DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dear Santa Claus,

i've been a good kid this year,
so is it possible for me to have 12 gifts?
since there are 12days for christmas?
i promise to be a better kid next year. :)


Wednesday, December 22, 2010




Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is coming~!

yes! my top favorite festive season is approaching..

but my wish is still not granted..
have always long for a white christmas..
not for year1 nor year2 nor year3 in my current co.
flying yet i never get to experience it.
not to say in future when im no longer flying..


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Had much fun -

this KUL pattern is so fun-filled that im so exhausted!
reported for my morning flt & had 2 do gly as expected.
but what i didnt expect was the 62SPML! -.-
what a way to begin my flt pattern!
anyway, was fortunate to have So-san to help me out!

the amount of SPML over at my compartment.
the other half was in another compartment which So-san did.
made friend with 1 of e jap crew & exchanged no.!
now we're whatsapp-ing each other like how cool is that?
distance drawn closer by technology!

then i checked in hotel to received 3 notes!
can remember this is 1 of e most notes i received so far..
my TAN LL is always so nice & sweet to me!

on my laptop & signed in MSN to see....
so many offline messages?!

then i went out myself & bump into HuiMin + Jessie.
they accompany me to run my errands while waiting for Jill.
after Jill came, we had our dinner @ foodcourt..
thats when we exchanged some funny incidents on board.
since it'll be the last time i see Jill at NRT,
hence we went 4 some neoprint sessions!

took several since its only 400yen each!
only $3+ each of us lohx..
hopped on the last bus & rush back hotel.
did my xmas gift packing while waiting for Jill.
our last bunk-in at Marroad. ;s

thats her with Scrumpy & my xmas gift pack!

the next day i reported for my KL flt with Yixian.
did c-cbn with only 6 jap & e rest all english speakers!
touched down KL hotel rather tired.
but still we bathed & went out 4 our dinner together.
something i gonna miss KUL is -

the 油菜 over at the foodcourt!
only selling at RM$3.90 for this amount..

then is my KFC cheesy wedges..
sg have cheesy fries but not wedges..
1 of my all time fave there..

not forgetting my KFC chix!

after our dinner, we went 2 have a drink..

hardly a chance i take photo with Yixian..

but we drink Carlsberg which makes me feel so old?

she showed me e Anterprima bag she bought..
tempt me into buying it too! 1200yen!

e next day we slept through until 9+ report for work.
touched down NRT and its another rush hour!

went to find my dearest Raju!
we're gonna fly back to SIN together man!

e cold weather turns our skin so dry..
making me feels old looking at our skin lohx..
took train all the way down to Ginza!

our 1st stop is the Lotteria..
settle our hungry stomach!

follow by walking around looking for Matsuya Mall..
thats where i hafta find my authentic french rusk!!!
was shocked to see a long Q along the counter..
all the way we Q until outside! ;O
lets say 20-25mins queue-ing time, we came out with...

this amount of rusk!
the small vs the big bag..
i lug it everywhere we go after that.

Raju treats me to dessert at this atas place!

every table comes with 3 stalk of fresh rose..
dipped into a glass of water..
couldnt resist not taking photo with it..

look that the rose are so well evenly bloomed!
would be lovely to have 1 stalk everyday!
just kidding, everyday is too much..
but once in a blue moon works fine too! ;p

here's my Rose & Raspberry Pie/Strudel..
its really special with e rose flavour fresh cream.
not at all thick or over whelming.

that's Raju's Chocolate flavoured pie/strudel.
its normal i think since its chocolate.
but the fresh cream is so light that i dont feel fattening.

we snapped a polariod shot each with the rose..

kapi spotted @ Ueno arcades!
but i couldnt get my grandpa kapi..

nor the lama at the other machine..
decided thats it & stopped trying anymore..
instead we went to take neoprints!

afew shots i took from the machine..
clearer instead of e neoprint itself so small..

Raju did alil' shopping, grab a small bite & we head back..
the train ride back was a torturous good 2hrs! -.-

we started off with snapping some photos..

more ppl board the train hence we stopped..
and thats when both of us fell asleep..

reached hotel stil must pack our luggage! ughhh~

e bagful of french rusk all ended inside my coatbag..
firm & solid which i carry onboard..
i cannot imagine how it'll be if i check-in..

even soft drinks also got xmas edition.. so cute!

i concussed after putting mask on my face..
vividly i remember i woke up to talk to Raju for awhile.
she told me something about the fridge electric cut off,
then her milk turns bad so she cant drink it.
and i even tell her i nv wash my face after putting mask,
but my face feels soft to the touch man!
and then on & off i woke up, doze off woke up doze off..

thats us while on the airport limousine to Haneda
rusk for "supper" before our flt!

we each had 3 items to carry back! ;(

the best way to kill boredom is to take photos!

and lots of it! ;D

even at the Haneda Domestic Airport!
hahahaha~ nicest crews we flew back with!
i even had a group photo taken with them like my last!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

im weird..

its funny like how i always ruin things or plans.
unknowingly that is, only realizing it thereafter.
was supposed to be a fun-filled day ended sourly for us.
call it miscommunication or misunderstanding or mis-whatever;
everything turns back normal at least within 24hrs. :)
did some xmas shopping in town before grabbing our dinner!

finally went down to have a try after joey's recommendation.

here's for him, the Chicken Schnitzel.

here's mine, Fish & Chips.

overall i guess its just another 3/5 restaurant.
nothing much, nothing less, great for hanging out.
i like how they decor the restaurant;
very comfortable & cozy to stay in.

before i forgot, xmas is around the corner!
its time for the season of giving!

shall end it with the xmas tree in Part 1 Cafe!
would love to have my own xmas tree in future!

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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

and so the journey ..

i embarked 3days after i got back from TPE was KL.
supposingly JFK but .. ah well, its fated.
did my SIN-NRT-KUL-NRT with an "Angel" senior.
she IS so nice & mild tempered, making me feel blessed.
& her occasionally concern for me regarding my stomachache.
surprisingly, i did my c-gly for my SIN-NRT flt.
no butterflies in the stomach at all!
its all done in a breeze & chief even praised me!

received this omiyage from 1 of e jap crew.
its her last leg last flt back to NRT.
honestly, this aeroplane cookie taste good!

she even slot a note together with it.
much hard work, appreciated.
wish her all the best! :)

then i arrived @ NRT & went 2 find Raju soon after.
she got a HND-SIN midnite flt so alil' catch-up time 4 us.
after she checked-out, its just me myself & i in hotel room le.
try to sleep early in preparation for my next morning flight.
super lucky cux my NRT-KUL flight loading was light!
y-cls only less than half & everyone on easy work mode.
reason being, 3 of the jap crews r having their last flight! ;O
lots of camwhoring everywhere in the airport/aircraft.

1st time tried foodcourt food..
spotted this chinese food stall & have it a try.

ordered braised duck noodle & 油菜!
i gotta agree that the 油菜 taste really authentic!
even though its cooked by malays!

slept very late and woke up very late the next day.
ordered room service since i still got ringgit on hand.

my food came in the wrong serving. -.-
i requested diced tomato, cheese & mushroom filled omelet.
instead it only came as cheese filled.
my tomato & mushroom were served separately.
i only asked for chicken sausage but hashbrown was included too!

worse of all, my set gave me 3 choices :
- french fries
- potato wedges
- onion rings
to go with my omelet.
YET, my potato wedges came in a large serving!
the guy even push a whole trolley with 2 set of cutlery.
was he thinking i ordered that amount for 2 pax?
im afraid he's wrong. so so wrong!

but oh wells, i dabao-ed potato wedges on board.
and finished my whole main tray's food!
shockingly true, im amazed by my stomach's threshold now.
did my KUL-NRT full flight and slept 1+25 rest.
arrived at NRT feeling so tired & concussed 3hrs only.
met my angel senior 4 late lunch/early dinner.

she was lemming for tonkatsu so i went along..
here's my cheese chix set!
the cabbage & miso soup + rice is free flow!
i had 3 servings of soup (nearly the 4th)
but my stomach protested in the end.

we went for groceries shopping & stickers shopping!
since i might not get 2 fly with her again,
we decided 2 have a neoprint taken!

had so much fun takin neoprint & decorating it!
hardly i spent 4hrs at the Aeon Mall being so entertained.

the jap hotel i stayed in decided to upgrade.
from the normal squarish TV to flat screen!
upgrade is good but why only japanese channels?
where is my CNN & FOX?! ;(

the very next day Mabelle arrived from her 712 flight.
came to find me before i show up for my HND-SIN.

thats her writing the direction for me!
thankew loads! the instructions came handy!

thats me & my pretty senior, Kelly!
so happy to do a two-some flight with her!
the crews were nice except for that 皮笑肉不笑 花香 chabo!
she roll eyes when she saw i dabao yakitori to eat on board!
whats wrong with me eating more? hhhpppmmhhhhhhh~
and she even refuse to budge way when Kelly wanna go pass.

arrived in SG, went office tap card & there we gooo~
we shared cab home & parted way when she reached.
homed, unpacked, bathed, blowdry hair & concussed.
switch my phone to silent mode to prevent disturbance.
instead my ever-so-nice mom opened my bedroom door,
and my off-day dad on the TV so loudly,
that it woke me up 3hrs later.
chit chatted my flight stuffs with my mom.
and she prepared my 爱心午餐!

bet u din know cup noodle can be so sumptuous ba?
totally homely feeling~ feels great to be home!

then after lunch i rest awhile more before getting changed.
accompanied my boy down Paragon to get his phone.
waited a good 40mins before its his turn!
blame it on the good location + large shop space.
everyone went down Paragon instead of ulu amk hub.
and guess what we came back with?!

2 bluetooth headset; 1 multi car-charger; 4 casing + 1 micro-sim adaptor!
all FOC to be exact.. HAHAHAHAH~

rushed down to his viewing near his house.
while waiting for him in the car, i explored his car.
afterwhich i went home with him to wait for him.
he bathed & had his dinner.
gave him his free back rub before going home.
yeah~ he came over my house while i had my dinner!
play throw throw with toto & that stop him from barking.
we watched TV together in my bedroom.
squeezed together on my single bed feel so cozy.
although my bed is partially filled with soft toys. ;x

welcome to the iphone clan! ♥♥

thats us with scrumpy in the middle!
HAHAHAHA~ finally some nice shot taken!

all in all, my KL flight + yesterday was filled with happiness.
if only happiness can fill us everyday.. ;)

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