DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Friday, August 31, 2007

30th Aug 2007

oOohHhh~ im here 2 blog abt ytd..
and e reason why i can blog at ease is ---
im on MC 2dae~! double WOW!
/* im goin 2 zZz aft bloggin this entry..
im so deprive of my slp.. =(
yeahx yeahx~ 3 dozens of donuts!
act. 6 dozens in all..
FYI, i Q-ed twice while lisa Q-ed once..
i rched Suntec earlier than her mahx..
out of 3 dozens, only 1 dozen was mine..
1 dozen 4 weihong, half each for Troy & HuiFen.
(too bad.. owe them favour mahx)
m gonna savour them ALL!
notice i've got 5 ORANGE WHITE CHOCO!
me & lisa ate KFC again~ =x
of cux had Surf n' Turf again!
i got lisa 2 help me tak pix..
finally can c how long my hair is..
a nicer pix of me & her..
/* i went 2 cut my own fringe..
i bet it looks ... nw.. =x

den while eatin KFC,
bump into Shiyin there too!
hahaha~ e world is so small lahx..
like 1hr ago, bump into WeiHong as well..
he called me XiaoMei in public..
makin me curious who wil call me this..
den my sis so nice was arnd e premise..
she came down KFC find me too!
so me, lisa & her walked 2 Convention Centre..
wanna find WeiHong pass him e donuts..
he's treatin full-timers 2 eat..
n while waitin 4 troy 2 give us a lift back..
(free lonbang bac office worx.. no need walk lehx)
taken in e Comex toilet..
lotsa ppl outside,
but no1 in e ladies lehx..
sittin arnd NEC counter..
gone were e days of past experience..
whereby i was workin as promoter there too..
thats also where i get 2 know my dar.dar..
taken while at e counter..
was chit-chatting..
but lisa didnt talk much..
mayb cux she duno my sis & WeiHong..
n aft waitin 4 20mins+?
(Rocher Center-Suntec took Troy more than 30mins+)
finally our chauffeur came.. j/k!
and seriously, e jam was so jialat!
took us arnd 15mins 2 rch lisa's workplace?
wanna make a U-Turn oso gotta wait 5-10mins!
wth is wrong with e traffic ytd?
n troy said he nearly had an accident siax..
while drivin me bac 2 office,
got another Hyundai car cut our lane..
heng troy manage 2 brake in time..
arbo i guess ...
n ice cream wil b spilled all over..
cux i was tryin 2 eat ice cream when he braked!
lolx.. ben & jerry's ice cream *yum yum*

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this OR that???

i've got 6 options..
and im not sure which 3 im gonna choose..
im so so lookin 4ward 2 them already..
its like im already half way thru 2 them..
Option 1. LAPTOP!
of cux, not a VAIO lahx..
its way over my budget..
but jux tot of gettin a lappy?
cux i got wireless at hm..
Option 2. BANGKOK!
shld me & my girls go BangKok?
or shld we jux opt 4 another country?
honestly, i wld prefer TW to BKK. =x
Option 3. HONGKONG!
no choice.. this is a MUST!
hiakx hiakx~
only thing is haven decide how long?
Option 4. LA!
aft readin my cousin's blog..
its so damn cannot b missed 2 go LA!
i wld love 2 go there with my loved ones..
Option 5. SF!
oso influenced by my cousins..
furthermore, i've got a cousin stayin there..
*_^ which means accomodation settled!
Option 6. TaiWan!
missed out e shoppin this yr..
which makes me feel even more like returning..
mayb jux a short stay 2 satisfy my shopping?

dearies~ gimme suggestions..
im open 2 comments & recommendations..

here's a few multiple choice 4 u guys 2 choose..

Legend :
short - 3/4days
moderate - 4~6days
long - >1wk

No.1 : Laptop + HK + BKK (both short trip)
No.2 : Laptop + HK + TW (both short trip)
No.3 : Laptop + HK (long trip)
No.4 : Laptop + SF/LA (moderate trip)
No.5 : HK + BKK + TW (short/long)
No.6 : HK + TW (long trip)
No.7 : HK + BKK + LA/SF (short/long)
No.8 : BKK (short) + LA/SF (long trip)
No.9 : HK + SF/LA (long trip)

Or, u can create ur own combinations..
but make sure, my total budget falls <$5k?

Thankie girls~!


Thursday, August 30, 2007

fastest legs 1st

any1 cravin 4 some donuts? ;D

yes yes~ i made another trip down..
and its even better!!!!!
20+mins with 6 dozens of donuts!
isnt it amazing?

its even more unexpected..
seeing weihong, shiyin, sis, troy & huifen..
i saw them all within like 2hrs time?!
SG is gettin smaller & smaller..
or mayb Suntec only? =p

update more 2nite/tml
aft takin 3hrs 30mins of break! =x

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my past few days..

haven been updatin on my days..
so here it goes..
let e pix tell e story.. ;)
received a letter last fri..
i wonder whats inside? =\
OMG! *exclaim in excitement*
its my Citi Clear card~!
it arrived finally!
plus e stack of discounts coupons..
card this card that..
but all mux pay usin e Citi Clear..
hMmmm~ its my 1st CC!!
cux i nv ask my sis sup card give me..
muahahahahh~ i doubt she wil anyway.. =x
wonderin y toto give that face?
bcux he scare i take his throw throw away..
look at e way he "hold" onto his throw throw?

Sat we whole family go relative's hse..
but b4 that, dar.dar came over earlier..
n.. he sprained his ankle!!
bcux of skating~!
i was gloating over his mishap..
who ask him always go skatin lehx? =p
acc him go c 跌打..
n e person wrap it up lidat..
seems v pro siax..
while at my relative's hse,
dar.dar bring toto go walk walk..
/* yes, my mama suggest bring toto along -.-"
toto likes 2 "chase" birds!!
hiakx hiakx.. thats why dar.dar carry him..
whenever i c guys bring dogs go walk..
i wil have a feelin like they're v lonely..
need a dog's company thats why..
cux wkdays while walkin hm frm mrt,
i wil c a old man walkin with his dog..
such scene make me believe that,
we makin fun of toto..
look at e layers of skin!
OMG~! toto is gettin fatter..
while on e way hm,
my sis bf drove us go Thomson..
so dar.dar bght 2 more strudels 4 me!
wOohOo~ peachie & apple!
c e 2 diff types of cream?
i haven got chance 2 go down Botak Jones..
but how come i got their menu?
all thanks 2 lisa foo lohx..
last Sun suddenly called me..
wanna borrow spare hp frm me..
seems that her bibi's hp go service..
so she came over 2 tak e spare hp..
n brght with her Botak Jones' menu..
she went there 2 eat..
n "kope" their menu 光明正大-ly.
recently, toto been slpin with me every nite..
not through-out e nite..
but jux mayb 1-3hrs?
last nite he even went into my rm,
get ready his slpin area & wait 4 me!
when i return aft brushin teeth,
there he was slpin on my bed..
tell me.. isnt this dog clever?
/* i was complainin 2 my mama abt him,
sayin duwan let toto slp with me..
cux middle of e nite hafta close my door..
n toto cleverly sneak into my rm b4 i slp 1st..
pix taken ytd aft work..
beg her 2 acc me go buy perfume..
super desperate~ 2 buy 1 more bottle..
cux im lovin' it liaox..
im talkin abt Escada Sunset Heat..
e replacement 4 my old bottle..
here it is..
my current fave spray!
comparison of e gift & what i bght..
i didnt know 1 was medium 1 was large..
hiakx hiakx hiakx~
better anyway, can last me longer!
fruity fruity smell brighten my day!
all thx 2 shihui 4 givin me e perfume..

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

rewinding back ...

outdated video taken last yr..
its e fireworks i watched at DisneyLand..
;) enjoy~


Monday, August 27, 2007


working 不开心-ly wil decrease efficiency.




Friday, August 24, 2007

i miss ...

aft seein those donuts in e fridge..
i suddenly missed those that we ate..
esp ...
Strawberry Shortcake
Powdered Strawberry Filled
New York Cheesecake
Chocolate Iced Glazed
Chocolate Iced Custard Filled &
Black & White Chocolate~!
which is basically ALL those in e pix..

now.. do u feel tempted 2 have a donut?


this is THE surprise~!

arrhhh.. im here 2 reveal e surprise!
hiakx hiakx~ read on 2 find out..
this is 1 of e necklace which i jux received..
hearrt hearrt it lots~!

i was super cravin 4 Surf n' Turf meal..
Wed wanted 2 eat but xiang & lisa cant meet..
i nearly went down myself 2 da bao back..
but, eatin drumstick in office seems so weird?
whole office wil b filled with e KFC smell..
i'll b guilty 2 tempt my colleagues.. =p
so finally..
lisa is free 2 meet me lunch!
me happily with my Surf n' Turf meal~! ;)
chit chat awhile..
n time passed so fast..
soon its time 2 say byebye le..
of cux.. some pix b4 we go off lahx..
may i know whats that face?
face so small..
super bu shuang lahx..
is that a sulking face? :D
hiakx hiakx hiakx~
i bght strudels again!
its hard 2 resist NOT buyin..

rched hm arnd 7pm..
spend a gd 5mins+ climbin stairs..
and pls note, all 3 lifts were functioning..
jux tat e lift that im in stopped at storey 11!!
and it refused 2 close e door!!
freaking hell..
act. is e life button spoilt..
which makes e lift door refuse 2 close..
at that moment,
my instinct jux tell me,
"aiya, jux climb e stairs lohx..
its jux a few storeys..
tak it as a chance 2 exercise.."
so i jux walked out & start climbin stairs..
all e way frm storey 11-18 lohx..
when suddenly my legs feel like givin way..
(>.<) im old.. n my bones r weak..
so i press e lift & rch hm.. =X
had a pleasant surprise waitin 4 me..
yeahx yeahx yeahx~
e drama which im chasin weekly..
my sis's ex-colleague bght it frm HK..
althou there's 2 boxes,
but dun b tricked by its cover..
act. 2 boxes oni contain 12episodes~!
cheat my moolahs.. :(
e drama which my sis bght..
ytd we watched 1st episode 2gether..
super clear & wide-screen de..
no wonder is slightly more exp..
definitely worth e moolahs..
its a famous donuts frm ang moh countries..
too bad oni HK have it..
no1 bring it to SG yet.. (mayb too exp?)
try yahoo/google this name?
u'll b able 2 find all sorts of flavours..
cfm worth e try 2cc them..
but make sure ur stomach r filled..
if not, u'll might drool while lookin at e pix..
e flavours we have..
its those common normal ones..
not those wil filled thingy inside..
i was cravin 4 those i ate in HK..
told my sis that nx yr we MUST BUY BACK!
/* i heard HK airport have e shop too!

aft gettin excited by these goodies,
i realised i got a missed call..
and yes, JoJo is comin over my hse..
hehe.. 2 collect her F21 loots from me..
1st pix aft so long..
i wonder when's e last time we met?
i was pouting & she?
was tryin 2 kiss me? :p
comical pix..
i was tryin 2 go, "aaaHHhh"
tis is e necky which cost >$20!!
got lotsa blings nehx..
e goldy bling bling star..
which makes everything looks goldy like it..
den i bid her farewell..
duno when wil we meet again? =\

let me introduce my latest fave..
i love those icin sugar on e top layer..
not 4gettin those "custardy" cream inside..
but honestly,
im prefer Peach to Mango..
there's 2 diff cream 4 Peach..
which makes it taste differently..
Piglet says HI!
kekek.. 1 of my sis's fren bght it 4 her..
n she always use it 2 make fun of toto..
suddenly feel lik takin a top view of me..
nv got a chance 2 tak such pix..
n me goin 4 lunch..
meetin xiang 2 pass her limei's pressy..
we only have desserts 4 lunch..
/* which i regret aft that..
cux i was so famished at 4+pm~! ;(
my that kelian almond jelly..
it slipped out frm my bowl..
which makes me go, "oOrRhhhhh.."
that in turn make xiang burst out laughin..
cux i was tellin her eat in & dabao quantity is same..
with tis, let me explain why..
i oso got a bad habit of counting things..
like whatever i eat, that is countable,
i wil make it an effort 2 count how many 1st..
e same goes 2 tis almond longan jelly..
thats why i know its e same.. =D
hehehe.. gonna end here..
i wanna catch bac my beauty slp..
been wakin up every nite at 4am lehx..
duno wth is wrong with my body system..
everytime wake up, i check e clock,
it cfm btw 4:05-4:07am de..
sounds abit freaky right? =\

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