DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Saturday, January 28, 2006

having some mixed feelings right now..
have no idea where 2 start from..
well.. guess i'll jux say wateva comes 2 my mind le..
1st of all, sum bad news came by jux nw..
zy msg me say sth happened 2 sum ppl in my class..
like havin internal conflicts??
act. kinda agree wib wat shar say..
oni part of it..
but on e oth hand, mayb another party really cannot tak it??
i duwan b caught as a middle-man
so i rather stand as neutral...
thou its our last yr last sem 2gether..
every1 dun seems 2 cherish each oth more..
instead more misunderstandings & conflicts keep happening..
its suppose 2b e time when we all stand as 1..
however, we r drifting further apart..
mayb wat i said has finally brin notice 2 e oths..
close on e outside but strangers on e inside..
if u really take e oth person as a close fren,
u wil pour all ur woes 2 e person rite?
but wat if u have 5 close frenx?
wld u jux tell 1 person n left e oth 4 out?
i have nv had such a strong feelin abt bein left out,
until ultimately when it happens 2 me..
really hate the feeling of oth ppl tokin abt sth which i duno,
but when i try 2 find out, im oni 2b ignored..
wat kinda f/s is tis?
mayb 1 do grow up from failure,
but izzit really true tat ppl changes over nite?
it can bcum so scary tat u no longer uds e person anymore?
duno wat him/her is thinking, wat his/her mentality is animore?
it can make a person wib no temper 2 finally explode..
express all e feelings out..
1 thing i can b sure is, i have uds some ppl more thru tis..
i get 2 noe more abt them..
if u keep mixing wib e same company,
u can nv noe wats e world outside..
and nw since i have stepped out from ur world,
i do hope that the person whu stepped into ur world wil brin u happiness
and 4 me, i wil also b able to find my true company..
PS : this entry is not suppose 2b a complaint,
BUT jux a feeling i get aft .....

wOot~ ytd went 2 quite alot of places siax..
Clementi, Holland V, NUS, Bukit Batok, Jurong East n finally HM!
from sch wm, mk, py n me went Clementi 4 lunch..
act. is bcux i wanna thread my eyebrow..
budden~ sadly e queue is unbeliveably long..
they queue from shop until outside lorx..
arnd 15 ppl lehx..
n oni 2 indian gers r doin e threadin lorx..
so i gave up n we lunch at S-11
while waitin 4 our food 4 cum, we played mahjong cards..
kinda AA thou.. cux those auntie uncles walk past all keep looking..
hahaha.. like gambling queen n king.. =X
i 4got mk din play..
so oni gambling queens
well, we ate n play another rnd b4 wm head back 2 sch..
mk acc me n py went Mac de toilet..
i need 2 bian bian.. lolx..
chris came by n we rest awhile chit chat..
v enjoyable lorx..
mk n chris entertain us mahx.. =p
n wm + py each gave us a bottle of pineapple tarts..
i prefer py's ones..
cux e crust is tastier than wm's.. =D
den py acc me go Holland V walk walk..
i bght 2 tops lehx..
oni less than $30 for 2 tee u noe!!
extremely cheap rite?
i cant possibly resist buying..

Image hosting by Photobucket
my fave brand in e shade of brown i love

Image hosting by Photobucket
its genuine stuff ok..
wib tag intact..

Image hosting by Photobucket
i bght tis tee cux i found e slogan nice..
is Hollister brand worx..

Image hosting by Photobucket
Two Boyfriend Are Better Than One

how izzit?
quite nice rite? hehe..
aft tis trip, we took bus 200 go NUS
got 1hr of scoldings from XX again lorx.. (>.<)
really cannot mak it siax..
we hafta buck up 4 our fyp le.. =(
from NUS, we took bus 188 to Bt Batok
cux i wanna thread eyebrow..
$5 lehx.. inside a salon wan..
took bus 188 to py's hse then i tak 52 to MacRitchie..
change 852 go hm..
finally rch hm at 6:45pm..
wOoo~ tiring day lehx..
rch hm den found out e salon auntie nv thread properly..
stil got some not v neat lorx..
i stil v much prefer e Clementi indian gers..
Arhh~ i wanna go play some PS2 1st..
b4 startin our reunion dinner..
dar.dar n my sis's bf both joining us worx..
hope it wil b joyous n not quietly eat..
it wil b so awkward lorx..
kekeke.. duno whether aft dinner got mahjong session anot..
how i wish we can ........

i almost 4got..
Happy Chinese New Year to every1
get alot alot big big hongbaos

Thursday, January 26, 2006

wOwx.. wonder wonder these 2 days..
act. shld b lodgin a complaint here..
but i'll start off my entry wib a elated mood..
ytd my toilet gers n me went 4 our reunion dinner..
BUT w/o min.. aAaHhhhhhhhhh~
cux her dad's bdae mahx..
so its understandable lahx..
n we postponed it..
stil, me, cine n zhen went BK 4 our dinner..
n not 4gettin 2 snap snap snap..

Image hosting by Photobucket
taken in Wisma's toilet..

Image hosting by Photobucket
close up of me n cine..

Image hosting by Photobucket
we 3 gers..

Image hosting by Photobucket
yEaHx~ my solo take.. at BK

Image hosting by Photobucket
cine cine round round face

Image hosting by Photobucket
me n ah joe

Image hosting by Photobucket
another of me n ah joe

Image hosting by Photobucket
c how close e 2 of them r?

Image hosting by Photobucket
me holdin cine's arm..

Image hosting by Photobucket
cine's red hair

Image hosting by Photobucket
my yellow + gold + blonde hair

Image hosting by Photobucket
3 of us at bus stop..

Image hosting by Photobucket
oh no~ accidentally on e flash

Image hosting by Photobucket
them again

Image hosting by Photobucket
us again

Image hosting by Photobucket
us too

Image hosting by Photobucket
final take

2dae aft sch i went 2 meet zhen at bugis!!!
cux she acc me do some shopping mahx..
thou she say duwan 2 buy anitin..
stil~ she bght sth.. hahaha..
from bugis village, i bght a long bracelet..
can go afew rnds arnd my wrist..

Image hosting by Photobucket
it cost oni $4 worx..

and it was oso at Bugis Village tat i bght sth UNWILLINGLY!
i wil show every1 tat shop name..
i dun mention name..
i jux show it..

Image hosting by Photobucket
now u noe wat show le bahx?

at tis shop.. they sell eyeliner..
which they dun show it
no tester no nothing
how they expect shopper 2 buy?
how i noe thick or thin?
wateva.. so i secretly open it n see..
i merely open n take a glimpse
but kana caught
n she demanded tat i BUY IT!
excuse me.. its a BLACK eyebrow pencil
n i dun draw my eyebrow 4 goodness sake
wth! n i can swear i wont patronise tat shop ever again..
even when i say i wil buy it,
i request 2 buy a brown 1 instead..
STILL she INSIST i buy e BLACK 1!!
i really burning inside yet i hafta control it..
tat is e worse attitude manner i get from sales ppl..
really make me flare up ok!

Image hosting by Photobucket
eyebrow pencil from tat fcuked up shop!!!

ANIWAY shall not tok abt tat shop le..
we went on 2 OG where we bght some cosmetics..
i invested in Mascara n Foundations,
while zhen invested in Eye Shadowns 2 for $9,
Mascara and eyebrow pencil
all bght at cheap cheap price ok!
cux its havin discounts mahx..
20% lehx..
e foundation n masacra all from Maybelline..
foundation is buy 1 free 1 refill lehx..
n jux e foundation alone cost $25.50
but nw i pay $25.50 i get another refill as well..
isnt tat a bargain?
n i read from e Shopaholics bk tat i shld invest in things,
which wil help me wib my career..
imagine in future when i go work in e society,
i stil need 2 make-up rite?
so its not too late 2 start right nw lorx..
hahahah.. tat bk kinda influence me quite alot,
i must say.. =p
Image hosting by Photobucket
e mascara n foundation

Image hosting by Photobucket
when opened up..

Image hosting by Photobucket
e amount of make-ups i got right nw..

oh yeahx.. when i rch hm 2dae..
i found a mail which is 2 me..
n muahahahah~

Image hosting by Photobucket
i "sensor" off my add. le..

Image hosting by Photobucket
when i removed e envelope

Image hosting by Photobucket
n finally when i remove e plastic wrapper..
izzit nice? =D

Image hosting by Photobucket
e total thingy i got 2dae..
n i spend like $50+ 2dae lorx..
tis makes me so sad..
cux i promise myself 2 cut down on my spending..
n save e money 2 spend it at HK..
there r so much thingy i wanna buy at HK..
however i oni have like 3+mths left 2 save lehx..
bless me kx..
i *promise 2 save all my hongbao money..
shall end it off wib.....

PS: min, im not angry wib u le worx..
tat day din reply u cux i was away..
but when i get back, ur offline le..

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

haha.. ytd changed my blog song too!
currently m glued to tis song..
cux i find it so touching..
sometimes while listening 2 tis song on my way to sch..
can make me feel so empty inside..
2nite wil b meetin my toilet gers 4 dinner..
duno y but i have a strong feelin like we'r not as close as we seems..
some of us dun even have basic understandin 4 another..
AND it inspire me 2 post some Qs here..

Which wld u prefer?
1. Work or Friends
2. Studies or Work
3. Work or Boyfriend
4. Studies or Friends
5.Boyfriend or Friends
6. Studies or Boyfriend

OK! done wib my questioning..
here r my ans 2 them..
1. Friends
2. Studies (thou sumtimes had 2 work 2 earn more money =X)
3. Boyfriend (YES! sumtimes i rather give up workin 2 meet my dar.dar)
4. Friends. lahx (unless its semestral exams?!)
5. 2b honest they r equal (friends oni referrin 2 some of them =P )
6. Boyfriend ( oni apply if we haven been meetin 4 a long time)

here's my results..
if u choose more than
0 for WORK, u shld start planning for ur future (ha ha)
1 for WORK, it shows ur moderate
2 for WORK, goes to show tat Working is more impt in ur life
3 for WORK, u'r really a workaholics which u might mak u lose ur friends or impt ones
0 for FRIENDS, ur anti-social or u can jux go n die (no friends how 2 survive?)
1 for FRIENDS, shows tat ur circle of friends is not v big
2 for FRIENDS, circle of friends is big BUT oth things might seems more impt 4 u
3 for FRIENDS, wOwx!! Friends r e most impt role in ur life ehx? =)
0 for STUDIES, omg, pls dun fail ur exams kx?
1 for STUDIES, borderline ppl? or ur plain lucky?
2 for STUDIES, gd results but lack or friends or soul mate?
3 for STUDIES, get a life! Is studies e most impt in ur life?
0 for BOYFRIEND, its time 2 find some target le ;)
1 for BOYFRIEND, dun spend too much time on oths than ur bf
2 for BOYFRIEND, even if u spend time wib bf, dun neglect ur friends or studies
3 for BOYFRIEND, gosh~ ur glued 2 ur bf harx?

act. e results n qs to tis test is i make it up wan..
ha ha.. pls dun scold me..
its jux 2 let u have some soul-searching..
in case if ur those extreme ppl (alot of 0s or 3s)
do bear in mind.. everything is impt..
but depends on which 1 u place 1st..
it will oso show wat kinda person u r..
=D gtg eat my lunch n rush off 2 sch le..

Monday, January 23, 2006

ok.. m requested by Ms Joey Chan to update..
else my blog might start to get mouldy?
kekeke.. had 1 of my modules presentation jux nw..
din do v well bahx..??
cux we last nite then "chiong" e ppt slides..
n its not "we" but humairah doin it alone.. =\
e rest all turn in at arnd 1+ 2am..
oni had 3+hrs of slp.. resulting in black rings rnd my eyes..
Ugh~ wear my hand-made necklace to sch 2dae..
had lotsa comments..
eg. my practical technician say looks like buddhist prayer beads..
another 1 say got a metallic feelings..
but most of them say v dangerous..
cux e thread i use is quite thin.. then ...
imagine halfway crossin e road n e thread give way??
oOooHhhhx~ i cldnt b picking them all up within a while rite?
YeaPx.. n i almost forgot..
while walkin to the bus stop tis morning,
i saw a dead rat lyin in e middle of e carpark..
oh gosh~ i even walked nearer 2 take a closer look jux 2b sure..
its squashed beyond recognation..
e head cant even been found.. blood trailed along..
really felt so pitiful for e rat..
*shake head*
n i seriously hafta stop myself from lookin at boyish boys..
bcux they tend 2b much younger than me?
suddenly find myself gettin older.. *sIgh*
n much 2 my surprise, i got a "boy fren" whu is younger than me..
thou by jux 1yr, i stil consider it a miracle..
as i usually dun mingle wib ppl younger than me (guys)
another thing is... I WANNA CONGRATULATE MYSELF!!!
bcux i have successfully finished a 390++ pages of storybk within 2 days!!
isnt it freaking unbelievable?
but which book got such strong attraction tat kept my attention glued?

Image hosting by Photobucket
tadah!! Shopaholics takes Manhattan!!!

its recommended by my sis..
n she bght another bk which is oso among e series..
oni bk 2 n 4 at my hse nw..
m waitin patiently 4 her 2 borrow bk 1 n 3 from her colleagues..
well.. back to 2dae..
rch sch walkin under block T12 when i saw a DEAD LIZARD!!
yeahx~ another dead animal or wateva..
n its flat on e floor over-turned~
luckily i spotted it b4 i set foot on it..
i duwan to imagine steppin on sth elastic..
2dae oso progress quite alot 4 my bcom tsa..
all thx 2 e technician 4 helping us..
me n cha bo connection lotsa errors..
but e technician pointed it out all 2 us n have us improved..
n durin our "free-time" <--- self declare cux we skipped a lect =X
me, py, zy, wm n mk head library 2 play uno-stacko
muahahahah~ wm n py sure v clumsy..
startin of e game oni oso can topple over e stacks..
e 1hr+ sure filled us wib lotsa laughter
hMmm.. was wonderin whether did i mention abt findin edison's blog..
nw i felt so much closer 2 him!!!
really feelin over e moon..
bcux i get to noe wat he's doin everyday..
oh my god~ cant help fantasizing him lookin deep into my eyes..
oh shit.. wth m i tokin.. (^v^)
aniway my mum invited dar.dar over 4 my hse reunion dinner nx Sat..
im exhilarated.. i mean.. look..
1st time i get to have a reunion dinner wib my bf n at e same time, wib my family
ok so nw blessed tat i wont do anitin foolish durin e dinner kx?
i tend 2b quite clumby n absent-minded infront of dar.dar..
well.. dun tok abt dar.dar le..
tink shall end here bahx..
feelin kinda tired..
wanna slp early cux tml wil b a long long day..
m finally meetin up wib e toilet gers tml..
4 my reunion dinner!!
so excited ok?
nw wat shld i wear tml...
i've tot of wat to wear n accessories 2 go wib le..
stay tuned 2 our reunion dinner pix bahx..
= END =

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

jux finish watching the 9pm channel 8 drama..
ann kok was really scheming in it..
2dae was spend at py's hse..
half of the time doin our fyp and e oth half chit-chatting..
browse thru some auctions stuffs..
cux she wanna buy some necklace with bid pendants..
had my dinner at her place too..
she whipped up bee hoon n oth dishes 2 go with..
not bad lehx.. =)
last wk 4got to mention abt receiving a gift from her..
its a beaded necklace from Thailand worx..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
her bro + gf bght it 4 her

budden how cum wib me ehx?
cux py say e necklace dun suits her mahx.. keke..
it thus make me decided to bid 4 another necklace online..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
how izzit? nice anot?

my mum finds it v feminine so i bid it..
not bad lahx.. both r wooden beads de.. (^v^)
and then i chance upon some discount items..
all make ups lehx!!
cant control myself n i bidded a eyeliner~~
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
but its a grave mistake..
cux e shade is in Navy Blue not Black!!
oh my god!
i tried it on ytd.. looks so ghostly..
lolx.. mayb bcux e tip is thick bahx?
its a 3 in 1 eyeliner with smudger n rubber..
sounds kinda unnecessary 4 me ehx?
nahx.. hope to buy new BLACK eyeliner n mascara..
n i wil need foundation n blusher too! =D
and ytd went out wib py n chris..
1st we went to PS e Made With Love shop..
4 me to buy patterned paper..
nx stop is Spotlight, 4 py to find her embellishments..
end up we bght some cheap cheap patterned paper..
50 pieces for $8.50 niax..
n we did some evil deeds too..
kekeke.. not 2b mention here lahx.. =P
den we went over 2 Bras Basah follow by Chinatown..
met chris at Chinatown..
n he helped me 2 carry my bags of heavy stuffs..
thx lehx, chris..
here is e prima flowers me, my sis n wm shared..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Wild Garden..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
close up of e flowers..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Summer edition of flowers..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
its Peach in color..
but e colors r like dyed on..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Hot Tropix..

and i bght 3 packets of black beads for makin my own necklace worx..
make some improvements..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
can go 2 rounds arnd my neck worx..
and my mum say its nice!!
nx time mayb can attempt sth diff le..
*yawnx* gonna zZz soon le..
tml meetin py n zy go sch do MMSP video..
follow by NUS for our fyp..
wish us good luck bahx~

Sunday, January 15, 2006

keke was kinda bored jux nw so went 2 took tis test..
aniway got tis test from my cousin's blog..
and the result is...

You are 50% geeky

Not bad. Maybe you spend a little too much time with your computer,
but at least you have friends.
You do have friends, right?

The current average score is: 32.66%

So im consider abnormal with contrast to the average score lorx?
lolx.. im geeky?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

wOwx!! 1st entry of 2006 lehx..
but its late by 12 days le..
keke im not busy celebrating or wat..
jux plain lazy 2 logon, post pix n type entry.. =X
n recently weather so nice 2 zZz
last nite i nv even on my fan at all!
i jux open 2 of my top window n i zZz all e way..
aniway shall start off from last yr 2005

[31st Dec 2005] Sat

on e last day of 2005, i din went out 2 cele again..
jux stayed at hm wib my parents n dar.dar lorx..
dar.dar suggested ordering pizza..
hehehe.. France De Pizza.. not bad ehx..
i love their wedges n cheesy hawaiian pizza!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
my delicious look!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
see my close up look.. e wedges wib mayo worx~~

arnd 9+pm hands itchy itchy siax..
so wanna play mahjong lorx..
jux nice.. both my parents, me n dar.dar..
enuff lehx.. i started off wib losin all e way arhx..
lose until i duwan play.. den my mum changed seats wib me..
e 1st rnd i play den win le..
my sis + her bf returned hm.. n he tak over my dad..
guess wat!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
i win 5 tai lehx!!!
can recoup part of my loses liaox..

muahahahahahh~ end of e 2 rounds game..
i lose arnd 30+ lorx.. hehehe..
last pix of 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
toto's big fat butt!!

[1st Jan 2006] Sun

1 of my relative organised a chalet at Loyang..
oni my parents went lorx..
left me n my sis + dar.dar at hm..
kekeke.. watched dar.dar play ps2 (resident evil 4)
and i learned 2 play as well..
but my controlled movement v retarded..
guess its bcux im not used 2 it bahx?
aniway my sis went out in e late aftn..
left me n dar.dar niax..
i slpt awhile den dar.dar went out 2 buy dinner hm..
had our dinner den con't 2 play RE4 until my sis + bf cum back..
we all turn in until e next morn my parents return hm..

[2nd Jan 2006] Mon

we stil con't 2 play RE4.. hahaha..
evening time dar.dar return back 2 his hostel..
but b4 tat he taught me how 2 play another game..
Dragon Quest.. not bad lahx..
nw im hooked le~~ hei hei~

[4th-6th Jan 2006] Wed - Fri

was havin my mst from wed-fri so i din touch ps2
kekeke.. but fri aft paper went 2 PS wib my classmates..
ate at Long John.. acc wm 2 Marks n Spencer 2 buy her top..
in e meantime, we walked arnd too..
spotted a sparkling big ring arhx

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
c how big tat is?
cost $49 lorx.. thou its not real diamond but its BIG n SPARKLING~

aft walkin arnd PS for nearly 2+hrs..
i oso gain sth.. haha.. me n py bght a top..
from duno wat shop call I.P.Zone de?
tis is how it looks like..
its a racerback.. tagged at S size nehx..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
not bad bahx? haha.. =p
aft tat me n py went on 2 bras basah 2 buy some art n crafts thingy..
finally rched hm at 5+pm..
but i took some pix of wat i bght nehx..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
total stuffs i bght

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
e envelop n shiny papers from Pop@Central

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
glow in e dark stars

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
when opened up.. how e stars look like..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
most imptly, my mail came!!
but wat is inside?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
tis pair of earring which i bid lorx?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
how do i look wib it? =D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
close-up of e earrings..

was so excited tat thou i was lethargic aft e trip..
i din went 2 tak a nap..
busy packin my art n crafts stuffs..
n admiring my earring.. ha ha
oh yahx, 1 of e days b4 my mst,
i took some pix of a cloudy day but SCORCHING sun
tis is e proof..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
c how gloomy e sky is?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
wow.. my hp cam not bad yo?
can c e sun rays lehx..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
can c e spot of sun?
left hand side is my hand horx..

n den lastly is abt toto..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
HIM! wearing his clothes cux weather is cold..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
toto change clothes le..
N... is he playin ps2 too? lolx..

althou my entry may seems 2b jovial happy happy..
budden act. m not feelin v gd inside..
cux i finally realise how fake can some person b..
imagine w/o another person, *x wil tok 2 u n stick 2 u..
however when e person is arnd, *x wil 4ever stick 2 her..
have no reason wat happen in btw tat mak dem so "close"
stil, it lets me c e true color of *x
not 2b so close 2 *x anymore..
plus e feelin of being left out is not gd..
im not transparent or non-existance..
if tat happens 2 u, how wld u feel?
no pt being close 2 dem when ur outcasted..

PS : Dun ask me whu e *x is.. cux i wont divulge