DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Thursday, September 30, 2004

jUx hAve mOi dInnEr nOt loNg aGo..
sO fuLL nOw wOrx..
hEe~ aFtn sTay iN sCh dO pRoj aGaIn nOrx..
uNtiL 6pM.. cUx gOt nIte cLaSs.. gOtTa hUrRy loG oFF..
i 4gOt 2 rEmOve mOi tHumB dRive fRm USB pOrt..
aRgHx.. oNi wHeN mOi bUs rCh bT tImaH dEn rEaLiSe..
LoLx.. dAmn 4gEtfuL rIte?
sO i caLLeD hUmaIrAh.. lUcKy sHe sTiLL iN sCh..
n heLp mE gO bAc t14 to rEtRiEvE iT..
tHx hUmaIrAh wOrx.. *gRiNx*
tmL gOt aN iNtErvIew lE.. dUnO cAn mAk iT maHx?
=\ sO nErvOus wOrx.. cUx i hAte e tEaChEr..
tAt fRaNcIs tEo.. hUmpHx..
jUx nW bRiaN mOi cLaSs rEp tRiEd cAllIng hIm..
aSk hIm wHethEr cAn pOsTpOne iNtErvIew 2 nX wK..
bUt hE sAy tmL c oUr pRoj.. wHeRe wE r..
dEn dEcIdE.. rEaLLy hAte hIm loRx..
hE wAnNa c uS fAiL hArx? iDiOt sIax!!
c hIs fAce cAn rUin mOi mOod liAox..
sUcH a loUsY tEaCher..
oNi 1 wOrd 4 hIm.. L.O.U.S.Y
fEeLiNg kIndA eMotIonaL..
1 oF mOi dEaRies..
sHe hAve dEcIde 2 gO oN cOoLiN pErIod..
wIb hEr bf.. uNtiL dEc..
cUx hEr exaMs cOmIng..
tInkIn sO mUcH woNt heLp tOo..
sHe's uNdEcIdE.. sUcH a lOng r/s maHx..
bUt.. if tHeRe's nO mOrE fEeLiNg..
i wOuLd pErsUaDe hEr 2 gIve uP loRx..
hOwEveR.. nW iS bOtH sTiLL loVe eAch oTher..
iS jUx.. sOme.. i dUno hOw 2 sAy..
iM nOt mOi dEaRiE..
aCt. m iN nO pOsItiOn 2 cOmMeNt..
jUx hOpe 4 e bEsT 4 mOi dEaRie loRx..
=/ wiLL b bUsy fRm nW tiLL nX fRi..
dUno wHen cAn c mOi dEaRies.. mEet dEm uP..
mIss dEm aLot wOrx.. =]
i mIsS cIne.. mIn.. zHen..
i oSo mIsS mOi dEaR laHx..
cIne sAy sHe hOnEymOon pEriOd oFtEn mEeT bf..
bUt i cAnt wOrx.. cAn oNi mEeT tWiCe..
nOt jUx tWiCe laHx.. bUt v qIaO..
oWayx eNd uP mEet tWiCe a wK nIax..
hEyx.. iM nOt cOmpLaInIng mOi dEaR hOrx..
i nV cOmpLaIn aRhx!!!
hEhE.. i dUn bLaMe hIm laHx..
nOe hIm tAt tIme nOe hE's a bUsY gUy lE..
kEkE.. oNi nOe tAt iM a fOrtUnaTe gEr!!
cUx mOi dEaR pAmpEr mE tO e mAx!!
=p dUn eNvy mE k?
hAahA~ nOt tO e mAx tOo laHx..
jUx fEeL tAt hE tReaT mE v nIce loRx..
dUno y.. likE i dUn dEsErvE iT nEhx..
hMmm... gOt tO eNd liAox..
wAn gO dO sOme rEsEaRcH sTuFfs lE..

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

*yAwNx* sO tIrEd wOrx.. m iN sCh nW..
mEeT mOi cLaSs gErs cUm sCh dO pRoj..
gOtTa haNd iN tIs fRi.. hEHe..
lAst mIn wOrk aGain loRx.. nO cHoiCe..
tOTaLLy dUno hOw 2 dO.. wHeRe 2 sTaRt mAhx..
*sIgh* wHu e heLL cUm uP wIb tIs Qs sIax?
mAk uS sO sTrEssfuL nEhx.. =\
sAd laHx.. aIliAn n pEiYing bUsY dOin..
dEn cHa bO wAtcHin.. cUx sHe cAme lAte..
sO cAnt bK cOm nEaR uS dE loRx..
mE nEhx? HAhaa.. sLaCkIn lAhx..
oNi dEcOrAte GUI nIax..
wAitin lTr gO liBraRy mEet fReN tEaCh mE..
yEaHx.. hOpefuLLy cAn coMpLeTe mOst of it..
aRbO tmL rUsH uNtiL sIao liAox..
= kIndA sAd.. 1 oF mOi dEaRies "fAn" bOut hEr bf..
cUx hEr bf iS tHose iNtRovErt tYpE..
wHiLe sHE's e eXtRovErt sOrt..
n.. hEr bF dUn bhAve like bF dE loRx..
mOrn lEt hEr tRaVel fRm yIsHun 2 bEdOK fiNd hIm..
wAt kIndA bF iS tIs rIte?
haIx.. cAn oNi wIsH hEr aLL e bEst le..
sUch a lOng r/s 1yr 9mThs..
aCt. cAnt sAy brEaK n jUx brEaK dE..
oF cUx gOt fEeLiNgs dE maHx..
tATs y sHe's iN a diLemMa loRx..
bUt iF 4 mE.. fEeL sO "tOng kU" iN e r/s,
mIgHt aS weLL jUx bReaK..
r/s dEpeNds oN qUaLiTy nOt qUantItY..
bU zAi hU tIaN cHanG dI jIu..
zHi zAi hU cEn jIng yOng yOu..
aGreE mAhx? hEe..
gOnNa gO liaOx..
wAn hAve lUncH wIb mOi cLass jIe mEIs..
=p *cIaOx*

Sunday, September 26, 2004

LoLx.. yTd wAs bRoWsIng tHrU fRieNdsTer..
dEn cAme aCroSs e fLeShImp pAge loRx..
gOt a wEbby n i wEnt 2 tAke a Look..
oh mOi gOsh.. sOme tOps r sO nIce.. hEhehe..
sEeMs sO gOng gOng oRhx mE?
=p fOund 1 tOp wHicH i liKe dE..
tInk mAyb nX wK wAnNa dRag PpL aCc mE gO bUy..

hEhE.. e fLeshiMp tOp tAt iM aImIng..
i liKe e sImpLe dEsIgn..

yTd wAs sO dAmn bUsy sIax..
hEhe.. nOt wIb sCh wOrK.. bUt bUsY mEeTin pPl..
=x aFtn 4pm mEet cINe gO j8 wAtcH mOvIe..
Art OF The Devil..
iSh bOut wItcHcRaFts loRx..
kInda sTuPid.. a gEr dO aLL e eViL tHiNgY..
cUx a gUy uNfAitHfuL 2 hEr..
v bLoOdY aRhx.. ppL kEeP vOmItIn bLood..
cIne say sHe rEgrEt bUyIn fOod 2 eAt..
kEke.. bUt i nV nEhx..
i eNjOy wAtcHiN bLoOdY movIe..
=D dEn aFt mOvIe i rUsh hM..
fIx dInNeR 4 tOto b4 gOin out aGaIn..
mOi wHoLe fAmiLy oUt maHx..
sO i gOtTa fIx dInnEr 4 tOto loRx..
wAtcH mIdNitE wId mOi dAr.dAr
PoLiCe sTorY.. oH mAn!!
iS dAmn gReAt wOrx.. sO aCtiOn sIax..
sUmOre NicHOlAs tSe n dAnieL wU sO sHuAi..
hEhe.. eNjOy e mOvIe aLot..
aFt tAt hE wAlk mE hM..
n hE oWnseLf tAk cAb hOme loRx..
kINda sIaNx aRhx.. sO mAny aSsIgnmEnt..
jUx e tOt oF iT.. cAn mak me mOody..
aRgHx.. iSh e ICPRO whiCh mAk mE wOrry..
=S eRic sAy cAn heLp.. hOpe hE rEaLLy dO baHx..
aRbO iM dEad!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

LoLx.. aLL cHa bO's fAuLt laHx..
2dAe toLd mE bOut a sCaRrY mOvIe sNeaK..
eNd up.. i sTiLL mEeT cINe..
hAaa~ i cHeCk oUt e tIme n jUx sMs hEr..
kEkE.. wE wAtcHed e 6:55pm dE..
n sHe dIn eVen nOe wAt mOvIe sHe wAtchin..
oNI nOe iSh a sCaRy mOvIe laHx..
hAha.. sHe sAy nOt bAd..
yEaHx.. iSh aLot bETter tHaN ThE gHoSt loRx..
lAme sToRyLinE.. n nUtTin mOre..
At lEaSt tIs mOvIe "OnE MiSsEd CaLL" iSh aLot bEtter..
wE wErE gLuEd tHruOut..
wAn gO tOilEt bUt dUn wAn mIss aNy pArt..
sO wE toLEraTe laHx.. =D hAhaha...
gOt sUm pArTs mAke uS cLoSe oNe eYe sIax..
jUx iMaGiNe bAhx..
mAyb nOt sCaRy dE.. bUt bcUx v littLe ppL..
mAke e aTmOspHeRe eErIeR nEhx..
LoLx.. =p nOt gOnNa mEntIon bOut e sToRy..
jUx gO wAtcH n u'LL nOe lE..
uP nExT wiLL b New PoLiCe sToRy..
yEpx.. tInk tIs fRi gOin 2 wAtcH lE..
yOOhOo~ i gOt loTsa mOvIe aImIng lE..
A1, poLiCe sToRy, wHitE cHicKs, rESIDENT EVIL..
oH mOi gOd.. sHit sIax..
iM a mOvIe fReak.. hIaKx hIaKx..
=p *cIaOx*
wAnNa gO wAtcH Tv lIaOx..

yEaHx~ m sO hAppy sIax..
hEe~ yTd wAs oN MC naHx.. bUt i sTiLL wEnT 2 sCh..
tot nEeD 2 hAnd up rEpOrT n iNtErvIew maHx..
eNd up rCh cLaSs lE mOi fReNx sAy nO nEed..
kEKe.. sO i sTay on 4 mAtHs b4 gOin hM..
cHa bO heLp mE tAk bAc NSM pApEr..
sO dAmn hAppy i gOt 82 sIax..
oMg!! dIn eXpEct cAn oVeR 80 sIax..
jUx tOo sHocKeD!! Haha.. =D
dEn iNtErnEt pRog, cHa bO sAy i gOt 74..
DCF nEhx.. dUno wHetHeR iSh 85 or 58 aRhx..
tEaChEr dUn lEt dEm heLp mE coLLeCt..
oF cUx i wouLd hOpe iSh 85 laHx..
dEn eRic cAn tReaT mE 2 aNotHeR lOLLiPop..
hEE~ hE pRomIse 2 gImMe 1 fOr eVerY As i got..
*bEaMx* liKe "hOng xIao nU hAi" hOrx?
kEKE.. betTeR tHaN nUttIn lAhx..
2dAe got bAc mAths pAper..
gOt 61 lEhx.. *gRInx*
nOt bAd lE lAhx.. i eXpEctIn 2 faiL dE..
cUx dIn rEaLLy nOe hOw 2 dO mAhx..
eNd up hEng hEng cAn pAss wOrx..
=\ bUt mOi cHa bO faiL..
fEeL sO bAd bOut iT.. cUx i cAnt heLp hEr..
iN aNywAy mAhx.. oNi cAn sUpPOrT hEr oN loRx..
cHa bO.. dUn gIve up.. fInaL yr 60% wOrx.. =
hAHhaa.. fInaLLy m gETtIn bEtteR liAox..
tHx 4 tHoSe cOncErn bOut mE dE oRhx?
hEhehe.. oH yAhx.. aNotHeR gD news..
jUx nW.. i fInaLLy cAnnOt hIde it aNimOre..
toLd mOi mUm bOut mE n mOi dAr.dAr
LoLx.. sHe sAy aT lEaSt hIs eDucAtIon bETteR tHan uRs..
dEn oK lE loRx.. n nOt bAd lOokIn aRhx..
*pUi* dUN lEt hIm hEaR it..
aRbO hE sURe fLy aGaIn.. =X
hEhe.. ppL gOt Qs 2 aSk rIte?
y liDat tReAt mOi dArLing?
hAha.. cAnNot tReaT hIm tOo nIce..
lTr hE cRawL oVer mOi hEaD mAhx.. LoLx..
tmL gETtin bAC Ds pAper..
dUno wHeTheR wiLl pAss mAhx?
hOpefuLLy cAn PAss aRhx..
gEt aRnd 60+ i sAtIsfIed lE.. kEkek..
iM a eAsiLy sAtIsfIed gEr..
oh yAhx.. gOtTa aPoLogIZe 2 cIne..
mOn sAy 2nIte gO wAtcH mOvIe..
bUdDen wAnNa wAtcH lIu xIng xIao yUan..
2nIte aT 8pm mAhx.. NYP wOrx..
hEe~ cHa bO sAy wiLL b qUitE nIce..
i tInk sO tOo laHx.. gOt sO mAny yO-yO ppL..
*wInKx* hAhha.. cAnT cHange mOi hAbit..
sOrRy aRhx cIne~! =/
=p naHx.. gOtTa eNd liAox..
wAnNa gO tAk a nAp nEhx.. zZz..

Monday, September 20, 2004

aRgHx.. 2dae aFt sch wEnt 2c dOc..
wEnt hOme 1st.. den seTtLe dOwn.. eAt sTh..
n mOi sIs aCc mE go c dOc loRx..
e dOc mOi sIs owAys pRaiSe hEr.. sAy sHe v gD eTc eTc..
Dr Vida Chou.. kEke.. nIce pErsOn eHx..
sHe fInaLLy gIMme a Jab arhx..
n sAy iM aLLerGy 2 sTh..
bUt wAt, i hAve 2 fINd oUt mySeLf..
nEed 2 lOokoUt 4 wAt iM aLLergY tO loRx..
sAd rIte? hMmm.. hOpe iS nOt mAngO..
tHou e pOssIbiLity iS qUite hIgh..
=[ sO sAd aRhx.. mOi fAvE mAngO pUddIng..
hEe~ sMaLL gEr aT hEaRt maHx..
=p e jAb mAk me sLpy.. n tIrEd..
rCh hM oNi i iMm. sLp lE..
uNtiL aRnd 7+ dEn wOke uP..
hAVe mOi dInneR.. n sTaRt dOin pRoj..
oMg.. sO dAmn hArd sIax..
sO mAny cOmbInaTiOns.. c UntiL eYe bLur bLur..
aRgHx.. cAnNot mAk it aRhx..
luCky mOi fWeN heLp mE wiB iT sIax..
eRic.. tHx lE wOrx.. hEe..
*yAwNx* tIrEd aGaIn liAox..
hOpe tmL mOi rAshes wiLL b gOne naHx..
i wAn a bRaNd nEw dAy!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2004

hOhOhO.. hAve bEeN gOin oUt 4 e pAst 2dAys..
aRgHx.. 2dAe mUx rEaLLy rEsT liAox..
kEke.. bUt i dIn reGreT gOin ouT aRhx..
tHou mOi rAshEs hAven rEcOver!!!
heLp!!! iSh gOin 2b 2wKs lE..
bUt haVen rEcOvEr yEt..
sHit sIax.. hOpe bY nX wK cAn rEcOvEr oRhx?
hAa.. yTd aCt. tOt oF sTaYin aT hM dE..
dEn aRnd 5+ sUm pIg caLl mE..
aSk mE wAnNa gO oUt aNot?
LoLx.. yEaHx.. pIg..
sO oK loRx.. sIncE i gOt nUttIn 2do tOo..
fIne.. iNtEnd 2 wAtcH bOurNe sUpRemaCy..
rCh Cine.. tIx aLl soLd oUt lE..
sO wE wAtcH Man On FiRe iNsTeaD..
wHoLe soLid 2hr+ aRhx..
mAn.. i nEarLy dOze oFf..
sToRyLine nOt bAd eHx.. jUx tAt tOO DRAGGY!!
jUx a sImpLe sTory BUt dRag sO loNg..
e mOvIe iSh aT 9:25 loRx..
sO bY e tIme mOvIe eNd iSh nEarLy 12 lE..
hAFta tAk cAb aRhx.. cUx i nO NR bUs hM..
hEe~ oN e wAy 2 LucKy pLaZa..
kELLy sAw mE..!! m sO eXcItEd 2c hEr..
cUx hAfe been a lOng tIme sInce wE rEaLLy..
rEaLLy sIt dOwn n hAve sErIoUs tOk..
mIss tHoSe tImes..
*sOb* i mIss hEr.. sUnnY.. sHuYu.. sHuWei..
wOndEr hOw tHey r doIn..
bUt sUmhOw tHeIr wOrLd n mIne..
r kIndA miLes aPaRt..
*sIgHx* wAt iSh mEant 2b.. nO1 cAn sTop it..
cAn oNi aCcEpt fAte aS it iSh loRx..
2dAe mOi sIS cUmIng bAc lE..
fRm TiomAn.. LoLx..
dUno y sHe gO TiomAn nEhx..
cUx tHoSe wHu gO theRe r 2 dIve mAhx..
dEn? gO tHeRe 2 tAn? =X
naHx.. nOt mOi bUsiNeSs.. bUt iM eNjOying..
e tImes wHen sHe's nO aRnd..
hAhaha... nO1 tHeRe 2 cOntRoL me mAhx..
yEaHx.. n sErIoUsLy tOtO dUn sEeMs 2 mIss hEr..
oOooPx.. cUx tOtO gOt mOi mUm aRnd..

Saturday, September 18, 2004

wOwx.. haVeN bEen bLoGgIn 4 lOng oRhx?
hEe~ tIs wHoLe wK hAvIn eXams maHx.. *sIgh*
tInk wLdnt dO v gOod baHx?
weLL.. 4gEt iT laHx.. gUeSs i'LL hafTa bUck uP 4 fInaL..
n aSsIgnmEnTs pLus pRoj loRx..
ehHhhx.. gOtTa sTaRt tOkIn bOut wAt hAppEn..

[14tH sEpt] tUe
mOrn mY sIs tOok tOtO gO vEt 4 oPeratIon..
gOTtA cAsTraTe hIm oFf.. eHhhx.. wRong wOrd..
wAt sHld i sAy nEhx.. aIya sAme mEaNing aS cAstrAte laHx..
cUx hE's uNhEaLtHy mAhx.. uSuaLLy dOgs gOt 2 baLLs..
bUt he oNi gOt 1 wOrx.. =\ sO gOtTa gO 4 oPerAtIon..
eVeNinG tIme cAme bACk..
hE lOok okIex aT 1st.. dEn sTaRt 2 tReMbLe sIax..
mAk me hEaRt paIn pAin wHen i sAw hIs wOunds..
gOt 2 oPeNiNgs aLL sTiTcHed up le..
bUt bLue bLaCk.. bCum liK v jIaLat..
c lE wAnNa cRy sIax.. cUx hE bcUm v qUiet..
n jUx lIe dOwn aT 1 cOrnEr..
= eVeN wHen i toLd cIne.. sHe oSo gEt wOrrIed sIax..

[16tH sEpt] tHur
2dAe aFt mOi mAths pApEr.. i wEnt 2c dOc aGaIn..
wAh kAox.. e dOc aRhx..
i rEaLLy gOt nuTtIn 2 sAy..
i gO c hIm.. n aSk 2 tAk a jAb 4 mOi rAshEs..
cUx tAkIn iNjEctIon wiLL rEcOvEr wIthIn 3dAys..
bUdDen hE DUN ALLOW!!!
gEt e wOrd.. hE dUN aLLoW i tAk..
wTf!! hE gImMe aLL sOrTs oF rEaSon..
jUx 2 tUrn dOwn mOi rEqUest..
f* hIm laHx!! iSh totaLLy uNbEaRaBle..
taTs y Im askiN 4 iT..
aRbO hE tInk i nUttIn bETteR 2 dO..
fInd sKin iTcHy oR tIre oF lIvIng wAn tAk iNjEction?
eNd up hE gImme a sOaP n oIntmEnt 2 aPPlYiN..
sAy iF 2wKs ltR nO rEcOvEr dEn cUm bAC 4 jAb..
-_-ll wAt sOrT of dOc is tIs rite?
mY gOd!! a cHiNa dOc.. cAnNot mAk it!!
mak mE dAmn mOodY n aNgrY!!
sHit hIm aRhx! dUno hOw hE gOt e lIcEnsE?

[17tH sEpt] fRi
yOx.. mEet mOi DD aFt pAper..
lEt mE wAit 4 haLf aN hR sIax.. argHx..
u gUys shLd nOe i hAte wAitin dE rIte?
bUt wAt cAn i dO nahX? jUx wAit aT bUs sTop loRx..
fInaLLy hE cAme lE.. n wE tOok 166 dOwn 2 PS..
hE wAnNa wAtcH DodgebaLls..
qUite a nIce sHow oRhx.. dAMn fUnnY..
wAs lUffIng tHruoUt nEhx..
hAhaha.. =D cUx e sHow eNdEd qUiTe earLy..
hE sUggEsTed cAtchin aNotHer mOvIe..
O_O sUrpRisE baHx? hE sUggEstEd dE.. HAaa..
wE waLk dOwn 2 Cine n c gOt wAt mOvIe loRx..
oNi Ghost sUits oUr tIme nEhx..
sO.. hIaKx hIaKx hiaKx.. hE lEt mE hAve mY wAy..
wE wAtch Ghost..
*yAwNx* i wAs yAwnIng tHruoUt aRhx..
tHou i gOt sCaRed oNcE or tWiCe cUx oF e sOund eFfeCt..
bUt e sToRyliNe wAs dAmn dRaGgy..
jUx liK wAt cHa bO sAy lorx..
argHx.. nvm aRhx.. i sTiLL eNjOy laHx..
cUx i wAtcH iT wIb hIm mAhx..
hEe~ aFt wAt hE sENd mE hOme loRx..
tOoK 132 n aLiGht sUmwHeRe b4 e Mac stop..
n wE wALk hM.. eNjoyiN e lAst fEw momEnts wIb him..

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

wHoax.. haVen bEeN bLoGgInG 4 pAst dAys oRhx..
hMmm.. wAt e heLL iM dOin nEHx?
hEe~ sTuDyin oF cUx laHx..
=p yTd 1st pApEr wAs a tOtaL tRaSh 4 mE..
LoLx.. dIN nOe wAt m dOin aT aLL..
fIngErs dAmn iTcHy.. wAsnT tInKin sTr8..
SumOre fAce "jI tAr jI tAr" mAk mE nO mOod..
kEke.. u gUys shLd nOe aRhx..
vErOn sO "aI mEi" rIte?
LoLx.. mEeT cIne gO sCh 2gEthEr..
aFt 1wk nV mEeT.. mIss hEr sO muCh..
mIn n zHEn tOo.. dUno tHey mIss Me maHx?
hAa~ aCt. nOw m gETtin rEaDy gO c dOc laHx..
cUx kInda gEttIn wOrSe aRhx..
dEn mOi mUm wOrrIed.. sO uRge mE gO c dOc..
haIx.. sUmtImes fInd mOi mUm a nAg..
bUt sUmtImes fInd mYseLf v fORtUnAte..
gOt faMiLy wArmTh.. hAHaha..
yTd aFt sCh mEeT fWen nOrx..
eAt lUncH aRhx.. dEn tAk a lOng bUs 166 hOme..
Hahaha.. nuTtIn bETtEr 2 dO hArx?
nVm aRhx.. i eNjOy e jOurnEy wiLL dO..
=D cHa bO sAy mOi fAce lOoK v cHam..
bUt pEiyIng sAy tHosE sCars lOok liK pImpLes dE..
cIne oSo sAy nOt aS bAd aS i dEsCribE...
sO.. aT lEaSt a rEliEf 2 mE bAhx?
mAkes mE fEeL bEtter iNsIDe..
*yAwNx* gUeSs i'll uPdAte oth tIme..
nEeD 2 gO oFf lE..

Friday, September 10, 2004

*yAwNx* wOke up nOt loNg aGo..
bUdDeN mOi hEaD hUrTs aRhx.. dUno y nEhx?
sUddEnLy gImmE hEadaChe..
iZzIt cUx i sLpt tOo mUch?
hAa.. weLL rEaD aiLiaN's bLog..
kEkkee.. fOund oUt..
sHe sAme aS mE wOrx..
hAvEn rEaLLy sTaRt mUggInG bKs..
LoLx.. yEahx.. ^5 aRHx?
kEkeke.. wOrRiEd bOuT DCF aRhx..
dUN uDs sO muCh nEhx..
hElp!!! i nEed sOme heLp naHx..
tInk gOnNa sTart oN mAths..
DS, DCf, IntP dEn nSm bahx..
kEkeke.. toLd cha bO i sTuDy NSm..
bUt NSM is oN e lASt dAy sIax..
=D wAt e shIt m i dOin?
sIaOx liaOx.. tIs tIme gOne cAse lE?
i sTiLl wAnt mOi Bs..!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oKoK!! gOnNa gO tAke a batH..
n oFF i gO 2 sTaRt oN mAtHs lE..
2dAe mUx sEttLe mAths nO mAtteR wAt!!
iF i cAnt sEttLe mAths..
u gUys wOnt c mE onLine lE..
i sWeaR!!!
oH yaHx.. 1 lAst tHing..
cHrIs.. iF uR rEadIn mOi bLog..
cAn u teLL mE y u lEaVe mE tAt tEsTi?
gOt loTSa Qs marKx wOrx..

Thursday, September 09, 2004

hMmm.. 2dAe fEeLin mUcH beTteR lE..
bUt fAce sTiLL lOok kNs sIax..
aRgHx!! i wAnt mOi oLd lOok bAck nEhx..
cAnt sTand mOi cUrrenT fAce eHx..
lAst nIte mOi sIs teAse mE..
Ask mE tAk pHotO loRx.. aS mEmOrIaL..
oF mOi ugLy fAce.. HAahha..
sHit hEr aRhx.. tRyIn 2b fUnnY..
lAst nIte i rEaLLy tInk tOo much baHx..
tInk uNtiL i bRoKe dOwn aGaIn..
cUx.. i jUx fEeL sCaRe..
sCaRe i gOt sUm dEadLy dIseAsE hOw?
=\ dEn sO qIao cIne sMs mE..
aSk mE hOw iM dOin..
n i toLd hEr i jUx cRiEd..
sHe sAy iM beIn siLLy.. hEHhee..
k lAhx.. aDmIt iM siLLy 2 cRy oVer tIs..
bUdDEn wHeneVa iM sIck..
i tEnd 2b v eMotIoNaL n vuLnErabLe..
sTaRt 2 aNihOw tInk..
tATs y loRx.. iF u gErs rEm dUrIn e nEtbaLL cHaLEt..
i dId cRiEd tOo rIte? cUx iM sCaRe tOo..
dUno y.. wHeneVa i c mY rAshEs.. i fEel sCaRe..
wAntEd sUm1 2b bsIde mE..
lEndIn mE a sHouLdEr 2 lEaN oN..
teLliN mE i'L b oK..
i wAnTed tAt.. bUt oN e oTh hAnd..
i dUn wAn mOi fWeNx 2c mE nW..
in tIs stATe.. tInk tHey'L b sCare heLl oUt..
kEkkEe.. i dO lOok v ugLy nW aRhx..
= sAd aRhx.. mIss mOi oLd fAce.. i ReaLLy dO!!!
hEhehe.. lAst nIte.. hMm.. oR shLd i sAy jUx nw..
sTh grEaT hAppEn oRhx.. ah Ha~
nOt gOnNa mEntIOn wAt..
oNi tHoSe cLoSe 2 mE wiLl nOe laHx..
hAhaha.. n tHey'r tEasIn mE sIax..
nEhx nEhx.. weLl.. cAn oNi rEvEaL tAt iM.......
hAhahaha.. tInk bETtEr dUn sAy laHx..
iM sHy wOrx.. *gRiNx*
dEarIes.. dUn sAy oUt tOo k?
iSh a lil' sEcReT btw uS wOrx..
kEkke.. oH yAhx.. cIne mEntIon sTh..
mAyb nX wK sUn gOin oUt 2gEther wOrx..
i mEaN wE gUrLs.. n oSo eR hErMx..
u gUys gEt iT mAhx?
hAhHaa.. bRaIn aBit sIaOx sIaOx lahx..
cUx nOt eNuff sLp.. mE iNsOnmIa mahx..
kEKkee.. =p weLL weLL gOtTa eNd..
wAnNa sHaRe mOi sToRy wIb mIn..
oH yAhx.. mIn if u R rEaDin mOi bLog..
ReaLLy tAke cAre oF uR heaLth k?
mE nw oSo sIck.. cAnt b tHeRe 4 u..
bUt sTiLL hOpe uR dOin fIne.. =D

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

wHoa.. rEaLLy gOt nuTtIn bETtEr 2 dO jUx nW..
sO wEnT 2 cHeck mAiLs.. aLL mOi 3 aCcOunt nEhx..
n fRieNdsTer pLus mOi bLog tOo laHx..
hEe~ sUm1 mSg mE iN fRiEndSter..
n e mSg gOes liKe tIs...
"hi dear hope u still remember me..
can u sms me cos i wish to keep in contact with u..
hope to meet up with u for some drinks too..
pls.. can u do that?"
oH gOd.. iSnT fRiEndsTeR bCumIn mOre n mOre..
cHeaPo? ppL r fIndin lOng loSt fReNx tHere..
n hE nEhx?? gO aRnd caLLin ppL dEaR?
yUcKx.. cAn fEeL mOi gOosEbUmps aRhx..
=p hE dUn lOok e dEcEnt sOrt..
bUt jUx gOt tAt pErvErt lOOk wHich i hAte..
hAhaha.. iF hE lOOk aBit mOre dEcent..
i mIgHt nOt mInd hIm caLliN mE dEaR..
LoLx.. naHx.. iF sUm1 eLse wErE 2 caLL mE dEar..
hIaKx hIaKx.. gUeSs tAt wOuLd b mUch beTTer eHx?
gUys, u nOe wHu iM rEfEriNg tO rIte?
*gRiNx* k eNuFf tOk oF hIm lE..
mOi rAShEs is gETtIn wOrSe..
gOd.. pLs heLp aRhx..!!!
sUm mIracLe iS nEeDeD oVer hErE nEHx..
=\ nw mOi fAce 1 paTch 1 PAtcH rEd rEd..
rEaLLy nO fAce c ppL liAox..
cAnt tAk pIx.. dUn dAre 2 tAke..
Ltr sCaRe ppL oFf nEhx..
HAhaha.. mOi sIs c mOi fAce..
Ask mE.. "y uR fAce sO rEd?"
aRrGhHx.. hOw 2 aNs hEr sIax?
nOt i wAnt dE maHx..
ppL.. iZzIt pOssIbLe tAt 1 cLd b aLLeRgY 2 mangO?
hEe~ dUno.. jUx tOt mAyb..
i mIgHt b........
hhaha.. naHx.. sOunds nOnsEnsE..
gOtTa sTaRt sTudYin DCF lIaOx..

Monday, September 06, 2004

aRGgHhhhh~ iM faLLiNg sIcK sOon lE..
sTaRTiN 2 hAve rAsHeS aGaIn..
tAt RaShEs.. oWaYs aPpeAr wHen iM hAvIn hoLs..
y iS tAt sO eHx?
ReaLLy hAte it nEhx..!!!!
i dUn wAn 2 cOpe aT hM aLL dAy..
cUx oF tAt RAsHEs lEhx..
rEaLLy cAnNot beLiEvE iT aRhx..
y oWaYs sIck wHen iM eNjOyiNg mOi hoLs..
e tIme oWays tAt aCcuRaTe oRhx?
hUmpHx.. sTiLL hAfTa sTuDy 4 eXam wOrx..
hOw 2 cOncEntRaTe wHen iM cOnsTaNtLy fEeLing ItcHy?
haIx.. sAd cAsE laHx..
gOtTa lIsten 2 cIne.. dUn aDmIt tAt im sIck..
iS e mEnTaLity pRob.. dUn aDmit..
n mAyb.. i wOnt faLL sIck le?
LoLx.. sOuNds aBit lAme laHx..
bUt nO hArm tRyIn tOo..
i hAven toLd mOi pArEnts tAt iM sIck..
dUn wAn mOi mUm 2 gEt wOrRiEd mAhx..
*sIgH* pLs laHx.. sPaRe mE fRm aLl tHeSe cAn?
iF eVer tIs wK u gUys cAnt fInd mE..
dEn jUx lEt mE MIA baHx..
dUn dIsTurb mE..

Sunday, September 05, 2004

wOwx.. loNg tIme nO blOg lE hOrx?
2dAe iSh a sHItTy dAy aRhx..
wEnt sCh eArlY iN e mOrn loRx..
cUx of tAt ITP bRieFing mAhx..
bUddEn haLfwAy tHru.. wHiLe wAtcHing sUm cLips..
i sTomaCh aChe sIax..
dEn cAnnOt gO tOilEt loRx..
i dUn wAnNa aTtraCt aTTeNtiOn mAhx..
sO i tOlEraTe.. eNdURe..
unTiL fInaLLy cAn gO oFf liaOx..
yEaHx.. i iMm. wEnt 2 e MRT sTaTiOn tOilEt..
hAHha.. cAn iMaGIne hOw bad iT iS rIte?
gO tOilEt cUm ouT liAox.. i sTiLL fEel e urgE 2 gO aGaIn..
dUno y Ehx? kEKeke.. tAk bUs gO hOme..
sAw e 2 sTyLe sTyLe gUy wOrx..
LoLx.. oH yAhx.. 4gOt 2 sAy..
tAt dAy wEnt oUt wIb cIne.. sAy tAt nO.3 oN bUs..
yUpx.. cHa bO iSh e nO.3 oRhx..
dEn sO qIao iN FC3 oSo sAw hIm aGaIn..
Hahaha.. Sp gETtin mOrE n mOre sTyLe sTyLe gUys eHx?
=p aIya.. i nOe wAt cIne gOnna sAy liaOx..
toLd hEr wHen i liKe sUm1.. i wOnt "bIo" gUys lE..
bUddEn.. i nV bIo laHx..
jUx fInd dEm gOt sTyLe.. qUite nIce oNi wOrx..
=\ eXams cUmIn lE sIax..
sTaRtInG 2 fEeL e sTrEss lE..
oR mAyb iS i aNihOw tInk baHx?
iM wOrried bOut e 3 aSsIgnmEnt tOo..
aFt eXam gOt 2 mOre mIni pRojEct nEhx..
aRrGgHhHhhhx >.<
aRgHx!! liFe gOt loTsa tHinGy wHich i rEgrEt sIax..
y nEhx? i owAys wAnt iT..
bUt wHen i hAve iT.. i dUn dAre 2 aCcePt iT..
iM oWaYs liDat.. dUn dAre 2 fAce e ReaLity..
hElp!!!!!!!!! i rEaLLy rEgRettEd!!! =[
jUx nw wAtcH TV.. lEaRnt bOut sTh..
iF u ReaLLy liKe a pErsOn..
u shLd tRuSt hIm/hEr whOle hEarTEdLy..
eVen iF e wHoLe wOrLd dOubTs hIm/her..
u shLd sTiLL bEliEve hIm/hEr..
tAt is caLL loVe..
iF u hAvE aNy dOubts iN hIm/hEr..
dEn iSh nOt lOVe..
uR beIng cHiLdIsH.. b mAtUre..
KekEke.. naHx.. sEeMs qUite ReaSonabLe..
cOupLes shLd oWaYs tRusT eAch other rIte?
sUmtImEs i fEeL wEIrd..
dUno wAt e heLl iM fEeLing laHx..
when e ThInGy wHiCh i hOpe rEaLLy haPPenx..
i'L sTaRt 2 pAnIck.. gEt nErvOus..
cHatTIn wIb ciNe nW..
shE toLd mE bOut hEr n hEr ex mIke..
wAteVa tat hAppEn oN e bUs..
RemInds mE oF sTh..
sHit sIax.. i dUno wHeTher dId i mIss oUt sTh?
dId i uNinTeNtIonaLLy ..................
y m i sO.. liK nO sENse oF fEeLing eHx?
y dIn i fEeL it?
hAiyo.. hMmm.. mAyb iSh nOt wAt iM tInKin tOo..
nVm.. wAts pAst iSh PAst.. wAt dOne iS dOne..
cAnnOt b uNdOne liaox..
cAn oNi teLl myself..
2b cLeVerEr.. n b mOre sEnsItIve 2wArds..
cErtAin tHinGy baHx? =]

Friday, September 03, 2004

bOtH mE n zHen fUnny fAce.. oNi cINe nOrmaL..
2dAe cAnnOt mAtcH eAch oThEr lEhx.. =

eHhhx? y zHen's eXpREsSiOn sO fUnnY? =

kEkeke.. zHen pOsIng oNI..
mE n cIne tOtaLLy jUx sMiLe nIax.. =X

aH hA.. wE 3 gUrLs 2geThEr.. cHeERs!!!

hIaKx hIaKx.. mE wEaR bErMs 2 sCh 2dAe..
a lOok oF mOi bErMs n lEg n sliPpErs.. kEkeke..

e lEftoVer oF oUr iCe KacHaNg.. hAHaha..

yOx.. mE n cINe wOrx.. c hEr tOngUe rEd rEd..
wE 3 sHaRe 1 iCe kAcHaNg mOunTaIn nEhx..!!!

zHen.. hEr nEw lOok.. aFT rEbOndIng hEr hAir..
lOok sO prEtTy wOrx.. *wHistLe*

Thursday, September 02, 2004

hOhOhO.. 2Nd TAke.. fInaLLy bOtH iN pIx liAox.. =p

mE n zHen aT aMk hAwKeR cEntRe.. HhEhE~

aFt sCh mEeT mOi dEaRiEs wOrx.. cIne & zHen..

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Hahaha.. gOt a bETTeR vIew oF oUr UnifOrm lE baHx?
cItIbaNk fLexIF tOp.. i loVe e poLo tOp wOrx.. =/

nEhx nEhx.. bOth oUr fAce rEd rEd hOrx..
iM oN e fOne.. AskIn mOi sIs 4 hEr pIn nUmbEr.. LoLx..

aH Ha~ fInaLLy bOtH iNsIDe e pix liaOx..
POSB mAsTerCaRd oRhx.. =p

hOhO.. 1St dAy aFt wOrk..
wEnt 2 heLp mOi sIs wiThdRaw mOnEy..
mOi sIs mAsTeRcaRd!! O_O

hEyx hEyx.. cIne iN sNow cAp..
jUx nW aT 77th sTrEet dE..
lOOks liKe sOuTh pArk e KenNy rIte? =X

sAd cAsE sIax.. jUx gOtTa nOe..
mOsT oF e dEaLs i dO dUrIng e IT sHow wAs rEjEcTed..
sO sAd aRhx.. tOt cAn eArn mOre cOmmIssIon..
bUt tInK mOi wIsH iSh gOne liaOx.. =\
tIs tIme rNd mOsT oF e deaLs fRm aCeR wAs rEjEcTed..
dUno y nEhx? ARrGgHHhh~
4gEt iT.. mAyb iSh nOt mEaNt 2b mIne..
HEheh.. oH yAhx.. tRoy.. cHeCk tAt u gOt 2 aPprOvE lE..
cIne.. u gOt 4.. n mIn u gOt 3 wOrx..
hEheh.. sAd rIte sO liTtLe.. =
hMmm.. tInk 2dAe gOnNa sUmmArIse oUt wAt hAppEn..

[30tH aUg] mOndAy
rCh pRaCt lAte.. 10:30aM sIax..
hHhee.. cHa bO nV cUm.. sHE sOre eYes..
sO i dO pRaCt oN mOi oWn nOrx..
sO sIaNx nEhx.. cHa bO nOt aRnd mAhx..
aFt pRaCt i wEnt dOwn NP mEeT mIn..
wOwx.. mIsS hEr aLot sIax..
nOe sHe'S dOin fINe dEn oK loRx..
wE haD oUr lUnCh.. n sHE sHow mE loTsa pix..
rEaLLy aLot nEhx.. sO muCh mOrE tHan mIne..
O_O i c uNtiL eYes bIg bIg wOrx..
n sHe sHow mE iVaN's pOrt foLiO's pIx..
oh mOi gOd.. iVaN's bUiLd sO nIce nEhx..
LoLx.. tInk gErs c lE wiLL dRooL baHx?
hEhehe.. nO wOndEr mIn kEeP sOme.. dUn lEt mE c..
hHAha.. nX tIme mUx sHaRe sHaRe wOrx..
*gRiNx* aRnd 2pM wE hEad dOwn 2 dOvEr..
sHe gOin aLjUnIed.. n i mEeTin fRen loRx..
mY fReN hUrT hIs wRist wHiLe bLading nAhx..
sO aCc hIm gO e bUgIs "Ma gUaNg" 2c dOc..
e dOc bEnd hIs wRisT uP n dOwn..
C hIs fAcIaL eXpResSiOn cHange.. i AgaR aGar..
nOe iT hUrTs bAhx?
weLL.. wHu aSk hIm sO cAreLeSs nEhx?
Hehe.. aFt tAt wEnt bUgIs.. dEn 2 sUntEc loRx..
wAtCh CoLLaTeRaL.. aCt. aLaDy tIrEd lE..
wAtCh e mOvIe lE mOre tirEd aRhx!!!
sOrRy.. e mOvIe nOt bAd..
iSh i tInk mE qUiTe sHag laHx..
aFt mOvIe n i hEaD hOme lE loRx..

[28th Aug] 1sT dAy IT sHow
mOrN mEeT mIn n cIne pLus mOi sIs aT bUs sTop..
tOok 133 dOwn 2 sUntEc loRx..
mOrN bRieFing.. i wAs aSsIgn 2 aCer..
cIne bAc 2 cOmpAq n mIn wAs aT IBM wOrx..

aLL sEpAraTeD laHx.. dUn wAn uS 2 tOk mAhx..
1sT dAy qUiTe sIanx.. nOt mUcH aPpLicAtiOn fRm aCer..
cUx gOt aNotHer 2 cItIbAnk tEmp sTaFFs wIb me..
cIne aT cOmpAq oSo qUite bOrEd..
nOe nOt mUch ppL wAn iNstaLLmEnt..
bUt cAnt dO aNiTiN laHx..
kAh lAp jIe mEi sO nice.. sTiLL cUm bY 2 vIsIt mE..
hE aCt. wIb cLaSsmAte.. bUt oNi hE cUm fInd mE..
LoLx.. wAs kIndA sUrpRisE laHx..
bUt sOrRy wOrx.. bUsY eAtiN dInnEr..
dIn tOk mUch 2 u eHx? =]
haIx.. a dAy weNt bY.. rCh hM eAt cUp nOodLe..
dEn wEnt 2 sLp lE..

[29tH aUg] 2Nd dAy IT sHow
wE aLl aSsIgn bAc 2 sAme bOoTh loRx..
n hEaRd fRm mY sIs.. sUm ppL r sAckEd sIax..
cUx pErfOrmAnCe not gOod nAhx..
2Nd dAy wAs mUch bETtEr..
aLoT bETtEr.. cUx i wAs bUsY aPprOaChin ppL..
pRoMoTiNg e pLaN mAhx..
n 1 oF e rEtaiLeR fRm aCeR.. e tEmp sTaFFs hOrx..
c mE bOrEd bOrEd sIaNx sIaNx..
ThEy dO maGic tRiCks sHow mE sIax..
wOwx.. i wAs tOtaLLy fAcInAtEd bY iT..
a sMaLL US cOin wAs cHaNgEd iN2 a bIg bIg US cOin..
rItE iNfRoNt oF mOi eYes..
O_O iSh a rEaL cOin.. Not e cHocO tYpe..
rEaL mEtaL cOin nEhx.. oH mOi gOd..
mY fReNx sAy i rEaCt liK a sMaLL gEr sIax..
bUt e fAct iSh i loVe mAgIc tRiCks wOrx..
e gUys tHeRe r sO nIce 2 mE nEhx..
i kEeP aSkin dEm 2 rEpeAt sHow mE aGaIn..
Haha.. tInk tHey fINd mE sMaLL gEr laHx..
tAts y gIve iN 2 mOi sMaLL rEqUesT Ehx?
kKEek.. n 1 mOre tHinGy..
a sUrpRise vIsIt fRm a fReN sIax..
i dIn teLL hIm i wAs aT aCeR lEhx.. n hE cUm fINd mE..
hOw dId hE dO tAt Ehx? *tHiNkInG*
uNlEss hE got sUpErnAtuRe poWeR..
aRbO hOw dId hE...????????
ARgHx.. dUn wANna tInk.. cUx..
i tInk hE wOnt b tAt nIcE 2 mE laHx..
iM jUx a fReN aRhx..
y wOuLd hE dO tAt rIte?
hMmm.. 4gEt iT..
eNd oF e dAy.. cINe's bF cUm dRive uS hOme..
rCh hM, mOi mUm wArM e fOod 4 mE..
aWw.. sO sWeET oF her aRhx..
=/ fEeL sO gUiLtY.. hEHeh..

aRhx.. fInaLLy fInIsH uPdAtiN lE..
tInk i nV mIss oUt aNItIn baHx?
Kekek.. hOpe i dIn laHx..
bRaIn dEaD now liAox.. sO tIrEd bUt sTiLL onLine..
4 wAt rIte? naHx.. aSk cINe sEnd mE song..
=p sWiTcHinG oFF liaOx..
*yAwNx* tmL mOrn sTiLL got pRaCt.
sIaNx aRhx.. >.<
HEhe.. jUx nw mEeT ciNe.. wEnt 2 loTsa Areas..
bOuGht mOi cHarLes & kEith sAndAls..
yEaHx.. n oSo bErms wOrx..
sO haPpy nEhx..
hHAha.. sPEnd mOnEy oNI i sO hAppY liaOx..
bUt bUrn a hoLe iN mOi pOcKet..
=S pAy hAvEn cUm yEt nEhx..
mOnEy mOnEy.. i nEed mOre mOnEy wOrx..
aNy jOb loBaNg 2 rEcOmMeNd??