher"
been so long since i've classmates 2 say..
(oops! i 4got e teacher's name ;x)

anyway, dinner time!
gotta go now..

stay tuned 2 pix tml kx? ;)

suddenly realise i spent $$ at MWL again!
thou its not a BIG hole, but there's stil a hole..
*shrug shoulders*
n im suppose 2 save $$ for teeth op.
ugh~ :\












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楊丞琳 - 倔強

你曾说 雨下的时候别低下头
要等候 奇迹降落
我不懂 曾想一起拥抱的彩虹
为设么 只剩下我

原来啊 爱其实不会留下设么
只留下 残缺的我
能不能 再把你的爱借点给我
好让我 继续漂流

我的倔强 疯狂 不放 逞强 流浪
你的模样 说放 眼光 装傻 躲藏

原来啊 爱其实不会留下设么
只留下 残缺的我
能不能 再把你的爱借点给我
好让我 继续漂流

我的倔强 疯狂 不放 逞强 流浪
你的模样 说放 眼光 装傻 躲藏

我的倔强 迷茫 去闯 彷徨 飞翔
你的模样 不想 遗忘 飘荡 摇晃

我的倔强 疯狂 不放 逞强 流浪
你的模样 说放 眼光 装傻 躲藏

我的倔强 迷茫 去闯 彷徨 飞翔
你的模样 不想 遗忘 飘荡 摇晃


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Saturday, October 20, 2007

tell me about it..

jux when i hafta buy a new toothbrush..
the mighty one above knew what i want..
he "dropped" a new toothbrush 4 me!
its exactly e type which im lookin for..
small tip at the top of e brush!
im grateful for that..
at least that save me afew bucks.. ;p
my smally tip brush..
hope it'll clean my inner teeth thoroughly..

and this morn aft havin my breakfast,
i went 2 weigh myself again..
jux 2 keep track of my "slimmin down" plan..

guess wat..
its 47.5kg!!!

at least my skippin of teabreak helps..
only 1 meal (breakfast/lunch) durin my wkdays..
i mean from 9am-6pm lahx.. ;)
surviving on water really helps siax..
lolx~ im gonna maintain it..
until i can "stay still" at 47kg..
WOOTs! may it cum true b4 2008..

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Friday, October 19, 2007

back as promised

i've finally overcome e temptation..
stil eagerly prayin that "woman" can pay up soon..
so i can go ahead with e orderin at Lomo Asia..
else, i think cine is goin 2 skin me alive le.. ;x

anyway, jux nw met up with 2 woman 4 lunch..
i dint ate twice of cux..
i had my lunch at PSA with min..
den walk 2 Amoy Mkt meet xiang too..
both 2 pass e cucumber masks ordered frm spree..

lets do alil" trace back..
i accidentally set e pix format 2 LARGE..
instead of MEDIUM, so u can c my face BIGGER! :|
on 1 of e days,
my mama ordered KFC delivery..
lolx~ i din bite e chix...
i peel them piece by piece 2 eat..
no more feedin this time rnd..
another day my Malay colleague brin this..
guess which is my fave?? ;)
its e 1 with M&Ms..
n another day..
i went down Concourse 4 lunch..
meet lisa & lunch here..
we ordered chix rice..
not bad.. cux i demand 2 remove e bones..
which they did it alas!
Wed was a busy busy day..
all these came 2 me at e same time..
3 35mm holga adapter 4 me, cine & bing..
Nu Ren Wo Zui Da spree items 4 sis, lisa, min & xiang..
F21 items 4 me & lisa..
F21 mail 1st..
e top is hers..
necklace is MINE! hiakx hiakx!~
accessories freak i am.. ;D
3 boxes of adapter~
comes with user manual..
so shldnt have any prob fixing..
Nu Ren Wo Zui Da thingy..
e envelope quite broken off horx?
only 70 masks & not 90 masks..
plus e blackhead remover my sis wants..
ytd scrap materials arrived!
after i think e most 2wks?
opening up lohx..
i pull it all out..
how it looks like..
not ALL r mine.. heheh..
total is SG$150..
and mine is ~$55 niax..
consider little lahx.. ;x
pix taken jux nw..
while waitin 4 traffic lights..
min poutin cux she duwan tak pix..
and i FORCE her 2 tak sumore with me!
*evil laugh*

thats all!
paiseh 4 e hasty end~

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