DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happiness is when

im bored, there's some1 available to keep me entertained!
imagine 2 gundos wearin similar I♥ blah blah tees;
& our kapi cushion sayin HI to each other.
HAHAHA~ only raju can endure my lame-ness man!
in e middle of the night, early in the morning, even wee hours..
she can pop online to msn with me til i dozed off..
just like a part-time bf.. aaawwww...


Saturday, September 25, 2010

say hi to I-baby!

i've become an I user too!
courtesy to loverboy for the subsidy!
shall wait patiently to the arrival of my new I-baby!
nevertheless, im not gonna neglect my Ninet either.
i shall use both of my hp as & when i like. :)

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Thursday, September 23, 2010


my 情有独钟手表 on a male jap crew wrist..
at least im able to take a closer look at it..
i shall ask him to let me put it on & take photo later..
or rather not.. else i might refuse to take it off.


Monday, September 20, 2010

its finally over!

my hectic day is finally over!
though im just a guest appearance,
but i still contributed much to her wedding!
being 1 of the sisters in the morning to the reception at night,
i hope i din do a bad job overall considering im a first-timer.
thought i'll be able to have a slightly better slp 2dae,
who knows im woken up by my 不识相的老妈!
alright, i can rush through my 9pm drama on xinmsn as well.
however, received a fateful phonecall from office.
im converted to duty instead of dh tomorrow morning.
then singtel sent me an sms regarding the stock arrival.
im able to collect my iphone4 today.
want or dont want, its all the money factor!
im so depressed right now.
i should find myself a sugar daddy..
ask him for pocket money, gifts & surprises.
so i dont have to work & put on a hypocrite front,
curse & swear during/after flight.
its god-knows-when since i last got a surprise from anyone.
just a simple surprise, is that really so hard? ;(

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Afters!

finally i can wave BYE to the horrendous flt!
i was bullied & bullied & bullied like nobody's business!
ignore the 30% pay cut i stil feel injustice!
even a small lil' fly AF1B also wanna bully me! ;(
i admit my nihon-go isnt good but that is not an excuse!
is this kinda flt that strengthen my thought of leaving asap!
3 out of 4 legs do galley work & with manager on board.
lets see if my last leg can escape the fate of galley anot.
only ate 1 meal or should i say 2 pieces of cod fish on board?
totally no appetite & felt demoralized.
surviving on just small portion of food is no joke.
12+10 & 13+15 pass by so slowly that i thought it was years.
nearing the arrival time, something lucky happened!
i was just offering out of goodwill to help a family take photo,
who knows, they wrote a good comment card for us!
didnt have a chance to peek at the card & it was handed to chief.
e husband say his wife wanna take a photo with me before deplanning.
the only happiness i felt on board was when he said,
"my wife thinks that you look like a doll with the amazing smile!"
well, gotta thanks Verine for the haircut then! hehe..
after that another pax in my compartment oso wrote a comment card!
this time round she handed it to me hence i managed to see..
gotta thanks her for including my name inside!
at least i can prove that hateful chief wrong! hpmh!
fortunately though Verine was my saviour on board;
bumping into HuiPing @ NYC mall bus stop was another condolence;
lastly Mabelle @ NRT for dinner & groceries is like striking lottery!
i ate my fave ramen & ice cream to celebrate the end of it!
no more orea choco chips! say HI to manago tango + mango sorbet!
tml gonna run errands - helping bud to get polariod camera!
wave hello to new polariod users! welcome to the club!
and then maybe to aeon grab sandwich for the day after flt.
was invited to shabu shabu with the seniors tml night!
see if i've got the guts to whip out my camera infront of them.
though its kinda stressful but i shall conquer it!
alrighty! i shall go back & try real hard to get back to sleep!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

haircut by verine

okie i know my previous photo doesnt show my new haircut..
hence here's another photo of it with full make-up on..
gotta go off & show up 4 flt already..
im fully prepared 4 another battle back to jap!
bless me with nice pax & light loading!


new hairstyle; new beginning

in order to spite the hateful chief on board,
i decided to get my hair cut in newyork!
on the 1st day upon reaching my hotel rm 623,
i quickly bath & prepare to head out for my haircut.
who knows, the hairdresser wasnt in!
my plan of hibernating was gone after walking into F21.
there i came out with a dress & more stuffs from Bath & Body.
luckily i faster took the next hour bus back to hotel.
2nd day i hurriedly change aft webcam-ing with my sis/mum,
managed to get on board the bus in time!
still, the hairdresser is not in either until Wed!
found another salon teaching shop but they've got an event,
so no walk-in welcomed even though im willing to pay.
i even resort to buying the scissors to let Verine cut my hair!
we walked around only to buy more clothes! ;(
a&f out with a dress, F21 again out with a jumper!
i was so so near to getting a shirt from a&f!
totally love it loads just that its so pricey at 58usd!
ugh~ verine helped me thought of a plan which works!
i refunded the scrissors & got bac my 24+usd..
verine make do with the normal scissors i have & cut my hair!
hahahah~ 1st time i let some1 other than my mom/salon 2 cut my hair,
i totally trust her thou.. since hair wil stil grow ultimately.
am happy with the outcome too!
i shall impress the chief tomorrow when i show up! hpmh!

ohh~ & thanks to *you for chalking up my blog hit!
i've noticed some1 been reading my archives.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

i wanna drink it!

cough syrup prescribed by doc doesnt taste as nice..
how i hope i can drink this every single day..
it taste great even with or without any cough lohx.
last nite i thought i would be able 2 concuss til this morn,
only 2 realise that i've taken cough syrup only.
i didnt take that powerful yellow flu pill.
i shall try again later when i reach newyork then..
since im hiiiibernating, hopefully it can concuss me til 2nd day.
which i'll wake up, head out 2 grab food & go bac hotel.
yes.. i need discipline to help myself save money!
for i'll be headin 2 TPE during e Nov for a good 9Ds yoooo~
i can put 2 gd use my ermmm A2 chinese. HHHAAAA~
mai siao siao.. my hanyu pinyin is ding gua gua de! ;p
okie.. my entry is alil' off topic already..
gotta go pack laptop in & show up my face at lobby le..

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Its Officially Raju's Day!

i met raju last yr on e 9th & this yr's too!
last yr we went kbox while this yr she acc me run errands.

again we bght e nachos cheese bun frm raffles place!
damnit~ im like cravin for it while typin now..
e nachos cheese wil flow out when u tak a bite from it..

& being a die hard agnes b lover, i got a free tatt!
jux for temp thou.. dont misunderstood..
my eyes look kinda watery over here..

when she sneak a quick candid shot of us..
i kinda like e me in this shot cux my fringe is neat!
but it looks like raju was candid-ed instead ehx?

yet another candid shot of me laughing..
it looks like im crying right?

here's me spotted with a new hairstyle..
that is IF u notice it btw..

while on e way down 2 bugis meet chiewyen..
she registered for JLPT at such times!
i mean co. pay cut yet she stil wanna tak JLPT..
serious admire chiewyen lohx..
den ended e night with meetin serene 4 dinner @ amk..
as a guest appearance, i helped them took photos!
all wil b up by end of this mth thou..
when i summarise up my Sept..

few days back while i was at KL + raju @ NYC,
we webcam-ed 2 show me her new hairstyle..
she while getting prepared 4 flt & me lazing after flt..
technology really does wonders..
thousand of miles apart yet we're only separated by a screen.
our distance were brought so much closer cux of it..
doubt i can ever survive a flt w/o my laptop..

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Friday, September 10, 2010

being sick,

medicines have become my latest fave sweets!
& unknowingly, i've become immune to disappointments.


Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Finale!

cookie dozer stil succeed in tempting me into buyin cookies!
rahhh! but i bght 200g, the guy ask me buy 100g more 4 free muffin!
*whisper* e muffin is worth $5.90 horx! ;p


Friday, September 03, 2010

Collection Increasing!

my fave collection of hotel pen is increasing!
oops! & i forgot 2 include the KIX pen in this pix as well..


Thursday, September 02, 2010

cousins' day!

the day whereby all cousins showed up!
& i look like a ghost over here 4 being so white! damnit!


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

thats how we do it

by starting our 1yr1mth arguing on the msn/phone.
trivial matters you might be thinking.
but thats exactly how irritating/sickening i can be for you.
all's well ends well.
hopefully my side line is doing well enough;
clothes on sale can sell off 30%;
& may my wardrobe miraculously becomes bigger!
ermmm, the last part is just kidding!