DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Thursday, May 29, 2008


i experienced sth new!!

not that i like it OR enjoyed it..
cux i nearly freaked out on the spot! *faint*

shall elaborate in tomorrow's entry..*keep ppl in suspense 1st*
how is SGH related to the nx photo?
i promise u tml's entry wil make u surprise!
or maybe make u worried abt me. =)

cux up til now, i stil cldnt believe it!

/* thank u those who showed me concern jux nw

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


surprisingly, lisa & xiang came down TJPG 2dae!!
im simply overjoyed! cux i dun have 2 travel. ;x
settled our lunch @ Tori-Q @ Icon Village
(me & lisa's recent craves)

does this pix looks like we're @ some nite spot?
actually i kinda like e effect it turns out..
took a 2nd pix w/o flash..
but hand was shaky.. hence..
acc-ing them waitin 4 bus..
now at least there's sum1 2 acc lisa bac office..
candid shot..
while they're argue-ing wat bus 2 take..
act act candid shot..
LOL! but its really candid..
i totally duno wat im laughin at!

anyway, suddenly fell in love with heels..
even nehx nehx also raise this Qs to me,
"why do ladies love heels & yet always complaining abt e pain?"

precisely! to be honest, "jian gu tou" bahx?
as in "Ai Mei Bu Yao Ming" that kind..

/* bloggin usin ASUS EEE so no chn input.


Monday, May 26, 2008

How Would That Be?

i jux managed 2 locate that sentence im looking for!

aft watchin What Happens in Vegas last last wk,
i was trying 2 google THAT sentence frm the movie,
BUT i jux cant find any1 bloggin abt THAT sentence..


i chanced upon it from my cousin's blog!

"I'd rather be happy doing nothing than doing something I don't love."

like seriously! isnt it oh-so-true?

i did thought abt it aft e movies..

"why am i still hanging on in my current co.?"
- because i need the cash

"why didnt i start sendin out resumes 4 new jobs?"
- because i DUNO WAT I WANT!

"why not jux return to studies?"
- because i dun have a rich family 2 support my studies.

"why not study PT & work FT?"
- because i doubt i can ever cope well this way


& i did tot of jux escapin to a tiny island..
but will any1 know where 2 find me?


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Sunday, May 25, 2008

pissed off

im so f pissed off can?

right aft i get my hp 4 like 3days?

singtel adjusted e hp price to $168!!!

thats like $90 save for me!!!


it happened e last time when i changed hp too!


but i shall not get myself angry over this..
cux i've got sth else 2b happy with..
hehehe~ only xiang & lisa knows abt it..
including my family? ;D

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wonderness of k850i

i dun own any digi cam..
so a gd cam hp is wat i need..
serves as a hp & also a camera..
i got 1 less item 2 bring out.. ;)
lets c hows e pix my baby took these days..

e ASUS EEE 900 Series i mentioned..
used it when im lazy..
can only do low low mem storage tasks..
cux its only fitted with 12GB storage! *damn it!
(gotta keep clearin stuffs frm C:\)

tue aft work met zhen 4 dinner..
enjoyed our "er ren shi jie" while oths r not free..
*oths r enjoyin their own er ren shi jie too
head 2 Mondo check shoes..
as i need new heels 2 wear!
got this blister instead of comfy..
;( sad-ness...

currently in love with this drink..
love e blackcurrent & aloe vera combi..
bght it frm 7-11 to get free ding dang magnet! ;x

woohoo~ my Sex & The City free pass arrive!
v WTH! cux can only b used on Mon-Wed.. -.-"

ytd acc my mum go AMK Hub collect her SK necklace..
shun bian collect my another pre-order heels..
its totally unlike e 1st pair as it gave me comfy than blisters.
had western dinner as usual..
this stall has been my fave Western place since P6!

jux nw paid Changi Airport a visit..
oh man! i really miss e days where i go hols..
dying 4 a hols sooooooonnnnn~
when wil i be able 2 go hols? ;(

while waitin 4 bus..
put on thick make-up 4 e 1st time! ;O
concealer.. foundation.. blusher.. lip gloss..
eyeliner.. mascara.. except eye shadows..

/* wil it be my Lucky No. 51??

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Thursday, May 22, 2008


is this my lucky day?
i dont think so..
nothing much happened that makes me think so..
but jux when i logged in to my gmail a/c,
i spotted something different..

*hold your breath & scroll down*
are u holdin ur breath?
click 2 enlarge & read e words!

click 2 enlarge again 4 e poster..
YES! i won a pair of tix 2 Sex & The City!
OMGOSH~ & im on the top 100 female spender in vPost!
isnt that like so surprising?

so, who wanna go watch this movie with me?

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Monday, May 19, 2008

New Baby!

i jux irresistibly ordered my new baby!
althou i was quite turned-off by e review on the Internet..
esp e Touch Screen part & e smally key pad..
but im sucha sucker 4 high resolution cammy hp! ;(

anyway, im officially $258 poorer!
pls stop dating me out or asking me 2 open spree!
(i din order anything from my recent sprees! so miracle!)
nobody is sponsoring me any $$ for this..

click HERE for e hp specs..

im really surprised that its "semi touch-screen"
& its not e 1st touch screen device i've got..
remember i've got my N-mei?
its havent been mentioned 4 so long that some of u might 4got..
hehehehe~ im anticipating my baby's arrival -
23rd May 2008!
which i've got a "hot date" with zhen! ;D

/* e term "hot date" taught by my colleague

did i mention i've got 2 new colleagues btw?
1 is a "singh" & 1 is a "eurasian"
my office is becoming so "multi-racial"..
currently i've got :
2 nehx nehx from India
1 Indo-Chinese
1 Malay
1 Chinese who is ME
1 Singh
1 Eurasian
i cant find common topics with them..
ALL of them r married with KIDS!
they were like goin on & on on their kids,
when im literally sitting there jux laughin coldly..
皮笑肉不笑 that kind i mean..
SERIOUSLY! im really gonna break away from there..
i shld b workin with a buncha young pretty ladies/hunks!
instead of mixing with these married aunties/uncles!
i feel so sad 4 for myself.. (>.<)

"who wanna come console me?"

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im currently blogging using our new laptop..

its white in color..
with micro small keypad..
weighing 0.99kg..
8.9" across screen!

wil blog with pix when im free-er..

*off for breakfast*


Friday, May 16, 2008






no pix 2 share as im stickin back to my ol' T610..
thought of getting my target hp - W910i
but it disappoints me so much so that i felt 晴天霹雳!
well, another phone is callin out 2 me - K850i
and its fitted with a 5mp camera!!
wil i be spending $258 on it? *ponders*

& we've changed the monitor to our hse PC..
the previous Acer 1 broke down last Thur so suddenly..
when i haven got chance 2 "bid gd bye" 2 him yet..
"lets welcome Samsung 19" Widescreen" on board Neo family.
w/o biddin bye to Acer, im gonna bid bye to my $155! *cries*

shared with sis in getting ASUS EEE sub-notebook..
will be arriving @ our place coming wkend..
thats another $280+ byebye frm my pocket! *sobx*

headed 2 bugis 4 lunch jux nw..
spent my Esprit bdae vouchers finally!
was torn btw 2 capri.. decided on 1..
yet e other 1 is stil calling out 2 me~~ ;(
while payin, i nearly 4got 2 use e vouchers!
and willing paid $71.91 for that pair of capri!
as i've said "nearly", which means i did use it..
stil, payin $41.91 for a pair of capri is consider exp..
esp when im gonna be out of job soon..

"veron.. veron.. veron..
its time 2 stop spending $$ & save it instead!"

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008








To Persist & Be Selfish OR
To Give Up & Be Magnanimous??



will b back for updates soonnnneesssttt!!


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bintan Trip Part 2

haven got chance 2 get e remaining pix from zhen..
so might as well jux link frm here to THERE!
go to her blog 4 her set of photos!

some r not covered in my entry.. ;D

& it soooo reminds me of that sunny island again!

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Sunday, May 04, 2008


honestly i tot of bloggin a short entry..
but when im uploadin e photos,
it turns out that i've quite afew 2 blog abt..
hence, this wil b an update of e wk comin 2 an end..
in less than 12hrs time, i'll be in office already!
*yell out loud*

bght toto 2 Bishan Park 2 have a walk on Labour Day..
suppose 2b restin since its Labour Day..
but decided 2 let toto have some exercise..
& we (me + sis) oso have exercise too..
sun was scorching hot..
we're both perspiring non-stop aft 10mins of walk..
frm this pix, outsiders wil think toto is well trained..
dun have 2b leashed & yet wil follow its owner..
but act. he's jux afraid 2b left alone..
a pix @ Bishan Park..
c those dots dots dots left by toto?
is his saliva lahx..
wandering on its own..
jux 4 e sake of leavin his "urine-prints" behind..
aft our nearly 30mins of walk,
toto was restless inside e lift!
hahaha~ thats how short his stamina is..

Fri returned back 2 work..
althou ALOT oths took leave 2 enjoy e long wkends..
me however, hafta work!
cux its my 1st biz day.. ;(
v happy & satisfied with my Black Polo w Pink pony..
cutie cutie.. big contrast!

& returned hm happily thinkin i can enjoy my wkends..
but Mr Postman gave me a call..
he's on his way delivering 3 parcels 2 my place! ;O
*thank you, Mr Postman!
thats alot of items storing @ my place right?
only e left hand bottom items r mine..
e rest r 2b collected by others..

Sat late noon, me & sis took toto 4 2nd rnd of walk..
cux our whole family wil b goin out 4 relative's chalet..
& we wanna make toto tired & rest while we're out!
wats toto staring at?
my sis tryin 2 force toto 2 stand aganist e wall again..
evidence evidence~
& toto spotted another dog at e lower storey..
oways like 2 challenge other dogs 2 bark..
hehehe~ finally tried another pack of ding dang swt..
c those faces on the gummies.. ;D

took 2 bus down to Aranda CC..
lotsa relatives arnd siax!
all give face 2 e "birthday-uncle"
thats e coffee birthday cake..
taste nice thou im not coffee lover..
& here's e "birthday-uncle" cele 55th bdae..
super funny uncle i've got here..
i guess he's e most friendly relatives i've got..
whatever thingy he say, i'll tak it as a joke..
cux he cant seems 2b serious 2 me.. ;]

went out 4 dinner jux now..
with e accompany of my new DING DANG!
its solar powered ding dang..
it'll swing swing swing on its own! ;O
& im glad e polo fits him well..

let me tak a 7hrs+ of slp..
& return 2 office tml 2 rush my reports..
another short wk & its 10th..
e end of billing.. ;(

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