DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Thursday, March 30, 2006

hMmm~ nuttin much happened recently..
jux tat ytd stood up my frenx..
said wanna meet them up..
but so qiao, both me n cine fall sick.. =(
got v serious throat inflammation bahx?
morn woke up throat feelin v dry..
went 2 tak a few sip of water..
but find it hard 2 swallow down.. Ugh~
hate tis kinda feeling..
aniway, decided 2 blog abt sth else..
1. Who Have Visited My Hse Before?
2. Who Have Stayed Over At My Hse Before?
3. Whose Hse Did I Visit Before?
4. Whose Hse Did I Stay Over Before?
ok~ and e list goes..

Image hosting by Photobucket

for Qs no.1, e ans are
* Francine
* AiMin
* Joey
* Ailian
* Peiying
* Sharmaine
* Zhiying
* Weimin
* Brian
* Chris
* MengKiat
* Darling

Ummm~ e list might b abit short horx?
cux my hse got ToTo arnd mahx..
so not every1 get 2 cum my hse
esp guys~
and those guys mention above did not cum when ToTo was arnd
( except Darling of cux )
Ha Ha Ha

as for Qs no.2 lehx..
^ AiMin
^ Darling
^ Ailian
^ Peiying
^ Sharmaine
^ Zhiying
^ Weimin

wahx~ tis list even shorter ehx?
whu dares 2 cum when ToTo is guarding e hse?
sumore my classmates cum over is 2 do proj mahx..
oth than tat, no more liaox horx?

Qs no.3 ans
` Darling
<---------- Sec Sch Mates ---------->
` AiMin
` Joey
` Francine
` Kelly
` Sunny
` ShuYu
` ShuWei
` Chloe
` Marilyn
` WeiLi
<---------- Pri Sch Mates ---------->
` Dawn
` Adeline
` ShiHui
<---------- Poly Mates ---------->
` Ailian
` Peiying
` Sharmaine
` Zhiying
` Chris
` Brian
` Jason

Qs.4 ans
.+. Francine
.+. AiMin
.+. Kelly
.+. Ailian
.+. Peiying
.+. Zhiying
.+. Darling

Image hosting by Photobucket

ok~ tats all lahx..
tink u guys can try recalling ur own list?
hEe~ shld b quite fun bahx?
scratchin ur head, raking ur brains out 2 tink?
those r all precious memories
tat cannot b erased by time

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

woke up feelin v uncomfortable..
cux i felt my throat kinda pain
n had a runny nose..
went 2 brush my teeth n wash face..
den sat infront of com 2 check mails..
visited my blog too..
well, obviously sum1 isnt happy wib wat i post ytd..
n aft being warned by my "fren" (cannot say whu)
i decided it wld b best 2 remove some texts..
pictures wil do e talking lorx..
i dun wish 2 offend oth ppl too..
sumore i din c it myself..
i wasnt at e scene when it takes place..
jux those whu said n did those stuffs noe it themselves..
i duwan 2 get involved either..
ltr every1 cum shoot me..
den i die
lolx.. i mean use gun shoot..
of cux can die rite? =X
hehee.. j/k lahx
aniway my last 3 hrs of ytd wat spend cleanin my rm..
tidyin my sch books n notes..
spared another half of my cabinet 2 store my scrapbooking box
hEe~ i tink 2dae shld start doin my gift 4 sum1..
since i've promised *her 2 make n send 2 her liaox..
oh yahx, i nearly 4got..
i stil owe sum oth ppl sth horx?
Image hosting by Photobucket cine order another purple color ""
Image hosting by Photobucket shirley's letter + ""
Image hosting by Photobucket my mother's day pressy
Image hosting by Photobucket peiying's ""
not gonna mention wat is e ""
n those whu know it, pls dun say it out kx?
=D shall try 2 best 2 complete 2 by 2dae..
cux tml meetin cine 2 develop pix mahx..
i gotta control my spendins le..
haven found any temp job yet..

Monday, March 27, 2006

wOo~ aft so many posts w/o pix..
i have finally tak some bo liaox pix 2 share le..
ytd i received e 2nd meaningful pressy from dar.dar
its a gold medal worx..
but from wat competition lehx?
make a guess bahx?
water polo?
nahx~ all wrong..
bcux it is Dragon Boat competition..
Aha~ he n his canoe team mates join in e db match
n they wipe out all oth db teams n emerge as e Champion
doesnt they deserve some applause?
hEe~ im so happy with their achievments worx..
take a look at e results

Image hosting by Photobucket

surprise bahx?
wanna c how e medal looks like?

Image hosting by Photobucket
tis is e front

Image hosting by Photobucket
and tis is e back of it

all e pix wil do e talkin le..
if any1 doubt e results,
can ask 4 e whole results list from me..
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
e admission ticket to Natas fair
cost each of us $3 lehx..!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
any1 know wat is tis?

Image hosting by Photobucket
nahx~ it reveals a cutie teddy

Image hosting by Photobucket
there's a plastic label on e body
2006 Discover Hong Kong Year

Image hosting by Photobucket
another paper label on its ear

Image hosting by Photobucket
aha~ its a gift from HK Tourism Board

Image hosting by Photobucket
we got a total of 4 teddy cux 4 of us goin

Image hosting by Photobucket
and a free luggage from UOB worx..
oh no~ is 2 free luggage..

Image hosting by Photobucket

i guess tat shld end my tis post as well le bahx?
tml i wont b free worx..
so dun ask me out tml liaox..
im gonna spring clean my whole rm
in anticipation 2 my poly classmates cumin my hse 4 mahjong-ing

Sunday, March 26, 2006

wahx.. i tell everyone horx..
last nite i went 4 an overnite mahjong session at Kelly's hse..
it was kinda a last min decision lahx..
considering 2 ppl asked 4 me at e same time..
kelly asked me 2 go over join her n 2 poly frenx 4 mahjong
whereas zhen ask me 2 sub her 4 2dae's m1 roadshow
so i chose e former lorx..
cux e latter requires me 2 work a gd 10hrs siax!!
1st time i heard m1 promotion need 10hrs?
*sorry zhen tat i cant sub u
and so i joined kelly + her 2 frenx..
they were quite easy-goin n soon im talkin wib them le..
i din play money lahx..
so broke how 2 play money lehx?
so e 3 of them play lorx..
kelly lost quite alot worx.. feel sad 4 her.. =\
cux she alone lost to e 2 gers mahx..
den we started playin at 1am n ended 2 rnds at 630am
freakin tired ok?
so i walked hm from her hse aft tat..
at 650am i left her hse..
i really v careless lorx..
climb up stairs oso can walk until trip n fall
rched hm wib a bleedin ring finger
n kinda sprain my middle finger
+ sort of hurt my ankle too
clumsy is e word bahx?
hMmm~ clean up n prepare 2 zZz liaox..
i guess i oni slpt 4 arnd 6hrs+ bahx?
so in e late aftn i cfm need a nap..

Image hosting by Photobucket

ytd while watchin e HBO 4 latest movies in town..
i caught a short preview of a movie titles Eight Below
i find e story quite interesting tats y i went Apple Trailer 2 tak a look
wHoa! i simply love tis movie lorx..
inside got 8 alaskan dogs
n i tink i can cry in e movies..
cux e 8 dogs r left 2 fend 4 themselves
when 2 owners fly back 2 their country 2 nurse 1 of frenx
e 8 dogs hafta endure the cold weather of Antartica
hunt 4 food n with nowhere 2 stay..
i c e preview oni i feel like cryin liaox..
here 2 view the Trailer
or click
here to view the Official Website
i tell u guys, its a MUST to visit ok?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

ok~ finally got chance 2 blog abit liaox..
my sis was usin com v often 2 do her sch work mahx..
so ytd aft work i did went down 2 Suntec Natas fair..
dar.dar was late.. my sis was late..
n i was standin at the Convention Hall downstairs..
waitin 4 them 2 arrive..
a gd 20 mins wait lorx.. -.-"
paid a $3 admission fee b4 we can step into the fair..
was quite lost at 1st..
but went 2 Chan Brothers 2 ask price 1st..
follow by CTC then Dynasty Travel n SA Travel..
so wat gd bargain did we get?
kekeke.. we booked a 7D6N Free n Easy tix..
but w/o pass or stay in Disneyland..
cux dar.dar got relative workin there mahx..
so if we rch HK n buy e tix ourselves, we might b able 2 get discount?
hEe~ Dynasty Travel provide us wib a cheaper price..
the hotel stay 2N got free 1N mahx..
sumore its at a 4* hotel at Wan Chai area nehx..
saw e sale of Redang too!
by air oni cost $278 lehx!!
freaking cheap ok?
by ferry n coach cost $228 lorx..
oni $50 more expensive..
n e journey wil cut down by alot alot more..
by coach wil need 10hrs whereas by air takes oni 1 n a half hr..
my sis v tempted 2 go..
cux she wanna c e Redang sea view..
hMmm~ but oni available when booked durin Natas fair..
so.. 4get abt it 1st lorx..
dar.dar n my sis paid by UOB Credit Card..
so we r entitled 2 free luggage nehx..
we separate the payment..
therefore we got 2 luggages in total!!
shld have paid by 4 credit card so we'll each get 1 luggage horx?
BUT whu else got UOB Credit Card?
we went abit late lahx..
oni left wib red color de luggage liaox..
n we took cab hm aft tat..
rch hm n settle everything liaox..
me n dar.dar went 4 dinner at e market..
went hm do sth n lights out~

Image hosting by Photobucket

3 days ago~
i went 2 work at Expo givin out flyers ourside Hall 3
its a Maritime Trade fair lorx..
v boring can?
cux every1 wears formal n lotsa ang moh n foreigners lehx..
got 1 angmoh even ask me y dun i jux throw all flyers away?
since there'r no1 watchin me or controlling me?
v stupid rite?
if i throw everything away, n my in-charge came back..
how m i gonna explain it 2 him?
n i even got "harrassed" by an old peh peh lorx..
all bcux im stupid lahx..!!
hpmh~ trust me 2 believe tat he'll intro me job..
stupidly gave him my hp no.
oni 2 receive smses from him askin,
"how old r u?"
"do u have any bf?"
"where got u stay?"
"want to have lunch together?"
"my dear veron, y dint u reply my sms?"

whoa~ i nearly faint when i c tis sms..
whu gave him e right 2 call me DEAR VERON harx?
irritating lorx..!!
unbearable too!
keep calling me even if i hang up..
wahx.. cant believe such old ppl wil do these..
i cant endure it anymore and so i replied him tis,
"Im not interested in the job anymore.
So i hope u can stop sms-ing and calling me.
Thank you very much!!"
and im being v polite 2 turn him down lidat lorx..
i can b alot times mean-er than tat..
Ugh~ so much problems..
durin my workin break,
i read like 50+ chaps of the Angels & Demons..
nw im at Chap 94 liaox..
the story gets more n more interesting..
im amazed at how the Author is able 2 come up with such ideas..
guess every1 shld read it too..
it wont disappoint u definitely..

Image hosting by Photobucket

ok~ so i've spend like $830 on the hotel + air tix..
i need 2 set aside another $100 or $200 for the Disneyland tour..
n if we goin Disneyland, we need 2 push back the departure by 1 day..
so we'll hafta extend another nite stay..
total i tink need 2 spare another $300 bcux of the Disneyland bahx?
so i hafta start saving another $300 for it..
BCUX i got 1k for my shopping + eatting + sight seeing + transport le..
pls bless that im able 2 save up tat amount
b4 May arrive

Friday, March 24, 2006

im goin down e Natas fair 2dae..
meetin my sis n dar.dar at e Suntec aft my work..
wOohOo~ so fast yo..
im gettin e air tix soon liaox..
simply cant wait..
wil b back 2 update mayb 2nite or tml..
aft my work 2dae..
i'll be $90 richer..

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

ytd n 2dae got big big events lehx..
cux ytd is e day i decided 2 quit my job!!
n my decision is rite..
cux e boss over there really attitude like hell..
=X i din say tis bcux im quittin or wat..
is e truth lorx..
of e 2 days im workin there..
i got shouted by my female boss four times..
omg omg omg!!
aniway ytd when i quit e job..
my boss keep sayin things 2 make me feel guilty lorx..
even e uniform oso want me 2 ask oth ppl 2 brin it down..
obviously, they duwan 2c me rite? =\
nahx.. have asked cine 2 help me brin it back le..
and den, so qiao worx..
jux when i lose my rice bowl,
py's fren fren called me up siax..
ask me whether Wed, Thur n Fri can work?
its at Expo lorx..
jux giving out flyers wil do le..
e total pay 4 3 days is $90
and im able 2 collect it on Fri le..
compensate me ehx?
work 2 days at e pet shop w/o pay
slog so hard oso no money..
BUT give out flyers so "sing nang"
can get $90 lehx..
tink shld get such jobs in future ehx? =D
whereas 2dae lehx..
my final yr final sem results is out le!!
wanna noe wats my results mahx?
im vvvv surprised ok?!


n 1 thing horx..
i duno wat izzit siax..
below my results, there a diploma awarded..


wat is tat lehx? diploma jiu diploma..
wat CCA siax?

PS : gers, tell me ur results if u c my tis entry kx? =)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006







in respect 2 my previous post..
i tink im announcing..
cant stand those heavy labour work

Monday, March 20, 2006

im gonna declare im mentally n physically tired..
aft workin 4 ONLY 2 DAYS!!
i cant imagine those working 1yr+ or mths over there..
my 1st day of work on Sat started by...
1. carryin all those metal cages + doggie hses out 2 display
2. wiping dry the doggie cages aft my fren wash them
3. assist my colleagues in fixin lunch 4 doggies
4. distributing out the lunch 4 e doggies
5. check whether any of e dogs r sick
7. help my colleague in changin hammies' cages
8. check stock + price taggin them
9. carry stock down from 2nd level to 1st level
10. helpin customers in findin their stuffs
11. .......
and e list goes on n on..
until we start 2 close shop at 7:45pm..
stil quite alright lorx..
cux e time passes v quickly..
esp aft lunch time..
got along quite well wib my colleagues too..
and i 4got 2 mention sth..
i wear e shop's uniform + shorts (above kneelength) + slippers..
hahaha.. tats how i need 2 wear 2 go work..
cux whenever we cleaning e dog cages..
e water wil jux splash out anywhere..
therefore we cannot wear pants which r too long..
on e 1st day of work only,
i get 2 carry lotsa dogs.. all diff breed..
n there r more than 50 DOGS THERE!!!
freaking alot rite?
my fave is e Siberian Husky n a female Golden Retriever..
these 2 dogs oways v obedient..
wont anyhow bark..
they bark only when they r hungry or they want attention..
v cute arhx!!
on my 2nd day, my heart nearly miss a beat,
when i saw got customer interested in e Siberian Husky..
tat is e only Husky in e pet shop..
i wil miss her de.. =(
luckily, e customer duwan female, they want male..

2dae meet up wib shar, al, mk n chris..
went 2 catch a movie + walk arnd..
they r e ones acc me 2 shop 4 my stuffs..
i rch PS earlier.. so went Spotlight 2 buy ribbons + alphabet stamps..
aft tat went up GV 2 buy tix lorx..
b4 goin to Made With Love 2 buy papers + pens..
fwah fwah.. $8.50 at Spotlight, $22 at Made With Love, $7 at GV
i oso bght a above knee length shorts from Baleno for $25
my "lunch" + dinner = $6
so my total damage 4 2dae = $68.50
omg~ jux started workin..
n yet i spend so much liaox.. *sObx*sObx*
plus i got news from my sis le..
she called up 1 of e tour agency..
n check with them tat 7D6N flight tix + hotel wil b arnd $901
*sIgh* really need 2 save up quite alot..
arbo go trip cum back wil b broke..

Friday, March 17, 2006

i've got a great news 4 every1
tat it...
and its sth which i loved it v muchy..
guess wat job is tat?
tell u guys wat happened 1st..
tis morn woke up den i online chattin wib "ah tan"
was tinkin abt findin a job..
so i went 2 flip thru newspaper..
at e same time chattin wib her too!
den i saw a Pet Shop Assistant under Other position..
tats y i try callin them up..
oni 2b transfer 2 their voicemail instead.. -.-"
aniway i tot of giving it up..
cux i duno whether they want experienced ppl anot?
they got put want Groomer oso mahx.. =\
aft awhile, i try giving them a call AGAIN
no1 ans quite sum time ltr so i hang up..
budden, they called me back!!
i tell u arhx..
at e moment i was so overjoy ok?
hehehe.. so i went down 4 interview..
had a hard time findin e shop siax..
cux i alight at e wrong bus stop =X
i filled in e form n waited 4 e in-charge 2 cum interview me..
kekeke.. tink he hire me cux i got a dog at hm bahx?
he gave me 2 choices..
1 is pet shop assistant (do price-taggin, wash cages, feed dogs...)
2 is groomer (learn 2 do dog grooming, at e same time do oth thingy too)
e latter's pay is higher BUT need 2 sign 3yrs bond lorx..
e former's pay is lesser..
sumore got 3mths probation lehx..
shall not mention how much is my pay here..
ltr ppl cum rob me siax.. j/k
however, reveal a bit bit bahx..
my pay is more than 1.1k n less than 1.3k
bWaAHhaha~ i work 6 days per wk
which is a Full time job,
oni off on Mon tat is e same 4 every1..
they got buy insurance 4 us..
like if we met with any mishap durin e job, insurance wil pay..
sumore got include medical allowance too..
PH got double pay worx..
even if boss go on hols, every1 oso on hols..
BUT we stil get paid even if we on hols..
gd gd rite? hEe~
i wil b startin work from tml onwards..
wish me gd luck bahx?
my cumin May trip cfm got $$ spend lohx~

py, shar, al, i wil not 4get u all de..
wil ask u all out when im free ok?
since i got a job le, i dun mind go watch movies liaox..
lolx.. n horx.. py, nx Mon stil goin PS mahx?

cine, zhen n min, when r we meetin 2 cele cine's bdae?
been over 4 so long le worx..
im free everyday aft 8pm..
n e free-est on Mon~
let me noe when u all wanna meet k? =D

seriously.. i hate my new hse reception..
is damn weak lorx..
esp whenever im usin e com n wanna sms ppl..
e Sony Ericsson's "Message save in Unsent Items" tone pissed me off
i HATE it 2 e core!!
wonderin whether izzit jux my hp or every1's oso lidat?
mayb shld conduct a experiment on my sis..
Argh~ our mahjong session was cancelled..
due 2 some unexpected misfortune..
m chattin online wib "ah tan" nw..
hahaha.. =x
gettin Final Destination 3 from her as well..
oh god~ wat shld i do nw lehx?
ytd nite ask my sis how much she planning 2 brin HK?
she said oni arnd SGD $500-$700
so plus our 7Ds flight tix + hotel accomodation <= $900
add on the most $700,
total wil b $1600
which means i got enuff alady lahx..
yeahx~ dun have 2 scrimp anymore liaox..
i really had a hard time saving n saving..
controlling myself not 2 spend on anitin..
even when i c clothes i like, I CANT BUY!!
HPMH~ tat is v sad ok?
but i allow myself 2 spend on Art n Crafts material..
cux i buy 2 make things 4 my beloved frenx mahx..
so tat can b understanding rite?
ANIWAY~ nx Mon im goin down PS again..
hahahah~ tats my 1st fave place 4 buyin AnC thingy..
e nx wil b Bras Basah Complex.. or Taka?
hehe.. nx Mon e Made With Love shop got Double Stamp day..
so i guess shld b headin down 2 buy more Papers..
den mayb go SpotLight shop 4 more ribbons..
b4 goin Popular buy 2 more tubes of Glitter glues..
dear frenx, u all r e ones whu benefit worx..

wahx~ so fast..
cux in another 12 more hrs..
my poly darlings wil b cumin over 2 my hse..
muHAahhaah~ 4 mahjong session!!
hope can play a few rounds..
hands gettin itchy yehx?
aniway, ytd busy cleaning my rm lorx..
prepare 2 let dem cum 2dae mahx..
so need 2 tidy up abit.. =X
n i've finished makin e gift 4 ailian!!
*ailian, if u read tis post..
mux tag me worx..
well, i have oso come up wib new idea le..
shall buy more libbons (teh X) ribbons..
2 decorate my hand-made thingy..
jux nw i did a Apr 2006 calendar 4 myself!!
*give myself a pat on e shoulder
hehe.. m satisfied wib e outcome worx..
mayb wil do e rest of e yr oso bahx?
or make 1 4 dar.dar?
arbo he wil complain i oso make things 4 ppl but not him..
hMmm~ lidat oso jealous mehx?
*yawnx* gonna go turn in soon liaox..
ltr really bcum China de "guo bao"
(inspiration taken from mk)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

2dae is really not my day~
but let me show every1 sth.. muahahah..
Image hosting by Photobucket
make a guess, did i cut my hair?
i'll reveal e ans in tml's entry.. =P
ok, shall list down some example 4 u guys 2 agree with me
tat 2dae is really not me, Veronica Liang's day..
Firstly, i lost a $300+ job (4 days)
Secondly, i waited 20mins to pay 4 6 ribbons at Spotlight
Thirdly, i waited another 20-25mins 2 pay
4 2 bottles of glitter glues n 1 UHU superglue at Popular
Fourthly, i cant edit my blog template..
it jux wont republish out 4 me..
Fifthly, .......
i really dun wish 2 mention it..
but it sets me frowning whenever i tot of it..
tat idiotic bus driver of Tibs Transit!!!
ok, i noe alot of question marks comin out..
let me explain kx?
i board tat 852 on 1 fine day (lolx.. ok i abit over..)
let me rephrase it..
i board a 852 tibs transit bus tis aftn..
intend 2 alight at e "Petrol bus stop" b4 MacRitchie
i pressed e bell near Shunfu Rd
he oni cum 2 a stop aft 1km over e bus stop..
n it was oni when i standed up..
den he look thru e rear mirror, ask me, "u want 2 alight?"
i DEFINITELY say YES rite?
he stil got e guts 2 ask whether can i alight nx stop?
he finally open e door n let me off..
by then im cursing n swearin e bus driver off le..
BUT 2 my surprise, i saw bus 162 approachin e bus stop..
try as i might.. i ran 2wards e bus stop..
oni 2c e bus drove off infront of me..
up till nw, v unfortunate rite?
waited another 15mins den e nx 162 cum..
Arghx~ really feel like cryin le..
at e thought of earning $300+ 4 my hk trip..
n its all gone..
can any1 else get me e same job back?
dun let me find out whu is e oth gers 2 replace us..
i curse them ok! HPMH!

sadly, dar.dar called me jux a few mins ago..
din he notice tat my tone has changed?
cant he sense anything is wrong?
insensitive at all

Image hosting by Photobucket
ouch ouch~
sum ppl abuse me..
see all those blue black marks?
nahx~ those r not blue black marks lahx..
kekeke.. its scars left behind by e "mossy like bites"
*inspiration given by peiying..
she say those look like blue black marks..

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

i tink im seriously haunted by my NUS supervisor..
nowadays, everytime i check my Yahoo a/c
and if there r new Inbox msg, i'll wonder whether izzit *him?
(we usually communicate thru emails)
argh~ i hafta shake off this thought..
i duwan when i've graduated, my mind is stil filled with *him
tat is so pathetic rite?
hMmm~ flip thru e newspaper tis aftn..
was searching browsing 4 pet shop assistant job..
BUT dun have lehx.. =(
i wanna start working.. n i wanna work in a diff environment..
duwan those departmental store or shops..
nor office job lehx.. (i hate sittin in a place 4 hrs..)
tats y i wanna try workin in a pet shop..
any1 wib relevant info, pls leave me a tag yehx?

late tis morn i was sayin tat my whole blk wil b down w/o electric
BUT they bluff ppl lorx..
i was on stand-by alady lehx..
bath early, prepare my mp3 n story books..
end up by e stroke of 1:30pm, i was expecting my rm fan 2 stop..
miracluously it didnt..
so i went 2 e living rm n enjoy e ceiling fan + TV
ALL e way until my mum returns hm.. wib my lunch
it was arnd 4+pm le..
watch awhile of TV n eat my lunch at e same time..
aft tat continue readin Angels & Demons
stopped at chap 38
took a nap at 6pm n woke up at 8:10pm
jux in time 2 miss e 1st contestants of e Campus Superstar
lolx.. sumore i woke up in shock lorx..
aniway ate my dinner n watch TV (again?)
b4 startin 2 play my 軒轅劍參外傳~天之痕
wOoo m at level 10 liaox..
slowly slowly gainin levels nehx..
gettin tougher too!
well well, kinda unexpected..
cux some1 send me a sms jux nw..
sort of informing me tat she changed hp no.
n i totally dint expect she wil sms me!!
oh my gosh!
(min, i guess u shld noe whu is e *her?)
keke.. n b4 i 4got..
hafta wish my old old fren happy bdae..
thou im sure she cldnt possibly cum accross my blog..
its stil my lil' way of expressing it..

~!*~!* Happy 20th bdae SHUYU *!~*!~

*yawnx* hafta go slp early le..
tml got ppl cumin 2 bring toto go "cut fur"
shall try 2 upload pix of toto's b4 n aft..
nitEx all~

Monday, March 13, 2006

im goin 2 die of boredom tis aftn!!
can u imagine whole blk down wib electricity?
i jux receive a flyer stuck outside my door..
informin us tat from 1:30pm-5pm,
e whole blk wil b down w/o electricity!!
i seriously duno wat 2 do btw e hrs lorx..
no fan, no TV, no com, no nothing..
oops, not no nothing..
i mean nothing wib electricity wil works..
den how m i gonna spend my whole aftn lehx?
rotting at hm lorx?
can continue playin e 軒轅劍參外傳~天之痕
im really v sad at e tot of it..

WOOOo~ m chattin wib tay tay kai yun nw..
hahaha n gettin bbq pix from her too!
jux nw dar.dar cum n he install a chn game 4 me..
oso RPG type wan..
no need me 2 fight wib enemies..
jux click click enter enter wil do..
however, i stil miss Dragon Quest 8..
aniway, e chn name is called 軒轅劍參外傳~天之痕
duno u all heard b4 anot lehx..
hahaha.. jux nw i tried playin le..
omg~ its in traditional chn characters lehx..
see liao will faint i tell u..
alot alot lorx..
all e conversation in chn..
sumore some is i duno de..
hafta consult help from dar.dar siax.. =P
mayb try finding walkthrough from internet bahx?
dar.dar at level 20 nw liaox..
but im laggin behind.. oni at level 5 lorx..
Wahahahah~ mayb tml try playin a few hrs again bahx?
since my sis wil return 2 work tml
PLUS my mum brin ah ma 2 hospital
so e whole hse wil belong 2 me le!!!
wish me gd luck..
hope tml wake up wont find more bites on my arm..
its gettin on my nerves..
2c so much bites on my arms..
sumore they leave "blue black" scars behind..
like ppl abusing me.. =(
leaving those "blue black marks" behind lorx..
ARGH~ i dun even dare 2 go out lidat..
looks so damn ugly + fragile + weak + pitiful
i duwan all these..
i want back my original looks..

Sunday, March 12, 2006

w.e.f 13/03/2006,
my hse internet connection speed wil changed!!
from 512kbps to 1500kbps!!
a freaking 3 level leap
muahahahah~ its an offer SingNet gave de..
mayb bcux its challenging wib Starhub?
aniway i wont support Starhub..
cux the subscriber density wil impact throughput
tats wat i learn from my Broadband Comm.
woo~ can stil rem tis lehx.. not bad ehx?
ytd was feelin kinda down n bored..
so i opened my bookcase,
saw tis book and started reading it.

Image hosting by Photobucket

its a not bad book lahx..
jux tat there'r lotsa tough words inside..
makin me wonder wat it means.. =\
i act. wrote down those words in the beginning..
BUT, its slowing me down so much..
i oni manage 2 read 15 chaps ytd..
n for a gd 30mins, i read 8 chaps niax..
which means currently im at chap 23.
its stil a LLLLOOOOOONNNNGGGG way 2 go..
c tat long word?
the last chap is 137 lorx.. -.-"
ok~ enuff complaining, shall go have my dinner,
wait 4 dar.dar's arrival n i start readin again..

Saturday, March 11, 2006

jux when i tot of ranting out my frustrations..
sth miracle happened!!
hahaha~ cux i wanna access e SP SAS mahx..
wanna check e grading of results..
like A, B, C is wat GP?
=P wanna do a total up 4 my last 5 sems..
but 2 my surprised, i cant login 2 my a/c
i tried another 5 or 6x but stil invalid
so.. i saw e SAS Desk HelpLine,
i gave it a try..
-.-" sianx half worx..
oni available on wkdays 9am-6pm
AGGgHhh~ so i cant access my SAS until Mon lorx?
den i closed e window and saw several oth SP popup windows..
AND guess wat lehx?
1 of them prompt me 2 CHANGE MY PASSWORD
cux it expire le..
n i even tot of scolding SP 4 e inefficiency
oni 2 discover is i zhutou, nv saw those popups..
=X its my fault bahx..
n i've changed it liaox.. 2 a new password..
access e SP SAS &
oni 2b brought 2 a page whereby it read,
"Semestral examinations results will only be available on 22/03/2006 at 08.30."
yeahx.. oni tis sentence in e whole page..
freaking maddening ok!
up til nw even when i access alady,
i stil duno wats e GP 4 each grade..
Shit lahx.. shall go play my Sims2 nw..
any1 with the above info regarding GP,
pls leave me a tag kx?
kind-hearted ppl wil b rewarded..
evil-hearted ppl wil have their RETRIBUTION

Friday, March 10, 2006

in my previous post, i 4got 2 mention sth..
wed nite dar.dar stay over at my hse..
den 3am MIDNITE we woke up watch SOCCER!!
can u believe it?
i keep sayin i hate soccer n yet i watched it..
sumore e whole match + half time i nv move away from TV
stay glued 2 e TV wib dar.dar sittin by my side..
me wrapping wib blanket cux cold cold..
muaahhaahh~ but u guys rem wat match is it mahx?
its e 1 Arsenal vs Real Madrid
n e winner is ARSENAL
cux i bet on Arsenal n dar.dar support Real Madrid
tat is partly e reason y i watch it..
kekekek~ =D
n ytd aftn duno y my com suddenly break down..
when my sis on it, it jux auto restart..
refusing 2 enter windows..
let us choose Safe Mode etc etc
but e Enter key not working.. =(
make me so mad lorx..
cux previous day i was tellin dar.dar
tat as long as my com dun spoil, i wont change it..
den nw it happened le.. =\
still.. i tried 2 enter e Load Past Configuration..
omg~ i was worried n frantic..
my sis's report all in e HD n no back up lorx..
i leave it there 4 like 30-40mins
restart n its able 2 enter safe mode le..
so i hurrily inform my sis..
ask her 2 save all her report in thumb drive 1st..
aft tat i try restartin..
n guess wat?
it went back 2 normal liaox..
so i try restartin AGAIN
stil e same.. enter e windows..
so i try running Norton 2 check n AntiSpyWare
no error or virus lehx..
SO What really HAPPEN 2 my COM?
i have no idea..

Thursday, March 09, 2006

~!*~!*Happy 18th mth-sary 2 dar.dar*!~*!~

im so sorry 4 letting every1 wait 4 tis entry..
to explain y i miss e mini cooper?
hahaha.. most of u noe Mon i went shar's bdae chalet?
as py n al not stayin over, so i went hm too.
all thx 2 shar's godbro..
he drive us 2 mrt station mahx..
n 1st time in my life get 2 sit in a mini cooper!!!
thou it was v squeezy but I ENJOYED IT!

Image hosting by Photobucket
tadah!! tis is it..

ok.. so i guess u guys mux b wonderin wat i gave her?
hMm~ not gonna wait any further..
shall post up pix of wat im up to..

Image hosting by Photobucket
dang dang dang~ hand-made ai xin photo frame

Image hosting by Photobucket
1st, 2nd n 3rd bdae cards

Image hosting by Photobucket
4th, 5th n 6th bdae cards

Image hosting by Photobucket
7th, 8th n 9th bdae cards

Image hosting by Photobucket
10th bdae card

Image hosting by Photobucket
11th n 12th bdae cards

Image hosting by Photobucket
13th bdae card

Image hosting by Photobucket
14th bdae card

Image hosting by Photobucket
16th bdae card

Image hosting by Photobucket
17th bdae card

Image hosting by Photobucket
18th bdae card

Image hosting by Photobucket
19th bdae card

Image hosting by Photobucket
20th bdae card

Image hosting by Photobucket' width=
outer design of 21st bdae card

Image hosting by Photobucket
inner design of 21st bdae card

Image hosting by Photobucket
15th bdae card

hehe~ mux b tinking y i left 15th e last?
bcux i totally skip e 15th year..
until i finish doin e 20th card, i counted it..
n realise 2 my astonishment THAT i missed e 15th year..
lolx.. so at tat time, 2:56am, i quickly digged out my paper..
folded e paper into a unique shape AND
AHA~ another design of card le..
feelin v slpy at tat time.. so i jux wrote down my feelings..
w/o any meaningful stuffs inside..
sumore my legs r numb n hands + shoulder + neck r stiff
from all e bending down.. writing.. folding.. cutting..
:. shar, dun blame me if e designs bcum more simpler..
AND, e rest dun b jealous ok?
its her 21st bdae mahx.. so mux make sth memorable 4 her rite?
im so satisfied wib myself..
bcux my mum predicted i wont b able 2 finish in time..
budden i prove her wrong..

ytd went over 2 Bras Basah Complex by MYSELF
so surprised tat im able 2 go out all by myself nehx..
sumore i accomplished much..
bght 6 glitter glues for $5
another 2 separate gold + silver glitter for $2.90
100g of Maxim assorted papers for $3
6 Pilot twin head markder for $8.4
4 sheets of rub-ons for $2
total : $21.30
omg, there goes another sum of money..
BUT its ok!
cux its a form of investment 4 my hobby rite?
hahaha.. sumore i get 2 make nicer stuffs 4 my close frenx..
den meet dar.dar at Bugis..
wasnt planned 2 meet him de..
is he called me when i was outside..
tats y meet him lorx..
watched Underworld Evolution at Suntec
quite a nice movie.. but not enuff BLOOD
kekeke.. but cine say its bloody..
cine, its not bloody enuff 4 me lehx.. =P
n i find Scoot Speedman not bad looking..
jux tat he got chest hair.. n i detest tat.. =X
aniway, we went 2 eat Subway aft tat..
Heyx, its a miracle horx..
i relent cux i get 2 eat e choco chips cookies..
i ate a quarter of foot-long + 1 cookie
bght another cookie hm 4 sis n mum
sadly, i got another scolding..
reason bcux my arms got a few "mossy bite look alike thingy"
its v ugly ok?!
i let u guys take a look

Image hosting by Photobucket
v ugly rite?

really feel like goin 4 blood transfusion or..
wat is tat thing call?
change blood? izzit?
my blood vessels like got alot of dirty germs or wth?
keep attacking my poor skin.. =(
dun tell me i hafta b vegetarian again horx? *sObx*
its swollen n pain when i press aganist it..
im so so sad ok?
nahx.. enuff of sad things le..
show u guys sth..
Image hosting by Photobucket
noe wat is tis?
a toilet bowl..
wib TOTO brand..
muahahahahah~ funny isnt it?
okok.. i noe it isnt..
jux tak tis pix 4 fun n laughter
thou i noe its not funny..
entertain me by laughin a bit can?

okok.. i'll show another pix..
make sure u'll laugh..
Image hosting by Photobucket
wth? a cat in a glass cabinet?
how e cat get inside?

Image hosting by Photobucket
its a live cat.. not those fake or soft toys horx..

i promised 2 upload pix of my CSW interview horx?
finally got it from *her
so wil upload it lorx..
Image hosting by Photobucket
me n buibui? kekeke =X

Image hosting by Photobucket
me n zy
do we look like we got put on make up?

Image hosting by Photobucket
me wib ailian

Image hosting by Photobucket
me, bui bui, ailian

Image hosting by Photobucket
me n wm

Image hosting by Photobucket
me n zy .... again

well, i guess these shld b enuff le bahx?