DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Monday" Blues

2dae seems 2b my Monday blues..
was on MC ytd and half day MC on Mon..
nose block + running nose which lead 2 ear block..
went 2 e amk clinic which cine was workin on Mon night..
i nearly finished using her box of tissue paper..
take note its a box not a small pack..
stupid *clinic only gimme flu medicine..
lucky this amk clinic gimme inflammation/reduce swellin med..
my nose was swollen and i think e skin in my nose is raw..
aft sneezing & rubbing for 2433875893749857 times.
i blow nose until e extend of feel like cuttin my nose off lohx..
e feeling is indeed v bad.. =(
so i rotted at hm ytd and met dar.dar 4 dinner.
had subway at amk hub b4 returnin hm.
finished 1page of LO 4 my HK album.
need 2 rush finish b4 my May's trip lehx..
really afraid i wil do HK Album 2
bcux i stil got my FRIENDS album untouched.
jux a lil' backtrack, my vPost parcel has indeed rched.
but 2 of the 19 items i bght has MIA-ed
i duno izzit e merchant pack less or it was lost halfway.
shall not bother with e $7+ liaox..
since i already got e remaining 17 items.
and.. my Aeropostale tops wil rch me either Thur/Fri.
will most prob b wearin 1 of it 2 Sunny's BBQ.

Activities for Mar :
1st : my 1st biz day which wil b BUSY
2nd : take over billin frm colleague as *he havin reservist
2nd : meetin up e girls 2 buy Sunny's bdae pressy
3rd : Sunny's BBQ chalet at Costa Sands
4th : zhen's hse warming at Khatib
5th : i assume i wil b busy with billing until *he returns
6th : Sharmaine's 22nd bdae (celebrating?)
9th : our 2yrs 6mth-sary (celebrating?)
13th : my report internal review in the aftn
14th : Shuyu's 21st bdae (celebrating?)
14th : my 10th biz day which require 2 upload report
15th : staff meeting in e morning
17th : Peishan's 21st bdae at Aranda Country Club
23-25th : 1 of e days goin down Natas Fair
28th : Lisa's 21st bdae (celebrating?)

alright thats all 4 e time being 4 my coming Mar
i assume my WetSeal clothes & F21 necklace shld arrive in mid-Mar
i'll be a happy girl by then lohx..
am restricting myself frm further spending..
and i swear infront of dar.dar that i wont spend within 3mths..
on my scrapbooking materials!!
hahaha.. can i stick 2 my words anot?
we shall see..

did i mention that im really excited?
coming Fri can meetup with my girls at Town.
goin 2 shop 4 Sunny's bdae pressy
(i wil definitely demand 2 take pix anywhere anytime)
aft Fri will be Sat on Sunny's BBQ
can meetup with some oth sec sch frenx..
where i can take tons of pix again!
follow by Sun goin zhen's hse warming.
how cld i missed such a time 2 snap snap?
e more i snap = e more i scrap = e most i spend
seems 2 rhyme ehx?
i haven compile e photos i wanna develop..
gonna find a day in late Mar 2 go develop lohx..
i wanna start on my FRIENDS album!!
*exclaim in hysterical voice*

my lunch 4 2dae lehx..
fried by my ever-loving mama
but e veggies are prepared by me last nite..
really buay tahan arhx..
oni woke up 15mins earlier and im slpy..
or izzit caused by my med?
i feel like dozing off..


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

happy arrival

my Taiwan clothes has arrived!!
it came knocking on my door this morn..
was awaken by toto's barking..
im so over the moon right now..
all the tops fit perfectly!
will be lookin 4ward 2 my oth tops..


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cine's 21st Bdae

ytd we 5 girls meetup 2 cele cine's 21st!
shall not blog in details le..
let the photos do the talking bahx..
while on the train with zhen
group photo on train..
alighted at Raffles Place and went..
Mind's Cafe!!
most of our 1st time..
but min went there v often le..
zhen with cine's pressy and drinks..

we with our drinks..
so much goodies 2 munch?
me & min~

with our drinks
everything that we ordered!
me teachin cine how 2 have a smaller face on photo
the 3 of us
and again
games that we played..
act. 4 myself i like this game
hmm.. i dun really enjoy playin this..
our "pets"
didnt get a chance 2 play this
cine makin her wish
blowin out the candles lohx..
our group photo!
funny faces
21 yrs old lohx
faster cut..
we're all famished
with the gift i made 4 her
at NewUrbanMale..
waitin 4 min 2 choose her tees
we copied lisa's smile
in the toilet..
waitin 4 zhen 2 diarrhoe finish
me with zhen
i like this
hehe.. e 3 of us
at Han's havin our dinner
normal look
piggy face!
at NewUrbanMale..
waitin 4 min 2 choose her haivanans
i look kinda retarded over here..
another group photo
on the train goin hm..
with lisa on train..
i like my hair over here..
notice cine is in focus as well
act cute us..
last pix of the day..
and home sweet home!


Friday, February 23, 2007


m act. havin a mixed feeling right now..
excitement fills me as i checked my vPost parcel.
sadness fills me as i rem i hafta attend a wake ltr 2nite..
so.. really feelin quite mixed up now..
anyway, below is e track & trace list i got frm vPost.
my parcel shld b rching me soon!
i paid a hefty price 4 it,
so it MUST rch me in perfect condition.
happy 4 me anot?
its distributed to e courier le..
shld have rched my place le bahx?
but y my mama nv called 2 ask me abt it?
all Qs will b solved 2nite when i rched hm.

i hope *he will lead a better life in heaven.
thou i dont even know *him,
but i was shocked 2 hear the news frm my sis.
was quite taken aback when i heard it.
its even CNY right now where every1 is in a merry mood.
yet such thing were 2 happen 2 his family.
sometimes i jux feel that GOD is unfair.
why izzit that those who dont treasure their life,
can lead such a long life,
wheras those who treasure their life,
werent given a chance 2 hold on jux 4 afew more yrs?
honestly, u wont know when death wil really hit u.
so be sure to live like it is e last day of ur life.
i sincerely wish *him all e best.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

5 person lunchbreak

*clap hands*
2dae really break record..
bcux we had a 5 person lunchbreak!
lisa took morn leave,
xiang took aftn leave,
but nevertheless, we stil meet 4 lunch!
hahahaha.. really over the moon..
so seldom we can all meet up 2gether nehx..
so let e photos do e talkin bahx..
me lisa min
smiley smiley us..
*notice lisa smile with her mouth open
which is consider quite miracle

me & min copied lisa's smile

our 5 person pix!
rare until cannot rare le!

photo whoring time!

lisa xiang me
Miss Liang & Miss Foo

i jux love 2 do this kinda background thing..
jux nice -- my expression + the background her
our foursome take -- b4 going off

me hiding behind LiMei
finally a nice one!
hopefully we can have a 2nd time!