DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Less Than 24 Hours Later...

i'll be at the airport..
on my own all the way until 9th of Oct..
any1 wanna go fetch me that day? *blink*blink*
i'll only rch SG around 12+am lohx.. ;(

anyway, i went 2 trim my hair again..
kinda unbearable 2 cut it off once more..
but wat else can i do lehx?
last nite went out 4 supper with the girls..
& i've got 2 cars parked downstairs siax! hahaha...
thx QC 4 e supper treat le..
cine, pls update e photos onto ur blog k? ;)

i finally finish packin my luggage..
but its goddamn full can? OMGoodness
im super depress now..
sth r jux better left unknown..
its so true that i feel right now..
im so affected by her askin u 2 go KPE together..
but there's nothing i can do... *sob*
our sub-instructor gave us 1 each..
its nicely packed & wrapped up..
with meaningful quotes inside..

ytd me & clique went 4 lunch @ Popeye..
i guess thats e last lunch @ airport right?
my lunchie!
2nd time @ popeye only..
i stil dont quite like it..
doloshi w eileen-san..
of cux me with buddy..

i really dun feel like goin TYO now..
super ultra mega kilo emmmmooooo~

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Local Training Owarimasu!

here's my S&T story :

watakushi wa kyonen Taiwan e ikimashita
san-gatsu ju-kyu nichi kara ni-ju roku nichi made ikimashita
kazoku to ikimashita
watakushi no kazoku wa yon-nin desu.
chichi, haha, ane to watakushi.
shingaporu hikoki de Taiwan e ikimashita
watakushi no zaseki wa mado gawa deshita
shingaporu jomuin wa kawaikute kire deshita
hiko-jikan wa yon-jikan deshita
watakushi wa hikoki de terebi o mimashita

Taiwan tenki wa kumori desu
night marketo wa nigiyaka desu
Taiwan tabemono wa yasukute oishikatta desu
yofuku o takusan kaimashita
zenbu de happyaku sin$ deshita
mata taiwan e iki-tai desu

im stil super sucks at basic jap fyi~


Thursday, August 21, 2008


its so depressing can?
tml'll be the last day of our local trg,
& yet we still gotta prepare S&T all in Japanese!

(sob out loud)

i sucks at general language can?
throw me anything 2 memorise & i can do it within 10mins?
but throw me general jap & i'll be stuck 4 10hrs!
what a big difference right?
i jux cant think in the way of Jap language.. ;(

&&& im elated 2 know my tomodachi r coming 2 send me off..
i hope i wont cry on that day itself..
im feeling so touched right now..
my otosan jux gave me a Buddha pendant 2 keep..
he even bght biscuits 4 me 2 bring 2 Jap..



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Sunday, August 17, 2008


my loots r not here yet?
both sprees that i join got delayed..
i wanna try out e new nail polishes..

now im thinkin if i shld msg e you-know-who
or mayb i shld wait 4 e you-know-who 2 msg me 1st

on e other hand, i've spent >$100+ this wkend..
getting things i need when i travel 2 jap nx Sun..
and its makin me feelin jittery & queasy..
a sense of regretfulness filled up my mind & soul..
but everything is too late 2b undone now

i cant believe i'll b alone in Jap at this current time nx Sun


Monday, August 11, 2008

Thanks Loves!

i've gained some so i dont mind losing some..
;D much thanks 2 my cousins 4 gettin us gifts bac frm e states..
and also thanks 2 mk 4 e really useful box of things!
thats really thoughtful of you! ;)
my lovely cousins got me magnets & ding dang!
c e hearty eyes of my ding dang! lovelove
and added 3 more countries 2 e magnet collection..

2dae was my rare day off..
went down TJPG again 2 do handover..
also met MK since he went 4 interview..
which he shun bian pass me a "mighty box" of gifts!
box looks kinda plain..
but u'll nv guess wats inside..
i got a shock too! HA HA HA
so i can brin them over with me 2 Jap..
comes useful 4 me right? *giggles*
not 4getting my fave "ngo hiong" frm him..


last Sat was e day we bid byes 2 our 2 local instructors..
remaining 2wks will be spent doin Jap lessons again!
hAix~ i gonna start arigato gozaimasu liaox.. ;(
i've got great lookin instructors..
can u find where am i? LOL!
psst psst~ e lady in blue stripe top is same age as my sis..
im so surprised when i saw her IC no. begins with S8xxxxxxx
of cux im not gonna reveal it here.. ;p

/* u shld have predicted i decided not 2 blog abt past events..
2dae is another disappointed day.....
2008 is indeed not v good 4 me up til nw..

PS: i tot of sendin u girls e pix we took at J8..
but i cant find it in e external HDD worx.. ;x
gotta get xiang 2 send us cux i've deleted them in my hp..

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sacrificial = Gain???

i've sacrificed quite alot 4 this job..

no more lunching dates with my girls
no more go-home-together anymore
no more bitching session
no more sms-ing when im bored
no more msn-ing at home
no more long blogging entries
no more scrapping & lomo-ing & spree-ing
no more movie sessions with u-know-who
no more no more no more...

i din even watch the Olympics opening on Fri.. ;(
i was too engrossed in worrying 4 my Sat papers thats why..
but luckily, i din do badly for all 4 papers this wk..
i score an avg of 98.5 for each..
and i got 100 marks for 2 of my papers..
heheheh~ nx wk onwards gotta start worry 4 Jap..
& also xiang's bf work..
i wonder can he do everything himself when im not arnd?

/* im stil considering if i shld update on past events..


Saturday, August 09, 2008

Another Crave!

can u imagine i got class on National Day?
anyway, here's my latest crave..
hehehe~ any kind soul wanna get me snacks 2 bring Jap?

u guys shld know i've got swt tooth..
& i dont deny it cux im proud 2b ONE!!!!
hiakx hiakx hiakx~



Friday, August 08, 2008

another week..

its been another long eventful week..
i promise 2 blog in detail during my coming free days..
but 1st thing, let me settle my 2 papers 4 tml..


16days more..
girls.. pls confirm which day 2 meet??


Saturday, August 02, 2008

before i forget..

hello August..

another 22days more to hello Japan..


Friday, August 01, 2008

Esp 4 *u

dont conclude everything base on your judgments!

& thanks 4 reminding me that *he dumped me because im too demanding
or im too unreasonable & overboard for him to handle.

below's my schedule if any of u is interested 2 know :
0545am wake up
0700am set off to amk mrt
0715am rch amk mrt
0735am rch city hall mrt
0820am rch Airport T2
0830am rch T1/classroom
0900am lesson start
1250pm lunchtime
1350pm lesson start
0450pm class end
0500pm start ans phone calls esp handover.
0630pm rch hm
0700pm do hmwk
0800pm dinner time!
0830pm study & revise abit
1000pm slpin time

same routine repeat 4 all wkdays.
wkends r burnt 2 do my handover.
+ mugging 4 my everyday quiz.
& replenish my slp 4 e overwhelming classes..

below's my only free day b4 i fly off on 24th :
2nd, 6th, 10th, 11th, 16 & 17th
remaining days will be filled with learning new things..
quizzes everyday & test on certain days..
jux tell me how 2 spare time doing other things..
i cant really endure high stress level like *u

PS : nw i find wordpress a better bloggin place..
at least i can lock my entries anytime i want..