DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

obvIousLy sUm1 iS tRyIn 2 tEst mOi pAtIent..
hPmHx.. sAy "i luv ur bf" in mOi bLog..
oMg.. dUno wHU e heLL is tAt..
n e fUnNy tHiNg iSh..
i tYpe "wHu e heLL r u?"
eNd up iT bcUm, "wHu e *beep*2 r u?"
sO.. tAgbOaRd cAnt tAg e wOrd "hell" eHx?
hAHa.. nW i nOe lE..
aNiwAy i dUn fEeL aNy tHreAts..
iF he/sHe wAnNa lOve.. dEn gO aHead..
i wOnt stOp hIm/hEr dE..
bLeaHx~ aT lEast it sHows i gOt gD tAste..

10 Days
yEpx.. 10 dAys mOre tO mOi fReedOm...
hAha.. wAteVa fREedOm lAhx..
nW i dUn mInd gOin sCh..
aNiway gOt mOi tIme tAbLe..
nOt bAd eHx? gOt mOre bReaKx lE..
tHou tHur n fRi eNd aT 5pM..
aRghx.. 2dAe dAmn bLur..
i 4gOt 2 bRin HP 2 wOrk..
dEn fEeL kInda wEiRd w/o mOi hp..
gEez~ wOndEr wHetHer mOi eX a-mAtHs tutOr rEadin?
hehE.. hIhi mItcHeLL.. =p
nx tIme fReE fInd me go oUt k?
iM sTartin 2 fEeL liKe a xIn fU dE xIaO nU rEn..
mOi fRen is rIte..
shLdnt keeP tHiNkIn bOut hIs fLaWx..
shLd tInk mOre bOut hIs gd pTs..
n hE's wAnt mE 2 eAt mOre..
sO.. hEhx.. gOtTa gAin sOme wEiGht eHx?
cUrreNtLy.. i mEaN.. jUx rEcEntLy..
i'vE lOse 2kg.. tO rIte nW.. 45kG..
hAa~ eNvy mE aRhx?
tOo bAd oRhx.. =X
nOt gOod wOrx.. i kEeP faLLiN sIck..
tAts y nW gOtTa bUiLd up mOi hEaLth..
kEkE.. wIsh mE sUcCeEd yAhx?
hE wAnts mE 2 gAin wEiGhT aBoVe 50kG..
18yRs lE.. mOi wEiGht hAve nv eXcEed 50 nEhx..
hMmm.. =\

Sunday, November 28, 2004

//\\ rOtTiNg dAy //\\

hAiyA.. rOt aT hM wHoLe dAy sIax..
bEen sLpIn sO mUch.. i gUeSs iSh mOre tHan eNuFf..
tInk 2nIte wOnt b aBlE 2 sLp aT aLL..
hEHe.. tmL 1 of mOi bOsS wiLL b bAc lE..
dUno sTiLl cAn cHat oN mSn aNot?
aNiwAy 12days mOre to tAt sPecIal dAy..
hAHa.. wiLl kEep cOunTin dOwn..
oH yaHx.. mOi dEarIe zHen iS bAck lE..
mISs hEr wOrx.. fEel liKe hUGgIn hEr..
hEh.. =p
nX wK anotHer dEaRie gOin pEnAng 4 rAce..
wiLl MIss hEr lOts tOo.. =\
bUt b4 tAt gOtTa mEet dEm aLl uP..
hAve a dInNer.. aT cAfe cArteL..
i pLaN tAt.. tIs aFtn..
wAs fEeLin sO bOrEd.. nO1 tO tOk tO..
hPmh.. eVen mOi dArLing oSo nV mSg mE.. =
weLl yTd mEet hIm 4 dInNer aT pAstamAnIa..
dEn wEnt Lido 2 wAtch bRidgEt jOnes..
iS a gReAt mOvIe..
sOoo sWt.. bUt iN rEaLity.. wHeRe 2 fInd sUch mArk dAncy?
kKEke.. rIte?
yTd nIte mAk mOi dArLing wOrrIed bOut mE..
m sO sOrRy wOrx..
mOi uSuaL iRrEspOsIbLiTy lAhx..
n sTubBorn nAtUre..
i iNsIst oN gOin hM myseLf..
hE aCc mE wAit 4 bUs.. bUt i aLiGHt aT e 2nd sTop..
cUx i dUn fEeL liKe gOin hM sO eArLy..
sO i waLk hm.. eVen oFF mOi HP..
hE dIn c e bUs gO oFf.. sO hE tRiEd 2 caLl me..
bUt.. 2 nO aVaiL lAhx..
mSg mE i nV rEpLy.. hP cAnt gEt tHru..
hE dIn boArd bUs hm.. jUx 2 wAit 4 mOi caLL..
mAk sUre i rCh hM sAfeLy..
wHen i rCh hM.. sAw hIs mSg..n i rEpLiEd hIm..
oNi dEn tAt i nOe hE sTiLL aT e bUs sTop..
wAitin 4 mOi caLL..
=( iM sO sOrRy dEaR..
i dIn dO iT oN pUrpOse laHx..
hE wAs mAd aT mE aT 1st..
fRm hIs mSg.. i sEnSe it..
hE oSo aDmiT iT bUt.. hE dIn sCoLd mE..
hEhx.. hE eVen sAy he wAs siLLy wAitIn aT e bUs stOp 4 mOi mSg..
=\ sOrRy..

Friday, November 26, 2004

//\\ cOuNtInG dOwn iN pRocESs //\\

yOohOo~ aNotHeR dAy pAst sO fAst wOrx..
v sOon wiLL b 11th oF dEc yAhx? hEHe
1 oF mOi fRen wEihAn fLy 2 sHanghAi tIs aFtn..
kIndA mIss hIm eHx? hEHe..
tHou nOt rEaLLy tHoSe vvv cLoSe tYpe..
bUt hE's 1 of e sWt gUys i nOe..
=p aNiwAy.. hOpe hE'll cUm bAc sAfe n sOund..
rEcEntLy e tIme iN oFfiCe pAst v fAst..
cUx.. fOund a cHattIn kAkI lAhx..
LoLx.. wE bOtH speNd oUr tIme cHatTing..
2dAe hE mAke uP sUm lAme sTorIes..
hEre it gOes..

diana : "stupid dog ... why u look like a dog... *cough* let me use the cane to wack u into a cat"
toto : wat wrong with a dog that looks like a dog *wimp*
toto : let me curse u with endless cough
diana: damn how come my cough never get better ... think must be toto .... *thinking i must be allergic to dogs*
diana : *scream n shout * toto turn into a cat
toto : i a dog... * stares at veron * call the spca !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
narrator : veron *bo chup* blog n blog n tokin to the forever helpful kind n good hearted JEDI -troy
toto : the heartless family...*looks into the com* looks at troy how i wish i stay at troy place.... he look so gentle at least he won't want me to turn into a cat

lAme lAhx e sTory..
hE mAke tIs sToRy uP.. cUx mOi sIs hAvin cOugh..
v lOng lE sTiLL hAvEn rEcOvEr maHx..
tInk 1 oF mOi "lOng tIme fRen" cUmiN bAck 2 fInd ME..
nOe wAts tAt lOng tIme fReN?
hPmh.. tAt rAshEs..!!
oMg.. dUno y..
it cAme bAck aGaIn lAhx..
a lil' iTcHy.. bUt nOt nIce 2 lOok aT..
wIb tAt 1 pAtch 1 pAtch rEdnEss..
=\ kIndA sAy lAhx..
dUno iM aLLergIc 2 wAt sIax..
dEn wiLL kAna sUddenLy..
aRgHx.. i wAnNa hEaLtHy aGAin..
pLs pLs.. >.<
haIx.. dUn tOk bOut iT lE..
13 DAYS mOre
2 e eNd oF aTtaChmEnt..
bLeSs mE wIb gOod hEaLtH..

Thursday, November 25, 2004

//\\ cOuNTIng dOwn iN pRocEsS //\\

im cOunTiNg dOwn..
yEaHx.. i aM.. cOunTiNg dOwn..
aLL e wAy 2 e eNd oF mOi aTtaChmEnt..
e dAy tAt iM wAiTing 4..
11/12/04 iM wAitIn... wAitIng...
hEhE.. rEm 2 aSk mE oUt oN tAt dAy kx?
i wiLL eNjOy 2 mOi fuLLeSt.. =p
bUt b4 tAt.. cAn aNi1 gImMe aNy iDea?
hOw 2 eNjoY xmAs 2 e v eXtReMe?
i wAn it 2b e mOst mEmOrabLe 1..

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

iS a lOneLy lOneLy dAy~

LoLx.. i fAke MC 4 ytd n 2dAe nEhx..
=X iM sO sOrRy.. bUt i rEaLLy hAte tIs jOb..
i cAnNot tahAn rOtTinG tHeRe 4 8hrs..
iM rEaLLy sOrRy.. tAts y i rEsOrT 2 fAkIn MC..
=p bUt aNiwAy yTd i sToMaCh cRaMps lahx..
i cAnt eNdUre e pAin.. sO.. i wEnt 2c dOc..
n wAs gIvEn 2 dAys mC..
bUt weLL m rEtUrnIng 2 wOrk tmL le..
hEhe.. tmL zHen gOin gEntIng lE..
v cHeap eHx.. 80 bUcKs oNi..
cUx gOt lobAng fRm hEr aUnt maHx..
bUt i cAnt gO.. cUx of tIs tOopId aTtacHmEnt..
i wAs dYiNg 2 gO hoLs wIb fReNx..
=[ sAd lE laHx.. wAntEd 2 gO uNwInd..
mIn wiLl b wOrkIn aT eXpo 4 sTarhUb..
cIne wOrkIn aT cLinIc..
zHen eNjOyIn eLSewHeRe..
aLl sO bUsy nehx.. =\
i wanNa mEet dem.. 4 a soLid dAy..
mIss dEm sO mUch..
wOndEr iF tHey mIss me maHx?
aNi1 mIss mE? =
i oSo vEry mUch hOpe 2b lovEd..
n mIsSed bY sUm1..

Monday, November 22, 2004

wAteVa.. tAts hOw iM fEeLing nW..
yAhx.. wAteVa u gUys sAy..
uP 2 u aLL bAhx..
dUn wAnNA bOtHer bOut oTh tHiNgs..
dUn wANna nOe wAteVa tAt dOesnt cOncErn mE..
nOt gOnNa pOke mY hEad in2 tHiNgs..
rEaLLy tIrEd.. =\
wOrKin lIfe aInt gOod eItHer..
nO lIfe aT aLL.. jUx pLaIn wOrkIn..
oNi wkeNd dEn gEt 2 mEet freNx..
aRgHx.. wAt hoLs is tIs?
fRm Tv.. i cAuGht a sEntEnce..
i 4gOt fRm wHich draMa lE..
gErs iS oWaYs e 1 sAcRifiCing 4 tHeIr bF..
jUx bcUx tHeIr bf lIke sOcCer..
n gErs oBvIoUsLy dUn lIke..
tHey hAfta dEveLop iNtErest In iT..
sO tAt.. tHey cAn aCc tHeIr bf 2 wAtcH tHru e mAtch..
yEpx.. tAts rIte..
i aGrEe.. dUno y.. jUx aGrEe..
sUddEnLy fEeL lIke iSoLating aGaIn..

Sunday, November 21, 2004

sO hAppy nEhx.. tIs wK pAss sO fASt horx?
tmL gOnNa wOrk aGaIn nEHx..
sIaNx ? worx..
bUdden ltr mEetIn mOi dEaRies lE..
HEhe.. gO suppOrt mIn wOrx..
nEar e uOb bUiLdIng gOt dRagOnbOat rAce maHx..
hOpe sHe'LL wIN kx?
yTd mEet mOi dArLing lE..
fInaLLy.. aFt sO lOng..
dUno y i tReat hIm v bAd nEhx..
wAteVa he sAy i oSo gOt cOmmEnts..
kEep sHooTin hIm.. uNtiL he kEep qUiet..
kEke.. wAtch e IncRedIbLes aT sHaw tOwEr..
i wAn wAtch tAxI dE bUt nO mOre sLot..
hPmhx.. hE wAnNA eAt BK bUt i wan gO bUgIs..
sO nO cHoIce go bUgIs eAt lOrx..
den i sAy i dUwAn eAt.. lEt hIm eAt hIs BK..
n hE sAY i bO liAo.. fRm sHaw waLk 2 bUgIs eAt BK..
tHere oSo gOt mAhx.. =p
i dId tAt oN pUrpOse k?
bLeaHx~ wHu cAres? hE dUn mInd aNiwAy..
ytd i dIN dRiNk.. bUt yEt i fEel hIgh..
y eHx? hOhO.. f'cUx iS bcUx i fEeL eXhIlAraTEd lAhx..
aFt mOvIe fRm bUgIs i sUgGest wAlk dOwn 2 oRcHaRd..
tHou bUgIs i gOt bUs hM tOo..
wAlk n wAlk n wAlk..
i sTaRT 2 rEgrEt sIax.. lEgs tIred..
bUt e nIte is v cOoLinG.. bReezY..
kEKe.. fInaLLy c mOi NR1 loRx..
n sAw a oLd tIme fRen.. aNgeLine..
sAy haLo lE n bId gd Bye loRx..
nOt v cLoSe maHx..
oH yaHx.. n b4 e i mEet i dArLing..
i wEnt dOwn eXpo..
fINd keLLy.. mIss hEr so mUch nEhx..
rEcEntLy kEep sEeIN hEr at bUs sTop..
lEnd hEr mOi mp3 pLayer.. so gO dOwn tAk lOrx..
eNd up wE gOsSip.. n eAt dInnEr..
i 4got 2 tAke fRm hEr n wEnt oFf lE..
bLur mE nEhx.. Lolx..
sEeIn hEr aGaIn rEmInds mE oF loTsa mEmorIes..
rEaLLy aLot wOrx..
n sHe toLd mE a sHocKin nEws..
bUt nOt cOnvEnIent 2 sAy hEre laHX..
i Noe cAn lE.. hEh hEh..
gOtTa end liAox..
nEed 2 gO pRepAre n go oUT lE.
sHit gOTta b lAte liAox.. =X

Friday, November 19, 2004

hOhOhO... m wOrkIn rIte nW laHx..
bUdDen fInIsh dOin e rEport le..
bUt mY oFfiCe no1 aRnd nEhx..
dUno dO wAt loRx.. m sO bOred nW..
=( sUmOre nO1 to cHat tO..
hAte fEeLiN bOrEd sIax..
sO jIalAt..
ytd 1 oF e wOrkEr iN e cOmPany aSk uS..
i mEan aNotHer gUy wHu oSo fRm sP..
y wE'r sTiLL wOrkIn hEre..
cUx tHey tOt oUr LO cUm 2 bRin us bAck..
=[ sO hUrTiNg rIte?
tHou wE dIn cOntRibUte mUch..
bUt tHey oSo cAnt eXpEct wE heLp dEm aLot maHx..
1mTh oNi nEhx.. wAt tHey eXpEct?
hPmhx.. mAk me fEel sO mOody..
n e dAy b4 aRhx.. gOt a iNdIan gUy caLL bOb..
hE oSo IT sTaFFs laHx..
iN cHarGe oF pRogRaMMing..
i aSk hIM Qs.. eNd uP hE sAy sTh wHich i dUn uds..
i tUrn baCk n keep qUiet..
bUt hE eXpEctiN me 2 aNs hIm..
i dIn worx.. cUx i dUno wAt he tOkIn..
=X dEn sO qIao..
yTd i oVerheaRd hIm tOkIn 2 oNe oF e bOss..
lIke hE wAnna qUIt lidat..
hEaR le i oSo pAisEh..
iZzIt i dO sTh wRoNg hArx?
=\ sOrRy~
i dUn mEan iT dE.. i sWeAr..
tIs wK is much bEtTer tHan LAst wK..
aT leAst e tIme pAss fAster baHx..

Monday, November 15, 2004

m sO hAppy nEhx.. 2dAe mEet cIne n zHen..
fEeLing greAt wOrx.. sUmOre is PH maHx..
bUdden tmL gOtTa wOrk aGaiN..
aRgHx.. sIaNx!!! >.<
aNiwAy.. wEnt 2 cAtcH a mOvIe laHx..
hohO.. oF cUx iS hOrRor dE oRhx..
bOut a pHoTogRaphEr n hIs gF dE..
i fInd it quitE sCaRy aRhx..
wAtch uNtiL v sTrEss nEhx.. =\
bUt zHen n cINe sEeMs sO bored nOrx..
i gOt fRiGhtEnEd tWiCe nEhx.. =
tHou e sToRy iSh kInda dRaGgy.. bUt oVeraLl..
i gIve it a 4/5 baHx.. =]
aFt tAt aCc zHen 2 dEpOsIt cHeqUe..
n cIne eAt lAksa wHiLe me n zHen eHx?
kKE.. hAve dEsSeRt loRx..
oMg.. jUx sAw e sHutTer aDs aGaIn..
=S rEaLLy sCaRy..
e sPiRit lOok v ****
dUn wAnNa sAy oUt e wOrd..
lTr shE cUm hAunt mE.. =X
*yAwNx* oH yAhx.. n aRic cAme fEtCh cIne..
sO i gOtTa lOngbAng hM tOo..
hEhe.. tmL gOtTa sTart wOrk lE..
mUx hAve eNuFf eNerGy..
gOtTa jIa yOu.. nO mAttEr wAT..
i oSo gOnNa tAhAn uNtiL 11tH oF dEc!!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

yEahx yEahx.. fInaLLy gOt tIme cHaNge sKin..
gOt a sEnSe oF sAtIsfActOry..
cUx pArt oF iT i eDittEd mySeLf mAhx..
cAnt beLiEve it wOrx.. =D
e sIze oF e coLuMn n e mArQuEe..
i dO iT mYseLf dE nEhx.. *gRiNx*
bUt tIs iS mOi 2nd aTtemPt..
1st aTteMpt iT cAme oUt v mEsSy sIax..
uSinG aNotHer sKin.. wIb e bAckgRnd..
aLL sCribbLiNgs oF "I LOve yOu"
i kInda lOve tAt sKin.. sEeMs sO sWt mAhx..
nVm.. mAyb nX tIme dEn tRy eDit aGaiN..
hEe~ gImMe uR oPiNiOn oRhx..
tAg mE aT mOi tAgGy k?
iS aT e bOttOm lEft dE coLumN..
nEed 2 sCroLL dOwn laHx.. aBit mAfAn hOrx?
bUt e mOst iMpt iS.. iT lOoks ok 2 mE..
bLeaHx!! >.<
oH yAhx.. lTr pOst sUm pIx up..
oH mE wEaRin a tOpsHop sKirT..
oMg.. i loVe tAt sKirT maN!!
bUt iS dAmn ex loRx..
oN e 11th oF nOv..
tInk is e hAppIest dAy sInce mOi eXaMs sTaRt..
cUx.. dEaR rEm sTh wHiCh i tOt hE 4gOt..
i wAs rEaLLy sUrpRisEd..
bUt.. fEeLiN gReaT iNsIde..
i tOt i wAsnT tAt iMpt 2 hIm maHx..
hE iS owAys bUsy wIb sO mUch tHinGs..
bUt i dUn bLaMe hIm.. kEKe..
i gOt a wIsh.. hOpe 1 dAy..
mE n mOi dEaRies wIb tHeIr dArLings..
cAn hEad dOwn sEntosa 2gEtHer..
tInk it wOuLd b v eNjoYabLe hOrx?
i wIsh i wIsh i wIsh...

haLf oF oUr bOdy.. hEhe.. mE n zHen zHen~ Posted by Hello

oUr tOp vIew.. aCtIng cUte aGain lE.. =p Posted by Hello

fInaLLy oUr bOttOm le.. c tAt sKirT iM wEaRing..
v rUgGaRd hOrx? =\ Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

4 tOiLet gErs.. iN gLowIng eDgEs.. Posted by Hello

cIne iN hEr rIpcUrL tOp n vOdkA LiMe.. Posted by Hello

hEhx.. hOw's tIs? cAn rEcOgNziE wHu? Posted by Hello

addEd eFfEct.. mE n mIn.. *gRiNx* Posted by Hello

*yAwNx* fInaLLy cAn bLog le..
bEen wOrkIng 4 e pAst 3dAys sIax..
wAs aTTaChed 2 a cOmpAny caLL "sUntOyO tEchNoLogy"
e ppL tHeRe aCt. weRe lOokIn 4 purE IT sTudEnts..
wHeRas i wAs jUx a EEE sTudEnt nEhx..
hMmm.. dEn e pRog uSed tHeRe..
i dUnO a sIngLe tHiNgy loRx.. =1st dAy.. wAs a rEaL tOrtUrE..
cUx e dAy b4 wEnt 2 mOi dEaRie zHen bdAe.
wAs aT a pUb.. n i gUeSs.. i dRaNk sTh sTrOng..
tOo sTrOng 4 me laHx..
eNd uP nOt eNuFF sLp loRx..
1st dAy kEep yAwnIng.. sUpErvIsOr kEep tOkIng..
e mOrE hE tOk.. e mOrE i wAnNa sLp..
aRgHx!! 3dAys.. i oNi dO rEpOrTs..
bUt 2dAe aT lEast bEtTer.. dO sUm fOrmAttIng..
n rEiNsTaLL e OS wOrx.. wIn Xp nEhx..
hIaKx hIaKx.. aRbO e cOm iM uSiNg is Win ME..
sUpEr dAmn sLow.. n iS a pEntIum 3 wOrx.. =
sAd rIte? kEke.. bUdDeN aT lEast cAn eNjOy laHx..
i cAn cHat n sUrf n tOk n lIsTen mUsic wHile wOrkIn..
hEheh.. cHa bO yTd sAy sHe wOrkIn as cUst sErvIce..
aT cEntUry Sq dE bEst dEnkI loRx..
bEen fEeLin sIaNx tHeSe fEw daYs..
cUx wOrkpLaCe nOt mUch tHiNgy 2 dO..
i dUn wAnna dO pRogRaMmIng eItHer..
eHhhx.. tInk bettEr updAte lAst wKeNd tHiNgy tOo..
sAt mEet mOi dEaR dEaR cIne n zHen..
mEet zHen 1st aT fAr eAst..
waLk aRnd nV c aNitIn iNtErEsTiNg..
hEaD 2 wIsmA loRx.. tOpsHoP..
cUx iM aImIng 4 1 oF tHeIr tOps maHx..
i eVeN tRiEd 1 of e sKirT tOo..
oMg.. e sKiRt v rUgGard tYpe..
vVVv nIce.. bUt nV bUy..
cUx.. e pRiCe oSo v nIce wOrx..
$79 fOr a sKirT.. n iM nOt tHose lAdy tYpE..
i dUn wEaR sKirT oFten maHx..
hEhe.. foLlOw bY MNG..
mE n zHen eAch bGhT a tOp..
dEn cIne cAme aFt mEetin aRic..
wEnt 2 hEeren 2 wAlk loRx..
sAw 1 oF e tOp qUite nIce.. hEhe..
wEnt In 2 tRy.. wIb a sKiRt aS weLL..
mE n zHen sHaRe e sAme cHaNgIng rOom..
n wE gIve oPiNiOn lOrx..
aCt. i qUitE liKe e sKirt dE..
bUddEn.. fInd it aBit ex laHx..
sO.. i lEt zHen bUy e sKirt..
n i jUx bUy e tOp loRx.. hEHehe..
dEn wE rEtUrn bAck 2 aMk hAve dIne dIne..
eAt rAmEn aGaIn aT S11..
fRied dUmpLiNgs rAmEn.. yUmMy..
aFt tAt cIne wEnt hm mEet sIs..
zHen gO hM.. n i went hM tOo..
fIx dInE dIne 4 mOi tOtO mAhx.. kEke..
ovEraLL i lOve e tOps i bGht wOrx..
tAt wAs 4 sAt.. wHeraS 4 sUn nehx..
hMmm.. sLaCk wHoLe dAy..
kNoWiN i wOuLd b wOrKin.. cAnt sLaCk lE..
nItE tIme mEet mOi deaRies gO pUb..
zHen hApPy beLaTed bdAe wOrx..
*wInKx* mIn n iVan cAme..
aRic oSo cAme n fEtcH cIne hOme..
wEi sIaNg aKa sIaNg sIaNg cAme tOo..
hE aSk zHen pAtcH lE.. n eVen gAve hEr fLowErs..
*eNvy* iSh sUnfLowErs.. v nIce..
i c sIang sIaNg n zHen 2gEther..
i fEel v hAppY 4 dEm.. hOpe zHen fOund hEr hAppInEss..
bUt aCt. tAt dAy i wAs fEeLin aBit mOodY..
aLl wIb tHeIr bF.. oNi me.. =(
n i heLp dEm tAke pIx tOo..
sEe dEm kIss.. sEe dEm hUg..
e mOre i c.. e mOre i fEeL..
nVm laHx.. aNiwAy.. i dRaNk e bLAck lAbeL zHen mIx..
oH gOsh.. e tAste iS tOtaLLy jUx aLcOhoL..
nO tAste oF cOke.. (",)
oNi a fEel sIps.. n mY fAce rEd lE..
kEKe.. lIke tOmAto nEhx..
i oSo dRiNk gIn tOnIc.. mOi fAve loRx..
hHeehEe.. aTe 2 cAke..
1 bGht bY wE gErs.. n 1 bY hEr dAd..
rEaLLy fEel gReAt 2 hAVe dem bY mOi sIde..
*gRiNx* gErs.. fInd 1 dAy hAve anotHer gAtHerIng k?
mISs yA gErs.. *hUg*hUg*

i aCt cUtE.. wAts cIne dOiNg? Posted by Hello

nOrmaL mOdE.. Posted by Hello

hOhOhO.. aNotHeR aCt cUte tAke... Posted by Hello

i gIve zHen mOi 1st kIss.. *bLuSh* Posted by Hello

hEhx.. bOth loVe 2 aCt cUte cUte.. bLeaHx.. Posted by Hello

pIc pIc.. 4 hApPy gErs 2gEtHeR.. Posted by Hello

tOoK sUm pIx b4 sIngInG sOng.. hEh.. Posted by Hello

hApPiLy sIngInG.. Posted by Hello

sIngInG bdAe sOng lE.. kEke.. Posted by Hello

bLoWiNg oUt e cAndLes lE.. yIpPiE.. Posted by Hello

zHen cUtTiNg e cAke hAppiLy.. Posted by Hello

2 taLL gErs sTaNdIn 2gEtHeR wOrx.. Posted by Hello

e 4 oF uS 2gEtHeR nEhx.. =D Posted by Hello

mIn wIb dEaR dEaR IvAn.. Posted by Hello

hUgGiEs.. mIn v tAnnEd wOrx.. =p Posted by Hello

mIn hUggInG cIne.. c hOw eXcIted cIne is.. =X Posted by Hello

c oUr sAd fAce.. nO fLowErs.. =[ Posted by Hello

zHen wIb fLowErs n sIaNg sIaNg Posted by Hello