DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Friday, January 30, 2009


at least i know *euu din block me.

cux im blockin *euu instead

im sorry

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Time To Say Goodbye

from the initial 17-16-15 to currently 14
& it all happened within this mth alone
its really hard 4 us 2 take it.

maybe its really a bad co. afterall~
else, why would ppl come & go so fast?

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Meaningful Quote

To forgive for the moment is not dfficult.
But to go on forgiving, to forgive the same offense
everytime it recurs to the memory - thats the real tussle


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

18.01.2009 - 26.01.2009

long entry ahead!
beware if you dun have time,
dont proceed on to read it yeahx?
includes my Hanoi pix thou some r not w me yet..
stil waitin 4 my 3-ban 2 transfer 2 me nehx..

18.01.2009 Suki Sushi Lunchy with The Girls

remember my THIS entry??
its been cured with these unagi sushi..
but while bloggin nw, im craving 4 it again..

jux compare me & lisa's wallet aganist xiang's wallet..
fyi, me & lisa r both using Guess nehx.. ;p

we with e absence of cine & zhen..

me, xiang & lisa

18.01.2009 Reunion Dinner @ Home

e whole table of goodies..
had reunion dinner early 4 my sake..
i really appreciate it. ;)

e sea cucumber my mum cooked!
uber nice & delicious & tender k!

22.01.2009 2 Nights Stay @ Hanoi

walkway leadin into my rm..
love e hotel truckloads lohx!
it got stuffs which other hotel doesnt have.
eg. weighin scale, nail file, carnation flower, Universal adaptor

e twin bedrm i've got..
too bad im alone on my own..

always love such corner inside hotel rm..
whereby i can lie there & rest my legs..
while lookin out at the windows or TV dramas..

wat i worn out on that day..
with my heart heart legging..
weather was cooling at 17 degrees..

cabbed frm hotel down to the shoppin streets..
also another less than SG$3 ride..
love cabbin while in Hanoi!

BBQ-ing near the traffic lights?
wil e BBQ-ed meat have dust on it as well?
i wouldnt dare 2 try no matter how nice it taste.. ;\

motorbikes EVERYWHERE!
horning sound once every 3secs..
i wil b immune 2 horning sound aft livin there 4 1wk..

worn mask while walkin along e street..
cux its so polluted with all e bikes & food & dust..

e initial place we wanna have 4 our lunch..
so silly that they din indicate anything at the door..
we stepped inside, told them 2 pax..
e lady even lead us inside b4 telling us, "cross"
fyi, e "cross" refers to "closed"
-.-" really sianx half at that instant!

while searchin 4 another place 4 lunch..
we saw this "stray dog" ourside a shophouse..
its so pitiful lookin that i hafta snap it down..
even e white fur has turned grey & brown.. ;(
it got sucha emo face..

we're headin inside 4 our lunch nehx..

YAY! finally can have lunch le..
i was famished but din dare tell my 3-ban..
cux she told me she got a heavy breakfast le..

saw this lady sweepin e floor in the restuarant..
BUT, look wat she's holdin in her left hand..
its a stack of cash lohx.. o.O

wat we ordered in total..
e spring roll was gd..
totally diff frm wat we have in SG..

my 3-ban's BBQ pork rib rice..

my mushroom pork rib rice..
most of e items on e menu was N.A
v sianx.. -.-" N.A stil open 4 business???
e total price was like 75,000VND lohx..
which is roughly SG$7 lehx.. ;D

& there's Esprit there..
was so surprised 2c it lohx..
a pity its too pricey..

cabbed to a shopping centre..
cost less than SG$3 niax..

a shoppin centre we head to..
its really v super ultra freaking lousy lohx!
even e supa cant be compared 2 my hse downstair's mini-mart

rested our feet aft walkin e whole of e shoppin mall..
had a taste at their ice cream..
choosed Mango & Strawberry cux e rest N.A
it was so-so only and cost like SG$4?

e circus jux infront of e hotel..
luckily me & 3-ban went out on the 1st day..
cux it rained on the 2nd day & was much more colder..

another part of e view..
looks v hazy & polluted right?

my dinner 4 e 2 nights stay at Hanoi..
had their battered fish stripes..
taste gd 2 me but taste awful 2 my 3-ban..
its super cheap there lohx..
sad that im stil left with 150,000VND with me..
any1 wanna exchange e $$ with me???

24.01.2009 Arrival Back @ NRT

on e hotel shuttle bus headin 2 hotel..
super tired aft a full load flt bac..
thou its only 4+15 flt niax..
spot our dark eye rings arnd our eyes..

rched hotel & imm. went 2 head's rm..
broke a BIG news 2 her & we even went 2 yahoo it..

reenacting 换换爱!

e smile is quite torturous nehx!
cux in fact, it was freezing cold..
yet we hafta act normal infront of e cam..

鬼脸 or candid 第一拍!



sneak peek at our bottom..
notice e extremely purple me.. ;p

on e train headin down to Kozunomori stn..

v'day comin hence e overly pink plushies..
but nevertheless, they're yvonne's fave..

yvonne with her chix rice omelette..
not much chix inside thou.. ;x

me with my all time fave - soba omelette!
i wil head down Ito jux 4 e sake of eatin it..

act. e cap was tempted by Yvonne 2 buy..
since its 2 for 2000yen mahx..
& she only found 1 which she like..

while waitin 4 e shuttle bus 2 come..
freakin cold waitin out in the open nehx!
lucky we're got our cap 2 protect us!

busy woman sms-ing her mum..
& she neglect me so i cam-whore on my own..

25.01.2009 SG Back SG!

taken outside the Arrival gate..
while waitin 4 my sis 2 come fetch me.. ;D
i love flying with her..
& wil b flyin with her again in my Feb flts!

26.01.2009 1st Day of LNY

wat i wore on e 1st LNY..
love my purple afghan scarf to bits!

another auntie wearin purple top & bottom..

c another 1 more purple top..
this yr's "economy" not as gd as previous..
suddenly every1's hongbao all decrease..

then i realised i nv blog abt my AMS flt..
which i met bud, dorothy, jill, jasmine & valerie bac then..
wil get it done up soon bahx!

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Purple Fashion is IN!

im seeing purple everywhere 2dae..

let me recount them accordingly:
1st. my scarf, pumps & bag
2nd. my cousin + auntie's top
3rd. lady in purple dress at nearby temple
4th. auntie's top & bottom
5th. my relative's daughter-in-law's top
6th. new sofa set color
7th. master bedroom's bedsheet color
8th. random auntie in purple top & berms

even my sis say purple is in trend now..
so i made e right decision 2 invest in my purple items..
newly bght: cap & furry jacket
yvonne said i got contrasting purple color on me..
cux on 24th, i wore ALMOST purple in full..
with my already purple coat, pumps & bag,
i proceed 2 add-on another light purple furry jacket..
& lastly a purple knitted cap bght at a bargain of 1000yen.
SO, i presume jill wil c a walkin brinja soon..


FE2 Roll. xXx

landed in SIN ytd via KL @ 9+pm
was so freaking tired frm this "long haul flt"
departed from NRT @ 11+am and only rched SIN @ 9+pm..
worse thing is, my 3-ban was sick. ;(
suspected 2b food poisoning which might be due 2 HANOI???
e day b4 i was bombarded by afew sms-es..
and when i rched SIN, i got 8 new msges frm them..
ade, jill, sis, lisa, xiang...
shall not go into details here..
anyhow! scroll down 4 e new developed roll of FE2..
im esp satisfied with e multi-exposure shot..
SO nicely taken nehx! ;D

my v nicely taken multi-exposure shot!

im off to have my beauty slp!
gonna start bai nian-ing tml already!

share a secret with u here..
i suspect my pay wil hit 3k this mth! teeheehee~

ohh~ those featured in e photo,
pls feel free 2 kope e photos frm here.. ;)
doubt i got time 2 zip & "distribute" it via email..


PS : wil b bac with photos frm Hanoi soonest!

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