DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Thursday, November 30, 2006

i back from lunch for oni 30mins lohx..
sumore 2dae got team lunch..
and nehx nehx is over at my office again..
i went out 4 2hrs+ lunch infront of him!
omg! damn daring ehx?
lolx.. anyway lucky he didnt say anything..
at 1st was meetin min at Bugis 4 lunch..
but she got hangover mahx..
so she didnt make it..
left me & sx niax..
so we decided 2 meet Lisa..
since she's workin at Lavender..
in case u guys duno who she is..
well, she's my sec sch fren too..
and she's my batch netball captain worx..
got lotsa precious memories with her..
eHhhx.. anyway.. had LJS..
cux i want it..
and they give in 2 me!
YAY! *clap hands*
let the photos do the talking..
went Clementi on Wed 2 meet dar.dar
i had my Teriyaki Chicken meal..
look yummy mahx?
cost $5.20 niax?
taken ytd on my way hm..
saw the clouds look exceptionally fluffy?

duno why suddenly turned so dar?
or is jux that part?

this is w/o zoom in..
seems like oni tat part is dark ehx?

with Siew Xiang xiao mei

Siew Xiang & Lisa

me with Lisa
Siew Xiang take pix human super small?

Arrhhh~ im stil talkin..

Finally a better 1..

long time nv meet up..
finally meet up le..
im feelin so happy deep inside..
bcux it seems so impossible 4 us 2b back..
back like what we used 2b?
hopefully this wil last till e end ehx?
girls, agree mahx?

2nite m havin my Netball Farewell at YCKSS.
invited by Ms Heng worx..
feel damn honoured..
cux she stil remember us thou nv contact..
well, 2nite shall have fun..
mux enjoy ourselves 2 the fullest..
not 4gettin 2 tak photos..
2 blog as well as 2 scrap!
gd luck 4 2nite..
photos tml ehx?
stay tunned!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

can any1 buy me mango strudels?
im crrrraaavvvviiiinnnngggg 4 it so muuchhyyy~
*im addicted

*yawnx* had a full 7hrs slp..
but im still feelin tired now..
what happened?
nahx.. been rushin my Xmas pressy..
thou need 2 brainstorm 4 ideas..
i enjoyyed it!
hahah.. shall upload e pix show show..
and also update on last wkend..
i bet cine & zhen mux b curious..
how come i got chance 2c sx's bf right?
hohohoho~ read on 2 find out bahx.. =D

4 my colleague de..
for min workin at Nikon..
for my upstairs colleague
for a/c head's secretary..
know le bahx..
its for francine low!!

for zhenzhen~
Darryl my next door colleague..
my new replacement..
also nx door colleague..
YAY! finish 16 namecards!!

this is toto!
ytd when i came hm.. he slpin look

finally opened Zoo Land 2 eat lahx!!

Last Sat went 2 eat prata..
sis's bf drove us there..

prata menu

sis's bf ordered Roti John..
i nv c b4!!

inside of Roti John

Fish leong's mini concert!!

4 couples but siew xiang & bf not arnd..
arbo jiu 5 couples le..

its fish its fish its fish!!

she oni looks arnd 5cm frm where i sit..
tis is aft zoom in duno how many times lahx..

an Fishermen's Village..
GuoWei with Sharon

my sis + WeiHong

Me & him

WeiXing & Juliana

Group photo!

im busy email-ing ppl..
no time 2 blog..
sumore nehx nehx come over..
need 2 ABLB liaox..

Friday, November 24, 2006

2dae seems 2b a much cooler day..
esp e fact that it started raining arnd 9+am..
freaking cold in office can?
morn took train 1st time saw shuai ge siax!
but i think he shld b in late 20s le..
cux he got moustache scar aka hu za yin..
i mean if u uds lahx..
and he got a pair of charming eyes..
those that can dian ren de..
looks boyish & at e same time macho?
lolx.. of cux i dont dare 2 keep lookin at him..
least he found out how?
durin certain stations, he was JUX bside me..
see him closer, act. not really v shuai..
thou his complexion really gd..
no pimples lehx..
smooth as silk?
abit exaggerate lahx..
anyway, he alighted at City Hall..
hMmm~ sadly..
but happy that FINALLY saw 1 shuai ge..
among my 5mths+ workin..
oh yahx.. morn took bus saw e same lady..
e 1 who oways fight 2 board bus 1st..
damn kiasu can?
took a sneak photo of tat lady..
Note : its e 1 in blue..
oni back view lahx..
but v tough ok?
cannot let any1 see i takin pix..
off 2 silent mode too!
shit~ duno will kana sue anot?

1 more doreamon 2 my collection le..
given 2 me by my sis..
wonder why she suddenly so nice?

ahhh.. look!
there's a doreamon inside..

been busy makin pressy 4 colleagues..
consider this as a namecard 2 put in office desk..

4 my nanny..?

my senior + ancestor?

my current colleague

my Cecil hse senior's gd frenx..

my colleague..
the 1 who always help me out?
Mr Nice Guy?
hehehe~ stil got afew more 2 rush..

so which 1 u find it nice?
my sis & mama say the Joyce's design is nice..
what u think?

Thursday, November 23, 2006


look at the white & fluffy clouds..
its been so long since i saw such clouds ye..

im back jux like i said i'll b back..
and is 2 upload photos!!!
we took 4 person pix worx..
really hard 2 tak..
especially got 2 girls who seldom tak pix..!
anyway, great lunch with them..
e weather ytd..
does it looks like tornado?

had our lunch at Mos worx..
why mux states no pet allowed?
wld ppl brin pets into here?

while waitin 4 siew xiang & limei 2 buy their lunch..

taken outside the YaKun Kaya Toast shop

really v diff 2 take pix of 4 ppl!

nan de siew xiang tak photo..

me & zhen

with siew xiang

her tryin 2b taller than me..

with limei

their heart heart worx..

come come let me box u girls..

tryin 2b shorter is really diff..

limei in e process of "boxing" me..
but siew xiang press e shutter le..

self tak 3 person photo

finally a nice 1!

hope we girls can meet 4 lunch again kx?
love u girls~
mayb we have lotsa meetups soon..

btw, im a purple freak nw..
so pardon me if all entries r in purple..