DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Friday, March 30, 2007

dinner time!

Wed night met dar.dar 4 dinner..
waited all e way until 8+ b4 he rched.
was feeling super famished!
hence, we settle for e zi zha stall at my mkt.
mostly seafood lahx..
dar.dar's black pepper beef rice
my swt & sour fish rice
(my fave!!)
i found this unusually BIG veggie!
dar.dar tryin 2 compete with mine!
but his was smaller.
incurred a $22 burnt hole in pocket!
Thur mornin while changing clothes..
i notice a "white spot" among e trees..
as i was short sighted,
i couldnt c clearly what r those..
but anyway, u can c in the photo..
what r e white white / grey stuffs inside?


lazy toto

everyday w/o fail..
when i rched hm aft work,
i wil carry toto into my bedroom..
e same goes on Wed evening..
but jux tat toto is lazier.
c his lyin with 4 legs up?
i didnt make him lie down this way..
toto caught me snappin at him.
den he try 2 turn his head 2 e oth side
c his mouth is slightly ajar..
can c his small teeth!
he's tryin 2 hide from e camera
i like it when his legs r open..
cux his thigh is so fleshy & furry..
touch his fur & u'll uds

toto is so angry that he duwan look at me..
toto is camera shy lahx..


i wanna watch..

its been a long time since i catch a movie..
was feelin kinda outdated.
esp when ppl ask me 2 recommend movies 2 watch.
i'll b tellin them, "hmm, not sure i duno?"
that is what happened that nite at PS's party.
zhen & xiaoqi was talkin abt movie,
and i was feelin like a total idiot.
jux cux i duno what movie they were talkin abt?
so i went 2 checkout e GV webby,
and found lotsa HORROR/THRILLER movies!
and they're my fave top on e list!
now, who wanna date me watch movies?

i read e chn Wo Bao n they mention this movie.
no doubt 23 is 1 of my fave numbers.
so hopefully im able 2 catch this movie in theatres.
act. this movie didnt really caught my attention.
BUT, some words at e bottom make me check it out.
from the Producer of
"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"
oh man! that was 1 of my fave movies
(durin my poly times)
which makes my frenx feel gross
(im a crazy fellow.. i love bloody movies)
hMmm~ didnt watch e 1st part of it.
but it seems kinda interesting?
i mean if u're those who alwasy go hiking?
or camping in those mountains?
when i saw this movie among the list,
it didnt caught my attention.
but the title seems rather weird,
so i went 2 read e storyline.
lotsa mystery behind it?
i totally duno anything abt this..
and i've 4gotten abt e storyline
(i checkout e GV webby ytd and saved all pix)

among all these horror/thriller,
there're some diff movies i wanna watch too!
its about human & dog!
i love animal movies but i dun like 2 watch.
not that i dun dare..
is i duwan 2 cry in theatres..
i wil always end up cryin cux its so touching!
i stil rem e last animal movie i watched.
Eight Below
it left me cryin so hard at hm.
even e trailer can make me cry siax..
honestly, i cry easily bcux of animals. =\
and i duno is that gd/bad

aft a touching/meaningful movie,
there's a comedy as well!
i've always like Mr Bean show on TV.
so now that there's a movie,
i shld b catchin it too!
and jux watchin e trailer alone is funny le,
whats more 2 say abt e movie?

now.. some1 pls date me 2 watch~


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

bdae wishes

~!* Happy 21st Birthday, Lisa *!~

may u have lotsa fun 2dae..
n hope all ur wishes come true!


Peishan's 21st Bdae

on 17th Mar'07,
i was invited 2 my sec sch mate's bdae.
it was none other than Woo PeiShan!!
was kinda surprised that she remembered me!
and even more surprised that her sis know me as well.
lolx~ bcux her sis's fren so qiao is ex yckss netballer,
n while my senior was talking 2 me,
her sis asked whether m i Veron?
of cux i admit lahx (why wldnt i admit?)
i asked her how she know me?
she say PeiShan was mention me infront of her.
peishan mux b talkin some bad stuffs right?
complainin 2 her sis how bad a student i am ehx?
(peishan was my tutor for A-maths)
anyway, e whole thing was quite well organised.
met up with xiaoqi, siewyun, laisiang, siewyee too.
(and they didnt changed much)
except for mayb abit more dressed up?

mux thank u yongsheng 4 drivin us there.
and thank u zhen 4 (sort of) acc me.
we gave every1 a BIG surprise!
bcux they tot we're not going.
and it was a last min decision 2 go de.
from left to right :
Siew Yee / Lai Siang / Siew Yun
bdae girl, Pei Shan
Me / Zhen / Xiao Qi
2nd take
(skinny hasnt rched when we took these pix)
from left to right :
Siew Yun / PeiShan / Me / XiaoQi / Zhen
(do i look like e bdae ger instead?
bcux i was wearin a Key necky?)
while taking this pix,
peishan's sis was sayin i look elsewhere.
but, i where got look elsewhere?
thus the 2nd take.
and peishan was e 1 lookin elsewhere.
ha ha
peishan's KEY cake!
i love it~
PeiShan with her bdae cake
our sec sch grp photo~
from left to right, back to front :
QuanCheng / Siew Xiang / Lai Siang
ZhengXiong / LiMei / Siew Yee / Siew Yun
Yvonne / PeiShan / XiaoQi / Me / Zhen
another take again
while singing bdae song
wOoo~ cutting cake lohx..
while waitin 4 them 2 split e cake.
candid shot lahx..
i was sittin majiam at hm.
as commented by skinny lohx..

aft eatin e cake,
we chit chat & catch up with e rest.
waited 4 skinny & bf + xiaoqi.
and yongsheng drove us back again.
isnt it wonderful?
save all of our bus rides yehx..
*xie xie yongsheng*

below r e gifts we bght.
including e notebk i've made!
e top which me, skinny & lisa choose.
act. it looks nicer in reality.
jacket choosen by skinny?

the back design of e jacket.
honestly, i think a denim jacket wld b better.
this kinda cotten jacket cant keep warm?

these wld b included in my FRIENDS album.
or should i buy another album 4 all 21st celebration?
it would b great 2 have a album full of 21st?
and now den i realised,
i've had 4 21st celebration until nw..
not including this Sat 2 more?
( lisa in e aftn & my cousin in e night?)
oOohHh shucks~
i need 2 save up more moolahs~


Charming Cat Mascara?

this wk seems 2 pass by so slowly..
superbly S.L.O.W i mean.
esp it only seems like ytd when it happened.
Mon evening,
my mama came hm with Xiao Long Bao.
and they're from Ding Tai Feng!
outside of the box
hot & delicious Xiao Long Bao!

ytd aft work went home.

found a mail addressed 2 me.
i wondering what cld it be?
my mail
its those mascara~
Charming Cat Mascara from TW~~
shall be applying it on Sat..
bcux min, lisa, zhen & sunny all bght it.
therefore, celebratin 4 lisa's bdae,
min suggest we put e same mascara 2gether!
sounds so fun right?
im so lookin 4ward 2 Sat's arrival.


Monday, March 26, 2007

23rd-25th Updates

25th Mar 2007 [ Fri ]
reached home earlier than usual.
been walkin hm from MRT nowadays.
lucky i was home in time,
as the sky turned gloomy all of a sudden.
it seems like a tornado is approachin ehx?

aft dinner was rushin pressy..
wkend gotta go down Natas Fair,
hence decide 2 rush Lisa's pressy 2nite.
and i've asked dar.dar 2 stayover.
so tml can go down Suntec 2gether!
n guess what he gimme?
he bght 4 bottles of milk tea,
jux 2 have a sum total of $5 in xchange,
for a doraemon magnet!
*beamin with joy*
my ding dang~
Mexico ding dang?

24th Mar 2007 [ Sat ]
by e time we rched Natas,

it was already very crowded lohx!
stil hafta queue a long way,
jux 2 buy e admission tix.
and they're givin away free goodie bags.
ONLY for those celebratin 21st this yr.
isnt me v lucky lehx?
we started off quite slowly.
me, dar.dar, sis + mama visitin which booth 2gether.
but aft awhile, we split into 2 grps.
sis + mama checkout TW.
me + dar.dar checkout HK.
and guess what we saw at ASA booth?
we need 2 get Q no.?!
8660? go buy 4D?
we hafta wait 4 our Q no. lehx..

honestly, we werent quite satisfied with ASA.
esp their service attitude lohx..
pls lehx.. even if its jux enquiries,
u shld also have a better attitude.
when me + dar.dar finish askin arnd,
jux nice my sis called me.
we went over 5 Stars Tour Agency booth.
so it seems that they were satisfied with e tour package.
and we made our decision 2 join them!
upgraded flight from Eva to SQ.
per head addon $100.
so each is $1010 worx.. O.o
tour package include 2 nights stay at 5* hotel!!
we're goin 4 some dippin in hot springs.
freaking excited about it.
bcux 1 of e hotel was shown in TW drama b4.
there's a theme park in it too!
whats more, im flying there in less than a mth!!
tour period : 20th-26th Apr
after we settle TW trip,
was super hungry, so we grab a bite.
sis intro this restuarant.
San Zhong Er Jian
all chinese foods~
was sittin under this duno what tree..
their roasted peanuts r great!
table full of FOOD!
this tofu is marvellous!
4/5 stars.
sauce was superbly great lahx
another dish recommend by sis.
chicken meat was tender.
and there's a way of eating it.
Step 1
get a piece of cabbage
Step 2.
take a piece of meat,
dip into e garlie sauce.
Step 3.
place in btw the cabbage
Step 4.
put the cabbage + meat into mouth.
4/5 stars
baby kailan with oyster sauce?
4/5 stars too!
the veggies r v fresh & green.
vermicelli + onion + egg
act. by right i shld like it de..
but i find it abit too dry.
3.5/5 stars
the waitress helps us scoop into 4 bowls.
taste alright jux too dry niax..
4/5 stars
fishmeat v fresh & soft.
no "sea" taste
tonic soup!
e taste super bitter!
i cant take it..
so i let dar.dar take e whole bowl.
3.5/5 stars

after our late lunch,
sis + mama went hm with free luggage.
(slide $2.5k to UOB get free 20" luggage bag)
plus Mastercard get another free gift.
(ID & passport zipper bag)
while me went over dar.dar's hse.
while waitin 4 our train 2 come..

was super tired aft e whole thing.
stil hafta checkout e various hotels available.
so i told dar.dar 2 cook dinner 4 me!
and he's really cookin it all..
a much improvement from previous attempt.
no more diluted campbell soup
no more chao tah spaghetti too.

very very full!
dar.dar scare i'll b hungry,
so he gave me alot.
so much that i cant finish it.
headed hm at arnd 10+pm
he stayed over cux nx day goin Natas.

25th Mar 2007 [ Sun ]
setup at 1220noon.
spend a good 10-15mins waitin 4 bus.
n freakin sway enough.
the bus broke down halfway.
bus driver say engine overheated!
cant start up the engine.
was given a free ride.
oh man~
it broke down right outside here.

cabbed down to Suntec.
cux we dun have time 2 lose le..
rched Natas n checkout booth again.
compared the rates n settled with CTC lohx.
sis going 5 days while me 10 days.
was given lotsa freebies siax..
CTC own lucky draw.
HK Tourism Board freebies.
trip period : 17th-26th May (for me)
total cost for air tix + accomodation : $1013
(we're takin Cathay Pacific~ wEee)
see the tons of things we've got?
we went 2 fill our hunger 1st b4 headin hm.
i had my almond longan
dar.dar's tepayaki
sis's char kway tiao

after filling our stomach,
we took bus 133 home.
zZz all e way.
lets c what we've got?
portable BBQ Pit
CTC Lucky Draw worx..
i pressed e button,
and tio this pit
consider lucky bahx?
got 4 more tries and got these small items.
HK Tourism Board giveaway..
the Wax Museum Hp Chain
and Luggage Bags again?
except that its not trolley type..
HK. Live it. Love it!
CTC giveaway.
duno what brand shampoo + conditioner.

after cleanin up the stuffs,
i went 2 take a nap.
woke up arnd 8pm n walk 2 Central.
Walked arnd AMK Hub & nothing nice.
had Mos Burger 4 dinner.
toto on my bed b4 turning in.

toto is slpy le..
so m i~

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