DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

2dae's post gonna b a sad sad one..
cux my 2 dearies have jux been declared single.
within 12hrs.. both of dem bcum single again..
zhen broke up wib siang.. cux she is tired of e r/s
aric broke up wib cine.. cux he is tired of it..
one is 2yrs n e other is 1 and a half yrs..
such a long r/s can end in jux a sms..
jux a few words 2 end e r/s..
isnt love vulnerable?
when u say u love me 4eva.. do u really mean it?
words r jux words.. with no action..
it wont mean anitin..
tis yr so much have happened..
gonna do a recollection b4 new yr..

i tink tats how my dearies feel nw..

Sunday, December 26, 2004

hOhOhO.. mErRy xMaS eVery1..
tHou iS abIt e lAte.. bUdDEn hOpe eVery1 eNjOy tHeIR xMas eHx?
kEke.. gOtTa uPdAte wAt hAppEn 4 e pAst 2 dAys lE..
dUn bLaME mE iF iM tOo lOng-wIndEd kx?

xmAs eVe [24th dEc]
mOrn nO nEed gO cLaSs.. cUx wAs cAnCeL..
n i wAtcH e dVds i bOrRoW fRm cIne loRx..
tExAs cHaInsAw.. LoLx.. yEahx.. wAtcH iT aGaIn..
cUx i mIss e sUbtItLes e oTh tIme.. nW i gEt e whoLe sToRy lE..
n oSo 13 gOiN oN tO 30. wOwx.. wAs a gReAt sHow..
i've wAtcHed b4 tOo.. iN e cInEma.. hAha..
wAs fEeLin kINda bOred wHen mIn mSg mE..
aSkIn 2 mEet uP 4 cOfFeE.. weLl weLL.. oF cUx i aGrEe..
iS xMAs eVe rIte? shLd gO oUt eNjOy mAhx..
kEke.. b4 gOin dOwn bOon lAy 2 mEet hEr.. i hEad 2 sEngkAng 1st..
pAss mY dArLing e cOokIes tAt i'vE mAde..
i wAs sO sCAre tAt hE wiLl sAy is aWfuL.. sO i kEep it uNtiLl..
wHen i wAs gOin oFF dEn gIve hIm..
bUt *hEng* hE aTe a fEw.. bUt nv gimMe aNy cOmmEnts..
=p dEn i tOok 156 to cLemEnti b4 tAkIn tRaIn dWn bOon lAy..
iM uSin bUs cOnCessiOn.. tAts y i loVe tAkIn bUs.. ;)
rCh bOon lAy aRnd 7:20 n wAited 4 Min..
eNd up aRnd 8+ dEn we nOe wE gOt e plaCe mIxEd up..
sHe'S wAitIn aT bT bAtOk.. n mE aT bOon lAy..
mUAhHAha~ dEn sHe tOOk tRaIn dWn fINd mE..
hAd lOng jOhn 2gEtHeR.. cHit cHaTtEd..
n i fOund oUt.. iM lAte.. cUx i tOld dArling meetin hIm at 10
oOooPx!!! n e tIme iS liKe 9:49 aLAdy.. hAa~
so i fAster hUrRy to e mRt sTation n tOok tRaIn dOWn..
bUmP iN 2 aiLiAn worx.. *gRInx*
sHe gOin 2 cOuntdOwn aT eSpLaNade.. wIb mEng.. n fRenx..
bLeaHx.. shE aLigHt aT cIty haLl wHile mE aT bUgIs..
wAtcH Kungfu HustLe wIB dArLing aT sHAw tOwer..
wHoa~ alOt ppL nEhx.. lUckY dArlIng wEnt eArLy 2 bUy tIx..
n wAs abLe 2 get e sEaTs we owAys bUy..
hEe~ loVe wAtchIn mOvIes wIb dArlIng.. *sHy*
aFT e mOvIe.. wE wAlk a bIg bIg rNd 2 gEt 2 sUntEc..
aS mOst oF e eNtRaNce r cLoSed..
bGht tIx 4 aNotHer mOvIe.. Meet The Fockers..
lOlx.. wE wEnt in 1st.. dEn mIn n iVan cAme aLong..
dArlIng sEeMs v tIrEd wOrx.. cUx act. hE dUwAn 2 wAtch dE..
bUt i wAnt.. sO hE rElEnt.. n wAtch wIb mE loRx..
iT eNdEd at 4am.. iN wHich mIn n iVan hEad hm..
wHiLe mE n dArling wAlk 2 eSpLaNade..
dUnO y.. dArling nOt as tIrEd as iN e mOvIes..
n kEep sAyIn tHoSe lAme jOkes.. lOlx.. loVe mY dArLing.. =p
rCh cLarkE qUay aRnd 5+am.. wE sAt aRnd e Sg river..
i leAn oN hIs cHest.. n have sOme heArt 2 heArt tok..
kEke.. i aDmit im a pIg.. fEeLin sLpy sIax..
n i lIe oN hIs lAp iNsTeaD.. n lOok aT e sKy of sTars..
nOt alot.. bUt e fEeLin wAs gReaT~
2c sTArs wIb my dArLing.. yEaHx.. i love iT..
6+ wE wAlk 2 e bUs stOp neAr lIang cOurt n tOok 54 tO bIsHan..
i sLpt.. hoLdIn oN2 dArling's aRm.. hEe..
fElt sO fOrtUnAte worx.. *bLush*
hE wOke mE uP when wE rcHed.. n hEad 4 bReakfAst..
i dRaNk tEh bIng oNi.. cUx wAsnt In2 breakfast mAhx..
n i lOok sEh Seh 2 hIm.. cUx i kEep "sToNiNg"
hE aCc mE hM aFT tAt.. i rCh hm aT 8am sHarp..

xMAs day [25th dEc]
mOrn turn in aT 9am.. sLpt uNtiL 12+
wAs wOke up bY mY hp.. kEep vIbRating..
aRghx.. oNi 3hrs of sLp sIax.. 1st time..
wEnt onlIne.. n kOr aSk mE out wOrx.. kEke..
sAy wAnt tReat mE eAt.. *yUmMy*
i aGrEe.. n aSk zHen aLong tOo..
rCh tOwn aRnd 3+pm.. n gUess wAt?
kOr gImme e bEar wHiCh i wAntEd..
e Me To You bear wIb "sOmeone lOves You" oN iT..
Oh gOsh~ i wAs dAmn sUrpRiSed.. *bEaMx*
wEnt 2 eAt sWeNsEns n lIstEn 2 kOr's sToRy..
dEn hEerEn 2 tAk nEo.nEo..
yeahx.. xmAs dAy nEo.nEo wOrx..
i tOok wIb zHen nAhx.. kEke..
was feElin aBit uNweLL dE.. sTomAch cRaMp..
bUt tOt oF aCc zHen 2 hEr pUb 1st..
cUx nOt mUch ppL aRnd, i sTay aWhiLe 2 aCc hEr loRx..
pLay sUm pOol n dAi dEe.. b4 gOin hM aRnd 9+
dUn fEel tAt gOod aT tAt tIme lE..
bUt rCh hm.. my fAmiLy wAnna pLay mAhjOng..
sO.. oF cUx.. tEmptEd.. i wAnna pLay tOo..
fINaLLy tUrn iN at 2am..

tOdAy [26th dEc]
rOt aT hM 2 rEst n rEcUpErAte..
sTomAch cRaMp uNtiL uNbeArabLe aRhx..
nEarLy cRy oUt.. bUt *hEng* gOt bEttEr lE..
aRbO cAn gO sUntEc mEet mIn mAhx..
sUntEc gOt aNimAl fAir? oR wAteVa tAt iS..
rElated 2 aNImAl dE.. kEke..
gOtta pOst mY prEsSy pIx uP..
rEaLly lOve tIs yr xMas..
1st tIme cElE wIb mY bf.. nono.. Not 1st tIme..
bUt mOst eNjOyaBle.. n i sTay oUt whoLe nIte..
yIpPeE.. okok.. eNUfF cRaPs.. heRe's e pIx..

tIs bEaR iS fRm kOr dE.. loVe iT e cOre.. *mUaCkx*
iS rEstIn oN mY bed nW wOrx..

hp sTraP fRm mY mUm.. kEke.. aBit e sMaLL..
cAnt c cLearLy.. bUt i lOve iT tOo.. cUx iS a rAbbit..

a cUp frm aiLiAn.. e wOrds r v mEaniNgfuL dE wOrx..

a lEvIs pOuCh fRm my sIs.. *wiNkx*
i lOve iT tOo.. cUx is levIs dE maHX.. love levIs tHinGy..

a tOp frm cHris.. v nice wOrx..
tIs tOp iS e 1 im aImIng 2 bUy dE maHx..
gOt sTaRs.. sO i love iT v mUch..
*gRiNx* aLOt pResSy hOrx? hAha..
weLl weLl gOtTa eNd hEre liaox.. nitEy~

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

//\\ sLaCky dAy //\\

liKe i'vE sAid, mEet mIn 4 lUnch aT cEntRal..
aFt lUnCh, wEnt 2 wAlk aRnd cEntRaL.. n sHe lOok 4 pReSsy 4 iVan..
kEKe.. iVan aSk 4 sUm "nIcey nIcey" tHiNgy..
lOlx.. nOt cOnvenIeNt 2 sAy oUt heRe.. hAhah..
mIn, u nOe i nOe cAn lE hOrx? =D
aNiwAy sHe dEn cUm my hSe loRx.. pLay wIb tOtO..
dUno y tOtO bArk aWhiLe oNi n aLrIgHt liAox..
uNliKe oThs worx.. sUmOre kEep wAntIn mIn 2 sAyAng hIm..
lOlx.. n iM oFF 2 mAk mY cOokIex.. *yUmMy*
wHiLe mIn uSe e cOm 2 mSn n cHeck mAils eTc..
rEaLLy hAd a hArd tIme mAkin cOokIes sIax..
sO u gUys bEttEr dUn cOmpLaIn iTs aWfuL kx?
hAha.. gOt sUm tUrn cHao tA.. bUt sUm aLrIgHt..
sOoo c how iZzIt laHx.. tmL bAg heAvy..
mAyb nOt bRiNgIng 2 sCh lE.. =p
fInIshIn mY cOokIes.. i heLp mIn 2 tAk pIx wIb tOtO..
n tOok sUm pIx oF e pReSsy i gOt frm dEarIes..
bUt 1st.. lEmMi sHow u e fLesh iMp sTufFs..

nIce hp sTraP hOrx? bUt nOt v cLear lAhx.. kEke..
weLL weLL, uP nX is e bRacelEt i gOt fRm zHen..

dEn e rIpcurL tOp fRm cIne..

hEre's sUm pIx i tOok 4 mIn dE..

hEhe.. m aT hM nw lE wOrx..
jUx nW wEnt 4 lEct.. bUt lEss tHan 40mIns lTr..
lEct eNd lE.. cUx lEctUrEr nOt fEeLing weLL..
kEke.. sTay aWhiLe iN sCh 2 dIscUss RWP tHiNgy..
aFt tAt cHa bO, aiLiAn n sHarmAnIe wEnt 2 eAt..
dEn i gO hM lOrx.. cUx wAnna mAk cOokIes mAhx..
hIaKx hIakx.. tmL lEt my cLaSsmAtes tRy..
=D rCh hM aCt. iNtEnd 2 aSk my mUm bUy lUnch bAc..
bUt mIn sAy sHe fEeLin v dOwn.. wAnNa mEet mE..
tAts y.. lTr m gOin oFf lE.. kEke..
mEetIn hEr aT cEntRal 2 sEttLe lUnCh..
eAtIn e tAiwAn rAmEn aGaIn.. *gRInx*
oH yAhx.. yTd mEet zHen gO tOwn bUy hEr pReSsy..
lEt hEr cHooSe fLesh iMp tOp.. n i bGht a tEes
dEn cIne aRriVe.. n sHe bGht a fLesh iMp bAg wOrx..
wE sPeNd a tOtaL oF $100+ sIax..
sO cAn b a VIP 4 fLesh iMp.. hAha.. uNdEr mY nAme..
gOt a fReE hP sTrap, fLeSh iMp tOp n VIP bAdge pLus a vOucHEr..
v nIce wOrx e hP sTRap.. mAyb lTr tAk pIx n pOst hEre..
dEn jOy cAme aLoNg tOo.. wE xcHaNge pReSsy..
cIne lOve e aDidAs beLt i gOt 4 hEr..
n oF cUx i lOve e rIpcUrL tOp sHe gOt 4 mE..
tHou iS a sIze sMaLLer.. hAHa.. i wEar lE sUpEr tIgHt..
iF sHE c aRhx.. sUre sAy "sExy" dE.. LoLx..
zHen bGht 4 mE a sTar bRaCElEt.. n cIne a cRoSs nEcky..
wE loVe e pReSsy wE gOt 4 eAch oTh laHx..
kEKe.. dEn i wEnt 2 fAr eAst gEt pRessy 4 cHa bO tOo..
oVeraLl sPEnd aLot aRhx.. *sObx*sObx*
bUt i sPotTed e bEar wHich i wAnt aT tAka wOrx..
hEre iT iS..

v kE aI hOrx e bEar? hAHa.. i iNsIst oN tAkIn pIx wIb iT..
hAha.. loVe iT sO mUch nEhx..
hOpe mY fUtUre bf wiLl bUy tIs 4 mE.. mUAhaha~

n tHis iS mE wIb jOy wOrx.. *wInkx*

Monday, December 20, 2004

//\\ sUm pIx 2 sHare //\\

fEaturIn e 2 fOnes wHich i lOve rIte now..
nOkIa 7610

pAntEch G100

tHeSe rIngs r e oNes mE n zHen c 2dAe..
aT hEerEn 4th levEl..
sHop nAme is sTyLe eLemEnts..

nOt v nIceLy tAken.. cUx cAnt let e oWnEr noe..
n sUmOre mY hP cAm nOt v gOod lAhx..
kEke.. iS e mIddLe pAir wHich wE lIke..
nW hAvin xMAs dIscOunt wOrx.
15% off nEhx.. =)

tHis is how my oLd hAirstyle lOok lIke fRm bhInd..
mIss mY hAir.. vv mUchy~
nw mY hAir lEft sO lIttLe nIax..

jUx nW aFt sCh mEet zHen gO tOwn bUy pReSsy..
wAs sO tIrEd aRhx.. bGht a tOp 4 a fReN..
dEn wAlk dOwn 2 PS jUx 4 e sAke oF eAtIn oMeLetTe..
kEke.. kInda bO liAox aRhx.. n bGht sTh 2 mAk 4 dArLing..
cArRy sO mUch tHingy sIax.. dA bAo xIao bAo..
hAha~ aNiwAy sAw a fRen oF mIne aT PS..
wAs sO qIao loRx.. dIn eXpEcteD iT lAhx.. sUrpRiSe..
rCh hM pRepAre finIsh n b a pIg liaox.. vv tIrEd..
sLp hAlfWay.. dUno wHu sMs me..
i cHeck le n cOn't sLpIn.. n tHerE iT cUms aGaIn..
iNtErnEt sMs.. i cHeck n gO bAc 2 sLp..
bUdDen aFt aWhiLe.. cIne mSg me..
sTh hAppEn 2 hEr n aRic maHx.. sO i fAster wAke up..
n repLiEd hEr loRx.. cUx sHe sOunds qUiTe sAd..
lIk e 2 oF dEm gOnNa bReaK up.. =(
i duNo hOw 2 heLp hEr.. fEeLin sO heLplEsS..
sO mAny tHiNgs hAppen.. rEaLLy tIrEd..
bUt i jUx gOt 1 tHiNg 2 sAy..
e 4 tOiLet gUrLs wiLL rEmAin 2gEthEr..
i dUn wAn uS 2 spLit up..

oH gOsh.. i jUx wOke uP dReamIng oF mY dReaM fOne..
tAt is oF cUx mY nOkIa 7610 lahx.. Lolx..
iS nOt mIne.. nOt gOnNa b mIne..
cUx i nO mOnEy 2 cHanGe..
sO dAmn eX aRhx.. aAaaHhhHh~
i wAnt iT i wAnt it i wAnt iT..
4 my xmAs pResSy~

Sunday, December 19, 2004

wOooOo~ 1st wK pAss sO fAst wOrx..
tmL gonNa sTarT 2nd wK lE nEhx.. kInda sIaNx..
bUt aT lEast lAst wK i eNjOy mYseLf aLady.. HAHah..
lTr m gOin oUt 2 sHop 4 pReSsy 4 mY dEaRie zHen..
*sCraTcH hEad* dUno wAt 2 gEt sIax.. =\
kEke.. yTd mEet dArLing wAtch OceAn's TweLve..
gOtTa admIt i cAtCh nO baLL wOrx.. dUno wAt e heLL iS gOiN on..
bUt jUx wAtch n lUff aLoNg loRx.. hAa~
sO gOnNa bOrrOw Ocean's eLevEn fRm cIne 2 wAtch..
weLl weLl dUno xMas hOw 2 cELe sIax..
dArLing sAy hE nV ceLe de.. sO i wAs tInkIn..
mAyb dUn mEet up loRx.. cUx u nOe y?
i aSk hIm 4 sUggestIons.. n yEt he oNi sAy, "sLp loRx"
iSnt tAt v sAd? bUddEn.. nvm laHx.. mAyb fInd oThs 2 mEet up..
n lEt hIm sLp aLL he wAnts loRx.. hOrx?
iM a v nIce pErsOn dE.. Lolx.. *gRiNx*
aNiway m tInkIn oF jOiNiNg tAekWondO wOrx..
aNy sUggEstIons oR opiNiOns 4 mE nEhx?
e tRg iS tUe n Fri.. n tUe is e oNi dAy my dEaRies cAn sPAre..
2 mEet uP dE maHx.. sO iM iN a dIlEmMa..
shLd i oR shLd i nOt leHx? iF i jOin lE.. mAyb tUe aFT tRg..
cAn mEet mIn gO hM 2gethEr.. cUx hEr tRg iS oN tUe tOo..
n sEeMs like eVery1 gOt dOubts bOut mE jOiNiNg..
sOoo.. mAyb i shLd rEaLLy tAk iT uP..
hEhx~ tmL aFt sCh mEetIn zHen 2 bUy pErfUme..
dEn tUe mEet cIne 2 bUy xMas pReSsy.. wHoa~ v bUsy hOrx?
Lolx.. bUsy sPeNdIn mOnEy.. bUt nO iNcOmE..
sIaNx rIte? *tHiNkiNg*
sO iF aNy1 gOt jOb lObAng 2 iNtRo.. fInd mE oRhx..
iF iT wOnt aFfEct mY sTuDy tIme.. iM okIex wIb it de nEhx..
hEe.. weLL weLL.. jUx nW wEnT oUt 2 tOwN..
mEet my fRen 2 sHop 4 zHen's pReSsy..
bUt eNd up nV bUy aNitIn.. waLk aLL e wAy 2 Ps..
eAt mY fAve cHicKen, hAm n cHeeSe oMeLeTte..
oMg~ iS sO dAmn nIce.. tOtaLLy dIff fRm e tAka sTaLL loRx..
*yUmMy* tUe mOst pRob m hEadIn dOwn aGaIn.. hAa~
my fRen oSo sAy nIce loRx.. kEKe..
heLpIn tHem 2 pRomOtE.. =p
*yAwNx* tirEd lE.. wAnNa zZz lE.. turnIn iN sOon..

Thursday, December 16, 2004

//\\ 4tH dAy oF sCh //\\

hEyx hEyx.. 4Th dAy oF sCh le wOrx..
m iN sCh rIte nOw.. hEHe.. aRrIve eArLy 4 pRaCt..
uSin fRee aCcEsS nOw 2 bLoG loRx.. kEKe..
nOtHiNg 2 dO mAhx.. sO bLoG bOut wAt hAppEn e pAst 2 dAys..
tUe cLaSs eNd eArLy.. dEn dUno y sO qIao..
jUx bOaRd bUs wAnt gO hM dE.. n zHEn caLl mE..
sO i jUx tOt oF gOin tOwn wiB hEr loRx.. 2 bUy pResSy mAhx..
bGht a pReSsy 4 cINe lE.. n i oSo sHop sTh 4 mYseLf..
kEkE.. bGht a cArd pOuCh, a pAiR oF sHoe n a tOp..
HEheh.. aLL mY fAve wOrx.. lUcky zHen gOt gimMe oPiNiOn..
*wINkx* sHe eVen aSk mE mOn wAnna sKip cLaSs gO sEntOsa..
lOLx.. i cAnt nEhx.. mOn i gOt mAths lEct lAhx.. =]
yTd mOrn wEnt 4 NETP lEct.. wAs lAte wIb my fReNx..
buDdEn e lEctUrEr nV eVen tUrn uP nOrx.. -_-ll
sO mE, cHa bO n pEiyIng lEft gO tOwn sIax.. hEE~
eAt oMeLLeTtE aT tAkA fOodcOurt tHeRe.. yUmMy~~
dEn e 3 oF uS bGht a sAme fiLa bAg.. v cHeAp.. cUx oN sAlE..
n cHa bO fInd hEr jAckEt.. wAlK aRnd tOwn aRhx..
bUt tIrEd sIax.. sO wE aLL wEnt hM aRnd 3pm loRx..
n i fInaLLy cAn rEst lE.. lAst nIte eVen tUrn iN aRnd 11pm loRx..
sCh rEopen lE.. i mUx sLp eArLy liAox.. hEHe..
tHeSe fEw dAys nV mEet dArLing..
kInda mIss hIm wOrx.. =\

Monday, December 13, 2004

//\\ 1st dAy oF sCh //\\

1st lEsSon wAs mAths.. e teAcher dUno wAt lOh sAi mEe..
aT 1st glaNce.. sHe lOok kInda oBasAng tYpe loRx..
cAnt bElieVe sHe iS a lEctUrEr.. kEke..
sHe tAuGht a dUno wAt gRaPh tHeOry.. sOunds wEiRd..
n E sTePs n tHingy sHe tAught oSo wEiRd tOo..
aNiway.. aLil' bIt intErEstIn loRx..
aFt tAt wAs COME pRaCt.. e lEctUreR.. i dUn liK hIm..
hE gOt a aTtItUdE dE loRx.. n i hAte iT..
wEnt oFF aT 11 n hEad 2 JP eAt lUnch wIB cLaSs..
hAha.. sUddEnLy fEeL wE'r mOre cLoSe n uNitEd..
mE n aiLiAn bUy fIsh n chiPs 2 eAt.. wAitEd 4 aRnd 20 mIns..
n e rEst oSO waIt tiLL oUr fOod cUm lE dEn sTart eAtIn..
kEKe.. aFt lUncH wEnt 2 tOok nEo.nEo wIb dEm..
1 iS wIb e gUys.. 9 ppL sQuEeZe iN2 a sMaLL fRaMe..
n e 2Nd 1 iS oNi wE gUrLs wOrx.. kEkE.. qUitE nIce..
i lEft aRnd 12:50 to gO bAc dOver mEet cINe..
tOok tRaIn bAc wIB chrIs.. n kINda sUrpRiSing..
wE gOt sO mUch 2 tOk abOut sIax.. uNlIke lAst tIme..
hEHe.. e jOurnEy wAs sHort wIb ppL tOkIn 2 u..
hE wEnt 4 hIs cLaSs n i mEet cINe gO sHoP 4 pReSsy..
waLk aRnd tOwn.. cIne bGht aDidAs sTuFfs..
n wE gO bAc hEr hSe liAox loRx..
cUx i wAs tEmptEd 2 wAtch e DVDs tat sHe bGht yTd..
hEe~ The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
tHis mOvIe is R21 wOrx.. lAst tIme wAnNa wAtch..
bUt uNderaGe nEhx.. sO sAd sIax..
bUt nW.. aH hA.. iS rEaLy a gReAt MovIe..
lOtsA vIOlEnt.. bLooDy.. dIsgUstIn sCeNes..
kEkek.. i sIMpLe lOvE it..
=p iT iS iNsPired fRm a tRue sToRy sIax..
n e hSe oF e sCeNe rEaLLy do hAve wOrx.. sO cReepY..
eEee~ hOpe 2nIte i wOnt hAve nItemArEs kx?
kEKe.. wiLL uplOad e pix oF e nEo.nEo tAt i tOok 2dAe..

e nEo.nEo tAt wE tOok wIb e gUys.. iS a fAiLure tHou..
cUx cAnt c cLearLy.. kEke.. Posted by Hello

hEhE.. nEo nEo wHiCh i tOok wIB mY gUrLs.. Posted by Hello

e 1st tAk tAt wE tOok.. =D Posted by Hello

hEhe.. tIs iS e nIcEr oNe aMong aLL laHx.. Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 12, 2004

aS e tIme aPprOaCh.. i cAnt fOrCe myseLf 2 sLp..
sEeMs exciTed.. n yEt.. kInda dRead gOin sCh..
wiLL b a bRaNd nEw dAy tmL..
sTart oF a nEw sEm.. 1st dAy sIax..
n i cAnt sLp 2nIte.. dUn uDs y..
cHa bO nOt gOin sCh tmL.. sO is jUx mE n e rEst..
sHe aBandOn mE aGaIn.. =[
u lEft mE aLone... again...
iS owAys e cAse.. shLdnt dEpEnd tOo mUch oN fReNx..
nOt eVen tHoSe cLosE 2 u dE...
u wOnt nOe wHen tHey wLd lEft u 4 sUm1 eLse..
aNiwAy.. tHur gEt dRiKin seSsIon iS oFf lE..
zHen cAnt sTay oUt lAte.. sO sHe cAnCel It liAox..
kInda sAd laHx.. cUx tOt cAn aRraNge a 8ppL oUtIn mAhx..
mY sMaLL lil' wIsh.. hEhe..
bUt oH weLL.. nVm lOrx.. tHeRes oways nX tIme..

//\\ aTtaChmEnt oVvVeEeRrRrrrrrr //\\

oH gOd.. mY aTtAcHmeNt iS fInaLly oVer..
i nV nOe tAt 1mTh cAn pAst tAt fAst..
bUt nW i nOe iT.. hAha.. sOuNds lAme eHx?
yTd i sIt In mY oFfIce..
dOiN nUttIn n yEt hAfta pRetEnd dOin sTh..
u nOe hOw i fEel? iS tErRibLe i teLL u..
n tHeRe u r sIttIn rIte infRont.. eVery1 cAn c wAt e heLL uR dOin..
sTrEsS.. prEsSuRiZe.. sLpy.. tIrEd.. wOrRiEd..
loTsa mIxEd fEeLings.. mAjIam rOjAk..
tAt wAs hOw i fEel 4 e pAst mTh.. aS mOst oF e tIme..
iM dOin nuTtIn.. 4 a wHoLe 8hRs eHx..
oThs mIght eNvy mE 4 gEtTin sUch a "sIng nAng" jOb
bUt i rAthEr tHey gImMe a vvv bUsy.. tEdIous jOb iNsTead..
i lOve cHaLlengEs.. lEt mE bUsy.. fiLL mY dAy wIb wOrk..
aRgHx~ eNuFf bOut jOb.. iS oVer.. wAt 4 tOk bOut iT..
hMmm.. aFt wOrk aT 1pm.. mY lAst dAy..
bId gD bYe 2 aLL mY cOllEagUes.. n hEad hM lE..
tHou gOt a tIny WEenY lil' bIt oF bU sHe De..
bUt i dUn wAnnA sTay oN tOo.. i rAther lEaVe.. hAHaha~
wiLL b wAitIn 4 mY pAy 2b pOst 2 mE.. i lAck oF mOney.. AaHhh~
cItIbank oWe me mOnEy tOo.. cUm cUm.. i'Ll b waitIn..
hEe~ gOt lOtsa tHiNgs 2 bUy aRhx..
x'mAs cUmIn.. i'Ll b pOOR aFt x'mAs aGaIn..
sO sAd eHx? tOo bAd loRx.. hEHe~
aNiwAy.. i sLpt aFt hAvIn mY lUnch..
eVen my sIs wEnt oUt i oSO dUNo..
hAa~ sEe hOw tIrEd i aM eHx?
i sWitCh fRm lIvIng rM's sOfA n cOn't sLpIn iNsIDe my rM..
dEn.. mY sUm1 cAll mY hp.. aRrgGHhhh~
i wAs tInkIn wHich iDiOt pIg iS tAt.. dIsturb mY precIous sLp..

mE : "hAalLloOooo..." (nOtIce iS my dArlIng.. sO i cHanGe tOne..)
hE : "u sLpiN aRhx?"

of cUx i sAy yEs laHx.. aRbO lIed 2 hIm mEhx? iS aLady sO oBvIous..
haha.. n hE aSk mE oUt loRx.. bUt i tOt hE wiLl b tIred aFt tRg..
n 2dAe hE a cAnoE rAce iN e eArLy mOrn..

mE : "u nOt tired mEhx?" (hOPin hE sAy he iS..)
hE : "nVm laHx.. sInce iM oUtsIde gOin hM sOon.. cAn mEet u iN e eVening.."
(tIme chEck is 4:30pm)

sOOo mY hOpe oF gOin bACk 2 sLp is iMpOssIbLe.. =
i toLd hIm 2 caLL mE aGaIn aT 5pm.. 2 wAke mE up.. dEn i hAng up..
oF cUx hE cAll mE aGaIN.. n i wOke up.. fAster bAth..
bLow dRy mY hAir.. n "sTyLe" my hAir.. aH ha..
prepAre n wEnt oFf lE.. hOweVer iM sTiLl lAte.. 4 30mINs..
wEnt 2 cAuSewAy Pt 4 bLaDe tRiNitY..
iS a a aCtIon mOvIe.. tHou lOtSa vUlgArItIes..
f* hEre n tHere.. d* hEre n tHere... iS sTiLL a gReat mOvIe..
iF ur wAtchin it.. tAk nOtIce oF a gEr caLL "aBBy"
sHe's v cHiIoOoo~ sHe fIght uNtiL v sEy lEhx..
i lOve hEr.. sImpLy fInd hEr tOo pReTtY n sExY... wOoo~
eHem.. baCk 2 rEaLity.. hEaD bAc 2 aMk 4 dInnEr..
i wAs tIrEd.. sO jUx aTe n wEnt hM..
iM fEeLin gUiLty nW.. tInkIn bOuT wAt hApPen ytd..
nOt gOnNa wRitE it hEre.. iS 4 mE 2 nOe.. oNi..

aNiwAy hOpe 2dAe hIs cAnoe rAce wLd gO oN sMooThLy..
wAnNa gEt a rEst lE.. tIrEd.. tMl cLass aT 830am!!!

Friday, December 10, 2004

//\\ cUt hAir aAaHHhh //\\

hEhx hEhx.. wEnt 2 cUt my hAir lE..
=\ i regrEtTed it leHx.. cUx.. my hAir lEft sO lil'
iM nOt usEd 2 it.. tOOoOo lIl' hAir..
aAaHhhh~ bUt mY fRinGe v cUte loRx.. HAhaha..
v sHort maHx.. sUmOre lOoK sO iNnocEnt..
mUAhahHAhaa~ sOunds iMpOsSibLe?
naHx.. mY hIghLiGhtEd hAir aLL gOne.. jUx liKe tAt..
*sObx* i mIss my oLd hAirsTyLe..
hIghlIght aRea oNi my eNds sTiLL gOt loRx..
bUdDen.. aIya.. i rEgrEt laHx..
mAyb oTh dAy dEn pOst up my hAir pIx..
nW nOt nIce.. tRy tAkIn uSin mY hp..
oUtcOme v kNs loRx..
*sHIt* wTh dId i dO 2 my hAir.. hEeeelLLPppP~

//\\ 2nd lAst dAy //\\

wOooO~ tmL aFt 1pm i'll b a fReE pErsOn..
HAahha.. aSk mE oUt kx? i'Ll b fREe..
=D fINaLLy.. nw aSsItin mY sUpervIsOr iN fiLLiN uP my lOgbK..
aSsEsS 5wKs 2gEtHer nOrx.. tHey bUsy ppL mAhx..
kKEe.. aNiwAy ytD sUpEr tIrEd aRhx..
cUx aFt wOrk mEet dArLiNg 4 mOvIe n dInE aT j8..
jUx a sImpLe dInNer.. aT yOsHinOyA..
n wAlk aRnd e "nEw" pArt of j8..
hAha.. gEt tAt wOrd, "nEw"
i'vE nV bEen 2 e nEwEr pArt b4.. HAha.. sO "mOuNtaIn tOrtISe"
weLl hE bGht a eArRing.. n aSk mE wAnt aNOt?
dEn wE eAch wEAr 1.. LoLx.. -_-ll
i dUwAn laHx.. e eArrIng nOt bIg nOt sMaLl
kEKe.. dEn wEnt iNsIde e cYbEraCtIve sHop..
i wAs lOokIn 4 bLuetOotH.. tHoSe cOnnEct tHru uSb tYpe..
bUt cAnt fInd it nEhx.. n i gIve uP bRowSing..
wAlk in2 e dEutEr bAg sHop.. he wAnNa bUy a nEw bAg 4 tRg..
bUt cAnt fINd e 1 hE liKe.. so hE nv loRx..
1st tIme gO shOp wIb hIm.. e fEeLin nOt gOod..
sTiL pRefEr sHoPpIn wIb moI dEArIes..
hAha.. wAtch nAtIonaL tReasUre at 930.. coLd coLd aRhx..
i wEar jAckEt sTiL dAmn coLd.. =\
e sHow lAst mOre tHan 2hRs.. bUt nOt bAd aRhx..
jUx abIt drAgGy.. a cLue lEads 2 aNotHer n 2 aNother..
oN n oN uNtiL fINaLLy tHey fOund it.. hAa~
wHen e mOvIe eNds.. its aRnd 12 lE loRx.. nO bUs lE..
sO.. wE waLK hm fRm j8~!*~!*
oMg.. 1st tIme in mY lIfe wAlk hm fRm j8 nEhx..
wE cUt tHru e bIsHan pArk.. sOoo eErIe aRhx..
i mEan at 1St wHeN wE jUx sTep iNsIde..
i cAnt heLp lOoKin aRnd.. i dUno wAt iM lOokIn 4.. jUx lOoKin aRnd..
hEe~ n.. ppL oWaYs sAy waLkIn iN e pArk wIB e 1 u liK iS rOmAntic..
i dUn tInk sO.. mAyb bcUx bOth oF uS r tirEd laHx..
hAha.. hE sEe mE sO tIrEd..
hE iNitIaTe 2 pIgGybAck Me.. LoLx..
hE sAy fEeL liKe cArRyin a pIg.. -_-ll pIg aGaIN sIax..
arghx~ wAlk qUite a dIstAnce n i aSk hIm 2 lEt mE dOwn le..
mY lEg tUrn jeLLy.. HAha.. n i sIt oN e gRoUnd..
cLdNt sToP lUffIn.. yAhx.. i mAk a fOoL oF myseLf..
infRont oF hIm sIax.. bLeaHx~
wHu cArEs aRhx.. hE'vE sEen e ugLy sIde of mE tOo..
hOhohoo~ fINaLly rCh hM le..
n i tUrn iN aT nEarLy 2..
oH yaHx.. 2dAe 1 of mY fRen is gOin jb 4 aN oP..
dUno wAt lAsIk.. eYe oP lORx..
dO e oP lE nX tIme nO nEeD wEar sPecs eTc..
hOpe it wLd b sUccEsSfuL wOrx..
lTr m mEetIn zHen 2 cUt hAir liAox..
hOpe it wilL tUrn oUt nIce aHx?

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

//\\ aBoUt mE //\\

aH hA.. 2dAe nOt gOnNA pOst anItIn..
jUx a sImpLe "bOut mE" liSt..
i got it Frm my fReNx's bLog dE worx.. hEHe..
pEiLi.. tHx oRhx.. wAs bRowsIng.. n sAw it iN ur bLog..
=p aNiwAy.. herE iT gOes..

nAme 10 of uR fReNx, buDdiEs, sIstAs, bRos, cOnsIder cLoSe 2 u:
~* cIne
~* zHen
~* Min
~* dArLiNg
~* cHa bO
~* jIe mEi
~* keLLiEs
~* sHuyU
~* aiLiAn
~* pEiyIng

9 tHiNgs tAt u rEaLLy wAnts rIte nOw:
~* mOre fRee tIme
~* aTtaChmEnt eNd rIte nOw!!!
~* gO oN hoLs
~* mEet uP wIb dEarIes
~* mEet uP wIb keLLiEs thEy aLL
~* sLp 4 1 whoLe dAy
~*mInI ipOd
~* mOre mOnEy $$$
~* hP 7610 or s700i

8 tHinGs iN uR bAg eVeRydAy nOw:
~* hP
~* waLLeT
~* eXtrA bAtt
~* tIsSuEs
~* jAckEt
~* cOmb
~* tHumB dRivE ( iM sTudyIn IT mAHx)
~* uMbReaLLa (sUmtImes)

7 tHiNgy iN ur rOOm:
~* bEd
~* cUpbOard
~* rAdIo
~* cHaIrs
~* mY pRecIous tHiNgy
~* bAgs
~* bOoKs

6 oF uR fAve mOvIes:
~* bRidgEt jOnes
~* sHuTtEr
~* aNacOndA
~* rEsIdeNt eViL
~* I'rObOt
~* sAw?? ( hAven wAtch yEt!!)

5 oF uR fAvE fOod:
~* iCe cReaM
~* cAkEs
~* pIzZa
~* sWt sTuFfs
~* choColAtEs?

4 tHiNgs u Ate/dRinK 2dAe:
~* wAter
~* tAiwAn rAmEn
~* tOmAtOes
~* aPpLe jUiCe

3 pErsOn wHo u cAnt lIve w/o wIb:
~* mOi 3 dEaRies (aH hA.. cOnsIDer aS 1.. =p)
~* dArLing?
~* pArEnts n sIs?

2 tHiNgs tAt u rEaDs:
~* nEwspAper (hEhx.. i dO rEad.. AT TIMES oNi..)
~* tXtbKs?

5 tHiNgs tAt sCare u:
~* tAt tHiNgy wHicH eXiSt bUt wE cAnt c?
~* sIs?
~* pArEnTs?
~* cOckrOaChes..
~* bUtteRfLieS..

5 tHiNgs tAt mAke u lUff:
~* jOkEs
~* lAme tHiNgy
~* cOmEdy
~* dEaRies
~* fReNx..

5 tHinGs/pEopLe u lOve:
~* mOi dEaRies!!!!! (i lOve dEm~)
~* mY laogOng? (haha.. sO mUshy..)
~* hP.. mY pRecIoUs.. cAnt lIVe w/o it
~* wAter
~* aIr.. oXyGen..

5 tHinGs u hAte:
~* cUrREntLy oNi aTtaChmEnt..
~* jUx aTTaChmEnt
~* i sAid aTtaChment..
~* i rEpeAt aTTaChmEnt.. A.T.T.A.C.H.M.E.N.T
~* oF cUx sTiLl aTTacHmEnt.. ah hA

5 tHinGs u dUn uDs:
~* y dO gErs faLL iN lOve wHen tHey nOe tHey'll gEt hUrt?
~* y dO lOVe eXiSt?
~* hOw cUm aNimALs wIL eXtInCt?
~* wHen tOrnAdOes oCcUrs, wiLL mOsSy gEt kIllEd tOo?
~* y dO wE nEed 2 hAve aTTachmEnt.. aRgHx~~~

5 tHinGs oN uR dEsk:
~* bKs lAhx..
~* nOtes..
~* pApers.. pLaIN pApers..
~* sTatIonErIes..
~* fiLes

rIghT nOw u r:
~* liStEnin 2 TV.. HAha..
~* cHaTTIn
~* dOin tIs qUiz?
~* tHiNkIn oF sUm1
~* wOrrIed bOut tml wOrk..

5 nEgAtIve fActs bOut u:
~* uNrEaSOnabLe
~* LAzy
~* wilfuL..
~* hEadsTrOng
~* owAys pUt oN a sTrOng fRont

5 pOsItIve fActs bOut u:
~* cHeErfuL
~* hAppy gO lUcky
~* tAlkAtIve
~* fUunY?
~* lAme?

5 tHinGs 2 dO b4 u dIe:
~* gEt mArRiEd aT 23
~* lEave a rEaSonabLe sUm 4 pArEnts
~* tRavEl 2 aLL pArts oF e wOrLd
~* have my oWn fAmiLy?
~* mEet Up wIb aLL fReNx..

5 tHinGs u cAn dO:
~* sLp
~* eAt
~* pLay
~* sIng
~* tyPe ( weLL, aLL 5 wHu cAnt dO iT rIte?)

5 tHinGs u cAnt dO:
~* hAng on w/o sLpIn 4 1 wHoLe dAy
~* liVIng w/o aNy fRenx
~* bEing aLoNe
~* kEePin qUiet wHen wIb fRenx
~* rUnnIng? ( lOng tIme nO rUn wOrx..)

tOp 5 tHinGs tAt tUrn u oN oN e oPp sEx:
~* eYes
~* cHarActEr
~* hUmOrOuS
~* e wAy hE pResEnts hImseLf
~* paLm ( bIg pAlm gImMe sEnSe oF sEcUrE)

tOp 5 tHinGs u sAy mOst oFtEn:
~* iDiOt
~* pIg
~* sHit
~* bEn dAn
~* bEn sI lE

*yAnwx* gOnna tUrn iN liAox.. tml wOrk agaIN..
argHx.. drEAd wOrkIn.. eVery mOrn wAk uP damn mOodY..
=\ bUt weLl tmL shLd b a hAppy dAy..
cUx iS mY 3rd mTh aNni wOrx.. hEe~ m mEeTin dArLing aFt wOrk..
*gRiNx* aniwAy.. cINe if uR reaDin iT..
dUn tInk sO mUch.. iF u sTiLL lOve aric.. hang oN..
dUn gIve uP sO eAsiLy wHen u'Ve pErsIst sO fAr.. okIex?

//\\ 3 dAys //\\

yOoohOooo~ lEft 3mOre dAys..
n iM frEe liKe a bIrd lE.. yeaHx~ bLeSs mE..
mOst pRob lTr gOt pReSentAtIon le sIax..
150 pAges nEhx.. wAt u eXpeCt..
duN eVen nOe wHeRe e heLL 2 sTart loRx..
oMg~ heLp mE pUhLeAse.....

Sunday, December 05, 2004

//\\ bOrIng //\\

wOke up aRnd 12 n rEaLisE i've sLpt 4 mOre tHan 10hRs..
bEen sO tIred.. wHoLe wK oNi sUn cAn sLp sO mUch..
aaAhHh.. rEaLLy dEtEst aTtaChmEnt..
nX wK gOnNa dO a pReSEntAtIon 2 mY bIg bOsS..
bOut e rEpoRt tAt i'Ve bEen dOin..
oMg.. cAnt bElieVe.. i gOnNA dO it.. =\
aNiwAy hOpe nx wK cAn pAst fAster..
i cAnt wAit 2 gO bAck 2 sCh.. tAts sO unlIke mE eHx?
yTd mEt dArLing 4 dInNEr n mOvIe..
dINe aT NYDC.. n i tRy oUt tHeIR lAsAgnA..
nOt bAd wOrx.. yUmMy nEHx..
hEhe.. hE aTe dUno wAt bEef tHiNgy aRhx..
n oRdEred a pIzZa.. O_O
fuLL oF mUshrOom dE loRx..
i wAs fOrcEd 2 fNish a sLice.. oOoooHhh...
iM sO fuLL!!!
hE's sEriOus bOut fEedIN mE fAt aH.. hEHeh..
aFt mOvIe hE sEnd mE hm..
aGaIn.. 2 my dOorsTep loRx.. hAHa.. =D
wE tOok 132 n aLiGht at e sToP nEar mIn hSe..
n i rEm.. e tIme whEn i aSk hIm iF hE cLd pIgGybAc mE..
i aSked hIm.. u rEm tIs pLaCe?
hE sAid, "of cUx, i cArRiEd a pIg hEre.."
-_-ll cAnt bElieVE hE sAy a pIg..
hEHe.. naHx.. bUt.. iS mOre uNbElieVabLe tAt hE rEm..
i tOt gUys r aLl v 4gEtfuL.. wOnt rEm sUch tHiNgy..
hEe~ e rEst i wOnt gO iN2 dEtaiLs lE.. =p

Friday, December 03, 2004

//\\ 6 dAys //\\

wOoOoo... lEft a wk mOre 2 gO 4 mOi aTtaChmEnt 2 eNd..
tAts eXcLudIng tmL laHx.. cUx tmL wOrk 4hRs oni mAhx..
tIs wK sLaCk fOr 5dAys.. fInaLLy m gIvEn nEw tAsk 2 dO loRx..
oMg.. uSe phOtoshOp.. hAa~ bUt iS a sImpLe 1 laHx..
jUx cUt oUt a rEqUired pIx mAhx..
LoLx.. dEn a coLleagUe aSk mE 2 tEst sOftwAre..
wAs pRogRaMMed bY hIm..
O_O oMg.. pRogRaMMed bY hIm nEhx!!
i cAnt iMagIne tHou gOt sUm pRob.. bUt stiLl..
i dUn tInk i cAn dO it..
hEe~ jUx eXpLore e pRog on mY oWn wHiLe mY fRen eDit e mAnuaL..
aFt hE fInIsh eDittIn, i wiLl foLlow e mAnuAl n tRy oUt..
c i uDs e mAnuaL aNot?
hHEhe.. sEeMs eAsy rIte?
=p wAs qUite tIred aRhx.. tHou m sLaCkIn bUt aFt wOrk rUsh hM 2 cHange..
n mEet dArLiNg.. =D
i 1St tIme wEaR sKirt mEet hIm f'cUx hE wAs sUrpRiSed..
hEhehe.. wE wAlk 2 sUntEc 2 eAt..
tOt oF eAtin nyDc.. pAstamAniA.. pIzZahUt.. cOuntRymAniA..
n loTs oF oTh fAst fOod laHx.. bUt sO mAny ppL.. aLL nEed 2 quEuE loRx..
n we wErE sTArvIn lE.. sO.. wE jUx hAve sUm sImpLe fOod..
aT a dUno wAt nOodLe pLaCe.. i oRdEr e hK wAntOn nOodLe..
hMmm.. qUite ok laHx.. nOt tAt nIce.. n hE dUno oRdEr wAT bEef dE..
gOt sIde dIsh, fRiEd tofU.. v nIce wOrx.. nOt tHoSe jAp dE..
n hE toLd mE hE cAnt fInd e rIng wHiCh i toLd hIm..
bUt.. fEel greAt laHx.. hE aCt. mAk iT aN eFfoRt 2 go fInd mAhx..
yTd hE caLl mE dUrIn wOrk.. bUt jUx 2 aSk mE movIe tIme.. -_-ll
i wAs pIsSed oFf lAhx..
i sO borEd.. tot hE caLL 2 tok 2 mE.. iNsTeaD 2 aSk bOut aLexAndEr tImIng..
hpmH.. sO i gAve hIm aTtitude..
hOweVer 2dAe hE sAy hE dIn wAtch.. hAa.. weLl.. aNiwAy.. nVm le lOrx.. =]
aFt eAtIn wE aGrEe oN gOin hM eArLy..
hE tmL gOt cAnoe tRg.. n i goTta wOrk.. dEn wE tOok bUs hM..
n tIs rNd hE iNsisT oN sEndIn mE hM..
2 mOi dOorsTep.. lolx..
hE wAs v tIrEd.. bUt sTiLl wAnna sEnd mE hm..
=\ i c lE oSo kIndA "xIn tOng"
hEHe.. n hE oN e bUs sUddenLy aSk mE dUn mOve..
i tOt wAt sIax.. sO i sTuNnEd tHeRe..
n hE kIsS mE.. *gRiNx*
jUx a pEck oN e cHeEk.. dUn tInk eLSewHeRe..
hEHhe.. i wAs sUrpRiSed.. weLl weLl.. hE uSuaLLy nOt liDat dE..
mMmm.. bUt i fEel dAmn gReat..
mUAhahaa~ tmL mEetIn him aGaIn..
hOpe it wiLl b bEtTer yAhx?

Thursday, December 02, 2004

//\\ wOndErfuL dAy //\\

8 days
hEhx.. gOnNa updAte bOut wAt hAppEn yTd..
aNiwAy yTd wAs e hAppIest dAy oF mY aTtAchmEnt..
cUx aLL mOi coLLeagUes wEnt oUt..
dEn mE n e oth gUy fRm sP..
ah hA.. wE wEnt 2 dIff cOm 2 cHeckoUt sTuFfs..
LoLx.. whOle oFfiCe lEft e 2 oF uS..
hIaKx.. i cOpIed sUm mp3 hM..
n e rEst r iN mOi oFfiCe cOm loRx..
gOtTa cOpy 2 tHuMb dRiVe n bRin hM..
hEhx.. cLevEr hOrx?
yTd wE rOt e wHoLe dAy laHx..
nUttIn 2 dO aT aLL..
sUrf nEt.. cHat n pLay oN mSn oRhx..
=D hAppy liFe hOrx?
kKEk.. aFt wOrk rUsh hM 2 rEst..
dRink sOup n wEnt oUt..
mEet mOi dEarIes maHx.. 4 dInNer..
cIne tReatIn wOrx.. *gRiNx*
mEet mIn aT tOwn.. n wE waLk 2 sWensEns..
hAd mOi fuLleSt dInner eVer..
n mOst enJoyabLe mEaL nEhx..
wE wEre tOkIn.. tAkIn pIx.. gOsSiPing..
n f'cUx uPdAtin eAch oTh wAt hAppEn rEcEntLy..
hAhha.. gErx r gErs laHx..
aRnd 10, wE wEnt oFf lorx..
cUx mE n zHen wOrkIn mAhx..
n cIne nOt fEeLin weLl.. mIn goin pEnAng..
aLl tOok 162 aT e sTop bhInd oRchard mRt..
cUx i neEd tOilet.. hAa~
1 of mOi sEc sCh jIe mEi..
sHe caLLed mE.. n iNvIted mE 2 hEr wEdDing..
iM sO hAppy 4 hEr..
n gLad tAt sHe rEm mE.. =]
sHe aSk mE 2b 1 oF hEr jIe mEis tAt dAy..
cUx iS on a mOn, sO.. i nOt sUre wHethEr cAn mAk it?
aNiwAy wiLL tRy 2 aTTend e dInnEr laHx..
wIsh hEr aLl e bEst..
dEn we cHange bUs to 851 nEar nOvenA..
n tOk so lOudLy sIax..
hEHe.. lIk wE oWn e wHoLe bUs..
=p bLeaHx..
i aLigHt e bUs aFt cIne..
n dArlIng caLL mE 2 tOk.. KEke..
sO aT lEaSt wHile wAlkin hM mYseLf..
i sTiLl gOt dArLiNg 2 kEep me aCc..
hEe~ fEeL sO gReaT.. *wINkx*
weLl, it wAs rEaLLy a sPlEdId dAy eHx?
n tIs mOrn dArLing gImMe mOrn caLl..
hAa.. bUt i wOke up lE..
m bAthIng wHen hE caLLeD..
kKEe.. nW iN oFfiCe rOtTIn iN pRocEsS..