DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hooked On -

playin Cookie Dozer!
have accumulated several tier in the Treats session!
every time while playing, i'll feel like eatin Famous Amos cookies.
so much so that i nearly bought them while at KL!


Monday, August 30, 2010

the ♥ for polka dots!

surprisingly we have that much of red & polka dots..
all in all in different shades.. :)

polariod snapping is back!

with new shot replacing the old.
& always people wil ask me why not your bf?
well, my ans is will always be the same.
those who've heard it wil know it.

2dae's the day i went out w/o my beloved camera..
switched 2 a new way of adapting by using my hp instead.
my mind is still thinking of it..
now i cant wait 2 get back 2 hkg once again,
i am so gonna get that watch for real!

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

best of both world!

for the probability of visiting ams the very last time,
i stil din manage to get a tourist kinda tour.. ;(
was raining on & off during my 2days+ stay over there..
would be a pity to pay for the tour & dont get nice photos turn-out..
hence i opt for the latter - shopping!
me & Linda went from Fashion District to Dam Square to flea market.
wasted afew hours of walking in the wrong direction;
in addition, our Linda-san forgot to bring her wallet out!
thus we gotta make a U-turn back to hotel to pick-up her wallet;
at the same time checking out longchamps for my sis.
both the birks shop at the flea mkt was closed!
kinda disappointed thou.. i jux had to get my hands on cheap birks!
went Dam Square for the usual shops - Zara, H&M & Bershka!
enjoy eating hot drumsticks in the rain under shelter;
hotdog bun & fries taste surprisingly delicious in such weather!
as i wasnt able 2 get my hands on birks,
so i bght something else to replace the feeling of dejected-ness.

imagine my happiness when i spot Agnes B within reach!
they've got a vintage looking camera case with a star on it!
last piece.. got snapped up by our Linda-san. ;(
only 25euros for this vintage leather casing i find it worth-it.
shall not mention what i bght over here.. ;p

3rd day b4 showing-up 4 flt in the evening,
i acc Linda down Fashion District 2 pick up another wallet.
& she agree 2 go find Fred Perry shop with me at some ulu place!
thats where we did random cafe visiting for foodie!
sandwiches with eggs,tomato, cucumber, ricola, pine nuts r healthy!
hot choco 2 go with during cool rainy weather as well!
picked up polka dot pouch & mirror at some handmade-shops.
that area is a nice shoppin place with friendly shop owner arnd.
its a pity we come 2 realised it too late..
else for my nx trip AMS if have, i'll pay it a visit again.

whole trip was done wet & coolingly that i caught a cold.
i guess the lack of sleep added on to it.
was so careless that i scalded my fingers while doing soba.
Lynn got me a pack of ice 4 soaking my hands in it.
excruciating pain come immediately.
my poor left hand & pinkie was injured twice.
while bathing was so painful as well..
now i just hope tml when i wake up, it'll be all well.
& ♥ is picking me up tml when i touchdown! ;D


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Simple Because

food makes me happy!
esp the accompany that is with me..

/* i have learnt not to bother too much;
not to care too much either.
what i gave might not be what i get in returned.
i can be nonchalant as well.
honestly, i dont need your 5sentences chat conversation.


Monday, August 23, 2010


the day i broke a glass in the toilet & cut my own finger. ;(


Sunday, August 22, 2010


alrights.. am super down in my luck recently..
did the AFT gly for my nana-ni-san bin..
was shocked 2c a total of 54SPML!
20CHML + 34MOML! well not so bad since its jux 2 kinds.
but what happened during flt was totally out of my prediction!
ignore the fact that flt was delayed 1+20 due 2 engine problem! =.=
no pre-heat because CL say we'll go LIQ cart 1st!
hafta re-slot my MOML into 1 single cart as they're fasting!
setup LIQ cart 4 them 2 do LIQ svc while me myself did CHML svc..
heatup using microwave, pre-set juice & serve all 20 of em'
cleanup LIQ cart & stow them back in place b4 i prepare juice again,
this time rnd is for MEAL svc, 2set for 2 full cart..
me alone do by hand - 22pax sitting at the back.
take meal/drink order & serve by hand 2 by 2 lohx..
u cant imagine how many times i walked in & out of the gly!
"no cart because Malay pax slpin, dont wake them up..
must walk slowly & not too loud ne!"
halfway thru pax sittin at R-side press call button.
grandchild hungry so hafta serve her.
however serve 2 become serve all 4 of them.
L-side pax signal 4 me 2 clear away their finished trays.
1 Malay pax question me why they got no meal?
hafta juggle between L-side, R-side & Malay pax myself..
then CL come bac say pax sittin at 57AC complained.
say why they no meal tray? rraahhhhhh!!!
meal carts come bac, i clear both juice & beer myself.
R-side crew do ocha & went 2 pass arnd.
CL also did the same while i prepare coffee 4 them.
R-side come bac & off she go 4 coffee svc.
CL lehx.. come bac, took out basket & linen.
sensing sth wrong.. i asked CL what she wants?
she say do wine & beer pass-arnd.
"Liang-san, L-side kohii ii desu ka?"
well, can i turn her down? she's the CL what!
barely 5rows thru the ultra long aisle,
got pax ask me clear their trays 4 them like again!
"s'cue me, i think u shld be able 2c i do not have extra pair of hands?"
i gotta walk bac 2 gly, put down my kohii & tray b4 walkin back.
while clearin their tray, they asked 4 hot water. haiiixxx~
clear their tray in gly, back with hot water & bac 2 gly once more.
when im finally bac in my own gly, R-side is done.
gotta prepare carts 4 them 2 do kaishu-ing of trays liaox..
CL again.. got new stunt from her.. =\
"no no.. no omise. ocha, kohii to omise on cart 4 pax..
ato de omise dake passu-arnd.."
i feel like fainting on the spot honestly!
1 action become 2 actions!
fine.. they go ahead with this kinda set-up..
i go ahead 2 kaishu with pet btl on top of cart in the AFT area.
eat my crew meal while CL pass arnd pet btl on her own. *phew
aft eatin i prepare REF inside 2 full carts.
turbulance & belt-sign on for 25mins.
imm. aft belt-sign off, i do oshibori 4 them.
set-up my 2 full carts 4 REF svc with 3hot bev, O/J + A/J + omise.
finished AFT compt within 30mins.
clear both carts & gotta prepare my MOML cart 4 them.
we gave out the trays 2 MOML pax 4 them 2 OL whatever they want.
CL did 2trays b4 she's disappear in the O/W gly.
i act. finished distributing all ACDEG pax on my own.
continued R-side with her joinin in only 2 give out 2 trays niax.
stow the cart back in gly, clear my gly & prepare 4 landin in 20mins.
lynn came 2 help me clear those MOML trays too..
b4 we knew it, belt-sign on & i hafta clear my gly..
all of us took our seat aft safety confirmation.
ALL CALL suddenly 2 inform us 10,000ft, Check OK!
stand up again 2 conduct last check b4 sitting down.
CL stunt me with, "Liang-san, opened omise aru?"
me, "Nai~ already zenbu poured away.."
CL, "aaaa.. u cannot pour all. u shld keep some.."
me, "demo minasan zenbu osuwatte.. i keep for what?"
CL ignore me & went bac her seat 2 call L2 go serve omise 2 pax.
wahhh.. thru-out the whole flt my patience jux got tested again & again.
i guess aft this flt my patience level shld b increased.


so familiar!

well, those were the days...
of timeless webcam-ing no matter what time..
its so true like what people tend to say -
what you cant have will always be among the most wanted list!
however when you've got it, it'd never be the same.


Saturday, August 21, 2010


my cargo is already that full at the beginning of flt,
how can i come back 10days later with more? ;x
we shall c..


Friday, August 20, 2010


very often in life we'll be faced with choices/decisions.
although during most occasions we'll be torn between the choices.
but bear in mind, to be given a choice is always better than no choice.
it all depends on whether would you make use of this opportunity;
or would you stay the same just to excel in both side.
there'll always be 2 sides in life - +ve or -ve.
depending on the choices you made, just dont regret thereafter.
no matter what, i believe you lose something; you'll gain something.
to be able to excel in both fields, its almost impossible!
however i know you'll always try to prove me wrong!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

If Only..

i can drink all my frustrations & worries away..


Sunday, August 15, 2010


think i jux flew with e "on-est" team ever!
my sfo flt turns out 2b a jfk flt instead lohx..
imagine upon request becomes pass-arnd ref svc in yp?!
took up more than 20mins resulting in only 1+10 rest time! ;(
i doze off & woke up in shock thinkin i overslpt.
terrible horrible experience..
arrived at nrt feelin so shagged yet my mind's awake..
i need a full body massage right now!!! raaahhh~


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

eyeballs; ice cream?

had a wonderful day out ytd!
did med checkup & drawn 3 tubes of blood! *ouch
urine, eye sight, colorblind, hearing & x-ray done in 4hrs!
not 4gettting our retail therapy halfway through..
45mins yet we're out with 2 bags each! ;x
i shld curb my spending overseas 4 spending locally?
at least contribute to my hometown yeah?
den dinner @ The Sail was added with some excitement!
we saw how celebrity had their secretive dinner done there.
dinner ended, afterwhich i had part2 of shopping @ 313.
ugh! somehow i managed 2 came out with 1top again?!
cold rock with delicious honeycomb+mango sorbet!
while waitin 4 darling's bf 2 fetch us home,
we found ourselves heading to alleybar 4 a cuppa drink..
all's well end well! swt hm with red face! ;)

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Friday, August 06, 2010

yes you're right!

its time 4 work again! bye all!

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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

nose transplant anytime soon!

seriously i think my nose belongs to some1 else..
if not why do i sneeze so much till its red like reindeer?
& given e amount of tissues i've used,
within 1year i could easily chopped off afew more trees!
hence, nose transplant for me anytime soon?

ytd was bakin day!
been long since i last baked sth..
well since i "kinda" accidentally affected sum1's mood 4 e whole day,
so i decided 2 "punish" myself by bakin sth 4 that sum1..
that is if that sum1 knows how 2 appreciate it.. ;p
hearty muffin cups used esp 4 that sum1..

then e day when i came bac 2 sg was "santa claus's" day!
cause i came bac with 2 boxes of peach;
clothes 4 lisa's boy & loots bght bac 4 other ppl's sake..
im not goin into details of how i went about getting e peaches.
i just hope those who've got chance 2 eat them, wil appreciate it. :)

thats mabelle with her box of peaches,
all wrapped nicely by some unfriendly ppl @ "sheng xiong"
its done in e midst of them "catching a thief"..
kinda LOL when i think back on what happened that night..

den in celebration of my lover's bdae,
i got him a gift from NYC!

its a biz card holder from mont blanc..
hopefully he likes it & put it 2 gd use bahx..

kie, i shall go bac 2 stuffing my nose with tissue!

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Monday, August 02, 2010

empty love

there wasnt anything worth updating about.
nothing great; just the usuals.
and i thought it was supposed to be something different?
well, maybe its just me afterall.