DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Decent Entryfa

been missing in action for quite sometime,
work has take a big turn from slacky to slightly more busy.
i agreed to take on additional workload & got a change in position.
the only thing im waiting now is pay adjustment!
wait til i can prove them my competency completely,
i'll definitely fight for my own worth!
last Wed we girls decided to take leave!
spent our own afternoon chit chatting at Prof's Brawn!
b4 that i had e cervival cancer prevention jab too!
ouch! my L-arm was really aching aft that.
but all's worth it for my own prevention that is. :)
then i was telling my mom abt craving her fried rice.
the very next day, she really fried it 4 me!
her own invention and own ingredients.
everything taste so deliciously that i was totally full!!
on Mon i had last min. lunch date with Raju.
has Soup Spoon as im avoiding heaty food.
i jux hafta wait for my pimples to go down first.
concealer aint helping either.
due to e heavy workload, i hafta get happy food!
so mango pomelo sago to last me til end of the day!
heavenly nice with thick mango puree & QQ sago!
this is what Raju got 4 me from japan!
its gyoza flavour of biscuit sticks!
it mux have reminds her of me i supposed!
and i saw this Anlene milk on offer at NTUC!
since im lack of calcium, hence i "invested" in these..
choco flavour milksss 4 me!
gonna try taking these for 1 full month..
lets wait for the outcome..
Raju intro me this game and got me addicted!
its Hanging with Friends!
come find me to play as well - veronicaliang
im like playing it so frequently that im neglecting others.
haven been checking my fb/ twitter/ instagram/ 4sq jux as much le.
i even got e bf to dl it & play with me..
e more e merrier isnt it?
ytd i had dinner at Marche with another 3..
ordered Root Beer & Ginger Beer!
i wonder what does Ginger Beer taste like?
what is Marche w/o Rosti right?!
we had 2 plates for 4 ppl with sausages too!
love it with my fave ketchup, taste exceptionally nice!
we even ordered roast pork or what u call that?
its extremely different from what i had at hawker.
not as hard or dry and the meat is tender.
the last is pizza to round it all up.
everything was yummy with the right accompany!

then we call it a day by playing a round of mahjong!
1st time in my life play with real $$ and i won!!
its not alot though its jux $5.5 but thats not the point.
at least i can conclude im not really down on luck this year!
rights, i gotta go cook my maggi mee lunch le..
till im back again with new updates! ;)

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Alil' by A Time..

AMK to Bishan to Serangoon and Jurong West.
where i managed to complete abit of my work report.
and then we set off 4pm to Bedok follow by Changi Exhibition Centre.
attended the Prudential Carnival 2011 w bf & his friend.
the sun was SO scorching hot! i nearly melted.
got e freebies and everything was Q-ing so long,
hence we gave it a miss and head elsewhere.
drop the friend off and went down Kallang Leisure Mall.
had early dinner b4 meeting zhen & D outside entrance.
collected complimentary tix frm AiLian for Fish Leong's concert!
though its not the most expensive category,
but at least we're stil able to see Fish nearer when she get down stage.
the beginning was too boring that we were yawning,
luckily everything picks up aft Fish sang some of e male artiste' songs.
here's my 2 piece of concert tix..
15mins b4 e concert start..
arnd 80% packed i guess?
happy 4 friends at concert!
its their virgin concert experience! :D
with Miss Chan!
and the bf!

thanks for the wonderful accompany!
we went to Bedok fetch his friend and head to Bedok 85!
had my fave ba chor mee plus chix wings too!
satisfied much much and drop his friend off b4 we head home.
unfortunately i created a hoo-ha by forgetting abt my hp!
i actually left it in his car when i head home.
only when i was about to turn in then i realised it!
thinking that i hafta tweet; fb; instagram with my hp,
he turned back, slot e hp at the back of e plant outside my hse,
and wait for me to give him a ring.
as its already 1+am, he din ring my hse for fear of waking my parents.
still, thank u v much much! ♥♥

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Monday, July 11, 2011




Sunday, July 03, 2011


everytime i meet raju, we can talk abt anything under the sun.
we can laugh at the least funny thing,
and we can talk abt the least interesting stuff.
but anyway, its jux a simple aft work dinner meetup.
at least she wont leave me waiting til i cry of hunger.
settled for Saizeriya at City Square Mall!
but such a disappointment, their chix wings r oos!
thats like a MUST everytime we eat at Saizeriya.
no choice, and we spotted GongCha too!
wooo! 1st there's a new outlet near my working place,
nw even City Square Mall has an outlet too!
so here's us having gongcha after meal..

we went strolling arnd NTUC and came out with more snacks.
except im bringin to office while her for out-station.
then we each bought a polka dots top too!

that night i had a date with bf at tiong bahru!
we had sakae sushi & caught transformers 3!
waited a good 20+mins for a table only to leave after eating 30mins.
and not to mention transformers3, was alil' disappointing.
might be due to my high expectation?
the 1st hr of the movie was spent yawning & slapping myself awake.
what abt the bf? he spent his 2+30 yawning most of the time.
too much talk, too lil' action. megan fox absent too.
new female lead is seriously a "vase" lah.
what she do best is running arnd in heels + cleavage revealing clothes.

more snacks introduction over here.
R recommended me this brand of seaweed and its really nice!
i didnt expect it to be so crunchy!
just the 1st mouthful is enough to keep me going for more..
whats best is each piece is individually wrapped!
wow! keep it fresh & crunchiness!
the price is even more reasonable - $3.15/pack of 10s!
other flavours like Spicy is available too!
check out your nearest NTUC for choice!
that night i bought this other flavour of snacks.
which according to Raju, even japcrews also love it!
its vegetarian as seen from the packaging.
dont have to explain, u can see all the healthy ingredient alr.
selling v cheap at $2.90/pack of 15+s.
also available at NTUC!

aft i gave up on my zombie farm building,
i finally found this new game to keep me addicted!
its Ghost Harvest! neverending of fun!
u can harvest ghost, build cemetery and decor it.
similar to zombie farm, u can "invade" by scaring visitors away.

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