DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

im happy..

bcux i dun have 2 work tml..
and i get 2 meet my dar.dar as well..
smile until eyes oso cannot c..
i am that HAPPY!
honestly, i realised aft OUR trip to HK..
our r/s has gotten better.. ;)
and i always feel insecure slpin at nite..
as im so used 2 havin him slpin nx 2 me at nite
(fyi, we slp on 2 different bed. dont anyhow tink horx!)
but nwadays i hafta slp by myself..
no1 2 help me cover blanket when i kick em' off.
no1 2 look at when i cant doze off.
no1 2 look at when i open my eyes in e morn.
no1 2 brin me hot water when im havin cramps..
no1 2 acc me watch TV until e wee hours..
those r wat dar.dar did 4 me durin e trip..
esp on that nite when im havin diarrhoea & cramps..
both attacked me 2gether at night..
wakin me up frm my slp..
and visited e toilet for a whole 20mins..
perhaps e 2nd time woke dar.dar up..
cux he imm. get me hot water 2 drink..
and ask me 2 eat my painkiller.
in order not 2 leave me alone, he on e TV
den we sorta watched news durin those weird hrs..
(HK got news all arnd e day)
but i know he was tired..
so i force myself not 2 think of e pain..
and faster doze off..
another day i was down with headache & flu.
he bght panadols (twice) + lemsip 4 me.
even force me 2 drink e cuppa lemsip hot.
to drive my flu away.

so nw do u uds how our r/s got better?
hehehhe.. anyway, im lookin 4ward 2 tml lahx..
and i hope tml wil pass by slower..
cux Fri is my 1st biz day AGAIN! eewww~

e 3 bottles of perfume that finished up on me 2gether!
i think francine wil remember Polo Ralph & Boss..
that Boss perfume is bght frm Toa Payoh.
Cine intro me say there sell cheap cheap.
and e Polo Ralph is a pressy frm cine..
not oni me is happy..
toto is happy as well lehx..
cux my mama bght a new toy 4 him..
c he's smilin with his teeth showing lehx..
that yellow toy is his fave nw --- i guess.

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so it happened..

like i've said,
i went 2 buy perfume ytd aft work.
BUT i wasnt v successful..
bcux my beloved perfume was discontinued!
i was shocked & surprised at e same time.
e smell was so nice, why was it discontinued?
all e shop owners say its discontinued for 1yr+ le..
and im so affected by it lahx..
bght my bottle way back in 2004 lohx..
(r u tinkin why i can use a bottle of perfume 4 so long?)
cux im usin 3 kinda perfumes at e same time!
anyway, e perfume which i wanted was
Escada Ibiza Hippie
its a fruity smell perfume..
not jux a kinda fruit like DKNY's apple smell..
but.. its a mixture of diff fruits..
and its a Summer edition perfume mahx..

*while typing e above sentences,
i decided 2 go yahoo search 4 e perfume pix,
and came across this webby
to support my sayin of e perfume discontinued
click here to access*

so if any1 come across this perfume..
pls dont hesitate 2 let me know ok?
and due to all 3 bottles of perfume finishin,
and yes.. all finishin at e same time..
therefore, i hastily made e decision.
that is 2 buy Polo Ralph instead.
as a substitue of my Escada.
i was so happy ytd aftn..
at e tot of able 2 buy my Escada..
but who knows..
walked 2 Taka's B2 Cold Storage..
decided 2 try my luck again..
their Anything was sold out again,
so i choose Whatever lohx..
guess wat drink i got this time?
its APPLE tea!
why mux it be apple again?
i got a Zapper (apple taste) and nw this..
m i fated 2 get apple drinks only?
i want my Grape lahx..
(say in a 4yrs old sulkin way)

aft i rched hm,
realised there's a mail 4 me..
its me & sis's F21 stuffs!
only the necklace is mine..
e rest all r hers!

and den i dig out 3 tops..
asked whether my sis wanna buy frm me..
she's oni interested in 1 of it..
therefore, im posting another top up 4 sale..
pls note this top is BRAND NEW!
its a Babydoll top.. =)
close up of the bust area..
diff views of e top..
with e tag intact,
back of the top,
material of e top close-up..
and the frills at the bottom of e top..
im sellin it at $20..
pls tag me if interested..

this is e necklace i bght..
i was quite satisfied with it initially..
but this morn when i tried it on..
its majiam a choker than necklace..
im gonna change e chain..

and.. i bght this Vintage-looking tee in HK..
cost me SG$20 for it..
hahah.. even more exp than my boots horx?
BUT who ask me 2 fall 4 it as 1st sight?
saw it on e 1st/2nd day..
and i only bght it 1hr b4 leavin 4 e airport.
i got reason 4 not buyin it at 1st..
my sis measure e top aganist my shoulder..
she said its abit small 4 me..
and im affected by her comments lohx..
and im so determined 2 slim down 4 this tee..
lolx.. crazy woman..
however, guess wat i found out?
(pardon my naked face..
look abit lack of nutrients horx?
sumore my hair is uncombed.
bcux im exhilarated that i can fit into it.
so i wanna snap it as evidence 2 show dar.dar)
its not that SMALL 2 make me breathless..
nor that BIG 2 make me breastless..
(ok.. lame.. tryin 2 make it rhyme)
cux its JUST RIGHT for me..
only thing is shoulder area abit small..
e rest r alright..
i made e right decision..
here's my bottle of Escada Ibiza Hippie..
its only left with less than 0.5ml..
so i plead..
if any1 see this perfume..
i'll chiong down 2 buy it..

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

lunch @ Bugis

n so we arranged 2 meetup 2dae..
2 accomodate lisa's time..
bcux her colleague is ALWAYS takin leave..
only 2dae is free mahx..
meet them 4 lunch + pass them 土产!
i met xiang at TP MRT and head down Bugis 2gether..
went 2 MAC to buy my Seaweed fries 1st..
hehehe.. last nite saw it on ads..
and imm. msg dar.dar say i wanna eat!
"nx time we meetup mux go eat Mac ok?"

aft buyin my fries, we went 2 KFC..
our Miss Foo wanna eat KFC..
and Miss Wong opt for KFC too..
so me.. as a neutral person, accepted KFC.
durin our lunch session..
lotsa funny conversation were exchanged..
below r some examples..

1st eg.
me : "i wanna go bugis c shoes.."
xiang : "can go motor wat"
me : "but ppl tell me bugis got sell boots.."
me : "sumore i heard its quite exp.."
xiang : "den go motor c lohx.."
me : "huh? wat motor?"
xiang : "nehx.. that M.O.N.D.O lohx.."
(she spelled out the mondo 4 me)
i burst out laughing
xiang : "wrong mehx?"
me : "is mondo bahx? wat motor"
burst out laughin again

den i recalled sometime back..
our Miss Foo made e same mistake as well..
except, its another shoe brand..
me : "i wonder bugis got sumore shoe shops anot?"
lisa : "got.. that passion at lvl 2 lohx.."
me : "huh? whats that?"
i start 2 think hard where that shop is
me : "r u referring to Pazzion?"
lisa : "yah yah.."
i burst out laughing when i tell xiang abt it..
or shld i say, WE burst out laughing..

there're some other incidents..
but i'll feel so bad telling every1 abt it..
hahah.. but all i can say is,
lisa & xiang's eng r abt e same..
muahahahahah~ =x

as we walked 2 e MRT station..
we realised stil got 7mins to e nx Boon Lay Train..
thus, we decided 2 snap snap awhile..
even thou there're lotsa onlookers arnd..
lisa is always tryin 2 hide behind..
2 make her face look smaller?
den how? my face look so big..
so i change e camera's angle..
and every1 is equal le..
can c xiang & lisa smilin so happily?
i dun uds why they so happy?
me & xiang-mei
with lisa

den me & xiang head back office..
on a side note,
act. we tot of buyin Anything/Whatever 2dae..
but it seems like its quite HOT right nw..
even Cold Storage is OOS!
so we didnt have a chance 2 have our Anything.
but lisa suggest buyin frm Food Court..

below is a conversation btw Xiang & Auntie..
with me standin beside xiang-mei when she asked.
xiang mei : "ehh, got Anything anot?"
auntie : " dun have"
ME as a listener find it amusing..
imagine if some1 duno whats "Anything"
they wld have felt so funny right?
askin whether got sell "anything" anot?
me inside e ladies doin my photo-whoring..
another 1hr 15mins more..
den i'll byebye office & hello Orchard..
=) m goin Orchard 2 buy perfume..
intend 2 buy Hugo Boss 4 my papa as well..
felt kinda guilty that i din buy anything 4 him in hk..
oOooPx! did i mention anything?
*recalls e food court conversation durin lunch*


that HK$60 boots

alright.. im gonna show u guys..
that pair of boots which make my xiang-mei choked..
and laugh so hard cux its unbelieveable..
i believe it wil b more unbelieveable if its oni HK$50..
but that price oni applies to size 35
(which even my small feet cant fit into it)

take a deep breath..
and scroll down to reveal bahx..

e color is not true..
cux im blockin e lights..
another way of wearing it..
and if in any case, u cant tell e diff..
im gonna tell u nw..
in e 1st pix, i wear it higher up..
and in e 2nd pix, i've lower it..
now.. do u uds?

if u uds, n wanna c e true color..
den scroll down further..

dont curse me 4 keepin u in suspense..

YAY! im wearin it 2 office 2dae..
its so comfortable that i duwan remove..
maybe i shld hunt for sumore boots?


Monday, May 28, 2007

i need Maria

i need a Maria to help me out..
look at e tons of clothes i've got?
(excluding tee-shirts & bottoms wear)
how long wld i need 2 finish packin these clothes?

in less than 2hrs!
i finished packin them ytd evening..
cleared out some old clothes,
shifted some clothes 2 my mama's wardrobe
(my mama got a BIG wardrobe ok?)
and finally m able 2 pack all clothes into my wardrobe.
if ur askin why i need 2 clear/shift clothes,
reason being my wardrobe is small..
only.. i think.. i 4got e measurements le..
jux small lahx..
so everytime got new clothes,
hafta lelong away e old clothes lohx..
wil b postin some clothes up on Yahoo! to sell..
hopefully can sell off, arbo wil b doin charity work..
give away to relatives lohx..

wil blog more when i've got all e pix..
transferred to my office lappy..
b4 i 4get, i've fulfilled my wish..
that is 2 watch Saw 3 b4 watchin Saw 4..
i've got Saw 3 DVD restin at my hse..
ytd watched it at hm with dar.dar + papa & mama
my mama was freak out by e drillin of skull..
whereas my papa was eatin while watchin e movie
*clap hands*
then what abt me?
im chewin cola gummies while watchin..
i bght 1kg of cola gummies back..


lunch @ Amara

i was feelin rather lonely..
(more like i duwan 2 face nehx nehx in office)
asked min 4 lunch but she was busy..
hence i seek help frm xiang & mei..
luckily, they got time 2 spare..
hence we met 4 lunch at Amara Hotel..
BUT i was super forgetful..
i walked all e way to IP b4 i remember sth..
and that is,
im meetin them at Amara instead!
(wonderin whether izzit im stil in hols mood?)
so i walked all e way frm IP to Amara..
update them on my HK trip as well..
nothing much but laughters frm our table..
i jux had desserts 4 lunch..
is that consider healthy?
and im so happy cux its got lotsa sago in it..
spot those small lil' sago anot?

and my dear xiang-mei was choked by her curry..
even when i told her i bght my pair of boots for HK$60
and equivalent to SG$12,
she was happier than any1 else..
laugh so hard that her face & eyes were red & watery..
*but wats so happy abt?

then they were sayin abt a new drink..
sth call Anything or Whatever?
so we went e nearest supermkt 2 hunt 4 it..
wOo~ sellin at 70cents each..
quite cheap 2 give it a try right?
i chose Anything (carbonated) drink..
im wonderin what flavour is inside?
YES, we bght it frm Shop & Save..
bcux we duwan 2 walk all e way 2 NTUC 2 buy..
plus, there'll b queue there too!
its Zapper 4 me.. =(
its been donkey yrs since i last drunk..
hafta confess, i stil DONT like it..

lucky limei got sprite/7-up
xiang got sth she cant even identify..
its Chrysanthemum Tea, my dear.
yes ur right, she cant tell its chrysanthemum..
e same as me, i cant tell its Zapper at 1st taste...
reason being, i dont like e taste wat?!


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Greetings from HOME

yOohOo everyone..
im back safe & sound at hm..
finally finished unpackin & organising..
i gotta admit i spent >SG$1000
all thx to dar.dar 4 being my charity sponsor..
arbo i guess i cldnt possibly buy so much things back!
and caused my darling dar.dar 2 overweight his luggage..
imagine its weighin at 23kg?!
with.. maybe.. lets say.. 2/5 is mine? =X
i hate 2 admit but i gotta say it once and only..

im stil lovin H O N G K O N G

very much~!

not 4getttin my 2nd love


how come i foresee HK & TW trip nx yr?


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Greetings from HK

yOohOo everyone..
im in HK nw..
inside Prince Edward MTR..
saw e free access so tot of bloggin abit..
im left with another 4days more..
wil blog more when i rch hm on Sat midnite..
miss everyone~


Thursday, May 17, 2007


jux when i tot i cldnt blog at hm..
and thinkin why not give it 1 last shot..
AND guess what?
i can access my blogspot!!
some last pix of myself..
to make u guys miss me MORE!honestly, if u ask me wats e results of lack of slp?
i'll tell u str8 away..
1 of my double eyelid wil b somehow covered..
makin me 1 big eye, 1 small eye..
(its always left eye affected)
=(taken ytd in e lift..
taken in e office ytd..
was feeling so damn bored & sianx..
aft being shooted by nehx nehx durin meeting..
imagine every1 who dialled in heard that?!

i gotta go prepare liaox..
last min 2 pack in remaining stuffs..
wil miss everyone yehx?


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Taiwan Day 5

as requested by "em"
24th April 2007 [Tuesday]
- click on photos to enlarge -
photo heavy

jux a quick post..
bcux nehx nehx is currently in my office..
and i wldnt wanna b caught bloggin..
when im not supposed 2.. =X
took some photos outside e restuarant..
top left hand corner pix,
is where we had our youth gathering..
at e ground level.. =)
our breakfast..
top right hand corner is mine..
v plain & simple right?
cux i scare diarrhoea, so everything "轻淡"
ermx.. came 2 this place..
but i 4got e name of it..
2c e soldiers change shift..
its a long way..
top pix show me & mama..
on e grnd were some tracks left by e soldiers..
they hafta change shift every hr..
which goes 2 show e track left behind..
our lunch 4 5th day..
8 course meal..
den they brin us 2 a ling zhi factory..
where e Mao's tribe ppl intro us..
above shows all kinda Ling Zhi..
n they offer us free Ling Zhi tea too!
e royal jelly is won by my mama..
25yrs old is e age when our brain starts 2 age..
this lady takin pix with us is e Mao's Tribe princess..
she got a v sharp features right?
b4 we had our dinner,
we act. went 2 e Miramar Shoppin Centre..
budden nothing much there..
didnt bght anything 4 myself lahx..
e things so exp?!
unlike Xi Men Ding..
*ohmygod, i duwan talk abt it..

our dinner was settled with BBQ & Steamboat..
hahaha.. reminds me of seoul garden..
any1 can guess whats e top left hand corner..
make a guess.. what food is that? =p
this is our hotel rm!
the so-call Dao Ming Si's hse..
another 5* hotel..
eHhhx.. i think its called Ta Shee Hotel?
e bed is super comfortable lahx..
n we've got shower + bathin area siax..
me & sis can bath 2gether.. =x
and this hotel got hot spring service!
wOoohOo~ how cld we give that a miss?
its as hot as 41 degrees! holy-shit!
really make me perspire..
kinda enjoy that 15-20mins dip..
but again, service sux like hell..
esp that china lady who complain abt us..
super KNS! she's not even a worker there..
den e worker keep spyin on us..
majiam we'll do some evil things there..

followin pix is taken on e last night..
jux b4 those Eva Air ppl fly back..
photos show our meal khakis & e youth grp..
happy time = precious memories..
and our hilarious hero (xiaodi)
he performed bed stunts 4 us 2 watch!
i think he jump like 4-5times?
and everytime he jump,
all of us wil take out our camera,
stand by 2 take pix of it..
bcux diff camera diff lens speed..
so e captured diff pose of him siax..
1 of e girls even made these photos into a video..
thumbs up 4 e video yehx?

Updates for day 6 & 7 hafta wait lohx..
cux i cant blog at hm thats why..
and im goin 4 my HK hols tml already!
takin 8:20am flight..
everyone, pls MISS me okiex?


things we bought

tell u honestly, i bght more food than other things..
jux alone on the 土产,
i conclude we bursted afew K in it..
there's so much who & who 2 buy for..
myself, i've got poly, sec sch, bf & colleagues..
sis, she got bf, ex-colleague, poly & U mates.
my mama, got her maternal relatives..
my papa, got his colleagues & "faternal" relatives..
u tell me, got alot bo?
BUT no matter what, our amt is consider small..
bcux we saw 3 youngsters buyin MORE than us..
seriously, their BOX of goods is BIGGER than ours..
and i cant believe they brin so much $$ over..
abit out of point already..
anyway, below r e other things i bght..
even in TW, we can find punchers as well!
hohoho~ can add new items 2 our collection lehx..
notice there's a STAR puncher..
but its bght by my sis..
i cant buy scrapbook materials until June..
of cux.. these clothes arent mine..
all these belongs 2 my sis..
mostly office wear lahx..
these r bght by ME!
notice there's alot stripes tops?
and i bght undies too!
hahahah.. super cheap can?
like 3 for NT$100 niax..
and heard frm my sis,
she said its comfortable.. ^_-
bght lotsa racerbacks..
cux its another super cheap item..
i think e cheapest is NT$100
which is less than SG$5
SG where can find so cheap de?
last day of my trip bght 2 Korean Tops..
its layered de lahx..
but haven got chance 2 wear 1 of it..
cux i notice i look fat in it..
freaking hell! hpmh!
bght e cushion 4 dar.dar
cux i know he like Keroro..
and he got collect Keroro stuffs..
e tea leaves is 4 his papa..
not sure what kinda tea leaves he like..
so i didnt buy alot?
scarly he dont like, den wasted? =\
dar.dar's cushion super BIG can?
i had a hard time closin my luggage every morn..
esp since i bght this cushion on e 1st night..
bght 2 make-ups there..
supposingly shld have bght MORE.
kinda regret right nw..
saw tis Maybelline mascara..
quite cheap n its not available in SG..
and that blusher.. Jap brand..
but super cheap in TW..
retailing on spree for SG$26+
guess how much i bght it?
NT$260 niax!
equivalent to SG$13 or less..
oh yahx.. e 3 hairclips r cheap too..
3 for NT$100 niax..
bght it with my undies de.. =p
another 1 of my cheap buys..
shorts in SG were sellin like $20+
and i oni paid like $13 and lesser for it..
sumore there wasnt any tags on it..
so i save my time frm removing e tag..

sort of sum up e amt of things i bght..
thats why i say i bght more food mahx..
this entry is so damn short..
sumore its showin e things i bght..
*explains why im eager 2 go back TW 2 shop*
1 of e item which used my sis's CC 2 pay..
kinda bursted her CC limit bahx?
paid abt SG$2k for it..
and of cux including 4 small ones below..
this Bi Xiu shld brin fortune 4 my family..
u guys wil c it in my hse..
(if u come 4 my bdae celebration)
BUT pls dont touch..
its too exp 2b broken horx.. hehehe..
e 4 small ones we got..
starting from left..
thats for me..
yellowish is 4 my sis
whitish jade 4 my mama
and e bigger jady lookin 4 my papa..
i think they goes in terms of rackin bahx?
thats why mine is e smallest?
that is Jade color worx..
e fortune teller say its gd 4 me..
im carryin it with me all e time..
but dont come steal it frm me..
i need it 2 protect me..
hahahah.. =D

more updates comin up ltr..