DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


ur blockin me on MSN,
u'd better pray hard not 2 let me find out..

cux i seriously hate ppl who block me on MSN..
if u duwan 2 let me c u online, den u might as well remove me?
y e hell wld u stil want me on ur list when ur blockin me?

isnt that kinda contradicting?


Bintan : 27th - 29th Apr

whoa! im amazed that i've got e energy 2 go work..
settled my china's report & sent out by 5pm..
left my office @ 510pm sharp (cux boss not arnd. ;x)

happily met lisa & xiang 4 lunch..
+ pass them e souvenirs frm e Bintan trip..
had a joyous lunch @ Concourse area..
=) no more lunchin @ TJPG anymore..

27th Apr 2008 [SUNDAY]
set my alarm @ 730am but was woken up earlier..
my mum excitedly knock on my door..
& came askin 4 my hp 2 tak pix of sunrise..
how does it look?
my mum is not v familiar with my hp..
& yet she managed 2 took this clear pix..
not bad IMO..

woke up & prepare myself..
re-packed my item again & checked mail!
finally set off with my heavy bag & breakfast..
luckily got ys 2 drive us down..
else takin train wil hafta set off earlier..
thats us with our boardin passes..
c so many ppl Q-ing up 2 board e ferry?
jux 1 bag 4 each of us..
with identical flip flops from F21!
hiakx hiakx hiakx~
ppl takin e same ferry as us..
boarded e ferry lohx~ ;D
c e fluffy big cloud outside?
*stil excited 4 our trip at e beginning*
but aft we had our breakfast (fried bee hoon),
we started feelin nauseous & took a nap..
at e outer sea, it was v choppy..
make me feel like im takin rollar coaster..
those abrupt ups & downs.. :s
& we spotted our destination aft nearly 1hr ride!

alighted e ferry & started lookin 4 our coach transfer..
those peeps were so friendly 2 us!
givin out flyers & askin which resort we staying..
found & boarded our coach while waitin 4 e rest..
its indeed sun sunshine over there..
e journey frm ferry terminal 2 resort was pretty fast..
even thou our resort was e 3rd stop..
was greeted by dance performance at the lobby..
a pity, we spent nearly 2hrs+ rotting..
waitin 4 our room 2b cleaned & ready 4 us..
look @ e sea calling out 2 ME! lolx~
while rotting our time..
wondering wat we're lookin at?
we saw some ppl gettin ready..
making up & pro photographer..
c e front desk?
all e ppl r v friendly & helpful..
everywhere 2 went, we'll be greeted by them..
be it "Gd Morning or Gd Night or Gd Day"..
our rm is stil NOT ready..
makin me feelin so depressed..

BUT barely 10mins ltr, we collected our rm key!!
so cute can?!
our rm is Black Ant 2!!
cux its Garden View Room,
so they gave it those insects name..
Sea View Rm wil have sea animal names..
really really above my expectation!!
i mean.. i was pretty sad 2 read abt e Bintan entry by xx.
so my expectation 4 tis Bintan trip goes from 100% to 30%..
but this rm really makes it goes from 30% to 75%!!
& a coach opp. e bed..
where 2 hang our clothes & keep e rest..
with hair dryer that i NEED!!
e toilet with LONG LONG shelf 2 put our toiletries..
too bad we din bring bubble soap..
e entrance 2 our toilet & shelving..
& a v tall celing + ceiling fan!!
e outside view of our room..
e view we've got from inside our rm..
seems like ours is a Semi Sea View RM!!
hehehe~ tell me HOW NOT to be satisfied?
bringin 2 cammies out with me..!

aft our excitement by the rm appearance..
we un-packed our bags & get ready 2 go out!
thats me all lookin "touris-y"
took a shuttle bus out 2 e so call "Pasar Oleh Oleh"
supposed 2b a "small shopping" place 4 tourists..
OMG! is e driver slping? =\
arrived @ Pasar Oleh Oleh safely..
quite a disappointment thou..
there's not much shoppin 4 us 2 do..
except buyin food & tidbits..
but it cost us more than $15 each..
even this kinda ice cream oso cost $1.50 each! ;O
saw this handicraft stall..
decided 2 get some done as souvenirs..
while waitin 4 our key chains 2b done..

as there wasnt much thingy 4 us 2c..
we decided 2 head back 2 our resort 4 early dinner..
so freaking lucky! we had our own "chauffeur" back siax..
its only US on the 6 seaters lohx!
FYI, e charges is $6 for to & fro the Oleh - Resort
we'll be given tix when we arrived there..
& we're expected 2 give e tix 2 e driver upon arriving @ resort.
happily on board e 6 seaters w/o any1 else..
thou might b unsafe but honestly, its v safe at Bintan..
there're check pt near our resort area - Nirwana Garden
& e police wil only open e gate upon recognizing e driver..

rchin e resort, we went back 2 our rm..
unpacked e stuffs b4 head out again..
hopin 2 catch e shuttle bus 2 our dinner place..
lucky us! we found a nice chap who buggie rided us 2 e dinner place..
took us less than 5mins 2 rch e place - Kelong Restuarant!
take a look @ e menu..
so nice! its near sunset time..
however, e restuarant was stil empty at that time..
here's e 1st dish - Shark's Fins soup..
i ate them lohx! cannot dun eat..
else wasteful!
sotong! sea food again right?
-.-" i had so much sea food there lohx..
which is NOT nice!
steamed crab!
hahahah~ zhen sacrificed 4 me..
initially its Black Peppe Crab..
but i dun eat spicy food..
zhen even taught me how 2 eat crab..
im pretty dumb right?
hahahah~ i duno how 2 eat crabs!!
*even pork ribs i oso got an interesting story*
their watermelon is so swweeetttt!!
gettin ready 2 eat..
i din notice there's papaya which i detest!

Bill e payment 2 our rm & we went off..
hoping 2 catch e shuttle bus b4 it went off..
but seems like we missed it in e end.. ;(
another lucky chap offer us free ride back 2 resort..
its really our lucky 1st day there ehx? ;)
1 pix while waitin 4 shuttle bus..
here's all e key chains we ordered!
& e tidbits we bght in e aftn.. kekeke~

saw that e time is stil early,
we went out 2 e seaside 4 a stroll..
BUT there's NO lights at all! (>.<)
i gotta on my hp torch 2 lead e way in e dark..
fiddlin with her cam settings..
saw a sling in between e trees..
its so cooling at night..
lyin down & look up at e sky FULL OF STARS!
its really FULL of stars!
no joke! too bad we cldnt snap a pix of it as proof..
its really over-whelming..
if only ...
begin our plain cam-whoring..
but i shall spare all of u from e ultimate stupidness of us..
went back rm & bath prepare 2 slp..
but realised we haven had our Yakult yet!
did u notice its small lil' bottle?
ending 1st day with this pix..

2nd day rise & shine super early!
i forgot Bintan is 1hr behind SG's time..
happily set e time as 7:30am..
which is 6:30am @ Bintam. -.-"
wash up & went out 2 e seaside..
collect my 1st bottle of sand back..
feelin hungry?
they've got wide variety of breakfast..
from pies 2 cereals 2 fried rice 2 porridge 2 fruits..
my 1st rnd..
2nd rnd with sunny side up!
my fave!!
orange juice 4 Vit C & Teh

returned 2 our rm & get ready 4 some sun-tanning!
hahahah~ e morn beach was quite empty anyway..
lyin down near e shore lines, lettin e waves hit us..
really v comfortable! with e sun shinning above!
tried 2 pick some sea shells but mostly were broken..
returned 2 our rm & bath b4 takin a short nap..
woke up @ 3pm 2 get ready..
we made an appt 4 Massage & Body Scrub @ 4pm!
hohoho~ took e shuttle bus 2 Pasar Oleh Oleh again!
here's e massage shop which we visit..
see e girls r all so funnY!
even pose 4 my hp!
here's e bathin "machine"
cux aft e massage & body scrubs,
our body wil b oily & sticky.. =)
thats US after our massage & scrubs!
its really worth it seriously!
2hrs+ for only $40 each. ;]
me with e girl who massaged me..
she's only 18yrs old! OMG!

aft our comfortable massaging session..
we decided 2 get some POLO tees back 4 family..
hiakx hiakx hiakx~
but we're so wrong! shldnt have visit this outlet..
e sales girl keyed in wrongly & over-charged us for $22!
;O worst thing! she duno how 2 void transaction!
we spent nearly 2hrs waitin 4 our refunds.. ;(
from daylight to night fall..
wait until hungry & make us more frustrated!
luckily got a lady came 2 our help!
settled e refunds, get our loots & went off..
checked e nx shuttle bus is 8:45pm!
we've only got like 30mins 2 settle our dinner..
went 2 this small rest. @ e corner of e mkt..
heard that it serves Jarfar dishes..
placed our order & waited happily..
but stil v hungry aft wastin 2hrs+ of time waiting..
with our drinks!
cheers 2 our last night stay!
Fried Calamari
Oyster Sauce Khailan
Onion Omellette
cost us $14 each 4 3 dishes & rice..
quite expensive if u ask me..

managed 2 arrive early @ e shuttle bus area..
board a private taxi filled with 4 oth ppl..
e ride back 2 resort was so scary!!
cux along e road, its v dark!
totally NO LIGHTS!!
only e headlights from the taxi.. ;s
sumore e driver nv slow down when nearing humps..
really a scary dangerous ride back..
unpacked our loots from e ralph spree!
hahahaha~ its a combi of OUR loots..
i myself bght 5 tops 4 my family.. ;)
decided 2 walk arnd e resort area take pix..
here e "navigation" 4 e resort..
c e names of e rm already?
wanted 2 turn in early..
but its our last night rem?
so took some pix b4 we really turned in..
caught e repeat of "You're The One"
& watched half of e "Entertainment Variety" on Channel U..
tot that it was enough & lights out @ 12+am..

29th Apr 2008 [TUESDAY]
woke up slightly later than e day b4..
washed up & head 2 e Spice Restuarant 4 breakfast..
alil' changes make my day.. hahaha~
had 2 servings of orange juice as revenge!
cux previous day i dun dare 2 tak..
thinkin that i hafta go massage in e aftn..
*i LA-ed again b4 my trip. ;( *
went back rm 2 listen 2 93.3fm's short story..
stepped into e beach @ 10am 4 some short tanning..
my souvenirs 4 my friends..
thats us aft pickin sand..
tan tan tan~
pls dun ask me y im wearin shorts. ;p
e view infront of me..
& sun shinning above with occasion clouds covering..
there we go 4 our sun tan near e sea..
with e sea water almost crystal clear..
& e waves hitting on e shore so ...
spotted lotsa crab holes arnd..
but we keep buryin e holes.. hahaha~
followed e trail left by broken sea shells..
& arrive @ e other side of e resort..
c e large amt of holes left by crabs? ;O

its pretty disgusting if u ask me..
they left their trails aft "digging a hole"
really v er xin if u c it in reality..
returned bac 2 rm 2 wash up aft 1hr out in e sun..
aft washin up..
gettin ready 2 go out 2 find "activities"
thats me while waitin 4 zhen 2 pack..
make a guess..
which bed is mine?
e seaside w/o any1..
rows of sea view rms..
& e cloudy sky raining..
fortunately it only rains on my last day..
thats me returning back..
stealin a last shot @ in e rm..
i'll miss u - Black Ant 2
e only disappointment i have with Mayang Sari -
Internet Usage 15mins SG$3

boarded e shuttle bus 2 transfer us bac 2 ferry terminal..
us on e squeezy bus..
& our loots frm e trip!
shopped another 2 rnds of POLO!
here's e total gain frm our trip!
came with 2 bags & returned with 7 bags!
while waitin 4 our ferry's arrival..
with lotsa other peeps waitin..
& c e amt of ppl checkin POLO out?
i'll be back if ...
on board e ferry..
found window seats..
bidding my last gd bye..
when e ferry started going off..
i know i hafta start facin reality again..

back 2 working days..
back 2 updating my sprees status..
back 2 e same ol' days..

posted : 1st May 2008 1240pm

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