DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

i noe in my previous entry i said nothing 2 blog abt..
but i stil wanna thx Sharmaine Tay
cux ytd she acc me hm..
took 74 all e way frm sch to amk mrt station..
aniway had a heart to heart tok wib her..
thx 4 listening 2 my complainings..
aniway i tink human beings r all selfish..
bcux they oni care abt themselves..
no1 will ever put oths b4 themselves...
i repeat.. NO ONE..
everyone do things wib a motive behind..
or mayb not a motive.. mak it reason bahx..
motive mak it sounds so scheming..
i've no idea..
but i suddenly feel so vulnerable abt living..
there seems 2b so much things 2 tink abt..
mayb being a retarded person or wat wld mak life easier..
at least retarded ppl dun hide their real feelings..
n they wont have any reasons 4 bein nice 2 one..
aniway mayb its jux my -ve side thinking..
oh yahx i'll b workin both days tis wkend..
so dun find it surprising if im not online..
i jux wanna b alone..

nothing else matters anymore..
i've got nothing 2 blog abt..

Saturday, May 28, 2005

2dae is a Saturday..
yes it is S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y
n im stayin at hm..
not rotting but busy stuffin myself wib household chores..
as tml my mum wil b makin another rnd of dumplings..
so i've decided 2b a filial daughter..
help her do sum household chores..
bcux i noe when my sch reopen..
i wil give excuses 2 give them a miss.. haha..
n althou ytd arrange wib zhen our another rnd of searching..
but i decided 2 postpone 2 nx wk..
since its my 1st wk..
so i guess i wil release earlier than intended..
my morn start wib watering e plants..
gettin lunch ready 4 my mum..
its bcux she is rushin 4 work.. (as usual oways late..!)
aft she left.. house 2 my own..
clean up e plates n cups..
transfer e veggies onto plates n bowls..
tak down e laundry 2 fold..
wash my OWN clothes.. keke..
take dem out 2 dry..
and.. ermx.. mayb there's sth else 4 me 2 do..
but let me blog 1st.. =]
oh yahx.. in e previous post..
i 4got 2 mention e unfair treatment i got frm a SP lecturer..
so coincident.. i KNEW him!!
he taught me b4 lorx.
ytd when i went into e lab 4 changin electives..
i saw him so i tot he MIGHT rem me..
so i approach him.. but he totally IGNORE me!!
omg~ wat kinda attitude is tis?
so i tot mayb i approach oths..
but its seems like my existence is ...
finally!! a guy lecturer SAW me..
so i ask him, "excuse me, can i change my electives?"
n he signal 4 me 2 go over..
so i got it settled..
all thankx 2 tis lecturer whom i duno his name..
aniway e 1st lecturer whu IGNORE me..
his name is Mr H.H.C?
get tat short form? i mean if i din rem wrongly..
ugh~ hope i wont saw him again..
wont 4get his tat attitude.. irritating..
n den while out wib zhen last 2 days..
i found my dar.dar's bdae bear..
hehe.. is alot nicer than mine~ oh so unfair..~~
hpmh.. aniway i hope 2 find 09/09 de bear..
wish me gd luck ehx? ; )
n i gotta apologize 2 cine..
4 lettin her find her way 2 her fren's workin pub..
really dun feel like goin out..
mayb nx time bahx..

his bdae bear.. Posted by Hello

wOohOo.. finally got time 2 post entry le..
hehx.. gotta tok abt thur 1st..
meet zhen go bugis walk walk..
1st went 2 parco bugis e Mickey Mouse shop..
wOwx.. tink Mickey Mouse is makin a comeback soon..
hAa.. aniway den we went 2 Watsons..
jux 2 find our bdae bear..
but 2 no avail.. =\
next shop DCP.. saw sum nice tops..
budden kinda ex..
so K.I.V 1st..
went 2 bugis village..
where we bght our undies?? hehe..
den e both of us bght e same Mickey Mouse polo tee..
walk arnd help her find denim skirt..
got e ones we like..
but e price horx.. O_O
so nv buy lahx..
saw sandals n i bght it..
n we change place.. head 2 town..
walk here n there..
oso 2 find our bdae bears..
stil cant find hers lehx..
so change place again..
2 Liang Court..
omg.. it is so quiet over there..
but duno y we stil bght 2 pairs of earrings each..
hehx.. den go down 2 Meidi-Ya
nw i found 1 bdae bear..
kekee.. overall i find quite alot..
but she oni found her sis de..
so we decide.. tak bus 2 Bishan n try our luck..
so sad.. there was none!! =(
so we decide 2 end here..
n took train home.. lolx..
n 2dae ehx.. meet zhen again..
wOoo~ i meet her at dover..
where i went 2 sch 2 change my electives..
n i cant believe it..
i rched sch at 1150am.. jux b4 their lunch time..
n guess wat?
higher mathematics was full..
so i change it bluetooth technology..
n 2 my surprise.. left 1 last vacancy..
guess e vacancy is waitin 4 me bahx? haha..
aft settling my electives..
we went off 2 clementi..
where we threaded our eyebrows..
n she cut her hair..
head 2 Holland V
wOwx.. really vvv hot..
so we faster took bus 2 chinatown..
where we meet cine..
went 4 our desserts nehx.. at Furama Centre..
omg.. e desserts r really fantastic!!!
i try e "Tun Dan" and Jelly Longan..
wheras they try oths lorx..
all give thumbs up!!
hehx.. finally went 4 lunch at e nearby hawker..
settle 4 fish meat bee hoon.. hehe..
aft tat we all go our separate ways..
zhen went 2 meet her aiai..
cine meet her sis..
n me ehx? of cux meet him lahx.. haha..
i meet him 4 movies n dinner at Tiong Bahru..
budden he seems kinda tired..
den make me sianx sianx too..
^_- we watched Monster-In-Law
was a great movie.. laugh thruout siax..
took bus hm n he acc me 2 doorstep..
but toto saw him n keep barking..
muahahahah.. toto really dun like him ehx..
sad 4 him.. =X
pass him e dumplings my mum make..
n he went off..
-the end-

her sad face n my stupid face.. Posted by Hello

me n zhen at holland v bus stop.. Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 26, 2005

i kinda 4got when i tot of all these de..
but it happen on 1 of e morns when i wake up..
but was lazy.. so stil "nua-ing" on my bed..
when an insipration struck me..
ahaha.. what i wanna do b4 i die..
these r not ranked in order..
do check it out..
1. complete my diploma studies..
2. travel overseas wib my frenx.. (w/o parents arnd)
3. got my own room (yeahx.. happenin soon.. nx nx mth..)
4. try bungee jumping or sky-diving? lolx..
5. pierce either my tongue or belly-button..
6. tattoo!! omg~ dun let my dar.dar c it.. =X *hIde*
7. fix a meal 4 my love ones 2 eat?
8. move out n share a hse wib frenx or love ones?
9. go NTUC shoppin wib my love ones..
10. get a job which pays more than 1.5K
11. mayb get hitched or
12. find a rich man's son n marry off b tai tai.. lolx..
13. get to sit on a convertible luxury car..
14. learn more languages.. like Jap.. Kor.. Canto etc..
15. get a driving license? (provided tat i can pass e basic 1st.. =X)
muahahaha~ got alot horx?
cfm need a long time 2 complete it de..
nvm.. i wil work hard 2 achieve it.. =p
bless me!
oh yahx.. 2dae is e day my blog is 1 yr old..
wahahahaha.. i created tis blog last yr on tis day..
hehe.. =)
ltr m meetin zhen out go shop shop..
but i cant shop much siax..
sianx half.. hpmh..
n i got a wish.. i gotta go search 4 e rest of e 11 mth's 23rd..
every mth de 23rd bear i gotta collect it..
n 1 more thingy..
any1 heard of a PC game call Still Life?!
i wanna play it..
e storyline is sth like CSI, Seven etc de..
detective solvin puzzles game..
hehx.. sorry.. im oni interested in solvin puzzles..
thou sumtimes i might get stumpled upon it..
bLeahx.. gonna end here.. zZz~

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

last wk of my hols le..
suddenly dun feel lik startin sch so soon..
duno y ehx.. act. wanna go bac sch..
budden ytd nite i follow filzah's instructions..
n try 2 check who's in e same electives as me..
but 2 my disbelief.. *sIgh*
tink no1 can b more unfortunate than me le bahx?
among 6 electives..
jux so coincident tat im in e same electives as tat "J"
not oni tat.. e "J" is wib tat "Burger King" too!!
y did i hafta b in e same electives wib those 2 ehx? =(
cum 2 think of it.. i shld regret it..
i cld have changed my decision b4 e registration ends..
but i was thinkin i can re-register it durin tis hols..
sOoo... nahx.. duwan 2 repeat it again..
aniway.. dun tink im attendin tat electives so often..
lect is frm 8-10am and tutorial + pract frm 3-5pm
n its on separate days.. !!!!
okIex.. let me share my time-table over here..
Mon : 2-5pm ( my electives tutorial + pract)
Tue : 10-5pm (my core modules)
Wed : 8-3pm (core modules + my Nego electives)
Thur : 8-10am (electives lecture -_-ll)
worse thing is i hafta wait till 1pm to do my fyp.. double -.-
Fri : 10-12pm (1 of my core module lecture)
yahx.. my fri end peacefully.. at 12pm..
do ask me out arhx? i'll b bored stiff..
nwadays my family r all busy wib new hse stuffs..
oni me busy slpin.. restin.. recuperatin..
oh yahx.. ytd meet dar.dar 4 dinner..
n he gimme a surprise..
he manage 2 find e bdae bear of mine..
i've been lookin 4 it everywhere.. but cant find..
whu knows.. i tink he found it at amk bahx? =)

yEaHx.. i got my bdae bear le.. =D Posted by Hello
aniway we went 2 eat Pastamania at j8 lorx..
while he went 2 order, i saw ppl drinkin soup..
but i duno wat soup its tat..
den i tink 2 myself..
"if its cream of mushroom, duno dar.dar wil buy anot?"
cux im sumhow cravin 4 sum soup mahx..
when he came back..
i was smiling 2 myself lorx..
cux he really ordered Cream Of Mushroom..
wOohOo.. telepathy ehx? *gRiNx*
happy happy.. hehehe..
budden no matter wat i eat nw..
there's no taste at all..
so i wldnt noe whether its tasty or not?
mak me no appetite at all siax..
aniway tink i'll end here le..
oh yahx.. seems like i cant tag myself siax..
so i'll reply it here..

[cIne] oni when im wib him den he'll tak care of me..
if not i wil tak care of myself de.. =p
[jIe mEi] wanna save money n shop shop mahx..
so hafta chiong 2 earn money lorx.. =)

Sunday, May 22, 2005

im sick le..
which i tink started on thur but i nv take care..
Sat work 10hrs.. ignoring wat dar.dar say..
i insist on workin in e morn den aftn..
w/o havin any breakfast or lunch.. =\
down wib flu n sore throat..
swallowin saliva oso pain.. unbearable.. =(
den 2dae work at CineLeisure wib zhen..
but she was asked 2 go Lucky Plaza help out..
so i work at e booth she used 2 work..
5hrs really pass v slowly..
my sore throat bcum worse..
makin my voice kinda "sexy"
totally not in e mood 2 work or promote.. (>.<)
den my in-charge Ivan came..
he say my face v pale.. n let me went off at 3:30pm..
but so sad.. i left all my thingy wib dar.dar
so i called him n he came down 2 meet me 4 LUNCH
yes.. i ate my lunch at 5+ 2dae..
act. wanna go Bugis Village de.. budden i was sick...
so we took bus hm frm Suntec..
e journey hm was e longest of all.. i tink arnd 1hr bahx?
my throat pain until i feel lik cryin out..
n even feel like cuttin off my throat.. ugh~
n my nose was blocked.. 4 e whole day!!
God~ pls gimme bac my health..
i duwan 2b sick animore..
at least not nw lahx..
bcux i duno y everytime hols i sure fall sick..
ani1 notice?!
oh yahx.. my sis went 2 Malacca ytd morn..
she's enjoyin herself n yet me ehx?

Thursday, May 19, 2005

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What Are The Keys To Your Heart?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

last wk my fren inform me abt e electives being registered..
n i quickly went 2 check my time-table and etc..
omg~ im assigned to Satellite & Optical Communication
and also Negotiation Skills..
act. i shld have been happy 2b assigned 2 both my 1st choices..
but.. duno y.. i felt kinda left out..
cux frm wat i've asked.. seems like none choose SOCOM ehx..
=\ after i got my Semestral Results.. i wanna opt 4 higher maths..
sadly, they can oni manually change it 4 us..
n WE hafta go down on Counselling Day 2 ask dem lorx..
wah liew.. -_-ll
super disappointed le.. like cheated siax..
they told us e online survey was jux a survey..
n we can register it again btw 25th-27th May..
nw tis happen lorx.. ugh~
they cheat me~!~! hpmh~!!!
aniway last fri meet cine go Ikea cc..
act. is our 2nd time to Ikea but we super blur lor..
duno e showroom is at 2nd level and e goods r at 1st level..
we keep walkin in circles.. searchin high n low..
finally we were told tat e stocks r at 1st level so we went down..
but Ikea so damn big.. find 1 thingy hafta look here n there..
-.- found e frame which we want..
BUT! too small.. cux cine she wanna put her poster inside..
lolx.. but nv went out empty-handed..
she bght 4 plastic cups.. muahhahaha~
aft e 2hrs+ trip.. we jux bght 4 plastic cups.. =X
hehehe.. took bus 14 back to SP n change bus..
so qiao bump into e 2 yo-yo guys on 14..
but they v quickly board e 74 infront of 14 n went off le..
while me n cine wait 4 e nx 74.. (';')
tat nite meet dar.dar went 2 amk acc him eat dinner..
n oso watch The Amityville Horror..
ermx.. e movie quite alright..
not v scary thou.. jux alil' bit "suddenly" cum out thingy..
give ppl some shock lorx..
haha.. no1 scream or shout durin e 1hr+ lahx.. =p
den Sat went 2 work in e last aftn..
meet ShunFoong at jurong east NTUC..
n wait 4 Vincent 2 cum fetch us..
he driving us go Bt Batok Dormitories lorx..
rch there.. really as wat i've imagine..
all foreign workers living there..
mostly r "hei-heis" arhx.. omg~
budden they v friendly nehx..
keke.. but i kana molest once norx..
while buyin drinks frm e mini-mart..
got 1 hei-hei walk pass me frm behind n touch my butt..
hpmh~ damn idiotic lorx.. i look at him..
he act. like nuttin happen.. (>.<)
n my incharge say nx wk wil b workin there again..
hehx.. quite slack workin over there.. =)
aft work, dar.dar cum fetch me worx..
*smiles* Sun we eat lunch n dinner 2gether..
took train bac 2 dover n tak bus to marina eat BK..
lolx.. abit bo liao lahx.. keke..
barely less than 24hrs ltr.. which is ytd..
i meet him again..
whahahahha~ went 2 orchard..
eat Caef Cartel and watch Guess Who..
so Cathay nv increase e price of tix nehx..
which is a gd news lahx.. haha..
however dar.dar alady bght 20 GV tix frm his frenx..
so we can go watch movies more often liaox..
=D vvvv good horx~
n he even burn MTVs + games 4 me 2 play nehx.. YEAHx
hoho.. sch gonna start soon..
abit dun feel like startin sch so fast.. OoohhHh~

Thursday, May 12, 2005

hMmm.. act. was tinking abt sth..
or shld i say wonderin.. thinking.. pondering.. brooding..
aiya.. jux pure tinking abt it..
sum days our parents wil die.. leavin us behind..
and sum days our frenx might 4get abt us..
which in terms lead to lost in contact..
our siblings wil b busy with their own life..
which wil tends 2 mean we'r on our own..
n den our bf/gf might broke up wib us..
due to sum thingy..
again.. we r on our own..
so.. whu can we really depend on?! =\
i dun really noe..
but whenever i am alone.. my pet tOtO wil b there..
oways there 4 me..
even thou he might not uds wat im sayin..
or wat im doing..
but he's there 4 me..
accompanying me.. by my side...
however.. he wil die 1 day too..
den whu wil b there 4 me when i need dem?

look at his pair of innocent eyes.. =) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

heyx heyx.. im so proud of myself..
i've completed my game puzzles already..
e game is to escape frm 1 room after another..
until u've escaped frm e whole building..
but e game is not completed yet..
its oni up till level 13 nw..
i've rched level 13 le.. n signed their guestbk.. =)
interested parties can visit e webby..
click here to access e webby..
hehe.. ytd went 2 watch House Of Wax wib cine..
wHoot.. quite a xciting show..
esp there's pretty babes n handsome dudes..
im referring to Elisha Cuthbert n not Paris Hilton..
oOooPx.. n Chad Michael Murray is so man..
his actions r v swift n fast.. i like it!! *grinx*
gonna buy their vcds if they'r out.. keke..
but dun tink its as disgustin as Texas Chainsaw..
horror fanatics, do check out The Amityville Horror..
its director is the same as Texas Chainsaw..
wOohOo.. m so lookin 4ward 2 it..
cfm + guaranteed i wanna watch it.. hEe..
dar.dar say he wil watch it wib me le.. yeahx yeahx.. =p
so excited.. cux he say aft his attachment go hols wib me..
wOooHhhx.. too gd 2b true ehx?
but by e time my sch starts alady.. how how? =\
hope e time table wil suit our timings bahx?
aniway june wil b a happier mth 4 me..
there r several reasons..
Firstly, my new hse renovation will start tml..
so either mid or end of June can MOVE HSE!!
Secondly, tis mth im workin a few days more..
meaning i wil have alil' teeny weeny bit more 2 spend..
Thirdly, its my bdae!! aha..
Forthly, dar.dar's attachment ends
tat means we can meet more often le?! =X
hehe.. r these reasons enuff? keke..
i cant wait 4 june 2 cum rite nw.. Awww~

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

i jux went 2 read 1 of my fren's blog..
n it set me thinking on sth..
this is wat she blog abt..

what are friends for?
what are families for?
what are boyfriend for?
what are pets for?
what are we living for?

can any1 ans me? =\

Friday, May 06, 2005

settle down aft my sumptous dinner..
keke.. celebration of Mother's Day..
me n my sis brin our parents 2 amk 2 eat zi cha..
order lotsa food.. eat until im so FULL.. ugh~
on e way hm.. bump in2 1 of my old acquiantance.. ah tong
have seen him twice within 3days siax..
duno y.. everything i c him..
mak me feel v uncomfortable..
thou i hope 2c him wib *him but nv..
have been hopin 2c *him on e streets.. but nv.. =aniway m postin up pix of my new hse..
keke.. these pix r taken tis aftn..

my new hse.. b4 opening..
Posted by Hello

opening ceremony.. ah ha.. Posted by Hello

small window in my bedroom.. facin wet market.. Posted by Hello

another bedroom window.. facin Bishan Park.. Posted by Hello

scenary frm my bedroom.. b4 e rain starts.. Posted by Hello

scenary 2 frm my bedroom window.. =) Posted by Hello

my sis's room.. with no nice nice scenary.. =p Posted by Hello

master bedroom.. zZz~ Posted by Hello

kItcHen.. b4 renovation.. Posted by Hello

rainy day.. took outside my new hse.. Posted by Hello

another rainy pix took outside my new hse.. Posted by Hello

im really a lucky ger nehx.. =)
2dae my parents went 2 HDB 2 collect keys le..
yeahx.. ur rite.. keys 2 my new hse!!!
omg~ im so xcited.. cant wait..
i really cant wait 2c my new hse.. my new room..
keke.. pardon me ehx..
m waitin 4 my mum 2 cum out frm e bathroom..
den my turn 2 bath.. n zOooooM..
2 my new hse.. bcux its within walkin distance..
for i tink arnd 5-10mins?
=X yahx.. i move hse.. its oways tat near..
n F.Y.I tis is e 3rd time i move hse..
but its stil at AMK ave 1..
lolx.. yahx yahx.. luff all u want..
my parents like amk mahx.. n i like amk too..
its e oni place i wont get lost? =\
aniway i cant wait 2 move in siax..
im so xcited abt everything..
buyin new hi-fi, TV, wardrobe, bed...
keke.. i told u im a lucky person le rite? =]
but i hope i'll b able 2 move in b4 my bdae..

Thursday, May 05, 2005

omg~ im awake rite nw..
totally awake.. but y m i awake so early?
haa~ jux 2 check my semestral results lahx.. =p
n i tink im jux so so lucky.. unbelievable..
wanna noe y?
here's my results.. n u'll noe y..


i told u le rite? im jux plain lucky..
how cld i have done so well when im oways watch TV?
muahahahah~ but is not gd enuff 4 dar.dar
cux he expects 3As frm me siax..
dun have 3As..
there goes my 593.. *sad*