DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

what a wet xmas

yesterday was such a mad rush!
went back office and came to know the "boss" is not around!
so i did something sneaky.. hiak hiak!
managed 2 meet dorothy at orchard for awhile b4 heading home.
so coincident we got each other something from agnes b!
and she remembered that agnes b was my fave! :D
glad 2 know that she like the gift i got 4 her.
so a typical photo indoor..
asking a lady who was waiting for some1 2 take for us.
made some amendments since e original was dark.
and then we camwhore alil' b4 i bade goodbye..

reached amk and was already drizzling..
but the worse was reaching home and cleaning up..
that dog actually peed in the kitchen & living room!
not anywhere near the supposed newspaper or toilet! *angry*

went downstairs to pack dinner and saw these!
damn happy lah! couldnt find it at NTUC,
end up found them at my house nearby conve store!

not to mention, SG was "flooded" yet again due to heavy rain.
see the "bishan park river" was formed after the rain?

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Friday, December 23, 2011

my fave festive season...

is finally approaching already!
i wonder what would my secret santa get me this year?
and of cux i hope my friends will like what i bought for them too!
have a merrry xmas this season..
and enjoy it all the till we welcome the arrival of 2012!

i've always love unwrapping presents!
its also to see how well your friends/love ones understand you.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mission IMpossible 4

courtesy to Angela, got free tix to watch movie!
other than that, we are given popcorn & beverage as well!
the movie is not too bad, now am waiting for Sherlock Holmessss~


Tuesday, December 20, 2011


like what my title say..
this entry is all rambles.. inconsistent words of mine..
read on next entry for an introduction..
doesnt he look like a teenage boy in this photo?!
here's him wearing all his new buys!
super like that pair of grey jeans on him..
its retailing at $129 tangs studio! seriously would u buy?!
black fri & bf got himself a pair of boots!
hello redwing! make sure u last long long yo~
penguin collecting dust & lookin as emo as ever!
raju look! this kapi is still surviving!
last yr during 1 of our very last flt together.....
these r some of what i helped him to pack..
xmas goodie bags 4 his colleagues..
im a good gf right?
some1 bght a new pair of specs..
so of cux mux use as props 2 take photos
wanna know why r we laughing until so ...
cause i told him 2 smile & he say he couldnt smile & maintain..
so i attempt the worse by tickling him..
look agby stil sits with her seatbelt on always!
like so cute right?!
if any1 see this selling at any supermarket, can help me buy?
i couldnt find it anywhere else other than last saw at AMK NTUC.
i want any other Pretz flavour except the original Roasted.
thanks to the bf!
work comfortably with my wireless mouse & headset!
now i can work & talk at the same time loh!
try typing "let it snow" in your google search engine..
find out what will happen & decor your own "cold cold" screen!
this girl is so sweet!
she actually left this small lil' card w a pair of earrings,
inside a confetti filled bag 4 me lah!
but so silly, me & bf actually didnt notice the earrings!
went 2 their research survey previously..
and man i really like this cider!
1st time i tried cider & i think its a better option to beer!
these r now at my house ready 2 drink anytime! :D
as much as i tried to, i couldnt resist curly fries!
but its still not as good as my fave seaweed fries!
right aft my parents went 4 their hols,
this dog has been "bunking" in with me.
look at how he's leaning against me to sleep..

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Monday, December 19, 2011

hipstamatic disposable

am a big fan of hipstamatic camera app on iphone.
so when this was launched & i received an email notifications,
i immediately went appstore to dl & try out already.
the whole idea of this app is something like old time film camera.
u have to finish shooting a whole roll of 24 exposures,
before u get to see the outcome of your shots.
but that is only half of what u have to know anyway!
another advantage is u get to share this roll of films with your friends!
provided that your friends r using it & its on facebook!
send the invites & voila! ur on the way to developing your 1st roll!

1 downside though, my app kept crashing whenever i share films with friends.
it kept crashing & i just have to keep restarting..
and not sure if my previous shot was capture anot. ;(
this is the only -ve part till now lah.
and dont say i never inform u before hand,
there are 2 free unlimited camera for u to shoot,
connect to your fb and it activates another free unlimited camera!
the remaining 3 cameras have to be purchased though.
and its quite hefty $0.99 for 9 rolls etc.
meaning after 9 rolls of films finish, u hafta purchase it again.
not that good yo? anyhows~ just use these 3 free camera 2 enjoy snapping!
read on the image for more info!
and here as well..
hipstamatic users, if u missed the previous launch of add-on packs..
here's the chance for you to make full use of it!
Retropak 1 and 2 features more than 3 lens or films for purchase!
retropak 1 sells at $1.99 and pak1 slightly more at $3.99!
whats stopping you now?!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

a date with zhu ra

was supposed to be a xmas cele with the girls,
but took a downside & only raju + me turned up.
end up we stil manage to enjoy ourselves!
been long since the very last time we hang out together.
wanted to head down California Pizza Kitchen..
but there's only 2 of us for large portion of food..
so, we changed to bakerzin instead!
my main motive is to eat macaroons as well!
ordered our mains - Curry Chix Spaghetti & Carbonara!
carbonara can never go wrong isnt it?

aft our mains, i took a look at the macaroons flavour available.
sad to say, there's limited flavours.. ;(
so i end up getting the warm choc cake!
damn nice i tell you~ its a MUST!!
and raju got her Lemon Meringue!
waiter reminded her "its very sweet eh.."
but waited never remind me that i have to wait 8mins!
they need to mould the cake & heat it up..
raju even came back with 2 cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery!
it starred in the famous SeX & The City movie!!
but they turn beyond recognition so no pix! ;x
we walked up & down the Orchard & Somerset Road.
talk & snap & snap & snappp.......
this passerby can only use DSLR i presume.
use iphone camera & he took this kinda photo?!

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Friday, December 16, 2011

colleagues xmas xchange'11

had a mini xmas xchange with my colleagues in office.
selina & amy even mak a trip down despite being on leave.
siowhong & kk sponsor a cheese cake too!
here the cheesecake!
lucky they bght this instead of logcake.
cux all of us r full from lunch.
individual shots of polaroid 4 colleagues!
gonna turn these polaroid shots into a scrapbook page!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

the day of jamS

i dont know if its call unlucky or unfortunate.
that my parents went for their holidays & left me & sis at home.
so we hafta juggle feeding toto his 2 meals.
fatefully, yesterday was the 1st day my parents flew off.
and coincidentally both me & sis got appt at night.
hence we split into 2 shift to feed toto's dinner.
i took the evening shift - cooking & feeding him 1st round.
after that when my sis came home, she'll feed the 2nd round.
i left office at 4:45pm and reached home 5:50pm.
cook; feed; bath; prepare & went off again at 7:10pm.
reached bishan mrt at 7:30pm only to see this...
i took photo & post it onto my twitter.
haven got chance 2 browse through my tweet feed yet..
and i hopped on to bus 88 thinking i can get access to train..
look at the amount of ppl on the bus!
lucky i came on early so i got myself a seat lah!
thought reach Toa Payoh got train end up...

NO!!! i was so so wrong about it!
remember my 1st image -
between Marina Bay & Braddell both directions!
wah lao~ i wasted my time taking bus to toa payoh loh. -.-"
checked through the bus directory & decided 2 take bus instead lah.
but wait! look at this Q of bus 143!
i can barely see the start of the Q seriously!
thank god its a double deck & i got myself a seat comfortably.
the journey from Toa Payoh to Chinatown took me a whole 1hr+.
no thanks to the jam along Orchard Rd to Somerset area.
was so hungry when i arrived at the place with colleagues! -.-"

barely 1hr+ later, we hafta head off liao..
thinking that the train system might not have resumed so i took a bus.
but the bus refused to appear aft 15mins wait!!! >.<
my colleague offered 2 drop me somewhere nearer 2 my hse..
which i suggested NOvena? but her friend was nice enough to fetch me to amk.
since from chinatown to amk via CTE is quite fast.
however, the moment his car enter the entrance of CTE..
we are so wrong!!
look at this crazy jam!!
i only managed to reach home at 1210am.

so i literally spent 4hrs jamming & 1hr with my colleagues.
what a nice 15th Dec that i've got.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

XXL Chix

the day i tried the famous taiwan XXL Chix in singapore!
can u tell how big it is?!

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

bakerzin rocks

their motto : love sweets; love life!
can u tell their desserts are damn nice LAH!
there's this hot choc cake; 2 scoops of ice cream;
4 macarons; a slice of tiramisu and 2 slice of waffles.
all these for $25, would u b willing to eat?
for me, the hot choc cake was dabomb!
took them 15mins to make it and whooo paired with vanilla ice cream,
seriously it left me wanting for more more more!


Friday, December 02, 2011

hello baby elann!

the day the couple bring their baby elann out for "field visit"!
fortunate for me working in the same co. get to see her!

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