DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Friday, September 28, 2007

pardon me


                                                                                   till a better day


Thursday, September 27, 2007

EVENing? NO?

was readin some blogs when my colleague interrupted me..
colleague : "whoa! e sky so dark nw!"
(while reachin out 2 fold his opened brolly)
- me turned 2wards e window & peek out 2c -
me : wah.. really v dark siax..
*thinkin 2 myself*

in reality, e sky was even darker..
jux that my hp cant capture that reality DARK!
it feels like im gonna make a "wet" journey hm 2dae..
:( like what happened this morn..
my shoes was wet when i rched office..
not a nice feelin cux my feet r freezin cold~

counting down another 35mins 2 gggoooooo..


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

FACIAL time~!

have pieced MOST of e pix up..
click on pix 2 enlarge 4 better view..
anyway, i realised that i cant blog much..
in regards to e facial treatment..
cux, there're too MANY steps i tell u..
min. 10 & above steps okie? ;p
need 2 get WeiTian 2 explain in details..

well, enjoy checkin out these pix..
consolidated 1
consolidated 2
FACIAL pix..

Check out here for the details of facial~ ;)


MOVIES to go~

guess what i've been doin 4 e past hr+?
i went Apple webby 2 watch trailers..
there's so much "nice" movies coming up..
Let me name afew over here..
click on the title 2 go 2 their trailer..

1. 01-18-08
2. The Detective
3. National Treasure : Book of Secrets
4. Saw IV
5. Atonement
6. Joshua
7. Resident Evil : Extinction
8. Whisper (I cant locate any trailer 4 this)
9. Hitman

Not in order of movie launchin in theatres.


a visit down HK st

i realise i haven blog abt e facial..
and i was keep reminded by Weitian's tag..
lolx~ im not hintin she's rushing me horx.. =p
total 122 pix taken last Sun btw me, her & weitian.
so, by right its reasonable 2 gimme more days 2 sort?
since i dun have Adobe Photoshop in my office..
n out of e blue i was v tired tis wk..
which explains why i HAVEN got time 2 edit pix :(

gonna post up sum pix taken that day FIRST!
e rest wil wait til 2nite or tml?
i *promise by 2nite or tml wil blog ok? ;)
u guys shall c e pix & judge 4 urself..
BEFORE & AFTER, is e facial good, or no?
taken @ Bishan MRT while waitin 4 train.
it was raining cats & dogs that day..
even my pumps was wet.. bOo!

head down PS for our lunch..
intend 2 eat Omelette (cux i was cravin)
ke shi, they're not ready/set up yet! (>.<)
it was nearly 12noon okie?
we're not unreasonably early horx..
so 2nd choice was LJS (Jo give in 2 me)
another disappointment i tell u..
1stly. fries was cold & non-crispy
2ndly. even e chicken wasnt HOT! *piSsed*
3rdly. e coke was super diluted.
i cant even taste coke at all! *fuming*
only Jo can tak it & finish it all up lohx..
(but they gimme cheese 4 free.. haha)
taken inside PS toilet.
1 of e funny exchange in toilet :
(both of us r in e cubicle)
Jo : veron, ltr i tell u sth that'll shock u
Me : huh? what thing shocked?
(thinkin abt e few possibilities)
Jo : u come out den i tell u
Me : ok!

So when i came out, i saw her sad face..
n she told me 1 of her hair extensions came off..
-.-" i didnt feel shocked.
instead, i was amused.
what i was thinkin was far more "shock" than this.

as e time was stil early,
we walked arnd PS gai gai-ing..
she bght a S&K cargo & me?
e box of mooncakes lohx.. (>.<)
end up i spent > than hers.
finally went 2 take NEL down Clarke Quay.
e tunnel leadin 2 e exit was isolated.
i tell u.. basically we 2 r e only ones..
so.. we did sth fanatical in e tunnel!
right INFRONT of e camera 4 control officers 2c. =x
she suggested e Jump Jump stunt. lolx..
c i took it 4 her so nicely?
mine? was disastrous so im not posting.
lolx.. only wil show my ugly side. =x
"not bad. my hp oso can tak such pix lohx"
*talking 2 myself*

out of e tunnel we went..
cross e road & walk a distance..
we rched e HK Street!
gimme a feelin like im bac in HK..
lolx.. in terms of imagination horx..
& i strike my fave back view snap..
when Jo was happily walkin,
i suddenly stop & snap her back view..
so nice, she turned bac 2 look 4 me..
thus this shot..
we didnt arrange it at all.. :)
den i quickly ask her 2 do e same 4 me..
but this time rnd, i wanna act sth diff..
tai tai carryin lotsa branded bags gai gai-ing..
so tell me, tis pix got e feeling bo? ;D

fast 4ward 2 seeing Weitian in her office..
she looks really pro in that outfit/robe of hers..
aiyo, weitian that day u nv let me wear?
so i can act act mahx.. ;p
nah.. better show u guys than describe..
looks pro anot, u tell me?
inside e massage/facial rm..
lotsa atmosphere + aroma lehx!
really majiam those massage sauna centre.
which have girls massaging 4 mens that kind.
oOopx! i mean facial centre over here.
all bcux of that light shown in this pix..
hehehe~ nice anot this pix?
dun tell me have "ghostly" effect horx..
i pinch u harx!

blah blah blah..
facial started off with cleansing..
and den wiping off usin cotten wools..
YES, cotten wools can wipe off cleanser de..
bcux.. its v soluable?
(weitian, is that correct?)
1 of e pix taken when she's "waiting"
this pix v 不应该!
cux weitian told her 2 relax 2 wait..
cannot talk cux her face applied uplift cream..
so she resort to smsm-ing instead.. lolx..

facial treatment finished aft 1hr+ or 2hrs?
we rushed off to MRT cux she meetin ys..
and me headin bac AMK 2 pass mooncakes mahx..
taken @ Clarke Quay MRT..
this is e AFT look worx..
another pix 2 show her face..
purposely choose that can c clearly.
n US on the NEL train..
with e nehx nehx on e phone n YET wanna b in e pix

alrighty~ thats all for brief updates..
stay tune for more 2nite/tml.. ;)
continue readin 4 e facial packages available..
e 2 packages available r A/B..
personally, i think both package price is reasonable..
1st package includes 8 facial treatment cost $280.
that is equivalent to $35/facial!
WHOLE package i tell u.. WHOLE package!
includes e Alpha E treatment lehx..
(thats e only product she use that i remember)
plus uplifting & removal of blackheads
(works wonder-ly i tell u..
they even show u ur blackheads lohx! :O )

and lotsa lotsa other treatments which i cant list out..
the $280 can b split into 2 payments of $140each.
(can even share share with ur FRIEND.
i said FRIEND, not FRIENDS over here ok?
meaning u & 1 MORE friend)

Package B is even better! *fwah
8 facial treatments + 8 products in it!
u get 2 use e products at hm on ur own lehx..
another 30% off FOREVER!
whenever u purchase their products,
u get 30% IMMEDIATELY!
no need bargain or nego, they'll give u str8!

/*at this point of time, i feel like
im hard-selling 4 weitian her products/facial svc*/

so i'll stop e promoting over here..
but lastly..
1 last product from her office..
another works brilliantly product!
read from e pix urself 2 uds.. =p

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007





我很肯定的是 -


credits to truewhisper.com


Monday, September 24, 2007


ytd woke up freaking early..
at 9am, i was already up using my PC.
wanted 2 check some spree updates,
plus checkout on my auctions process..
anyway, went out at 1030am 2 meet Jo @ Bishan.
e rest i'll leave it til 2nite or tml,
bloggin with pix make things easier 4 me.
so here's e rest of e updates,
other than e facial we went ytd..
1 of my spree parcel rched me last Fri!
looks super whopping BIG?
guess whats inside? ;)
a pair of denim tights, racer, necklaces,
black tube + white capri!
BUT im so darn sad..
cux e capri size runs small..
:( i hafta lose some weight 1st..
let me show u guys e necklace..
its a KEY & LOCK necklace worx..
pretty isnt it? in a stunning black color!
n b4 my sis went off 4 her trip,
she stil rem i hearrt doraemon..
this is wat she bght..
wanted 2 bring it 4 her trip journey,
but i wanted 2 try 1 packet,
end up she left it at hm instead!

i rotted off my Sat doin gnihton!
oOops! i mean "nothing"!
spent 3-4hrs+ watchin thru 超級星光大道 (Super Star Avenue)
aft being influenced by my cousin in her blog.
i was watchin this prog on SCV every Sun at 9pm?
but aft afew intro clips in her blog,
i feel that its better 2 watch it on Crunchyroll instead.
rather than 1hr 30mins on Sun which is not 爽 enough!
(crunchyroll wil show e whole episode each)
den nite time was Jackie Wu's variety show 4 me..
that 躲猫猫 part nv fails 2 entertain me!
so at 11pm Miss Foo came by 2 collect her mooncakes.
(yes.. 3rd last day b4 its Mid Autumn)
also, she brin along sth else..
Konniyaku Jelly!
another sweet-ting contributed by my love ones..
of cux it put a smile on me too!
(aft my hse's Konniyaku powder runs out,
i haven got chance 2 TASTE it again!)
she even add in purple coloring..
which makes it look even more lip-smacking!
(duwan 2 deny purple is my fave color,
so im bias over here alright?)
althou abit "solid" but e attempt is awarded 100 marks!
she even bght along Choco Pudding!
which act. is meant 4 her bibi..
she set aside a portion 4 me 2 endeavor too!
its nicer than e Konniyaku honestly.
(i ask 4 e receipe frm her,
n im gonna make 1 for dar.dar as well)

lets advance to aft i return hm frm facial,
poor toto was so friendless..
w/o dar.dar & sis arnd, he got lesser companion.
he came 2 "knock" on my door when im gettin changed.
i carried him & put him on my bed lidat..
he stay stil majiam 2 let me snap.
c him lookin at my camera bo?
kekekeke~ n that teeth he show..
i hearrt his those tiny un-straight teeth!
thou tiny, but can leave scars on u when bitten.
in another hr's time, im ready 2 leave hm again!
this time rnd is 2 pass mooncakes yet again.
*nod nod* grateful 2 chris 4 buyin 2nd box frm me..
n even hafta trouble him 2 cab down amk..
i hope his mama wil recover soon.. :)
rched hm..
at long last, i can rest!
but not as much of a rest, i gotta go 4 dinner..
my mama treatin me & papa 2 dinner downstairs..
as a form of reward 4 helpin her sell mooncakes?
spotted these adorable kitten & mama downstairs..
there're 6 kittens in all!
all v reserved & hide themselves up..
they oni dare 2 go near my mama,
who always feed them EVERY SINGLE DAY!
i think 3meals/day? :O
okie, diner is not this,
i wil blog abt dinner with facial 2nite..
this is e mooncakes i bght 4 dar.dar..
NOT snow-skin but baked type..
dar.dar say he prefer traditional mooncakes..
make a guess.. how much is this?
4 BIG ones with 2 flavour inside..
brief intro of e flavours..
thx 2 Jo so i got 10% off these mooncakes! ;)

bcux earlier in e day,
i watched Jo enjoyin her facial,
so i tot of doin mask myself ytd nite..
(been quite regular in doin mask recently,
twice per wk worx.. ;p)
new type of mask introducing..
Green Bean Flour + Milk!
(green bean flour is diff frm bakin flour)
c e mixture is milky enough?
apply on face & ready 2 wait for 20mins..
toto gimme a face..
like majiam he dun remember me..
so i faster snap it down.. ;D

aft face mask, i applied eye mask too!
hafta mak it a MUST 2 do it daily liaox..
im quite eager 2c e outcome of it..
cant wait 2 get those dark rings off my face!

so thrilled my sis & dar.dar returnin 2nite..
i wonder did they get anything 4 me? ^V^

n much thx 2 troy, chris & lisa 4 buyin mooncakes frm me.
some feedbacks from them is :
chris bght 2 boxes frm me,
quoted by him frm his family,
e mooncakes r NICE!
bght 1 follow by another 1 cux its good.
n lisa's case was even wonderful!
its like scorin full marks when i saw it..
she gave it 2 her bibi's family..
they finished it ytd!!
like within a day, they finished it?!
fwah! nx yr gonna start sellin earlier le..
guys, b sure 2 捧场 okie?

PS : no more hardened skin frm last yr..
cux this yr my mama make her own snow-skin..
no more buyin frm Red Man,
so no more "stiff" skin aft some feedback last yr.
n who knows, mayb nx yr me & weitian sell mooncakes 2gether.
hers is baked & mine is snow-skin..
hahahah~ im sure we can get gd sales this way!
n NOPE, i din earn anything at all.
cux all e mooncake earning goes 2 my mama.


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Friday, September 21, 2007


there he goes..
4 his diving trip until Mon night..
(while my sis went Redang 2nite until Mon night,
n nope, they're NOT 2gether, dun suspect!)
no accompany this wkend le.. *sObx*
sun meetin JoJo go facial at WeiTian's office..
gonna tak lotsa pix thou.. ;)

m gonna miss my darling dearly.. :(
simply cant wait 4 him 2 return back..
safe & sound beside me again.. =|

another reason y im anticipatin his return..
DAR.DAR agreeed 2 sponsor PART of my lappy fund!
YIPPIE~! so exciting!!!!

i *promise i'll cut down on spree-ing le..
so that he dont have 2 help me pay too much 4 lappy..
as im still struggling with my hols fund nw.. =(


Thursday, September 20, 2007


sometimes i wonder..
who r those who visit my blog?
is not like 10 person who visit my blog,
that 10 person wil tag & leave their footprints..
so.. im kinda curious..
wonder who r those who'll come my blog? =\

leave me a footprint..
den i'll know.. ;D


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

yesterday & today

ytd attempted 2 wore heels 2 work..
cux e pair of heels was bght in HK,
nv got a chance 2 wear..
ALL DUE TO its sized 35 instead of 36!
stubborn me insist on buyin althou its small.
fall in love at sight.. only bght it on e last day! :(
so ytd decided 2 give it a try..
and.. i REGRETTED it~
wat i wore ytd..
i can feel my small toes screaming "help" inside..
so i went 2 buy blister plaster 2 save it..
cost me a freakin SG$9?!
nw den i know blister plaster r EXCEPTIONALLY exp!
only 6 pitiful plasters inside..
gotta admit, its BETTER than normal plasters.
wld recommend 2 those who got blisters,
n yet stil hafta wear that pair of problematic heels..
it can protect e blister v well worx!
like i mention ytd..
my "baby" commit suicide.. *cries*
look at that BIG scar which is left behind..
this is 1 of e most serious injuries..
countin front & back, total got 5 injuries..
*cry out in pain*
ytd oso attempted another 1st time..
i went down Concourse meet Lisa 4 lunch..
she took me walk circles.. -.-"
walk until my feet more painful inside.. ;(
but food wise.. not bad..
as 4 lunch 2dae..
met up with xiang & lisa..
cldnt find any seats durin lunchtime..
so lisa paid a visit at my office! lolx~
luckily oni 1 colleague arnd niax..
even she oso agree my seat area v nice!
can slack/rest & no1 notice.. haha~
took i-cant-rem-how-much-photos..
i only know its arnd 6MB considerin e fact THAT
each pix only arnd 40+KB.. muahahahahaa~
n i hearrt this candid shot!
thou we know im takin pix,
but i jux press e shutter at random..
so whichever face u show, u wont know de..

lets have "our" own potluck..
meanin we 2 prepare lunch n bring out?
as in prepare 2-3 dishes + rice?
can lunch-in at my office! ;)
how u think of this idea?

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