DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

NGO - gone & back

act. i wasnt really lookin 4ward to this flt..
cux there's 2 landing which totals up to 10hrs of ft time.
end up when i rched NRT on my 1st day, it was 6 degrees!!
met up w creature head @ the hotel aft that.
chit chatted while she prepare for her DH flt bac to SIN.
watched her left the hotel unwillngly b4 headin bac 2 my rm.
bathed & zZz-ed @ 10am in the morn.
woke up suddenly rem that i hafta go out buy my lunch + dinner!
so i took the 2:05 shuttle bus out to S.Mall
settled my thingy by 3+pm & contemplating 2 tak the 4:20pm bus bac.
but i received an sms from Ade!!
hahaha~ she arrived from her AMS trip bac to NRT!
my gosh! she chop chop prepared & hurried down S.Mall 2 meet me.
acc her 2 eat Thai "lunch" & decided abruptly 2 go Ueno.
like w/o much consideration, we jux head down by train.
sway enough, it was raining when we rched @ 7pm.
hafta run in the rain & enduring the cold cold breeze.
my toes were protesting by then! (i wore slippers fyi)
finally grabbed an umbrella which we shared & start huntin 4 e supermart..
thats e reason y we're headin down in the 1st place.
who knows, i din buy anything.
im jux acc-ing ade 2 buy her groceries.. LOL!
scroll down 4 our pix pix..
at the platform waitin 4 train..
tryin 2 capture e smoke comin out from our mouth..
stil tryin in vain..
ade gave up.. lolx~
but she gave in to me.. hahaha~
at the train..
from v crowded 2 lil' ppl arnd us..
my eye rings scary right?
imagine i only slpt 2hrs+ for 1day.. =\
secretly tell u sth..
i slp 2hrs+ for 1 day..
but ade nearly nv bath for 1 whole day.. ;x
tryin 2 sneak a peck on my face? ;p

of cux we headed bac 2 hotel aft that..
which we rched at 10pm sharp!
prepared my things & wait 4 her 2 come over..
im e 1st person she bunk in with!!! (except her bf)
got e Emer Exit rm again lohx.. sway siax!

bid farewell to her early nx morn..
she woke up with me & acc me down to lobby.
aft ~10hrs+ ltr, i arrived @ NGO hotel.
it was much more comfortable than the NRT hotel!
looks v much like a small apartment style..
e view overlookin 1 side of the hotel..
e airport view which i got frm my rm..
hahahah~ ;x
e place where i had my buffet breakfast!
yum yummy~!
e nite decor outside the departure hall..

2nd nite intended 2 go out grab dinner..
who knows, i ended up spendin $$ on pressy instead..
bght 4 identical items 4 my girls..
who r they? hehehe~ xmas wil know already. ;D

e 4 blue black i got..
like v OMG right?
even my sis oso noticed these injuries..

btw, i hope 2 go Harajuku soon!
i wanna get more patterned leggings back..
creature head, can we go there 2gether on the 6th??

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Surprise Surprise!!

i jux checked my a/c,
den realised that e amt was diff..

suddenly aft 4 transactions,
i felt im kinda rich again.. LOL!

but, im gonna throw $xxx into my UOB for savings.
another $300 for momo,
~$100 on xmas gifts for friends,
of cux not forgettin the $80 for my cammy!

yeahx~ im gettin another cammy soon..
consider it as a xmas gift 4 myself lahx..

then mayb into 2mths time, i'll get myself a digi cam.
i wanna tak photos durin flt with my crew!!

ssshhhh~ i'll secretly post up photos of the crew bunk too!
c'mon, tell me that u wanna c the area that i slpt durin flt time..

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Finally Arrived @ SIN

im so f* tired cux i rched OC like 14hrs ago!!
my flt was delayed for initial 1hr 30mins BUT,
it changed to 2hrs 30mins instead! -.-"
got tons of SPML (agar arnd 50+ of them)

took off at 8:20pm & only arrived in SIN at 0240am
my precious cabbie only arrived at 0325am.
home swt home at 0345am lohx! WTH!
my stocking tear not once but TWICE on this flt!
(>.<) this is really not my day!

bathed & found 4 small blue black on my knee cap.
mysterious blue black always appear aft ALL my flts,
popping out everywhere siax!

wonderin y am i bloggin at such hrs?
cux my bio-clock is officially spoilt liaox.
e more i slp, e more tired i become.
but if i dont slp, dark eye rings wil hunt me down.
contradicting i know.

durin my stay @ NGO, i was watchin CNN for whole 2 days.
and imagine the whole of 2nd day was reportin abt e Mumbai incident.
i watched e death toll increased from 8-100-101-125 when i turned in that night.
followed by arrivin at NRT & continue with CNN again.
it ended at 160 when i checked out frm my hotel ytd noon.
im not sure if the death toll has increased durin my period of flt.
but i'll go find out cux its so scary can?
like there's a bystander who captured a video of some gunbattle.
people standin arnd & suddenly a van drove pass then b4 u knew it,
gun shots were heard & ppl arnd u collapsed with blood spilling out.
isnt that v scary? jux go imagine..

well, i ate 5 cups of ice cream onboard jux now! hahahaha~
i love these few teams whom i fly with for this pattern.
they're all so nice 2 me.
(partly bcux i did more cbn than gly this time rnd)

ohhh! & stay tuned if u wanna know my Dec schedule.

good night!
i gotta go KO already! ;D

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Thursday, November 27, 2008


everything can be simplified..
we wont have to waste so much brain cells thinking.
i really wonder if its worth the wait.
there's no hint or whatsoever to help me decide.

calling tone was diff..
does that mean what im thinkin is true?
what was the leave thing abt?
why cant u just explain everything to me clearly!
i jux hate to rack my brain thinkin abt such things!

i wanna return to sg terribly..


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i nearly got e shock of my life..

my bank a/c amt skipped 2 digits..

u dont uds?

well, i uds wil do.. ;D

my Dec schedule is out already.
however im quite sad abt it lahx.. =\
thou i got a NYC & LAX which is 2 US flt,
but im on standby frm 25th-30th lohx!

my girls, lets cele xmas in advance alrights?!

btw, im at Chubu now..
some ulu parts of jap lahx..
enjoyin e free internet access in my rm..
thou abit boring, but at least i got 2 nights stay!!!


Monday, November 24, 2008

And Again...

pre-flt blues is hitting me..

i duwan 2 say hello 2 CAN-NGO at all can?!


till i say hello to SG on 30th midnite..

althou i might secretly pop online these few days..


Friday, November 21, 2008


im always slower than zhen in terms of updating..
bcux i got trouble transfering photos 2 PC..
anyway, i jux felt i gotta update abt that day,
all due to this very 赞 movie - [REC]
on that fateful day, i let zhen choose SAW V & [REC]
SAW series is well known for its bloodiness,
hence im not surprise that zhen choose [REC] instead.
turns out, its not a bad choice afterall.
note that there's another re-make call Quarantine.
but its not as good as [REC] according to online reviews.
jux opt for [REC] since its the original story.
check out the Yahoo! movie reviews standin at 4* for it

REC revolves around a television reporter, Angela,
and her cameraman, Pablo, who cover the night shift in
one of Barcelona's local fire stations.
The firehouse receives a call from an old lady trapped in her house.
When they arrive, and the firemen and the police break down the door,
the old lady suddenly attacks and bites one of the policemen,
and it is revealed that an unknown but virulent disease is infecting people,
causing them to turn into zombies.

The police and the military quarantine the building and the
camera crew is trapped inside, constantly recording the mayhem that ensues.
By the finale they uncover the horrifying truth of the situation and
realise the infection may be more than a mere virus.

check this vid out..
u can go youtube 2 search for more trailers..
its not gonna disappoint u in anyway..

aft our movie, we head elsewhere 4 our "secret mission"
shall not mention it here since its "secret"
while on e train to the destination..
my eye rings is so freakin dark can?!
and my left eyes is always darker than right.
i myself have no idea WHY?!
does this photo prove my point now? ;p
wonderin why i got eye rings when im slpin so much..
could it b due to slpin too late at night??
actin like we're kissing?
hahahah~ ;x

aft our "secret mission", we took a bus down AMK..
love this tak 4 e exposure..
"bai chew" strikes back..
hahahaah~ F21 slippers & sandals lehx..
as i bcum skinnier, i note some diff on my face..
e not-so-obvious dimple bcum obvious le!!
SEE! got prove in this photo..
i nv photoshop it horx!
den my animated expression starts..
does it looks like constipated face 2u?
my face kana cut lahx..
thats better..
my teeth looks like those virus infected ppl's
reminds me of the movie [REC] again..
okie! i surrender..
lets stop this photo takin now..

Credits to Video : here

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Thursday, November 20, 2008


sometimes i dont understand..
why does ppl invest in branded goods?
what i mean is,
why mux we work so hard jux 2 buy some branded items?
does e brand really mean so much?

to me,
a bag is stil a bag..
shoes r stil shoes..
watch is stil watch..

sometimes, i really find myself not so "lady" at all..


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nameless Entry...

while waitin 4 train @ AMK
y it looks like zhen is secretly smiling inside?
these 2 photos taken usin zhen's hp..
changin train @ Raffles Place Mrt.
wat wil girls do when time's too much?
& again..
but they got sick of it..
hence its reflection time!
looks like i got a broken neck?
btw, its shorts day out w them!
head 2 AMK Hub Levis 2 comb jeans..
imagine spendin nearly 2hrs inside tryin on jeans?
MOS-ed & bubble tea-ed while headin down Chinatown.
4 e sake of changin currencies + checkin on tour agency.
hitched a free ride all thanks 2 ys. ;)
that nite my family went 2 watch Madagascar 2
storyline wasnt as fantastic as the 1st - imo

& some miscellaneous stuffs..
e amount of smses & calls 4 last mth..
luckily it din bust 100 bucks.
hows my doraemon scheduler w pen looks? ;D

my bud shld b enjoyin herself 2dae..
cux jill is in NRT w her now.
plus ltr ade wil b rchin NRT as well.. ;D

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My First Time!!

as mentioned in my previous entry,
i went 2c sinseh 2 fix my thumb..
i gotta say, im braver than i thought ;D
cux i endure e "fixingr" process w/o screaming out!
that lady was rubbin so hard that i thought i'll yell out loud..
who knows, i jux kept quiet & concentrate on e "fixing"
while answering some of her questions. ;D
althou i envy those who got acc into that "room",
but goin in alone myself doesnt mean i got no acc..
my acc is across e phone sms-ing with me. ;p

aft she rubbed my wrist for roughly 15mins,
she brght me to an area 2 "air" my wrist until hot air.
wat im curious is, how come my thumb injured,
but my wrist got rubbed instead? o.O
under e hot air 4 duno wat..
i think my wrist swell up aft the rubbing.. lolx~
nicely wrapped by e sinseh..
tml i gotta unwrapped & change a new 1 siax..
nw i wonder if i can do e same job as her?


Super -.-"

my sis told me she got 篮球火 vcd at home..
so starting frm ytd aftn, i chased e drama str8!
until 10mins ago den i know the 2 set of vcd is incomplete!!!

nw i gotta wait til e 3rd set is launch,
and hopefully my sis decides 2 buy it den i can finish..

tsk tsk tsk~ i really hope 2 complete it siax..
cux im mesmerized by Dong Fang Xiang's coolness in e drama..
he's reminding me of Dao Ming Si in Meteor Garden..

its been a long long time since i chase after a drama..

oops! btw i've came bac on Sat evening..
went str8 4 my parent's weddin anniversary at Waraku de Pasta.
indeed its better than Waraku de Gohan siax! ;p
lets c when i got e mood 2 blog w photos bahx.. yoohoooo~

ltr goin 2c "die da" cux i've accidentally sprain my -
short lil' fatty right thumb hahaha

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Thursday, November 13, 2008


this song describes how im feeling now..
not cheated out of love that kind..
but because i felt 委屈 during my 1st flt.. ;(
i've always tot sg crew wil b zappy..
who knows, i met sum1 comparable to i-dont-mention-name
i really felt v 委屈 cux she always gave me that kinda looks.
i mean, if u got sth 2 tell me, jux tell me str8 in e face.
dont give me that kinda looks which is disgusting. =|
while Q-ing up to clear immigration, was talkin to my team.
my leader was askin me abt the flight.
(i saw that *woman talkin to my leader about me)
i told her how i felt then while explaining,
i jux broke down right infront of my leader & a team mate.
i dont know why.. i rem e flow clear & well..
but *they kept sayin i need 2 go & read up on it.
i did as what *she said but *she always got things 2 complain.
i report whenever i can but *she tot i dont know.
i jux did all e things accordingly but stil, outcome diff.


i went out Union Sq myself.
took a cheaper bus US$1.50 to & fro only.
went King of Thai 4 lunch alone.
ordered Roasted Duck Noodle & finished 85% of it.
bght Abercrombie & Fitch perfume finally!
helped my sis's fren 2 buy Coach bag which is last piece!!
help bud's team leader 2 buy 2 OPI polishes.
to & fro + walkin arnd only took me less than 3hrs..
so here i am ranting out 2 my blog..

hAix.. hope tml's a better day..

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


i hafta report for my flight already.. ;(

wish me luck 4 my 1st solo flight..


Sunday, November 09, 2008

for zhen & bing

specially for them..
saw it at the disney store in jap..
eeyore turned white!
ready 4 xmas i think? ;D
& here's e scrump doll i helped u buy..
hope u like it anyway.. ;)

i really wanna blog abt zhen's bdae..
but im v tired right now..
some things which i need 2 do by 2nite :
1. pack luggage for Tue flt
2. pack bag for tml's GD
3. do station procedures in notebk
4. revise my work!!
5. missing my bud, kelly

randomly, im startin 2 miss e flt i have with her..
cux we wil not hav any chance 2 fly 2gether again..
bud, im missin you..
r u missing me too????

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

New York City

& so accidentally i paid a visit to NYC..
coincidentally, we met adeline/yixian & clare there too!
was a pleasant trip overall except for some hiccups.
shall not go into details abt e hiccups..
lets take a look at those photos i took there..
weather was cccooollldddd at <15degrees.
e view frm my rm..
wasnt very scenic but i stil love it..
esp being able 2c e trees turn yellowish/redish..
e cozy corner in my rm..
i shall have such decor in my future home.. ;p
the 2 beds which i have..
i can even jump on it as i like! hahaha~

adeline came over to my rm & chit chat..
waited while i bath & get ready 2 head down Manhatten!!
caught a shuttle bus which brings us 2 e nearest train station..
the train tix which i got..
freaking exp! US$7/trip lohx.. ;(
thats me on the train..
they din have any train map onboard..
gotta keep a lookout on the station we alight..
thats me, bud & adeline
arriving @ Manhatten!!
OMG! got a nice granny show us the way..
thats 7th ave & afew blks away will be 5th ave!
i cant believe it!
i duno whether thats where u watch movies?
but mayb nx time can give it a try..
i heard that Saw5 is showin there already..

we walked from 38th street to a faraway land..
and din c any restaurant interesting enough..
being hungry & tired, we decided 2 head bac 2 original spot..
where we had our v late lunch...
isnt v fantastic thou.. =\
& took a pix at the cross junction
where busy ppl are crossng e road..

as we need 2 rush for the last shuttle bus bac 2 hotel,
we hafta faster take a train bac 2 e Westbusy station...
not sure which side we need 2 take..
gotta ask kind soul 4 help.. kekeke~
e tix machine where we purchase tix..
while waitin 4 our train 2 arrive..
& guess wat we saw there...
its Krispy Kreme!!!
onboard e train..
hope we'll have a smooth trip back..

aft roughly 30mins, we rched Westbusy station..
nw gotta wait 4 the shuttle bus..
a good 20mins wait out in the open air..
we're freezing cold..
can u tell??

rched hotel & i KO-ed while watchin CSI
(my fave channel is AXN overseas)
nx day morn, woke up very early as its e Daylighht Saving!
to be exact is 2hrs earlier than my alarm..
tried using the internet & its free.. hohohoh~
e donut i had 4 breakfast..
@ New York eatin New York Cheesecake..
sound cheeesy i know..
webcam-ed with my sis..
where she showed me toto so close by the webcam..

went 2 bath & prepared..
set off & saw adeline at the lobby..
e 3 of us!

bid gdbye to her & we went off..
saw the trees?
i wonder how they change color so differently?
lik in the same area but diff color??
on the shuttle bus sittin right at the back..
(cool breeze blowin into my face!!)
see e pumps arnd?
i love pumps but its useless in autumn/winter..
both of us got a pair of boots!
makes our feet warmer too..
e whole rack of candies!
was "Qs-ed" by the staff while takin this pix.
wth?? u mean i cant tak photos inside?? =|
outside waitin 4 shuttle bus..
lips turn pale due to the weather..
US oso categorised their rubbish..
reminds me of Jap siax..
cool weather needs a bowl of hot soup..
its from SUBWAY! delicious & warms up my body..

nx destination is Roosevelt Mall..
a big mall with lotsa shops inside!! ;D
aeropostale, gap, bath & body works, victoria's secrets
american eagle, f21, disney store, abercrombie & fitch, hollister,
old navy, aerie, zara, MNG, armani xchange, coach...
my lunch of the day..
its sold by some china ppl who gave us lotsa chix..

hotel swt hotel aft that..
visited clare's rm right aft rchin hotel..
chit-chatted for nearly 2hrs siax..
returned bac 2 my rm & packed my luggage..
saw "sth" which im not supposed to.. ;s
leavin me breakin out with cold sweat that nite..
ordered room service 4 my 3rd day breakfast..
super big serving which is worth it!!
im a Elite Member?
my rm cost US$1000/nite..
is my co. freakin rich or wat? lolx~

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