DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Blogging From Changi Airport..

am currently outside my boarding gate..
waitin 4 sumore time b4 going in..
guess by nw my cousin & WH shld b on board le..
now im beginning 2 feel the excitement in me..

rounds of shopping awaiting for me?


Mixed Feelings..

by right i shld b damn excited bout my trip..
but sumhow or rather i cant feel it.. =|

was wide awake at 3:30am midnite..
all bcux of my menses cramps!
-.-" my iDo acc me thru e cramps period..
imagine sittin in e toilet 4 a gd 30mins???
luckily i have my moonlight resonance drama..
doze off for 15mins b4 being awoken by my alarm..
its time 2 wake up 2 prepare already! (>.<)

my flt to hkg is 11am & wil rch hkg by 2+pm..
bac on 26th night arnd 10+pm?

lets c how much i'll shop this time rnd..

& pls! spare me frm e cramps already! ;(


Thursday, May 21, 2009


i haven pack my luggage yet!!
and in 24hrs' time, i'll be on flt already!

my sis said by now i shld have mastered e art of packing..
since i hafta pack my luggage every now & then..
quite true too.. however nw i got baggage limit lehx..
& i rem i got lotsa things 2 do 2dae..

shall list them down & do it 1 by 1 :
1. PACK LUGGAGE! 20:08pm (85% done)
2. sweep my bedroom 11:43am
3. setup 梁小白 13:07pm
4. sync dramas into iDo 18:39pm
5. load films into cammiessss 16:38pm
6. take out passport & crew pass frm bag 11:53am
7. HKD & SGD put into wallet 11:55am
8. big bag in luggage NONE!
9. charger & adaptor 11.57am
10. take extra battery 4 camera/flash 12:04pm
11. pack sanitizer, mask & slippers in
12. bring 梁小白 along?? NOT bringing
13. change ear stud 12:12pm
14. settle F21 spree parcel 13:39pm
15. mail items out @ AMK PO 16:17pm

on a side note.. i think im cursed..
3x to hkg & all 3x down with menses lohx!
& it seems like out of my 7x holidays,
only my last bkk trip was spared from it..
e rest im all down with menses durin e trip..
is that coincidence or just ...

anyway, as mentioned 3x to hkg & all 3x diff airline..
first UA then CX and now SQ..


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


returned frm my NRT turn 2dae midnite..
T.I.R.E.D like no tml lohx..
17/161 pax last night with SOME help frm C-CLS.
14/55 pax the day b4 with LOTSA help frm C-CLS.

did GLY for both way with the same allocation lohx..
and that stupid same aircraft W32!
SUPER lousy & dirty gly top..
carts' stopper was faulty & gave me 2 blue blacks on my feet..
den all those "jc" damn lazy for both legs
its either they too wols or they totally nv do.
worse stil, last nite my C/L ignore 1 sin woman pax..
that sin woman is those kpkb type sumore..
say y that cabin crew ignore her?
only serve those japanese b4 n aft her?
is that a kinda discrimination?
i totally dumbfound.. =|
apologized on my C/L behalf lohx.. -.-"

kana c'k flt for a NRT turn..
can u imagine how sway i am?
and to add-on, my emer test is paper 3
e Qs r diff frm e tips i got frm seniors!! ;(
shall 听天由命 then..

aft all e sway stuffs, let me go on with my lucky stuffs..
do NRT turn 1N stay oso got ppl bunk in with!
hahaha~ met D at Marroad & head 2 Aeon 4 dinner..
c'k flt's Qs was easy peasy which was *phew!
then i found jill who have e korea version Meteor Garden..
plus plus, im currently busy dl-ing my American dramas too!
in 2 day's time, i'll b on SQ plane flyin 2 HKG!!
hohoho~ hence i believe,
"life can be good if you want it to be"

last nite returned hm & had a delightful surprise!
my advance gift was there on my bed waitin 4 me 2 open!
yeah~ another Xiao Bai indeed..
haven ON it yet so no screen capture..
glad that there's a portable DVD drive..
no fret if i wanna watch DVDs overseas in future!

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Sunday, May 17, 2009


was browsing thru FB & came across some seniors' photos..
show them goin Bali 2gether & snappin lotsa fun pix..
& then my 3-ban oso tell me nx mth she & classgirls goin BKK..

whereas me lehx..
e respond i get frm my grp of girls r..
"not interested.."
"count me out.."
"not joining.."


its kinda sad that our class isnt united
& its even more sad that those girls whom u call close,
isnt interested or cant mak it to a grp holiday.. ;(
initially, who are the ones who say can go??
in e end, only head & tail r e ones..

heady, 大不了我们自己两个人去咯?
anyway, we're always e 2 who is most on de..


Friday, May 15, 2009


seriously, i've gained 2kgs since i came bac on e 6th..
and i think its all due to eating & sitting all day long..
jux imagine my routine - eat, sit, watch, stand, play..

in addition, i can finish up e whole meal i ordered..
example my Fish & Chips which i cant finish in the past,
i can jolly well finish & have a dessert to add-on.
;( e economy goes down but my tummy goes up.. WT*!

anyway, keep this entry short..
i gotta faster head bac 2 my bks already..

ytd nite met X&Z for dinner @ J8..
my motive is 2 find sth but cant find it in J8..
& we saw Manhatten Fish Market!!
newly opened?? o.O
here's wat we ordered..
cam-whore while waitin 4 train..
yahx i know..
we cam-whore abit slightly too much..
but cux seldom got chance meet Ms Wong mahx..
during dinner we even talk abt our marriage stuffs..
& she say wanna employ me & zhen as her coordinators!!
haha~ who else can b more efficient than me? ;p

8th May met lisa+bf & zhen 4 supper..
finally got chance 2 eat e long awaited ba chor mee..
however, it wasnt as gd as i've expected..
might b due 2 e overly Q-ed list of orders on hand..
hence e uncle cooked rather below standard..
snappin on her car b4 we vroom off..
luckily got lisa's bf 2 snap 4 us..

anyway, nuff' said..
i shall return bac 2 my bks..

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Thursday, May 14, 2009


metup with e girls during our free time..
thou our schedule are kinda pathetic..
but the time off are diff every mth!
hardly got chance 2 meetup 2gether in grp.. ;(
anyway, we went 4 lunch @ PS..
follow by headin down T&T 2 tak med products..
hahaha~ took Vit-C, Calcium tabs, lozenges & ponstan..
all FOC okie? wait! its $8/mth lahx..

as said.. we went PS..
thats my nitemare place lohx..
cux whenever i go PS, its a MUST to visit MWL..
that day was no exception..
i came out $xx poorer..
"why didnt u girls stop me???"
where we had our lunch..
consider cheap worx..
only $12/pax?
& i took a nice pix of D..
visit the toilet & cam-whore inside..
i got a motive thou..
some other random grp pix..

din brin any oth cam out that day..
quite a miracle right?
reason being.. i'd 2 lug other stuffs..
no more space 4 cammies lohx..
+ it was raining in e aftn when i step out hse..

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009





i kinda miss my old old old hse..
recently been acc-ing my mum go over my grannie's place..
& everytime aft that, we'll head 2 e mkt nearby..
i rem there's once i counted e no. of stray cats we saw along e way..
it amounted to a total of 20 from my grannie's place -
the mkt nearby - the way back home!
there's a RC downstairs & study corner..
a playground which i used 2 play with my neighbours.
& thats where i carried out my science experiment too!
there's quite alot of fond memories at that area..

nx wk shall tak more pix of the neighbourhood..
like e playground.. e blk.. e lift.. e mkt..


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


- that no1 seems 2b doing the planning
- no1 is takin initiative
- nothing was done even thou u say u'll do it

like im being taken for granted!

well since thats the case,
i shall keep to myself & stop all these.
why shld i spend my time doing e planning everytime?
its not just YOU that is busy alrights?

BUSY is just another excuse.
maybe time management is what every1 needs.


Monday, May 11, 2009

28.04.2009 KTV @ kBox

went 4 a K session with J&C..
as usual, cine sang most of e canto songs..
while me & jo jux sang chn songs..
randomly took lotsa photos on our FE2..
cux we cant wait 2 develop e films!
these r some developed frm my roll..

thanks cine 4 helpin me 2 collect my film..
hahah~ & delivering 2 my blk downstairs..

i stil cant hit 100k on e FB bejeweled game lohx!
wah liew~ duno how e "both of them" hit 175k!

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Saturday, May 09, 2009

As The Economy Goes Down..

my flt become lesser than b4..
which resulted in me saving $$ on overseas call!
really surprised with my hp bill last mth..
its slightly <$45 only!
considerin e pass few mths im payin btw $60-$80..
so its consider a great saving afterall?
shall go pay my hp bill nw..


Friday, May 08, 2009


superbly tempted 2 get this skirt!
sumore its in my fave shade of PURPLE!!
& i dun have any purple skirt wat!
NONO.. i dun have any purple bottoms..

but so sad, its not available lehx!
only got blue & grey color..
the wat for show me e purple??
purposely tempt me izzit??
sumore its elastic band..
no worries i cant fit into it..
damn that system which cork up lahx!
of cux not im not wear lidat..
but as u see.. v nice right?!

i shall wait wait wait..
wait 4 e purple color 2b available..

i've no idea y im attracted 2 purple stuffs..


Thursday, May 07, 2009

3rd AMS trip DONE!

photos taken durin flt, aft flt, at airport,
and not 4gettin e most impt, Keukenhof!
came 2 realised we 3 person din tak alot of pix..
if only i brght my own camera(s) along too!
yeah~ i relied on my 2 seniors 2 tak photos 4 me..
as mention, i din plan on goin out de..
aiya, enough talk.. read on 4 more..
e workin environment which i like..
while in our uniform..
waitin 4 e 2nd svc 2 start..
and b4 e real preparation starts..
with my C/L for flt 411..
v nice of her 2 look aft me..
even e flt 412 she did c-gly,
she oso helped me out when i went over..
so she became e 1st jap crew i took photo with..
while in our apron b4 e 2nd svc..
taken durin cruising..
duno where izzit down there..
guess which level we stayed at?
its LEVEL 8 lehx!!! hahahaha~
& thats e tower of AMS airport..
our Changi Airport tower is stil nicer horx?
thats me outside e AMS Airport..
seldom got chance tak pix outside..
cux we usually hurry here & there once we rch airport..
saw this a/c inside e airport shoppin centre..
e ice cream i tried..
so nice! but i 4got whats e name..
they even got poker card's style of choco!
Miffy choco i saw at the airport mini-mart..

right outside Keukenhof b4 goin in..
was bbrrrrr cold hence i worn 2 sweaters..
who ask me stubborn, refuse 2 brin jackets along? ;(
we snap down e map of Keukenhof!
imagine buyin e map booklet there for euro$4?!
u'll see this once u enter from the entrance..
those pink lovers wil definitely love these!
are these carnations?!
i like how e orangey mixed with yellow tones..
another breed of flowers..
look! they've got outlines & laces arnd!
i look kinda ugly here..
i've no idea why?
some random photos..
so kawaii!!
do we look like we're at Ueno Park?
with the full blossom of sakuras??
jux ignore those tulips infront..
a comparison of e size of tulips & my face..
ahh ha! sth diff.. apart frm flowers..
with orange & yellowish tulips..
doesnt i stand out from them?
i cant rem if these r tulips too??
again! petals with 2 tones of color!
sth that looks like roses in the middle..
if only i can have a walk down..
with those Dutchmen dutch maids..
e dutchmaid standin at my right side,
she literally drag me on my elbow 2 stand nx 2 her..
LOL! but y didnt she look at the camera ehx??
& i wonder how e flowers get their colors?
did they dye the petals??
taken with bright looking flowers in the foreground..
but there's an extra fellow at the background..
hahaha~ triangle shape trees
e tulips were slanted actually!
they were all growin towards e sunshine!
v cute if u were 2c it in real life..
e owl we saw there..
make a joke out of it..
i was tryin 2 tell my seniors wat it is..
end up i said, "是鹦鹉!"
when i was tinkin abt owl lohx.. -.-"
beautifully taken..
we saw a lady helpin a guy tak pix this way..
so we try this pose out too.. ;D
e well we saw..
decided 2 tak a pix there..
seldom got chance can tak pix with well..
hahaha~ copying another person with e pose..
at the farmplace inside Keukenhof..
look at how jubilant e child was?
c how e ang mohs enjoy sittin under the sun..
probably bcux its not hot lik SIN!
me with elena
thats me & lynn in the famous clogs!
where we had our lunch..
my Fish King meal..
its delicious! so sad SIN dont have it..
& e twister fries!! man, i miss it!

then now i hope my 4th Ams trip can come faster!
i cant wait 2 go there earn per diem again!
oops! hopefully its a team flt again! ;p
i duwan 2b e lonely soul w/o any team flt lahx..

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