DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Thursday, July 04, 2013


early morning we set off thanks to ahboon for fetching us to airport!
and we wooootssss off from hazy SG to 买东西吃东西 HK!
was super lucky of us to escape the peak PSI period that hit SG that weekend.

arrived in HK and we proceed to take all the necessary maps/ guides.
first time in my numerous time of visiting HK did i buy their prepaid card!
ohman, we seriously did not make the wrong decision!
we get to continue stay connected online via fb, twitter, instagram etc.
followed by buying the octopus card cux we gonna try a new way of getting to city.

from Arrival Hall level, we went all e way down to road/ bus interchange.
took bus A21 and its so convenient and useful!
e bus got a LED board right infront that inform pax of e next stop.
so we roughly guage e stop & alighted.
 walked arnd 5mins & arrived at our hotel, Cityview!
sadly, we wasnt assigned the newly refurbished part of the hotel.
the room we got looks abit rundown with their flushing system totally cmi!
imagine having to flush arnd 2-3 times b4 it actually flushes. -.-
hub took a rest before we commence our holidayss!

because by then was already late afternoon like 3/4-ish,
so we settled for some light finger food near our hotel & choose Itamae Sushi.
i only ate some as most of their sushis were raw but of course i got my chawamushi.
wandered around and settled our dinner upon seeing Tsui Wah Restaurant!
who can turn down yummilicious yellow skinned chix rice?
ignore the fact that it cost 58HKD which is close to SG$10,
we ordered their baked swiss wings which was equally good too.
nearby our hotel i choose to visit Yee Shun Milk Company for dessert.
some sort like satisfying the hub's craving for steamed milk too.
call it a day which by then was close to 11-ish when we reach our hotel.

Second Day
First Stop : Australian Dairy Farm brekkie!
we Q-ed for nearly 10-15mins and got a sharing table with fellow SGP!
e couple gave us some suggestions of where to visit/ walk.
what a nice feeling to bump into fellow SGP overseas.
Second Stop : The Peak
as it is the second time hub visit HK, i decided to bring him for a visit.
suppose to overlook the whole HK from a topdown view.
we took the peak tram up, new experience as well.
bought the bundle of tram ride & entry tix to the observatory level.
had a wonderful time there!
looking at the scenary and breathing FRESH air!
aft spending 10-15mins there, we head down & hopped in for lunch!

 Third Stop : Bubba Gump lunch
initially i was saying this restaurant learn from Forest Gump.
only to realize that it is indeed like a sister restaurant to it. ;x
almost 90% of their dishes are prawn related..
i shall spare u from salivating over lookin at our delicious food pix.
so worth it! the cheesy macaroni; cocktail chilled prawns & fried onion rings.
both of us are so fulfilled aft this lunch.
walked around their new blks of shopping mall & spotted Tai Cheong Bakery!
we bought an eggtart to share since the lunch is still fresh in stomach.
then Starbucks to get the starbucks card for our dear collectible starbuck fan.
tram down and took a horrendous 25-30mins walk..
that really killed me, i mean my happy vacay mood.
cux my feet was hurting so badly with the small pair of flats. ;(
poor hub gotta endure my sudden mood swing.
finally arrived at the bus terminal & took bus no. 6x to go Stanley Beach/ Market!
there are indeed alot of kids & toddlers' wear selling but we were too lazy to dig.
and along their beach, they have what looks like our Clarke Quay style.
restaurants all lined up facing the sea with occasional sea breeze blowing in.
managed to buy a cheap pair of flats to change on before continue-ing the journey.
took a rest along the beach as well & thats where we got our sandfly bites!
aahhhhh was so itchy the very next day & until now to be be honest.
bought a cuppa NewYorkFries to go & pair with starbucks beverage as teabreak.
bid goodbye to the place & bus back to Central station.
wanted to visit this famous wanton mee shop only to see that its closed!
hence we decided to give Yung Kee a try & lucky us, we get to eat their roast goose!!
by then it was really late like 8+ or 9 but we still got to try them.
moreover on a Sat, how not to say we are lucky?!
they even included the roast goose drumstick for us, usually have to top up 40HKD!
together with its signature plum sauce.. come say AAhHHHHH with me!
i can literally imagine drooling after the drumstick now. *slurps
we ordered another plate of veg together with 2 noodle mains for us each.
arrived back at Yau Ma Tei, hub agreed to eat Hui Lau Shan with me!
that pretty much sums up our 2nd day..
with hub sillily waiting for 12am to wish me Happy Birthday only to hear me telling him,
"its already half past 12 mn leh?!"

Third Day
Breakfast was done near our hotel and today is Tsim Sha Tsui day!
our first stop was the huge 2 storeys H&M!
we basically spent around 1+30 there trying on clothes & taking turn for toilet.
paid a short visit to Harbourcity Mall which was terribly HUGE!
thats like 4-5 vivo city combined together?
was just to help my sis-in-law buy a hair wax from a renowned HK house brand.
after that we hurried over to grab a cuppa Hui Lau Shan and stroll to take Star Ferry!
that is hub's first experience on Star Ferry and sad to say, was so crowded!
we couldnt get a good background to snap photo of. ;(
even the famous star engraved on the seat were not seen either.
arrived at City Hall station, we cab over to Central hoping to find the famous wanton mee.
was trying to walk down to the nearest station only to spot Lin Heung Restaurant.
since its famous for its old style dim sum, we gave it a try.
however the staff were so unfriendly, like really really unfriendly.
we were starving by then and hafta settle with some simple dim sum.
hub even ordered char siew and roast goose for us.
was a bad experience afterall, i wouldnt wanna visit there again.
from there we took a train down to Causeway Bay, Times Square!
thats us with the supposingly Monster INC entrance.
thanks to the passerby for this shot, that couldnt tell the words at all. -.-
went around to SOGO and Causeway Bay Mall I to find Porter.
was helping a friend to find lanyard and bag as well.
thats when we came to SOGO and hub got me a pair of Fitflops!
yes, my feet was swelling quite badly on the 3rd day & my shoes r not helping.
so, in order to spare me the pain & him the moodiness, he got me a pair!
yay to HAPPY FEET liao!
accomplished another mission of buying a suitable lanyard, we went for dinner!
again, very lucky us got a seat immediately even though was peak hour.
our dinner venue is Tai Ping Koon Restuarant!
according to recommendations, their swiss chix wings & souffle are good.
so both items were ordered & we added 1 more spaghetti.
the time taken for e order was honestly long.
we polished off the spaghetti and hafta wait like 15mins for the chix wings.
the souffle only arrived like 30mins after the chix wings!
here's how gigantic the souffle is!
even bigger than my face right?! (even though i know my face is round)
we seriously had a hard time finishing everything!
but all is worthwhile, as its something like an unusual bdae celebration. :D
the day ended with me getting a cuppa Hui Lau Shan as we walked back hotel.

Forth & The Last Day
breakfast as usual was settled near Yau Ma Tei MTR station.
and we hurry back to Causeway Bay Times Square for buying peanuts!!
before that i visit Log-On and grab some cute stationary too.
and since we are nearby at Central, we decided to visit the famous wanton mee again.
unfortunately, its closed for renovation!!
Note to self, MUST MUST visit this shop when i go HKG again.
so we decided to give another stall a visit since its really nearby at Central.
totally brand new experience!
its a 大排挡 call 胜香园!!
really old school with tattered & torn shelter.
but the staff were exceptionally friendly even though we are tourists.
ordered their famous tomato soup based noodle, crispy bun & legendary milk tea!
OH MAN! thats the best milk tea i have ever tried in HKG!
i really must admit, i swear its the BEST!
eating within a tiny area with people from different country sharing the table.
thats really a brand new experience, isnt it?
we shared tabled with another Taiwanese girls & 2 hongkee guys.
3 different country in 1 small square sized table.
the sudden downpour broke the ice among us as we cooperate to shift the table.
hardly we get to enjoy eating something hot outdoor & yet not complaining.
as the rain become smaller, we went off & chanced upon a Nail Palace!
i had my pedicure done while hub waited for me.
because its the last day, we whacked everything double!
their hot weather was nowhere as hot as SG.
went back Mongkok for me to shop around Argyle Center!
managed to get 2 tops & 1 bag which is consider not so bad afterall?
had a so-so dinner nearby & walked around the night market.
hub also got happy feet after buying a pair of comfy slippers from Nike!
the day i hope it doesnt arrive has arrived already.. ;(

Last Day
woke up superbly early & head out due to my impromptu-ness,
hub accommodate me and we wanted to go Tim Ho Wan for breakfast!
only to be told that it has relocate!! *cry out loud
hafta settle breakfast elsewhere and dabao some roast goose + char siew home.
run some errands at HKIA and boarded the aircraft bound for home.
i know its gonna be another long period b4 im able to set foot into hkg again..
thats why i was struggling inside.. cant bear to leave..
this is considered as my very last meal in HK.
the Tsui Wah yellow skinned chix rice which cost 72HKD at the airport!
guys, pls eat it outside instead of at the airport.

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