DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Sunday, July 29, 2007


the surprise she gave me was a blog entry.


thanks sweetie...

yup if u guys went to my blog.....

princess-joey, you will see that she posted a post for me............

yup wo jiu shi ding ding da ming de veronica' spree accomplice. hahahhaha

veron ah... just update ba...... i noe u love to take pic pic...

jus take more of u..... and ur daily happenings..... keep me updated.....

or keep us updated!!!!

i will pop by again... if she make me happy, sad, angry, curious or worried...

till then...

confession: I LOVE YOU


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

gone 4 now

i've rched a pt whereby i login blogger home,
n realised i've got nothing 2 blog abt..


till i found sth 2 blog..


Monday, July 23, 2007

我不想忘记你 郭静

我在向前走 却像在退后
我在用想念 狂欢寂寞

我努力 想起你 笑着哭泣
让自己 深爱你 再学会放弃
就算可以 我宁可记得所有伤心
我努力 想起你 苦也没关系
用祝福 和感激 勇敢失去你
虽然艰辛 我不说对不起

一个人不懂 什么是拥有
两个人不懂 怎么把握
虽然那里 空气很稀薄

我努力 想起你 笑着哭泣
让自己 深爱你 再学会放弃
就算可以 我宁可记得所有伤心
我努力 想起你 苦也没关系
用祝福 和感激 勇敢失去你
虽然艰辛 我不说对不起

我努力 想起你 笑着哭泣
让自己 深爱你 再学会放弃
就算可以 我宁可记得所有伤心
我努力 想起你 苦也没关系
用祝福 和感激 勇敢失去你
虽然艰辛 我不说对不起


Friday, July 20, 2007

in summary...

so, i kinda feel like bloggin again..
aft finished 7 episode of e TW drama..
(no more ep available until nx wk)
which explains y im free.. =x
anyway, wil start frm Tue 1st..
met my family at Kovan Heartland Mall..
we had Yoshinoya~
its my 1st time eatin Salmon Set okie?
n honestly, i stil prefer Chicken.. =p

i've nv know Yoshinoya got fried chicken de..!
until my sis ordered this lohx~
hehehe~ nx time shld give it a try too..
its nice too!

another 1st time..
we buy Yoshinoya set meal,
n they gave us donut ice cream norx..
but it doesnt taste gd althou it looks gd.. =x
my sis bked an appt with this studio..
its located v near to Heartland Mall worx..
oni arnd 5mins walk frm there..
c my sis smiling so happy in her grad robe..
note : its not complete with e hat & another stripe.
thats wat i wore on that day..
mux formal mahx..
n in dark colors lohx..
u all shld know, i seldom wear formal.

e guy in orange is e photographer..
he helpin my sis adjust her robe.
with my mama standin nearby 2 nag..
why this lidat? why that lidat? lolx..

rched hm at 10+pm..
n found 2 mails 4 me!!
1 is these TW products..
featured in 女人我最大 de worx..
BUT, oni 1 cream is mine..

e rest belongs 2 xiang & lisa.. hahaha~
n these make-ups r mine!
sadly, e black eye-shadow compact was broken..
n its really v SHIMMER horx~!
thats y im sad..
any idea wat is this?
taken out frm my parents' bdae cake..
we're so surprised by e designs..

how they print e design on e choco? o.O alright, another 2 mails 4 me ytd..
1 is 4 my Sony Hi-Fi Warranty,
and another is my new Debit Card..
BUT, wat i wanna say here is..

freaky coincidence!
notice that 2 highlighted circles?
its my bdae okie?
even e Debit Card last 4 digit oso my bdae?
where 2 find such coincidence?
plus e warranty card's purchase date..
i honestly didnt input my bdae on e form lohx..
so, why did my bdae appear there?
is e heaven tryin 2 hint me sth?
n i flip behind e card 2 find sth even more coincidence~
e secure code of my new card is 603..
which is similar to 2306 but in opp. way lehx..
compare with my old card,
e secure code is not even similar lohx..
that is so freaky can?!

nw do u believe im connected to 2306?
n why it goes 2 show i love my birth date?
wed nite my mama was switchin TV channel..
n chanced upon a TW news channel..
talkin abt e "Big White Rabbit Milk Sweet"
i didnt pay much attention 2 it..
but this morn, i read it in e chn Wo Bao lohx..
this "Big White Rabbit Milk Sweet" was once my fave.
every yr chn new yr, its a MUST 2 have it..
i can eat alot alot alot until my mama stop me de..
so im quite surprised 2 know abt tis news..
*phew* luckily i seldom eat nowadays liaox.. ;)

anyway, ltr lunch gonna meet my khakis..
need 2 pass xiang her spree stuffs..
plus, she say got some choco 2 give us..
so nice of her right? =D
more update ltr aft lunch bahx..

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Thursday, July 19, 2007




答案就是 : 换换爱




可恶的 network 还是一样慢。


Monday, July 16, 2007

Yesterday & Today

yesterday's time was spend doin nothing..
woke up early 4 breakfast & bath..
prepare den play Sims 2 on NDSL while waitin..
go off at 1:20pm 2 AMK Hub..
its 2 cele my parents bdae in advance!
we went Soup Restuarant! ;)
YAY! our family photo~
e nuts which i love e best! haha~
e top dish of Soup restuarant..
a cfm mux order dish!
Samsui Ginger Chicken
Beggar Bowl Tofu..
e bowl really resembles those which beggar use..
soup of the day -
Sharks Fin Gourd + Pork ribs
Tofu Prawn..
i personally like e sauce v much!
its swt + eggy taste..
Steamed Minced Pork + Salted Egg.
hMmm~ dun really like it..
Ah Por Fan Shu Leaves..
this veggies is vv nice!
but can b salty at e bottom..

den we went 4 a walk at FairPrice Xtra..
do u know wat does Old Cucumber refers to?
its so funny that me, sis & mama laugh at it..
e person who wrote it really v li hai siax..
is 老黄瓜!!

spend e nx 1hr waitin 4 movie..
i treat my parents 4 a movie -- Transformers!
hahaha~ cux they long time nv watch..
n my papa keep hintin he wanna watch..
hiakx hiakx hiakx~
den im e pitiful one..
hafta carry all e groceries back hm..
cux my sis headin 2 Suntec..
n im e oni 1 headin hm..
hence.. i carry everything home! =p

my nite was spend searchin 4 Canto songs..
kinda hooked on Canto songs le..
althou dont really uds..
but, at least i can refer 2 lyrics & listen.. =)

this morn was really sad..
cux kana "scoldings" frm nehx nehx..
4 re-sending reports out again! (>.<)
so upset that e tot of tenderin hit me once more..
while walkin out 4 lunch, i got an idea..
mayb i shld go try-out air stewardess horx?
BUT prob is.. i duno how 2 swim..
mux overcome my swimming probia 1st..
only den i can consider air stewardess..
bcux was feelin moody..
asked whether xiang & lisa can acc me..
duwan 2 stay in office continue stress me out..
luckily, lisa is willing 2 acc me.. =)
thou she got her own lunch liaox..
but she stil come down bugis meet me..
lisa, really thanks alot! ;)
a candid take of us lookin elsewhere..
hardly got a chance im e same height with her..
hahahah~ *grinx*
both lookin at diff view..
Aahhh~ finally..
finally shot b4 we went separate way..

can u imagine meetin her thrice a day?
morn, aftn & nite?
thats wat gonna happen 2dae..
morn she was late so i met her at MTR..
(opps i type MTR instead of MRT..
did i kinda missed HK too much? =X )
noon i was upset so she acc me..
nite? we both craving 4 bubble tea.. =D
listening 2 her craziie talk helps me de-stress..
every1 shld give it a try! ha ha~

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my office network is driving me craziee~
imagine loading gmail wil takes me 10mins?
deleting or readin or mails takes 1min 2 load?
who can endure such slowness?
wth is wrong with e network man?


Sunday, July 15, 2007


enjoy listening 2 this song..
its really nice!
mux play n listen okie?
currently my FAVE song in mp3!
hehehe~ hope 2 learn how 2 sing siax..
cux its dar.dar's fave song!


Friday, July 13, 2007

Blogging @ Cecil

guess whats on my desktop?
its toto with his throw throw! ;)
alone in e lift..
alone 4 lunch..
alone walkin 2 office..
n im alone workin at Cecil nw..
notice that serious look on my face?
thats how i look like when im concentrating..
/* btw, my hair sure is long nw.. =D

which explains why i CAN BLOG!


Where is Veronica?

i apologize 4 not updating last 2 days..
bcux i dun like e fact that ppl visit my blog,
n yet there's no updates 2 read..
so usually i tend 2 update everyday, if i can..
however, i was super caught up with my work ..
even had my lunch at a weird time of 4+pm..
which is neither lunch nor dinner time..
but anyway, im back with updates nw..
that was me ytd hidin under my table..
not entirely hiding under but rather doin some network..
jux curious y my network always dc 4 no reason..

bcux we haven had our "bubble tea time" 4 v long..
hence, ytd her bibi was on aftn shift,
so we can make use of e chance!
this is US while waitin 4 her bus 55 2 come..
(im meetin dar.dar aft that hence i acc her 2 wait)
her face look quite fierce right?
we copying xiang's rabbit teeth smile.
but lisa did quite gd this time..
she win me with that rabbit teeth + high cheek bone,
+ her frowning eyebrows.

1 normal portrait take.
n my hair looks kinda "messy" over here..
den i c her backview..
n bid her gd bye b4 walkin over MRT..
meet dar.dar over there..
i suggested eatin Sakae Sushi!
cux im cravin 4 chawamushi again!

but when we jux walked in,
i smell e taste of Sukiyaki Chicken..
SO, we had this once again.

isnt e soup v 蛋花?
simply love it~
while waitin 4 train 2 come..
dar.dar point out e dark & "eerie" trackway..
does it look like those in horror movies?
well, mayb except e fact that its brightly lit.
walked over AMK Hub where i bght a Levis tee!
its 4 my sis's bf de worx..
cux his bdae i jux cannot DUN buy anything 4 him..
moreover, he & sis share e T&Co necklace 4 me..

however, this tee is considered e MOST exp tee i've bght..
who ask me 2 ask dar.dar choose 4 me?
n dar.dar really got a v. gd taste.
i almost cldnt believe my ears when e cashier told me.
(i didnt check e price & jux told e SA i want a new piece)
rched hm n realised 1 of my spree items arrived!
starting frm left-right :
blackhead remover brush,
magnetic slimming rings & lastly,

Care Pre-Make up Cream.
e cream is so SUPERBLY small right?
oni weight a teeny winy 5gs!
i guess 1 tube can oni last 2wks?!

up nx is a real beauty i tell u..
dar.dar spotted this "beauty" durin our HK trip..
or shld i say, onboard Cathay's flight?
at that time, its oni EXCLUSIVE 4 Cathay Airline.
and now, its available at ALL watch stores!
hahaha~ its e box of e "beauty"
side views of e "beauty"
isnt is a real beauty?
a combination of Gold & Black.
how else can other Adidas watch win this?
e Vintage vs e Candy!
which wld u choose 2 have it?
well, i dun have 2 choose cux i've got both!
our 2nd couple watch! =D
/* even e time shown r in GOLD too!
isnt it pretty? ;)
/* it matches dar.dar's shoes as well,
he spot a Gold & Black Adidas Shoes!
alright, thats me 2dae..
wearin a top given by Chris & MK,
and a watch given by dar.dar,
plus a HP exchanged with dar.dar..
nothing else is given le lahx..

2dae marks e last biz day..
which means wkend i gonna enjoy!

~ My Confession ~

i've joined 10 sprees n waitin 4 items nw..
ytd 1 spree items arrived,
which means i've stil got 9 more 2 go..
im sucha spendthrift nowadays.. =x
and i stil cant resist NOT spree-ing now..
i hearrt spree & i DUN hearrt shopping lohx!
guess what?
i've got spree khakis already! hiakx hiakx~
thx 2 zhen, lisa & xiang 4 sharin postage with me..
n makin spree-ing even MORE fun!
but i seriously gotta stop right here & now this moment!
i swear to save up 4 studies okie?
mayb by end of this yr, i gotta save up $5k!!
i swear, i promise, i hope! ;)

Oh yahx, 2dae is Fri e 13th!
i hope nothing wil goes wrong 4 me..
althou ytd sth bad happened 2 me..
or shld i say, unfortunate?
hahaha~ oni me & lisa wil know..
i duwan any 3rd party 2 know.
its too paiseh already! =p

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