DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Nihon Koku no Jomuin desu

jux had my 1st Jap class 2dae!
it was more enjoyable than my last wk's class..
maybe bcux the sensei was humurous?
gotta monitor him 4 another few days b4 i can cfm..

here's a short conversation i learnt 2dae..
Okyakusama wa XxX-sama desu ka?
Gotojo Arigato Gozaimasu
Watakushi wa Beronika desu
Dozo Yoroshiku Onegai Itashimasu.

*Beronika because :
- no VE & CA in Jap consonants

some photos 2 share below..
taken with my "Power Rangers" clique..
LOL! all thx to Eileen, we got this name.. ;p
taken on e 1st day..
while every1 is busy touching up,
me & Jill girl was snapping..
with my Buddy, Kelly and Jill..
on e way talkin 2 MRT..
fooling arnd?
tryin 2 squeeze every1 into e pix..
but Gillian's face was cut off???
but Eileen wasnt arnd..
we're the Power Rangers!!
Jill even send us Power Rangers ringtone to use..
OMG! i cant imagine if it rings on e MRT..
Gillian, Jill & Adeline
with my buddy Kelly!!
i hope we can pass all trg & go OJT together!!
taken jux nw at Crystal Jade..

the training will not be so enjoyable w/o them..
im glad i've got nice classmates arnd.. ;D

will be back 2 update e rest soon..
need 2 go study for my quiz..


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Whats Left..

is only this..
which i cant seems 2 erase off..

jux like how memories keep coming back..


Saturday, July 19, 2008


i am really disappointed.
because until now, you stil cant made up your mind.
you still refuse to acknowledge the problem.
escaping from reality, not facing the truth till now.

pardon me for making this decision on your behalf.
i cant stand waiting at the grey area with you.
the race will never be complete if;
im always the one chasing behind,
and you are always the one running ahead.
it takes two hands to clap.

maybe it was never meant to be.

all the best to you.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Busy Bee

im like so freaking busy right now..
everyday my brain is filled with so much new stuffs..
i can hardly get any free moment except toilet breaks.. ;s

anyway, i haven got my pay from my C*C yet lahx!
2dae is supposed 2b the pay day & yet they're delaying it?
gonna call up the lady 2 ask abt it..
they'd better not ask me 2 go down collect..
if not i'll do the handover v unproperly.. hahaha~

i've been spending so much these days..
2 pair of stockings ytd..
lipstick + gatsby wax 2dae.. ;(
im also freaking broke nw..

when is my pay coming?
when is my pay coming?
when is my pay coming?
when is my pay coming?
when is my pay coming?


Sunday, July 13, 2008


jux imagine waitin 1hr+ to get a report done..
its only to shift 1 item to another place..
and add 1 + 2 together ONLY!

simply testing my patience limit..
& now my slping time gonna be push back bcux of YOU!
figure out how 2 do the report B4 u receive the raw data.
DONT delay other people's time because of you alone!
the world doesnt revolve around you only!

Credits HERE


Farewell Lunch @ Secret Recipe

my colleagues excluding 2 boss treat me 2 lunch!
hehehe~ decided v long b4 we settle with Secret Recipe..
my blackcurrent Iced Tea..
tasted kinda weird IMO..
mushroomy soup.. v thick i like~
e last time we went 2 Secret Recipe is 4 Annie's Farewell...
and in less than 2mths time, its my turn.. ;s
Grilled Chix in Mexican sauce..
i think its abit peppery taste?
my Grilled Chix in Mushroom sauce..
like why mushroom again right?
cux e rest of e sauce r spicy/hot..
e Mocha Choc cake..
shared e soup & cake with Sherrine..
luckily we made this decision..
cux e cake's mocha taste was overwhelming..
and e soup is too thick 4 consuming all..
she even bght me a farewell gift - toiletries bag!
which i'll put it to gd use! ;D thanks dear!
i'll nv 4get u thou u've only joined us < 1mth..
& im gonna look them up when im free..
cux i miss tjpg FOOD!!

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nice Catching Up

its been long since i last meet them..
or might be due to not meetin 4 lunch?
so we arranged 2 meetup 4 dinner ytd nite..
all 3 of us OT-ed until nearly 6:30pm..
with e acc of xiang's bf cux he'll be my replacement!
tehehehe~ both of them was pretty elated..
4 e starting pay of her bf, of cux xiang is happy..
shun bian pass us e souvenirs she got frm hk.
e pekkle sweet she got 4 lisa..
cux lisa so happy with it lahx.. ;p
c how excited she is..
tryin 2 open up e plastic bag & c inside..
turns out its only normal sweets..
still, she get 2 keep e metal pekkle box..
& my gifts frm xiang..
thx 4 e gifts! i really like it..
even e tee fits me well orhx.. ;D

had sucha great time catching up..
esp when we brght up e subject of sec 3 camp..
both of them rem e incident of my "naked" moment..
OMG! i really 4gotten abt it already..
we exchanged our slpin bad habits..
both of them snore when they slp.. ;x
while i slp talk & toss + turn everywhere..
i can even slp with my head at 1 end,
wake up with my head literally at the opp. end..
how e hell did i do that? im unsure.. xD
well, hope we'll have more of such catchin up sessions..

homed with e courtesy of free rides from xiang's bf..
got biten by TOTO!
-.-" on my last day & 2days b4 my trg starts..
he hafta give me such nice gifts..
c his "act innocent" face at the background?
FYI, my right hand thumb area is blue blacked nw..
i wonder wil e wound left a scar behind? =\

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Thanks Jennive!

i met Jennive girl 4 lunch twice this wk!
all bcux i wont have much chance 2 meet her anymore..
not even 4 passin her the spree loots..
as i wont be workin @ tjpg anymore.. *sobx*
being v sweet of her, she acc me 2 Foto Hub 2 take photo..
(i duno wth is UOB Centre???)
have our last lunch 2gether & even got me a gift!
(seriously! girls r really more thoughtful than guys)
i am honestly vv surprised when she passed me this..
its really pretty consoling..
like most spree-ers wil not do such thing 2 organizers..
no matter how thankful they are, they'll only give u gd FBs..
BUT they'll nv let u earn extra $$ from them..
yet this girl here act. spend more $$ and get sth 4 me..
im vv touched.. really..
if you ever asked me what i've gained by org sprees..
i'll say, org sprees let me c all kinda ppl..
but im glad, i've got more spree-ers who r gd than bad..

jux bcux right frm e start i told her i wanna get this..
she even remembered it up til now!!
like aft gettin all sorts of Benefit products & i nv get this..
so she joined another person's spree & ordered this..
jux 4 my sake! its really my honour 2 have her as a friend..
from a organizer/spree-er r/s, we've bcum friends..
she's also e girl i mention when i planned 2 visit US durin yr end..
too bad.. the plan gotta be postpone til my probation ends..

Jennive, im so gonna miss lunchin with u..
wil definitely meet u up durin my rest days..
*this i promise you.. =)

+ also e Tue lunch @ Pastamania with Mandy & Jocelyn..
they're also 2 nice spree-ers i've known frm sprees..
v nice & accomodating + trusting..
even when i hafta hold on to their items > 1wk,
they nv rush or demand anything frm me..
wil also meet them up when im bac from trainings..

im so starting 2 miss tjpg already..
the PO, NTUC, POSB, UOB, Western food, mkt..
almost everything!
& i din even get 2 send email out 2 bid farewell..
cux im so freakin busy ytd! ;(
reminds me that im f* pissed with 1 of my colleague..
he delays my report end up i cant complete it in time..
nw nehx nehx is askin me 2 go bac on Mon aft my trg lohx..
jux imagine how pissed off i am right now..

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Finally.. My Bdae Updates..

as mentioned b4.. i really duwan 2 cele..
but they gave me a surprise instead! ;O
i was at home with my family on my bdae itself..
and suddenly arnd 9-ish, e doorbell rang..
toto was barking non-stop & i went peephole 2c..
its all "reddish" dark so i asked my sis 2 tak a look..
"i was wondering which bian tai was that?"
den my sis went inside her rm 2 change..
i told my mama, "cant c anything lehx? duno who?"
but aft telling her that, i suspect mux b sum1 i know..
since its my bdae.. mux b sum1 up to sth..
even my mum oso suspect its my friends cux she say,
"its ur bdae.. mux b ur friends.."
hahahah~ true as she say.. its my love ones..
i look super pale & haggard i know..
thats wat i wear at hm can? ;p
e culprits.. while waitin 4 me 2 change..
do i look better now with sth else?
with my grp of girls.. ;D
& e cake they got 4 me..
MANGO CAKE! aka Ms Mango given by xiang..
but honestly, that piece of Mango on top is sour.. ;x

behind the glam photos..
here's e unglam part of them..
while preparing e cake outside my hse..
hohoho~ watch it pls!
i spent nearly 30mins+ uploadin to photobucket..
another part of celebration with my family..
can be found HERE from my sis's blog..

enjoy e 2 videos that follow..

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Sunday, July 06, 2008


if given a choice :
1. bun your hair
2. cut short your hair
me however, decided with the latter.
and went ahead 2 chop it off w/o any preparation..
even Jill girl was saying, "you're very very efficient!"
1st time in my 6yrs,
spotting sucha short hair..
i rem my last short hair was during sec sch?
right side was purposely cut shorter than left..
the side view which reveals a shorter rear view..

hehehe~ nice anot?
i think i'll continue keeping it short..
since i've got long hair 4 so looonnggg already..
and these photos were taken using EEE webcam worx..
xiaobai, you're given a v impt task -
that is to travel arnd e world with me in future!


Pleasant Surprise 4 Her!

on 4th July, which is US Independence Day,
we, comprises of me, lisa, zhen & cine,
woke up @ an odd hour jux 2 give e special 1 a surprise..
its HER bdae & also she's flying 2 HK for hols..
therefore, we planted a mole, who is her bf 2 help us..
delay their check-in time & we spring out 2 surprise her!
hehehe~ too bad she wasnt moved to tears like wat i xpected..
still, im glad we each gave her a memorable bdae.. ;)
hope she's enjoyin herself over there..
she & her bf on skytrain..
headin bac to T1 check-in for their flight already..
(remaining pix 2b updated when she's back)
us 4 in e toilet aft sendin her off..
its e 1st time we al gather at the airport..
hopefully we get a chance 2 travel 4 hols 2gether, yeahx?
love this pix!
but cine's face was chopped off..
while waitin 4 lisa..
had our Mac bf & started visiting toilet..
so typical routine 4 me.. ;x
acc zhen wait 4 skytrain..
she need 2 head back T1 2 get her car 4 work..
i hate my current baby sumtimes..
e autofocus sometimes doesnt autofocus wat i want..
bid byebye 2 her when e train came..
toilet again..
but its cine's turn this time rnd..
aft she finished her business..
heheheh~ took several times b4 its OKIE!
on e train headin 2 work..
1st time we go work 2gether horx?
my hp's self-timer ticks so loudly..
majiam some time bomb ticking away.. ;x

i rched offic freaking early..
@ 7:45am lohx.. -.-"
woke up @ 2:30am to prepare,
left hm @ 3:50am 2 meet zhen downstairs..
she fetch me 2 lisa's place @ 4am.
left lisa's hse @ 4:06am & arrive @ cine's place..
rched airport at 4:30am sharp..
bid byebye to xiang @ 6am sharp..
took train 2 office frm airport @ 7:05am..
its really a long long day 4 me on Fri..
bcux aftn i head down to sign my bond already..
does that means a confirm for me?
there's stil uncertainties within me..
i dont understand why..

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Celebration for ...

passing my BTT! hahaha~
was super stress cux e 2 girls beside me FAILED!
consider 5mins b4 deciding 2 submit..
and luckily! i was greeted with a PASSED! yippie~
here's my result slip..
visited Waraku for e 1st time!
i know i know i know~ im slow..
their chawa is really marvellous~
but prices wise.. ahem~
hehehe~ i love this with e mayo & dar sauce on eggs..
there's raw cabbage wrapped inside e egg.. ;D
erm.. i honestly 4got wats this..
my Unagi fried rice..
its delicious.. e rice is v special..
unagi super soft & tender~
head 2 Azabu Sabo 4 desserts..
can u imagine i finished this up?!
which i regretted after that.. ;s
e mango slices r sour lahx..
1st time eat mango until so unwillingly!

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