DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

礼物 - 让人好开心


of cux e iPod & 2 wallets r given by myself.
hahaha~ as a reward 4 obtainin gd results? ;x
nw thats e striking purple legging frm DJK.
not sure if i'll dare 2 wear it out thou

other than these,
i stil have a 'bdae cupcake' frm HP;
a passport holder frm CW &
lastly a earring + self-heatin mask frm YX.


Sunday, June 28, 2009


met e girls supposingly 4 postponed celebration..
but who knows, a trip down ofc made me & head depressed.
im upset as i cant change my flt with sum1 else..
cldnt mak it 4 e 5th Aug "big gathering" with e rest.
while head is upset that her c'k flt is JFK!
haix.. so we called off e celebration & jux lazed arnd.
met D at City Hall b4 walkin down MS depressingly..
even D is oso affected by us lahx..

time passss by so faaasssttttttt..
we only had our lunch @ 4+pm..
do ppl call that lunch or teabreak?

our lunch + desserts!!
im nv too full 4 desserts! ;D

did a random check on our bag..
sneak peek of wat we brght with us..
surprisingly, me & head using e same size of bag,
she can squeeze in a hell lot more than me!

lazy day & lazy entry..
shall end here abruptly. :)

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

24.06.2009 TRANSFORMERS 2!!

e night i caught Transformers 2!
damn good i gotta say..
thou i was sitting at 3rd row frm front! -.-"
have decided 2 catch it a 2nd time..
of cux, sittin right at e back..
shall c who's free 2 acc me watch then..
not lik ppl who say wanna watch with me 2dae,
but caught it with sum1 else e nx day..
u know who u r.. i wont mention names here..

am hooked on ho kee pau lahx!
obviously right? ;p
lookin 4ward 2 my Aug Hkg trip!
shall hunt 4 dim sum on our own then!
this time rnd its jux ME, HEAD & only US!
no1 else 2 depend on already!

oh! i turned lik 7 capsules that night!
damn! a total of 7 designs but only got 2!
how sway can i be man?
anyway, wil b distributed 2 e girls..
spread my love 4 kapibaras 2 my love ones.. HA HA

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Friday, June 26, 2009

23.06.2009 23rd Birthday

how i spent my 23rd bdae on e 23rd of June..
frankly speaking, i think 23 this no. always appear in my life.
lik durin TYO trainin, we hafta tak 1hr+ journey bac 2 dorm.
everytime while talkin 2 my bud, i'll turn 2c e clock on e bus.
and it'll always be 18:23 shown on it.
note that its a digital clock hence e exact 18:23.
even while out with my friends, i can check my watch randomly..
then sometimes it'll be 18:23 or 23:23.
close friends wil know my habit of 24hr format than 12hr format.
my TYO training dorm rm no. was 2603 ehx.
so i always believe 2306 is kinda a lucky no. 4 me.
therefore on that day 23rd of Jun cele my 23rd bdae,
i was super damn happy lahx! ;D

head out 4 lunch with zhen @ Mac
cux she cldnt mak it on e 2oth cele with TGIF

aft lunch i started cleaning my rm!
super dusty with 5mm thick of dust everywhere! ;x
machine washed my clothes while cleanin my rm.
finally can breathe some cleaner air.

then i continue 2 finish off my half-watched dramas..
currently am at Gem of Life Ep.8 only!
stil got 72 more eps 2 go.. (>.<)

my mother & sister at work..
1st time fryin tempura & pork chop!

e dishes done by my momo/sis helping..

here's my mango mousse cake frm Bakers' Story!

a series of grp photos with them..
tak a close look at e bottom middle snap.
its toto lickin me! like giving me bdae kiss!
toto was smilin at e cam continuously lohx!
except e shot of me & my sis alone..

while cutting e cake..
and toto finishin his cake damn fast!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009


met D&J on 22nd Jun 2 have a countdown..
heheh~ sort of e 1st countdown since long time ago?
anyway, we met up quite late 2 accommodate e late reservations.
pass jill her bdae gift part 2 as well..
its a beautiful bouquet of tulips!
damn pretty! v special as compared 2 roses..
shopped arnd as usual but returned with nothing!
then went 2 LJS & Secret Recipe 2 eat sth..

here's us in e ladies..
there was another grp of youngsters..
super f' noisy i tell u! -.-"

@ LJS for a quickie..
and testing D's new cammie..
Canon's famous 4 their rich color..
there.. e bouquet of tulips..

b4 we knew it.. we're running late..
reservations 9pm @ Timbre Art House but!
by 8:45pm we're stil at MS! ;o
hence we cabbed down & cost us $7+ 4 it
damn! y din i know 8+pm oso peak hr?

a series of stupid cam-whoring took place..
b4 realising it.. we snapped lik 20++
including some usin jill's laptop webcam!

as Timbre is quite dimly lit,
i on my power megawatt flash on hp..
tadah! so we can obtain nicely flashed photos..
not 4gettin using some props 2 snap too.. ;p

when e midnite strikes, we hafta leave Timbre already..
settled down somewhere near & saw Syed!
hahaha~ he joined in 2 sing bdae song 4 me too!

trust them 2 think of stuffin e cake box into e bag!
inside a big bag there's 2 bags.
inside 1 of e bag is a longchamp bag!
& inside this longchamp is e cake box!!!!
super LOL! i know.. ;D
plus a striking purple legging & star necklace!
they really know me best liaox!

walked over 2 the Fullerton Hotel 4 toilet..
and snap arnd e bridge too..
(4got whats e name of e bridge already)
asked ang moh help us snap too..

shall end this entry with e polaroid shots..
thx head 4 helpin me scan & slot into my mailbox..

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


e day which i got 3 plans in a day..
and imagine early in e morn i nearly ruined all plans?
cux i received a call frm ofc 2 report for a NY flt,
departin on 20th night & returnin on 27th night.
thats a full 8days pattern mind you?!
thou i'll be $700+ richer, however i'll missed out alot.
nevertheless i stil agreed & went 2 sms J&J abt it.
secs ltr, call aft call streamed in like hotline lohx..
LOL! sms also came in all bcux its too last min. ;s
while on a phone call with L, my ofc called me again.
but its gd news this time rnd!!
they cant afford 2 gimme NY flt cux it'll exceed my "FH"
hence, they slot in a KIX flt for me 26th-28th instead.
;D isnt me quite fortunate??
can b in SIN 2 cele my 23rd with every1 i love! wHeee~
went ahead 2 do my preparations & went out 4 my 1st plan..
its a surprised 4 me planted downstairs!
they put e bdae cake in e car boot..
but v off cux at that time there's alot of nehx nehx..
jux imagine them singin e bdae song with nehx nehx watching..
y mux i cele my bdae with those neh(s) arnd?! ;\

then we proceed to MFM @ J8 4 my treat 2 them..
its considered 6 celebrations in 1 lahx..
1stly. my 23rd
2ndly. my fave no. - 23
3rdly. passing my 6mths' ck
4thly. obtainin gd comment card
5thly. obtaining ODM
6thly. surviving 6mths in airline industry!
(countdown 9mths more to bond end)
here's the side dishes..
e country mushroom is damn oiishi!
then here's us with the main dish..
francine's appetite damn big can? ;x
US! on e way walkin 2 buy bubble tea..

2nd plan of e day is 2 cele shuyu's son, Richmond 4yrs old!
1st time we went 2 shuyu's own hse with her hubby!
Richmond is quite cute imo lahx..
althou shuyu say he's v naughty when we're not arnd.
LOL! but which kid isnt naughty lehx? ;p
a series of photos taken @ her hse..
too bad din get a chance 2 snap with e rest..
LiChen, BangChiew & Chloe oso came by..
budden we were already leaving so no pix..

xiang's bf came by 2 fetch us home 1 by 1..
head hm, rest awhile & went out 4 e last plan..
that is 2 cele Fathers' Day & my dad's lunar bdae!
suggested Fish&Co. cux my dad loves western food lahx..
thats lik MFM & Fish&Co. 2gether in a day right?
honestly, MFM's side dish r better than Fish&Co.'s..
thats our dinner shared 2gether..

aft our dinner, we went NTUC 2 buy groceries 2gether!
i love groceries shopping with my family!
(cux i dont have 2 pay a single cent!) ooops!
no lahx.. i've always like groceries shoppin..
a pity i always do groceries shoppin alone in NRT..

anyway, shall wait til all polaroids r scanned b4 uploading..
thx a mil' in advance 2 head 4 helpin me 2 scan them!
nx update wil b e cele with D&J @ Timbre Art House..
whereby i've a special guest 2 sing bdae song 4 me! lolx~

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oops! she did it too!

hehehe~ frm my beloved head!
at the strike of midnight too! *bEaMx*

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


well.. since its abt time to set 1 up..
to save ppl frm askin wat i want or wish 2 have?
alternatively, if you duwan 2 get me anything,
jux gimme hongbaos or shopping vouchers.. :)

1. 1 TB of HD (non-portable 2 put it at hm)
2. External HD (portable 2 bring it overseas with me)
3. Watch (analog or digital both ok)
4. My hkg trip 2 funds! (im goin hkg in Aug again!)
5. Leggings (ankle length/knee length/step-on)
6. SMALL Sky Blue Longchamp Bag! (its more like wants than needs)
7. Digital Camera! (too much toy cammies & w/o digi)

plus, who is interested in goin Korea in Nov?
i wanna plan my last quarter holiday! ;D


Sunday, June 21, 2009


e night we cele bdae 4 both P & J..
and did a lil' crazy thing @ Timbre.
durin their live band session, we dedicate a song..
and did 3G video call-ing with YiXian.
cux 17th is her 22nd bdae! ;)
e guys were amazed by us lahx.. LOL!
but i guess we attracted lotsa unwanted attn too!
anyway, we ordered too much food which we din finish.
check below 4 e photo collages..
e 2 pizzas which got left-over..
note, only e roasted duck pizza was left-over.
hawaiian was finished by all 4 of us..
a toast by us + side dishes..
famished! finished e fries in 10mins..
and e mushroomy thingy is nice beyond words..
& then a photo of us all..
b4 we start diggin into them..
grp photo with e 2 bdae girls..
17th was YiXian,
18th was Jill & 19th Ping
some random candid shots..
look at how excited e both of them are?
head off at roughly 12+am..
managed 2 snap some photos along e way..
even ask some random passerby 2 help us tak pix..
but guess wat? that passerby tak nice shots..
at least he bother 2 zoom in & tak perfect snap!

aft biddin byes 2 ping & bud,
me & head found a nice spot & did 3G with D..
so sad 4 her.. she jux touched down..
3g-ed for a whole 10mins b4 we hang up..
hehehe~ me & head even cab 2gether e 2nd time!
our 1st time was last yr Jun too..
e day we meetup 2 cab down T1 for signin bond..
thank god 4 letting me have them in my life!

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Close To You

Why do birds suddenly appear
Every time you are near?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.

Why do stars fall down from the sky
Every time you walk by?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.

On the day that you were born
The angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold
And starlight in your eyes of blue.

That is why all the girls in town
Follow you all around.
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.

On the day that you were born
The angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold
And starlight in your eyes of blue.

That is why all the girls in town
Follow you all around.
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.
Just like me (Just like me)
They long to be
Close to you.

Wahhhhhhhhhhh, close to you.
Wahhhhhhhhhhh, close to you.
Hahhhhhhhhhhh, close to you.
Lahhhhhhhhhhh, close to you.

if there's ever a day,
a guy sing this song to me..
i'll definitely feel so touched..
and melt..


Friday, June 19, 2009

finally a rest day...

i realised i've been busy since 18th May..
did 4 flts frm 18th May - 14th Jun.
only managed 2 "escape" frm flt frm 14th onwards.
but thats not the end if thats what u thought?
let me list down my plans thus far..

18th-20th May : NRT Turn
22nd-26th May : HKG Hols
30th-6th Jun : JFK Flt
10th-14th Jun : SFO Flt
15th : Pine Garden 1st trip
16th : Meet head 4 bdae preparations
17th : Creatures bdae cele 4 head
18th : Meet J&L + guestbk making
19th : Fathers' Day gift hunting w/ sis
20th : my 23rd P1 + Shuyu's son party + F's Day cele
22nd : Meetup w D & head 4 JP + Timbre!
23rd : Rest day + my 23rd family celebration
25th : my 23rd P2 + head's 21st P2 + TRANSFORMERS movie!!
26th-28th : KIX flt! ;(

thats kinda my plans 4 now..
shall c if there's anymore upcoming ones..


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ooops! i did it again!

exactly when midnite strikes!

your beloved taily!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


met @ 12noon Bishan Mrt.
had our lunch @ MFM - my latest crave!
chose a comfy spot 2 have our hearty talk..
here comes a phonecall which tempts us 2 on lappy
SO, a laj sin crew was tested +ve of e flu.
curious filled us! "who was that?"
had our lunch & video call with D (who's @ NRT alone)
thats us happily @ MFM!
our lil' corner using lappy w Wi-Fi

aft our fully filled lunch, we started our "journey"
several places was marked on our To-Go list..
1st. Pine Garden
2nd. Spotlight
3rd. Made With Love
4th. Starbucks!
took bus 88 frm J8 down to Pine Garden.
that marks our 1st bus trip 2gether!
waited 4 quite sometimes b4 e cake design was settled.
but it wasnt e ideal design head wanted. ooh~
bus-ed 2 AMK Mrt to train down Dhoby Ghaut PS.
stop by a magazine stall 4 me 2 buy e i-weekly 1st!
thats BOF on the front cover! ;p
then to MWL-Spotlight-MWL b4 restin @ Starbucks.
a guy went off but 60% of his drinks left-over?
izzit bcux he knew we wanted e power plug seats??
anyway, spent another 30+mins or so resting..
pissed some1 off unintentionally.
i stil stand by my point -
"if i cant even talk honestly to a friend,
is that friend stil consider a friend?"
"would u rather people lie 2u or tell u e truth?"

*shrug shoulders* guess its time 2 grow up.
no1 wil b there 2 4ever give in 2u..
at least it doesnt happen in my case..
thats US, head&tail at starbucks.
which i think wil bcum our hangout place soon.
went up MWL 2 enquire abt e mis-calculation.
got bac a $5 note aft checkin!
hahah~ luckily i check thru e receipt once.
walked over 2 Centrepoint 2 look 4 balloons!
sadly, e shop was closed!
BUT, wil re-open @ 6:30pm!
so we camwhored in e ladies while waiting..
e SA was surprised 2c us walkin right in,
immediately aft they re-open e shop..
HA HA HA~ however head decided not 2 get it..

alrights! gotta head bac 2 makin e guestbk.
i wanna mak a nice pretty 1 4 head! ;D

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Monday, June 15, 2009





Wednesday, June 10, 2009



原来我五月头的 ams flt 主管给了我和“三班“ ODM!




Tuesday, June 09, 2009

08.06.2009 @ City Hall

planned 2 meet up with D only at arnd 12+noon..
@ 1+pm i was stil on the internet msn-ing..
managed to set off @ 2:45pm aft eating my maggi mee.
meet her up @ 3:25pm which was LATE!
walked over 2 Funan IT 2 collect her lappy,
follow by walkin 2 MS for late lunch.
saw this at City Link..
which i've always tot Xin Wang is HK Cafe?
since when a Xin Wang TW Cafe pops out?
1st hangout - MOF
4 D to have her lunch while i have dessert..
look at her checkin out her lappy..
lets hope its faster now..
here's my dessert..
D happily with her Unagi bento..
i was craving 4 it when i saw..
but! how 2 have lunch twice??

aft that we head to Suntec 4 me 2 change currency..
USD was 1.465 while YEN was 1.493!
my 1st time changing YEN that is < than 1.5!!
of cux, i changed quite a whole lot 2 keep it 1st..
walked bac to MS to find Starbucks..
lucky 4 us, there's 2 power plug 4 us 2 use!
settled for Hot Choc & Almond Butter Cake!
thats like eating again! ;(
video call with jill!
look at our lame expression!

half watching Boys Over Flowers (D's 1st, my 2nd time)
and half time msn-ing with jill lohx..
D is addicted as well! hahaha~ ;x
we only realised how late we are when jill told us..
at 8+pm we're stil watching e 1st ep.
only went off at arnd 9+pm..
sillily wanted 2 eat Manhatten Fish Market..
but we cldnt find it anywhere 02-182?!
where's that, we ask ourselves?
asked e Cust. Svc then we know its not open yet! -.-
settled 4 Pasta de Waraku instead lohx..
we're like their last cust. @ 9+pm..
thats my Eel & Egg Pasta.
my 3rd meal already! =|
here we continue on with 2nd ep.
damn LOL! cux we got our own entertainment.
shared Combo Prawn & Fries with D..
a collage 2 end this post..

i rched hm damn full & got somemore food waitin..
onion egg + herbal tea cooked by mom.. ;(
packed my luggage, continue with "BOF" & eating!
lights out only @ nearly 2+am.. *yawnx*

tml at this time, i'll be on board 712 le..
embarking on my 2nd flt this mth b4 shaking legs ltr on..
i've got 6mths c'k flt on the 11th!
bless me kx?! ;D

lotsa matters goin on in my tiny brain..
makin me feel helpless & useless..
im sorry 2u 4 i cant help u out in anything.
sometimes i hope some1 is there 2 listen 2 me..
jux lik how *u use 2 listen 2 them..
but i face e reality that *ur no longer there 4 me.
i wil b independent - thats wat i promise myself

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