DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Monday, August 27, 2012


ytd was choosing photos for doing childhood montage.
had a hard time selecting which to show during the wedding dinner.
if you dont see your face in the montage, it doesnt mean you are not special to me.
but rather i choose those which hold special memories instead.
we used to hope to grow up faster when we are young,
yet now that im alr 26 im missing for my childhood days. those were the real simple is happiness days.
browse through photos taken during my 2.5yrs of flying life.
its true that "when given the opportunity, grab it."
i did not regret flying for that short period.
im thankful i made real friends from it.
now thinking back, im kinda regretful i did not visit more places.
this is taken during the very last few flt i had.
heading out with Raju to grab those nice yummy rusks!
and for the first time, tried macaroons from Laduree!
sweet sweet times, this is 1 of my fave shot with Raju.
alr forgot how we suddenly click and went prawning follow by kapi sessions.
and here's Jill taken at Kiddyland in jap i think.
i remember she said i look snobbish in the lift heading up to the interview.
2 of us together with Kristine and Dorothy were in the same final interview.
and all 4 of us were picked to join the batch!
our friendship only picked up from Tokyo Training onwards.
i slept over in her room as her room is the outermost with a vacant room beside.
her family mailed her mooncakes and she shared with all of us!
me someone who doesnt eat mooncake even force a small mouthful down.

Will update this entry with somemore special ppl i made while flying..

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lao Ban!

dear bf got extra serving for me too!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

lots & lots & lots of updates!

had my 1st gelish nails done at jb!
met raju on 23rd 2gether w e bf & went gown fitting.
was suppose 2 do e fitting for e photoshoot on 26th mah.
shall not show what gown i wear for photoshoot here. ;p
raju intro this shop at Holiday Plaza, its dirt cheap!
only cost 80ringgit IF without e ribbon & 100 including 2 ribbons.
pretty nails??
aft which we had korean lunch nearby and drove in to jb!
this is e collage did by raju, looks funny over here.
then to prepare ourselves for photoshoot/ big day,
he also started "investing" in some supplements!
here's both our kinohimitsu!
surprisingly, men's collagen quantity is alot more than women's. why?!
sneak peek of ali' teeny weeny bit bit.
this is how i look like after my MUA temp curl my hair.
suddenly make me love my hair so much, look so volume.
overall, i guess both of us did enjoy ourselves during the photoshoot.
although we sweat like hell throughout, but its all worth it!
seeing how much effort my photographer puts in, i really dont regret.
and with my MUA following us around, i get to change 3 different hairdo!
she even helped me with the touch-ups and everything.
plus the helper who helped me with e dresses & lugging of luggage around.
most importantly, lisa & alec who went all e way down help me collected balloons.
they travelled from AMK down to Parkway Parade and then to my 3rd location.
all in all, really blessed to have their help. :)
and tadah! this is after e photoshoot.
hahaha~ my BS coordinator say we're e most energetic couple ever.
usually after photoshoot, others will be so tired.
but we're still jumping around in the shop. lol!
i even requested to have individual shot taken with each of them.
wanna keep as memorial keepsake mah.
does e make-up looks ok to u?
then shortly after photoshoot, we celebrated our 3rd!
woots its finally entering the final countdown 3mths liao!
had our celebration at Senki Jap Restuarant.
my 1st jap buffet ever & man was it good!
thought e sashimi wasnt as fresh as Sun w Moon, but overall its still ok.
e chef preparing sashimi infront of us treated us complimentary!
e salmon sushi & yellowtail sushi simply melts in ur mouth!
i swear, its 1 of the top top best sushi i've tried so far.
there's also e neverending momo salad.
lol! amused by myself for ordering 7 plates of momo salads!!
literally stuff ourselves full beyond belief.
2 days ltr, im all packed & set 4 a short getaway.
that fateful morning, my laptop refused to startup.
went from panic to heart attack within an hours' time & thank god,
everything is fine & stable already. *phew
welcome to Melaka!
hahaha~ bght back some wedding stuff & pineapple tarts.
among these, i got myself 2 polka dots top too!
my best & fave buy of all! ;x
ate too much on 1st day & constipated leading to bloated-ness.
after i came back to SG, stomach had a hard time adjusting back.
vomited thrice in all, but luckily everything resume e 3rd day round.
few days later, cele bf's bdae with the cliques at Timbre!
its the boys' 1st time there though!
had a shock when i got e bill, really dont rmb it cost that much?
left b4 e live band started & rot our ass at TCC nearby.
played a silly game on angela's ipad.
and we demo-ed how well we play e Diamond Dash infront of them.
so funny la! that aigege talk so much but fingers not moving. ;x
e next day both our family went down for Food Tasting.
really hope e food wil taste as good on e actual day too.
Chinatown w sis & mum aft Food Tasting to find mum's dress/shoes.
finally done with mum's set of attire, left dad's to go.
even MUA also sourced & confirmed.
thx to my cousin, my family have got free kiwis!
bcux it was alil' sour, my mom suggested added sugar to go with it!
turns out, e sugar managed to lower down e sour-ness!
nx day, attended baby lucas's 1st mth!
fortunate him will be showered with lotsa love!
head home and bf fetch me from amk to his place.
before we're able to rest much, hafta head over to tampines.
thanks 2 his cousin who intro this client to him,
hopefully the deal can b completed without much trouble.
finished e viewing, angela & aigege was already waiting.
drove over to ECP for normal hawker food b4 chillax at nearby Mac.
as i didnt had much dinner, i requested to have e much craved ba chor meeeee~
found e bedok 85 ba chor mee thanks 2 e clique for help!
but but but, seems 2 taste diff leh..

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