DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Farty Machine?

i keep farting 2dae!
so much so that i felt like a farting machine.

ugh! i wanna watch Incredible Hulk..
yet i cant go out cux i duwan 2 fart & let ppl smell..


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why Me Also? ;(

in regards to previous entry..
i got too carried away with being e only 1 un-sick..
end up ytd i also got e "vomitting" virus..
met xiang & lisa 4 lunch @ Concourse..
boarded e bus & felt nauseous immediately..
hafta endure cux i dont have any plastic bags with me..

all e way until i alighted e bus & walked a distance..
den i vomitted along the passageway into the plants..
ppl from opp. the road were looking at me..
water.. rice.. char siew.. everything came out. -.-"

thinkin thats e only vomit is so wrong..
rched office & vomitted another rnd..
also rice & char siew + water..
my v kind colleague came to e toilet ask how im doing..
listened 2 her advise & drank some water..
but off i went to the toilet again..
all e water i drank came out as well.. ;(

went over nx buildin 2c a doc..
was given 2days MC & 3 meds to curb the nauseous..
took a train back 2 AMK & imm. felt giddy..
resorted 2 takin cab hm frm AMK Hub.
cost me freakin $5.15! =|

whole of ytd was spent vomitting & diarrhoa-ing..
its really not a gd feeling..

this morn went 2c doc & get an injection..
been bed bound whole day until 5+pm i woke up 4 a bath..
vomitted some pear & my porridge out..
feeling better now.. at least no longer so bloated..

hAix~ i hope this feelin can go away soon..

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What is Wrong?

ytd my whole family fall sick..
dad came hm frm work lookin weak..
said he've been diarrhoa-ing & vomitting whole day..
while my mum suddenly say she feel feverish in the aftn..
even my sis came hm frm work sayin she felt feverish too.. =\

oddly enough, im not affected?
nor my sis's bf is affected as well..

2dae, my mum jux told me she vomitted in e morn..
diarrhoa when she woke up jux now.. ;s
my sis oso look pale & keep feelin cold..

i really wonder what they ate???


Monday, June 16, 2008

Thanks Xiang!

OMG! i really gotta thanks xiang 4 her help..
it was freaking nerve wrecking thinking wat 2 do..
cux i ordered an exactly e same items twice in F21!!
and i cant get UOB to release the fund w/o informin e merchant.

so all thx 2 xiang..
she helped me call F21 cust svc up..
not once not twice but thrice or 4x or 5x!!
i really duno how 2 thanks her enough..

problem solved!
case closed!
but it'll be remembered!! :)

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wish List

its the time of the year again..
but im seriously not celebrating at all..
cux i wanna save up 4 hols trip!!
was discussing with my sis abt e US trip on Fri..
might be going for 2wks during the Dec hols..
and most prob during e 3rd & 4th wk!!
meaning, we might be cele Xmas over there!!

heading to SF & NYC definitely!
e rest of the states gotta do some planning 1st..
sis bringin shihui & me bringin jennive..
(girls, dont say i nv ask u all horx..
everytime i brin up the subj of going US trip,
i only get e replies, "so exp!!" from u all)

really excited jux by thinkin of it &
readin it frm my cousin's blog! *envious*

so peeps! pls dont buy me anything..
i've got almost all the things i need already..
except im LOW IN CASH only! ha ha ha

all donations jux transfer to :
POSB Savings 124-46130-8
(it'll be contributed to my US trip funds)


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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pre-Father's Day Celebration

jux as i started wearin heels 2 work..
i realised i've got skirt 2 go with it..
hence i decided 2 go a day of "shu nu" looking..
hahahah~ not sure if i succeed thou.. ;p

LOl! my eurasian colleague guess my age 2b 25!
-.-" thats like 3yrs older my own age okie?!

den thur we decided to give lisa a surprise..
cux she was complaining her colleague on leave,
which she cant go 4 lunch with me & xiang..
hence me & xiang met up secretly & da bao our lunch..
went up 2 the building & took e lift up..
e moment we stepped out, she imm. saw us already!
hehe~ long time nv give each of us a surprise..
i love those surprise looks on my friends. :)
thats Xiang with Lisa..
not enough seats so Xiang gotta sit on stalk of paper..
hohoho~ prove that her butt is small horx!

2dae had a last min decision 2 cele Fathers' Day..
got a small arguement with *him cux of this.. =\
ordered Coke Float..
got a small embarrassment bcux of it..
i tried e 1st mouthful of e choc ice cream..
& i dip e spoon into the cup..
when all e gas jux erupted out of the cup!!
i din know that cux its my 1st time. ;x
my momo prefer Fish n Chips..
Cape Cod fish not bad worx..
buttery taste.. not as gd as Fish n Co.
guess who ordered this?
of cux my dad lahx!
only he can finish it up! ;D
this really looks huge in reality!
we're teasing my sis when it was served..
cux hers looks the largest among me, momo & hers..
& mine.. stil look reasonably enough..
at least got a piece of pineapple above it..
deliciousy but w/o Teriyaki taste? =|

aft our main course, i was browsing 4 desserts..
saw this thingy which looks funny 2 me..
i scream desserts parlor!
creative right? i scream = ice cream!
hehehe! v cute indeed~
Mudpie with Vanilla Ice Cream
i request 4 this as im craving 4 mudpie suddenly..
look @ e inside of the mudpie..
double layer.. looks pretty weird horx?
my momo & sis say its not nice..
but im cravin 4 more already.. hahahah~
Crepe with Pineapple fruit & Choco Ice Cream
e pineapple is turning yellowish black..
too sweet according to my momo/sis..
din try it as my attn was on the mudpie..

had a stroll home with my momo..
aft she paid Hock Hua a visit 2 buy tonics 4 grandma..

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Thursday, June 12, 2008


since e 1st time i tried Benefit Cosmetics,
i've secretly become 1 of their fans already..

& look @ how much Benefit products i own right now..
boi-ing & more coming soon.. ;D

/* most of their products r so shimmer which i hearrtx~

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thanks Love!

some little gestures is enough for me..
can make me beaming with joy the whole day..
esp those little action i receive from spree-ers..
its like telling me that they appreciate me meeting them..
passing them e items which they've ordered.
similarly, i've also met spree-ers who's totally impolite..
jux took e carrier containing e loots from me & "thank you", POOF!
nothing like "hi" or "bye" from them..
so.. sometimes i really wonder..
"why shld i be so nice to provide self-collect/meetup?"

& there was this spree-er jux living nx blk frm mine..
met her up on Mon after my Sex & The City movie..
she was vvv nice & thoughtful!
i was surprised that she read my blog as well.. lolx~
anyway, "hi lynn" if you're reading now..
thanks 4 these ding dang magnets..
hehehe~ added extra 2 my collection! ;)

then e loots i received recently..
also got 20% discount thats y i bght it..
e yellowish tote bag got a tomato stain now!
plus i love that plaid shorts..
got sold out jux 2-3days aft its added to clearance!
hehehe~ im 1 lucky fellow 2 own it.. ;p


Monday, June 09, 2008

Love At First Sight!

i din know i'll fall 4 branded items..
until i saw this girl carrying this shoulder bag..
and it caught my attention almost immediately!
since then, i cant get it out of my head..
it've been lingering in my mind all these time!

then this noon was chatting with Jen girl..
she mentioned abt a Coach spree havin 25% sale..
browsed thru the catalog & nothing caught my eyes! ;(
that was when i remembered that BAG!
so i went googling & yahoo-ing 4 it..
hoping that i can found it & blog abt it..

ahhhh yes!
I FOUND IT!! *jump in joy*

i duno whats the name of the bag..
but i think its seasonal as i cant find it in Gucci webby..
which means im not sure if its available locally. ;(

found it over HERE and it states HK$5280!!

so, any1 going HK can help me get this bag back?!


Sunday, June 08, 2008


a conversation which took place 30mins ago..

Lisa : countdown 16days
Me : what countdown?
Lisa : ur bday
Me : dont be silly lahx..
Lisa : no more youth price
(referring to Sakae buffet fyi)
Me : -.-"

i totally 4got abt it..
anyway, dun feel like celebrating..
i dun really wanna remember it at all..
cux i duwan 2 recall how i celebrated last yr..

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

One To End It All..

sorry 4 e MIA..
its pretty troublesome 4 me 2 blog..
esp that old PC of mine refuse 2 detect my hp..
hence i can only resort 2 transferring via Bluetooth..
1 pix by 1 pix mind you! ;(
so imagine how tedious it is transferring > 20 pix?
i'll faint someday transferring 100 over pix..

anyway, im alright now..
sorry if my previous previous entry gave u a scare..
i was indeed in a big shock hearin wat e doc told me..
i mean.. i thought it was some mild cramps..
until e doc suspect that it might be APPENDICITIS!
OMFG! why lidat, u ask me?
i really have no idea, honestly.

let me track back to my toothache 1st..
seems like this is a "po cai" mth 4 me..
$$ spendin elsewhere rather than sprees.. *sObx*
my right bottom wisdom tooth has erupted!
YES! same case as before.. ;|
gotta do surgery again! wth!
while my top right wisdom r successfully grown out..
so it'll jux be normal extracting..
c e x-ray of my tooth?
dentist say my teeth r straight!
so i shldnt risk lettin e bottom right tooth 2 erupt..
as it might affect the spacing & causes my teeth 2 move..
which means my teeth wil not be straight anymore?
hehehe~ i went 4 some scalping as well..
can c e effect of it anot? cost me quite alot..
my 1st big bomb this mth..
more 2 come which i din expect..

last tue-thur i experience some severe pain in my lower abdomen..
thur morn was the worse of all.. like so suddenly..
hence i went 2c e doc near my office area in e morn..
had a checkup & did my 1st urine test..
doc said i got urinal infection! ;\
but there might b oth reason which cause e pain..
so she gave me e referral letter 2 go down SGH 4 checkup..
i din know i was sent to the A&E until e nurse told me..
cost me an imm. $90 upon registration!!! -.-"
waited for 30mins b4 some doc attended 2 me,
did my 2nd urine test & was told 2 wait 4 my no.
bloody hell! i spent 1hr+ waitin 4 my turn..
imagine if im bleedin internally, i wld have die while waiting?
why are there so many ppl goin down A&E for consultation?
ANYWAY! got my turn & was greeted by a Malay doc?
he asked me abt e pain & etc & said the urine test was -ve..
i din have any urinal test as wat e previous doc said..
STILL, its better 2 have a blood test & x-ray 2 cfm things..
thats when he said something which gave me a fright!
"if the blood test returns +ve,
i'll arrange the surgeon 2 speak 2 u regarding e op."

F! i went down myself & did all e test myself!
dont tell me if i hafta op, i wont have any kins arnd me?
i was shivering by then while he was takin my blood..
i think he had a hard time suckin e blood out of me..
cux he tap e top of my hand afew times..
aft like 5mins+ den he suck out like 10ml of blood?
aft which he wasted some of my blood by drippin them on e floor..
"oh my precious blood!"
it was then that i asked him,
"what abt this?" (pointing to THING stil on my hand)
he replid, "i'll leave it 1st in case if u've 2b warded.."
was told 2 go 4 my x-ray while waitin 4 blood test..
called up my mum but cant get her hence i informed my sis..
that feelin feels like im tellin her my last words..
LOL! was feelin really sad that no1 was with me..
had sucha hard up undressin & wearin that x-ray robe..
esp with that THING stuck on my hand..
so painful that i cant carry my bag at all..
while lyin on e cold metal board 2b x-ray-ed,
lotsa things flash pass my mind..
its true that u'll only cherish things when ur time is up..

had my x-ray done & walk arnd e hosp abit..
trying 2 stop myself gettin so tensed up abt it..
finally aft roughly 30+mins of waiting,
received a call that my blood test results is out..
IM FINE! but doc told me these,
"thou e blood test results returns -ve,
but i would advise 2 keep u under observations for 48hrs"
that sentence above reminds me of TV serials!!
exactly e same isnt it? ;D

i refused as i duwan 2 incur more on gettin admitted..
surgeon said i shld rush down any hosp if e pain worsen..
which obviously it din else how can i blog nw?
well, i went bac on Mon for the 2nd checkup..
e doc this time rnd was a real kuku..
he started by, "any idea wat causes e pain?"
-.-" "hello! how i know? im not e doc lehx? =\"
however, he said my blood was v clean..
as in all e proportion of the blood cells r healthy..
so im relieved afterall! ;)
BUT! he said my body got lotsa air bubble?
pointing to some dark spots frm my X-ray sheet..
arranged my nx checkup & ultrasound b4 headin off..
ohh~ was given 5 MC thou..
did my work at home as its my peak period~ *sad*
alighted @ Outram Park & take e shuttle bus..
accidentally jump Q & was stared by afew uncle/auntie.
"paiseh.. its my 1st time.."
e A&E which was freakin exp!
duno can claim frm co. anot.. =\
1 of e test results frm e doc..
received e bill mailed 2 my hse..
nearly got a shock!
luckily, i got subsidy from govt.. ;]

/* paid $90 @ A&E & $25 @ 2nd consultation.
nx ultrasound cost $55 & consultation $25..

received a new card frm UOB!
higher credit limit = more sprees!
i wanna accumulate UNI$$ exchange vouchers!

oops! new spree loots again!
got a hot pink bikini set durin 20% discount sale..
+ a F21 eyelet skirt durin a 21% discount..

love jap food nowadays..
had sushi twice 4 lunch this wk! *lovelove

saw these on my desk on Tue..
thx 2 my colleague who went HK 4 hols end of May..
he brght his family 2 disneyland & got their goodies back!
e 2 disney biscuits r so worth e price!
too bad its not magnet.. ;x

met e girls 4 lunch on Wed..
shun bian update them on my condition..
nice short catchin up.. ;)
cam whore while waitin 4 my bus..
seriously, i prefer e W800i than cybershots..
& it seems not really clear sometimes..
but why am i complaining when its my baby already? ;p

btw, e price for this handset bounce bac to $288!
im so freaking happy lahx! hahahaha~

/* wil update my wish list soon

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Sunday, June 01, 2008


sometimes.. i jux wish i've got
a shoulder 2 lean on when im tired..
a listening ear 24/7 readily available 4 me 2 talk to..
a hand 2 lead me down the road of uncertainties..
an arm to hold on to when i need 2 rest myself on e bus..
a chest 4 me 2 cry on when im miserable & sad..

but it happened jux too often to be sometimes..

& e tears jux flow unknowingly..

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