DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Saturday, May 29, 2004

TiReD & mOoDy dAy?¿? =C

DunO y bUt sUdDeN/y jUx fElt kInDa dEpReSs.. m I sUfFeRiN fRm sUm sOrTa dEpReSsIoN? i dUnO? cAn u gImMe an aNs? aFt rEaDiN 1 oF mOi fWeN's bLog, i kInDa gOt infLuEncE bY hEr tAt.. aCtuaLLy tRuE LoVe iSh hArD 2 eXiSt.. eSp nW.. n i meAn rItE nW.. =C dUnO y eHx.. mAyB nOwaDaYs de gUrLs & gUys r mOrE fLowEr hEaRt bAhx? cHanGin bOifWeNx jUx LiKe cHaNgIn cLoThEs.. oR shLd i sAy.. LiKe cHanGiN mOoD?¿? dIfF mOoDy gOt dIfF bOifWeNx.. oOooPx.. iM sUrE i've oFfEnDeD PpL bY sAyIn tIs.. =X i wOnT dEnY i LovE /oOkIn aT gUys.. eSp tHoSe hIp hOp yO-Yo sOrT sIax.. HeHe.. *_* bUdDen i'LL b dEvOtEd 2 mOi bOifwEnx dEx.. i MeAn iF i gOt 1 lAhx.. =\

hAix.. 2dAe wEnT 4 mOi cItIbAnK rOadsHow tRaInInG.. kInDa tOuGh.. oR shLd i sAy aLoT oF tHiNgY 2 mEmOrIsE?? LiKe e cRitErIa fOr cUsToMeRs iSh 2B bTw 21-55yRs oLd, sInGaPoReAn oR pErMaNeNt rEsIdEnTs, iNcOmE mUx b bTw $12,000 p.a, $18,000 p.a Or $30,000 p.a, wIb wOrKinG aT lEaSt 1yR, nO mInImUm pErIoD iF iNcOmE aBoVe $2000/mTh aNd 2YeARs.. nAhx.. U mUx b wOndErIn wAt e HeLL iM wRitInG rItE? tAts wAt i gOnNa eXpLaIn 2 cUsTomErs.. bUt tIs iSh oNi a sMaLL LiL pOrTiOn oF e tRaiNing.. =S

aFt tAt mOi sIs tReaT mE & fRanCiNe 2 sAkAe.. *yUmmY*yUmMy* kEke.. dEn wE tOok tRaiN hM.. wHiLe oN e jOurNeY.. i wAs kIndA pIsSeD oFf.. bCuX... iM nOt gOnNa wRitE iT hErE bCux im sUrE e pErSoN i wAnNa sAy wiLL b rEadin mOi bLoGgY.. *siGh*

aNiWay wAt cAn i sAy sIax.. sHe iSh mOi fWeN wHoM i'vE kNoWn 4 aRnd nEaR/y 5 yEaRs le.. =| sO wAteVa bAd hAbIt sHe gOt, i gOtTa toLeRaTe iT.. aRenT i? FrAnCinE jUx bRoKe oFf wIb hEr aIaI aRic wHom i oWaYs mAk Fun oF aS aH Li gEgE.. LoLx.. NaHx.. hErE'S 1 exaMpLe.. r/s uSuaLLy wOnT LaSt LoNg.. i dUnO y.. nO maTtEr hOw tIaN tIaN mI mI tHeY r iN e 1sT fEw mThs & wAteVa pRomIseS e gUy oR gUrL maDe.. iT wiLL aLL bCuM uSeLeSs.. nOnsEnSe.. rUubBiiiSsssssshhhhh... sO iT haV tAuGhT mE a leSSon.. tHeRe nO sUcH tHiNgs aS tRue LoVe.. sO fUtUrE wAtEva LovE u 4EvA i'LL tReaT iT aS nOnsEnSE..!!!

♥ .+. dOn b tOo gOoD, I wiLL mIsS yOu. .+. ♥
♥ .+. DoN b tOo cArInG, I mIgHt LiKe yOu. .+. ♥
♥ .+. dÖÑ B ToO sWeEt, I mIgHt faLL fOr yOu. .+. ♥

tIrInG mOrN *yAwNx*

aCtuaLLy shLd b gEtTin rEaDy oFF 2 tRaInInG 4 e cItIbAnK rOaDsHow Dex.. bUdDen hAnDs iTcHy loRx.. gO sWiTcH oN cOm N lEaVe a mSg.. KeKe.. kInDa fUnNy sIax.. *yaWnx* tirEd aRhX.. LaSt nItE maYb tOo aNxIouS bAhx.. cAnT faLL aSlp uNtiL aRnd 2+am? tAt rEsuLtS in mOi pAnDa eYeS aGaIn lIaOx.. >.<

LtR aM mEeTiN fRaNcInE e pIgGy aT aMk mRt wIb mOi sIs. ShE'LL b bRiNgInG uS tHeRe, tEaChInG uS hOw 2 gEt 2 e "sTuPiD" cApItaL sQuArE.. =P LaSt mOn i wEnT b4 wIb mOi fWeNx.. bUt wE tOok cAb tHeRe LaHx.. oH mOi gOd o_O iSh sO dAmN hIgH cLaSsY sIax.. nOt wE tHoSe xIaO rEn wU cAn eNtEr dE LoRx.. -_-ll

hAhHa.. i bEtTeR eNd nW aRbO 2nItE nUtTiN 2 wRitE liAox? =\ hEhE.. wiLL b bAcK 2NitE wIb mOi tRaInInG sTufFs.. =X hOpe iT wOnT bOrE u bAhX? iF iT rEaLLy dOes.. dEn y r u sTiLL rEaDiN iT LeHx? *gRiNx* =D

Friday, May 28, 2004

sEmEsTraL rEsuLtS *_*

mOi sEmEsTraL 2 rEsuLtS ...


kInDa hApPy tAt i gOt nO Ds sIa.. fInaLLy cAn faCe mOi sIs LiAox.. sHow hEr tAt i cAn sTudY hArd tOo.. yEaHx..~!*~!* =P

sUpEr hApPy rElAxInG dAy.. =D

ytd mOrN wAkE uP sO dAmN sWaY.. i cUm mEnSeS.. =X LoLx.. m I sUpPosEd 2 sAy tAt oUt?? HaHa.. NaHx.. hEcK laHx.. =P mOi sToMaCh cRaMp sTaRts rIgHt aFtEr a feW mInx.. lEfT mE sItTiNg oN mOi bEd undEcIdEd wHeThEr sHld i sTiLL gO aHeAD wIb mOi cLaSs oUtInG sIax.. =\ bUdDen e bAd nEws iSh mOi cLass gUrl hUmaIrAh aLaDy bOok e tIx liAox.. *sOb*sOb* sOoOo i cAnT pOsSibLy bAcK oUt le bAhx? tATs Y i tInK i bEtTeR hUrRy uP & pRePaRe bcUx e TimE iSh nW 1:06pm le.. mEeTiN tIme iSh 2:30pM n hErE i M sTiLL dEcIdInG whEhtHeR 2 gO oR nOt 2 gO.. LoLx.. iF tHeY weRe 2c tIs.. sUrELy wiLL b LuFfIn bAhX? =D

fInaLLy aT 2Pm.. fInIsH pRePaRiN n rUsH dOwN 2 bUs sToP tAk 851 2 nOvEnA dEn tRaIn 2 mEeT mOi cHa bO zHiYiNg aT dHoBy gHaUt.. bUt oOoOhHhh mOi gOd.. i gOt a v BaD dIaRrhOa sIax.. n iSh kiLLiNg mE.. i sUmOrE hEsItaTe 4 a fEw mIns b4 rUnNiNg hM liKe An iDiOt jUx 4 e sAke oF uSiN tOiLeT sIax.. LoLx.. bY e TiMe i fInaLLy cAn sEt foOt outTa dOoR iSh aLaDy 2:36pM le sIax.. n gUeSs wAt? i rCh aT 3:18 sIax.. mOi cHa bO iSh aLaDy wAiTin tHeRe 4 bOut mOrE tHan 15MiNs bAhx? *sOrwY wOrX cHa bOx *_^ *

sEeMs LiK tRoUbLe iSh nEver eNdIn.. mOi cRaMp sTaRts aGaIn.. n i fEeL liK heLL sIax.. bUt i sTiLL gOnNa eNdUrE EndUrE & eNdUrE..

iN e cIneMa.. sItTiN iN bTw mOi cHa bO & pEiYiNg.. bUt i KeEp tOkIn 2 mOi cHa bO.. HaHa.. taLkaTivE mAhx.. =X cHa bO eVeN dId e bAd tHiNgY sIax.. 2 aCtUaLLy sAy sHe mEeTiN zHiWeI lTr rIgHt iNfROnT oF vInCenT.. oMG!!! *cHa bO.. y sOo bEn bEn??* KeKe.. gUeSs vIncEnT oSo dIn pAy mUcH aTtEnTiOn 2 wAt e mOvIe iSh aBoUt le baHx? =/

aFt mOvIe, vIncEnT leFt cUx hE gOiN 2 dUno wHeRe? o_O dUnO wAt cOuSin tHiNgY aRhX? wAhAhaHa.. pEiYiNg & aIaI wEnT wEsT maLL sO e rEsT wHo cOnpRiSes oF fIlzAh, hUmaIrAh, bRiaN, MenG kIaT, cHrIs, Me & cHa bO tOoK 14 dOwn sUntEc.. tInK iSh dUe 2 e 2 cHaLeT wHiCh mAdE us mOrE uNiTed bAHx? wE gUyS tOk oN bUs n MISS E STOP!!! MuaHaHaHa.. sOoOoo wE tOoK aNotHeR bUs bAcK 2 sUnTeC.. Nnnnnnn wE eAt sAkAe!!! *yUmMy*yUmMy* deLicIoUs.. wE gUrls sIt 1 tAbLe n e gUys at aNotheR.. wE gUrLs oRdErEd LoTsA pLaTeS oF sUsHi LiKe sOfT sHeLL cRab ( FiLzAh aTe e wHoLe tHiNg ;P ), hUmaIraH aTe sUm tAmaGo sUsHi?, cHa bO aTe wAt i ordEr.. HaHa.. nAmeLy cHawaMuShi (yEaHx.. i HeLLa LoVEs tIs e MosT !!), hOtaTe, fRiEd tOfU n eTc.. ^_^

cHa bO lefT aFt taT.. I MisS hEr.. oOooPx.. KeKe.. sO wE wEnT 2 espLaNaDe n tHeN 2 FULLERTON HOTEL. u mUx b tInKiNg 4 wAt rItE? jUx 2 sLacK n cHaT tHeRe.. LoLx.. bUt e sOfa wAs rEaLLy cOmfOrTabLe n cOzY sIax.. iF oNi i cAn sTaY LoNgeR....

sOoN aRnd 10:30pm.. wE parTeD.. i tOoK bUs 130 hM whErAs brIaN & mEnkIaT tOok bUs fRm mOi opP sIdE, hUmaIraH, fIlzAh & cHrIs waLk bAc 2 mRt sTaTiOn 2 tAk tRaiN..

cAn cErTaInLy cOnfIrM pLuS gUaRanTee cHoP cHoP sAy wE'Ve bEen cLoSeR tHaN b4.. LoVe u gUyS.. i wOuLd lOvE 2 hAv aNotHeR cHalEt aGaIn.. wIb e SaMe pPl aT e sAme pLace.. *mUCkx* & *wInKx*

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

nUa-InG aFtn >.<

wAke uP iN e MoRn.. wAtcH GUESS sHow and saw those BaRbIe loOkIn gUrLx.. oH mOi gOd.. >.< hOw dId thEy gEt tHoSe fAiR cOmpLexIoN.. i wAn i wAn.. =P keke..

cHecK mOi poLy rEsuLts.. tHoU mAnAgE 2 gEt a P.A.S.S in aLL sUbs.. bUt gUeSs wOnT dO qUiTe weLL bAhx.. 我大概心理有数.. =( aLL mOi fauLt lOrx.. nV sTudY hArD hArD.. sOoOo nOw rEgReT tOo LaTe le.. 8..(

nAhX.. tIs iS mOi 1St pOsTiNg sO nOt gOnNa wRiTe sOoO mUcH.. LtR pPl cOmpLaIn lOnG-wInDeD.. wRiTe bO LiaO tHiNgY.. HaHaha.. =D