DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Friday, June 30, 2006

yeahx~ morn had Don's Chicken Pie 4 breakfast..
den lunch was at a "HK type of restuarant"
y did i say HK type lehx?
bcux we ate dim sum as lunch..
these r really NICE ok?
i took photos of all dim sum..
shall post them up 2nite or tml bahx?
e waitress wil push trolleys wib diff variety of dim sum..
den we choose n they chop on a card..
interesting lehx!!
i certainly mux go back again..
hahaha.. aft lunch, my colleagues even ate durians..
uncle james taught clarris how 2 choose durians..
we buy on e spot n ate it all up..
e durian uncle even provide us wib tissues n water..
Ice Mountain norx..
each of us got a bottle of it..
not those ulu ulu brand wan.. =)
den we took a cab bac 2 office..
intended 2 save money ended up spendin more siax..
tml meetin shar they all..
hafta prepare $50 nehx.. duno wat they'r up to?
b4 i 4got.. on Wed i collected my CSC access card..
guess wats my ID no.?
hahaha.. v "Ji Li" de numbers..
its 0088 lehx..
can go buy 4D liaox..
n i've fully config my baby w700i le..
spend a long time doin it..
thru bluetooth n not cable transfer horx..
n den e Serial No. 4 e box is 044417
go buy 4D again bahx?

Thursday, June 29, 2006

another 8 more posts and its a total of 1000!!!
hahaha.. jux nw met up wib zhen 4 lunch..
meet her at Cecil Hse there..
cux i went over 2 collect my IBM lappy..
den hafta carry it all e way back..
went up 2 put my lappy b4 cumin down 4 lunch..
we bght fruits too!
for a cheap cheap $2, we got ourselves mango n strawberries 4 her..
whereas i got mango n pineapple (not again rite?)
kekeke.. walked 2 Amara buildin e FoodCourt..
weather was hot, din wanna sacrifice hotness 4 gd food..
hahaha... i bght Fish n Chips,
den she bght her Curry Chicky + breads..
feelin v satisfied aft meal..
we ended up queuing 4 e deliciously yummy muffins..
i tink we Q 4 arnd 15mins+ b4 buyin 2 muffins..
2dae walked abit too much..
leg muscles feelin abit soar right nw..
lucky tml can dress down..
yeahx~ i wanna wear slippers 2 work..
lolx.. bo liaox..
m bloggin wib e IBM lappy le..
setup my Lotus Notes n everything..
all thx 2 Wendy..
she's a great person..
even let me sit at her place n send email..
kekeke.. feelin abit mixed mixed nw..
happy cux got alot fruits 2 eat..
plus my hp w700i arriving 2nite lohx..
(i din trade in my T610 cux i cant bear..
its been wib me 4 2yrs 8mths 29 days - my longest hp ever used)
unhappy cux my colleague was treated v unfair-ly
went out 4 teabreak oni 2 heard e bad news from her..
felt so injustice 4 her lehx.. =(
n i bght sumore mango n pineapple..
*i surrender
not i wanna eat..
is my dad complain i nv buy fruits hm..
hahaha.. bein a filial daughter,
so i bght somemore pineapple 4 him 2 eat norx..
pineapple can "jian fei"
but cannot eat too much..
mango too!
honestly, im stil abit LOST in my work..
im so scared i wil kana scoldin from *him
i dun like ppl anyhow scold me..
i dun like ok?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

can some1 out there help me?
im dyin 2 go back HK..
althou i've oni been back 4 less than 2 mths..
i heard there's a shoppin fest over there..
which lasts from 24th June - Aug lorx..
can i jux fly there shop n cum back?
even if can, i oso no $$ to shop..
i wanna join in e shoppin..

oh man~ read tis morn's newspaper,
n gotta noe a sad truth..
in e Quarter Final of e World Cup,
Argentina is goin 2 vs Germany lorx..!!!
ytd i was tellin dar.dar that e top 4 countries i support r,
Germany, Argentina, Brazil and Portugal..
so sad.. 1 of them is goin 2b out of it..

Germany vs Argentina
Brazil vs France
England vs Portugal
Italy vs Ukraine

so whu wld u support?

Monday, June 26, 2006

im grinning from ear to ear..
wanna noe e reason?
bcux im simply so muddle-headed
dar.dar act. promised 2 cum attend my graduation,
n yet i tot he cldnt make it..
it was oni jux nw den he mention abt it,
DEN i noe he rem its my graduation,
n he said he's cuming..
oh man~ im so stupid horx?
hehehe.. another thing is my new hp is cumin on thur..
im awaitin 4 his arrival lohx..
shld i get a hp pouch 4 it?
hahaha.. dun say i get new hp = rich
im not ok?
im definitely not..
cux im stil repayin my debts... to dar.dar
i borrowed money from him 2 buy office wear mahx..
so when i get my pay, i MUX pay him bac 1st..
i dun like 2 owe ppl money lorx..
n this hp.. *chucklin 2 myself*
i oni pay like 1/4 e amt..
rest of it is sponsored by him de..
SEE! i say im not rich le..
im oni earnin such teeny weeny amt..
not even enuff 2 apply 4 a DBS Credit Card..
oOooPx..!! =X
i let out a secret liaox..
hahah.. yahx.. i went 2 check out e criteria 4 applying..
mux b 21 yrs n above plus earnin 30k p.a
i oni rch like half e amt of 30k lorx..
i want a credit card..
i want a credit card..
i want a credit card..

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
yEpx.. tats me wib my bdae cake..
hahaha.. i noe my bdae its over..
BUT its stil not late 2 post up rite? =p

ok alright.. sth great 2 announce abt..
at e end of this post, im gonna announce which hp im getting..
wOohOo~ anxious abt it?
dun scroll down n see 1st ok?
mux read thru this post..
im goin 2 post pix taken last nite +
pix of my pressy liaox..
OooPx~ let me do some playback..
tis yr's Mother's Day,
i made a photo frame 4 my mum..
n my sis did sth amazing 4 her too!
so wat is tat?
take a look at these..
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
yeahx~ this is wat i made..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
this is a chopping board..
made by my sis..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
another new item added 2 my list of hand-made photo frame..
im quite satisfied wib this layout..
n e inspiration came str8 when i lay out e tools arnd me..
din hafta wait long b4 an inspiration strike me..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
my 1st pressy..
is from 1 of my colleagues - Clarris

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
my star glass bottle from dar.dar

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
a "card" made by my sis..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
while opening..
v special rite?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
when fully opened..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
those candy bar n a box from aimin..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
so it is a photo frame inside.. =D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
a v soft pilly from zhen..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
my 4ever untidy study table..
wib my new lappy.. IBM ThinkPad

shall start bloggin abt ytd nite's celebration..
so we meet at cine's hse bus stop there..
took a ride down to Hougang in her car..
had some difficulties findin e way 2 e cafe..
spend quite some time on e way there..
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
this is e HK Cafe..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
my luncheon meat + egg mee sua

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
min's black pepper beef spaghetti

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
cine's black pepper sth sth

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
zhen's not-so-nice baked pork rice

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
our french toast..
with alot alot honey n v lil" butter

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
min feedin me her spaghetti..
if we photoshop this pix..
it might look like im puking out e spaghetti instead..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
took some pix b4 our dessert arrive..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
e mango ice kachang..
looks v appetizing bahx?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
our normal mode

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
ugly face mode on..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
r mode is stil on..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
we 4got 2 switch it off..
therefore its stil on..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
me n zhen

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
look abit x rated horx?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
a random pix taken from burst mode..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
our random mode..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
whose hand is tat?
we din photoshop it lahx..
its my hand..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
min n zhen say i look like Zax Wang in this pix..
do i?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
our rabbit teeth take..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
im playin wib her "styled" hair..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
i like this take..
looks so loving horx?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
lets have some kiss kiss..

wOo~ e photo uploadin session is finally over..
the moment which YOU awaits is here le..
scroll down to c my choice bahx.. =D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
yeahx yeahx yeahx..
this is my ultimate choice..
receive a "sponsorship" from Mr Tony..
therefore im able to get this phone lohx..
mayb he noe i like this phone..
aniway he gets 2 use it too!
cux we wil b exchanging phone v often.. =)
thou i say its sponsored by him..
but i wil b payin part of it too!
wont ask him 2 pay e full amt of cux..
how cld i b so thick skinned rite? =x
wil b online buyin it ltr le..
bless me tat there r stock worx..

I am worth $1,659,036 on HumanForSale.com

i jux realise i got a stupid fetish 2wards guys whu wears Levi's..
esp Levi's Type 1 series de..
but not those guys whu wear it tight-fittingly..
i like guys whu wear it looses.. =D
btw, min say im a kai xin de nu ren.. hahaha..
cux ytd i was so delighted wib their plan..
they took me 2 Hougang Hk Cafe..
thou we kinda got lost along e way,
but i stil enjoyed their company.. =)
we each ordered our own food plus a french toast.
n 4getting e mango mountain ice kachang..
it was so delectable that no matter how full i am,
lolx.. min n cine find e taste not strong enuff,
other than tat, i find it v appetizing le..
esp those mango fruits n ice cream.. oh man~
i seriously need 2 go down Orchard e HK dessert store called,
Xu Liu Shan..
even though its considered v exp,
but stil its v worth 2 price..
hehehe.. shall go down sum day 2 try it out..
c whether its as gd as those in HK anot?
i cant wait 2 receive e pix from cine, min n zhen so i can blog it out..
another thing is, my poly mates not free 2dae..
so most prob i can spend my aftn doin thingy 2 put at my office,
evening den go meet dar.dar 4 sakae buffet.. =D
*all thx 2 min 4 reminding me tat i haven eaten sushi buffet v long
tell u guys a secret..
im lookin 4ward 2 receiving my nx pay already!!
omg~ might b bcux this mth pay is not full..
n im kinda in debt mahx..
plus i need 2 "invest" in OTO Trimax 4 my parents..
n oso another "investment" in a new hp 4 myself..
so.. IM SO BROKE..
y din i started workin earlier?

Friday, June 23, 2006

jux back from lunch..
kekeke.. went 2 Maxwell Market wib Clarris n James..
James went off aft eating..
left me n Clarris 2 walk back office..
finally visited e shop at TPP..
stil considerin whether 2 buy e tops anot?
hmm, went into NTUC 2 buy some biscuits..
saw e panda biscuits sellin cheap..
like 10packets for $4.70 niax?
so i grab 1 w/o tinking..
plus another cola gummies.. =p
went 2 withdraw money oni 2 discover tat!!!
my company bank in money le!!!
omg omg~
BUT im gonna b broke again..
$250 for debts,
$200 for parents bdae pressy,
$??? for my future hp..
left not much liaox..

sumore bdae wishings from my frenx..
namely kelly, kah lap, kor kor yihao, ailian n min..

08:58am Kelly
hey merry xmas!!
a more special way to greet ya on ur birthday!!
:) enjoy k?
love ya! *muck*

unknown time kah lap
he 4got 2dae its my bdae..

09:50am Kor
Morning mei.. Happy birthday to ya..
Have fun today :)

11:30am AiLian
Heyee.. Jux wanna wish u a happy birthday to Ya..
All the best to ya..

12:12pm AiMin
Happy bdae to you,
hApPy BdAe To YoU,
Happy bdae to ah ka,
hApPy bDaE tO yOu.
May you have a enjoyable day n dreams come true!!

wOO~ hope e list wil go on ehx?
im overjoyed when i look at e box of panda biscuits..
here i come lahx..

oh man! its raining again
-.-" and im wearin jeans lorx..
(>.<) ltr my jeans wet den v uncomfy lehx..
hmm.. shldnt have fall aslp so early..
kekeke.. was woke up by a phone call lorx..
aniway, shall go on 2 list out e bdae wishes from my frenx..

11:25pm Joey
Mr n mrs choo wish u an early twenti birthday.
We hereby bless u happiness n joy 4 e nx 10 20yrs
n more 2 come. we love u :)
but of cos i love u more! lol

11:59pm Dar.Dar
H p bday leh

i tink is bcux i nv reply dar.dar,
so he called me up instead..
at 12am sharp lorx..
i tot is my alarm went off..
but check e time, it shows 00:00
n realise its dar.dar ccalled me..
again, he woke me up jux 2 say Happy Birthday 2 me..

00:12am Cine
Welcome to the 2x club. ;)
happy bday! Hugs!

00:27am MK
Xiao fang jie!
Sheng Ri Kuai Le!
All the best for now and in the future.
Stay pretty, healthy and crazy.
Dun mind those short fingers..
They look cute thou.. =)

00:27am Shawn
Happy birthday..p

1:22am PeiYing
Veron, happy birthday!
Happy always. Hehe =p

03:11am Brian
Hey heyx!!!
Happy 20th birthday

and mayb e list goes on
but 1 thing 4 sure..
no1 sms me aft Brian..
all e way until nw..
kinda feel unexpected too!
cux some of them, i din expect them 2 msg me..
whereas some of them i expect them 2 msg me
n yet they didnt?
haahah.. so feel v surprised lahx..
shall end this post wib,
~!*~!* Happy 20th Birthday 2 ME *!~*!~

Thursday, June 22, 2006

my 2nd bdae wishing came from WeiMin at 1044pm~

wOo~ my 1st bdae wishing from GuoWei..
oh yahx, not 4gettin my cousin, Felicia as well..

was bored to hell in office..
every1 went off left me n Riduan..
n he jux came back from teabreak..
i din on any music in case i disturb him or sth?
so e whole office was dead quiet..
jux finish doin wat im supposed to do..
read thru some of e oth docs..
n i mux try 2 memorise!!
*pause to check hp
wOo~ aimin jux sms me..
ok.. back to subject..
i jux tot of bloggin sth diff..
there's oways a saying tat goes,
there's no ugly woman but oni lazy woman..
i totally agree!!
bcux im 1 of e lazy woman..
i did try 2 put on some make-ups..
but at e end of e day, when u cum hm,
u stil hafta remove wat u did on e face this morn..
sumore there's clenser, moiusturiser wateva wateva-ser
alot thingy 2b done lahx..
n i dun c a diff wib whether there's make-up or not,
it jux makes me look more mature..
sumore no matter how much make-ups i did on my face,
i stil got a face which looks younger than my age..
so wat can b done 2 my face except 2 go 4 surgery?
no lahx.. j/k j/k..
im satisfied wib my face of cux..
jux tat sumtimes i c woman wib "heavy" make-ups,
it really turns me off..
i saw such lady on e MRT n she turns me off totally..
still, i manage 2 turn back n look at her again..
to examine her clearly..
oni 2 discover, she really cannot mak it..
she wears a mini-skirt wib black tight tee..
follow by black "netted stockings"
wib boots up till midway calf..
a light shiny blue eye shadows wib BLACK STRONG mascara..
n a super duper reddish red lipstick..
wib a look-like-orange-yet-pinkish blusher..
wat can u conclude when u c such lady?
take a few more glance or turn away?
hahaha.. if she looks back at me wib a "i noe im pretty" face,
i wil definitely turn off wib a "omg kns" face
plus right eyebrow n right lips slanted up..
can imagine how my face looks like?
nahx.. tats not e impt thing..
n i oways encounter weird ppl while on bus ride..
take ytd 4 example..
a fatty 30s or 40s bespectacled guy sat infront me..
he was v fat tat when he sat down,
*i was slouchin on e bus seat..
i hafta sit up imm.
not oni tat..
he even keep turnin bhind n look at me..
i kinda wonder whether izzit he tot i took a fancy 2wards him?
he wil look thru e side of his eyes,
n purposely turn back a few times..
but e worse thing is,
he keep scratchin n scratching..
combing n combing..
digging n digging..
smelling n smelling..
dun uds wat i mean?
he scratch his back, follow by combin his hair usin his bare hands,
dig his ears wib his tiny winy last finger,
tat is freaking disgusting ok?
even e lady sittin beside me saw his actions,
imm. gave a face liaox..
mayb i shld consider takin a train hm instead?
so as 2 catch e Lu Guang Shen Lin?
hahhaa.. im not such TV fanatics lahx..

*sIgh* aniway im not workin happily at all..
thou office colleagues r nice..
i stil din enjoy workin in this company..
bcux i felt so stupid..
everything is so alien to me
tat i dun recognize all of the stuffs..
its not within those tat i studied nor those tat im interested..
doubt i'll strive far in this line le..
althou i shldnt give up so easily but,
i cldnt persuade myself to continue on in a line
which i dun like lorx.. =\
there's no motivation at all..
so for e rest of e days or mths, jux bless me bahx..
hope e cumin mth wil breeze thru smoothly..

act. i've had lotsa thingy i wanna say in my mind alady..
but jux duno where to start off..
ermx.. 1st thing 1st..
sharmaine tay, have u receive e Seoul Garden pix?
if yes, pls send a copy 2 me too?
hee~ 2nd thing, ailian..
can help me burn e Lu Guang Sen Lin?
and mayb Er Mo Zai Shen Bian?
kekeke.. help me burn le den i return e empty disc?
=D last 2 days my office power trip lorx..
ytd telephone line down,
Tue e electricity down..
kinda un-fortunate ehx?
aniway im so lookin 4ward 2 wkends..
i cant wait 4 a break..
some1 cum help me.. Ugh~

ok.. some bdae wishlist..
haha.. since every1 oso have 1..
shall not go on abt things i duwan lahx..
(ideal present if u duno wat i want.. haha)
2. Photo Frames
(not 4 my hm but 4 my office de)
3. Leather wallet
(workin in office shld have a presentable wallet le?)
4. Office Handcarry Bag
(thou i got 1 nw.. but i require a smaller 1..)
5. Covered shoes
(yahx.. no1 wil get it.. since no1 noe my size)
6. Big big treat
(im dyin 2 eat Swensens Teriyaki Chicky Pasta)
7. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
(im easily satisfied..)
8. Cola Gummies
(wateva cola gummies im alright wib it..
can chew on it in office)
9. Tid-bits or Cookies
(oso 4 my office de.. sth 2 munch on in office)
10. Fruit Cakes
( those wib mango(s), strawberries, kiwi...
not 4gettin vanilla sponge cake)

lolx.. how cum no.10 sounds like e cake my mum bght?
hahaha.. simply love e cake tons..
too bad its too small 2 eat it 4 1 whole wk..
she bght it as a compensation 4 my previous bdae..
since last yr no1 bght me any cakes..
kekeke.. every1 was tinkin oths wil buy it 4 me..
in e end no1 bght it..
so sad rite?
btw, sum bad news 4 my dearies..
if they manage 2 catch this part lahx..
on fri which is my bdae,
i've decided not 2 go chilling alady..
instead we go 4 sum sumptous dinner?
any1 on?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

oh man.. im suffering from shoulder-ache again..
whu is e 1 whu say office job is easy n relax?
come n take over me lahx?
let u have a chance of sitting in e office..
facing e laptop for 6+hrs,
typing n calculating + tallying figures..
facing thousands n thousands of numbers..
hafta refer to diff excel spreadsheets,
making sure e figures r correct..
whu wanna take up e job?
lolx.. sumtimes e figures drive me crazy..
i cant imagine when i quit e job,
my eye-sight wil increase by how much lorx?
oh god~
had a value-4-money lunch at PSA building..
$4 fish n chips lehx..
u duno how value-4-money it is..
there's a sunny-side-up, salad, fish n chips, fries, and fried rice!!!
i eat until v full i tell u..
BUT i stil went 2 buy fruits..
mango (yum yum) n pineapple..
im in love wib pineapple..
n muffins too!
my workplace nearby got sell delicious muffins..
any1 interested? =D
ytd met dar.dar went 2 Boon Lay MRT clinic 4 checkup..
oh gosh.. e doc is a indian too!
he super un-gentle lorx..
lolx.. hafta take urine test too.. -.-"
aft tat had Subway at JP
follow by Silent Hill..
not a bad movie..
jux tat alot of Qs marks niax..
tat means no storyline lorx?
bloody stil alright.. i can take it..
but dar.dar keep sayin its gross..
mayb he cannot tak it bahx?
took train back 2 Dover,
and reminds me lotsa memories..
sitting at e bus stop n lookin up at e MRT..
make me thinks of those times..
whereby aft sch i hafta wait at e bus stop 4 bus 74..
nw e same thing happen 2 me..
i cant help thinkin of those times..
studyin is definitely better than working..
so wat shld i buy when my 1st pay cum?
of cux is a new hp lahx..
considering btw k750i n w700i
bcux both have e same functions,
jux tat casing is diff niax..
i like w700i's casing as it is Titanium Gold..
got a metallic feeling..
budden on e oth hand, i cant bear 2 spend so much on it..
sumore k750i release so long ago le..
w700i jux release niax..
still, w700i n k750i trade in rate is e same..
so wat 4 spend so much when e trade in rate is same?
Ugh~ lets c which model dar.dar choose bahx?
lucky me.. dar.dar is payin part of it 4 me..
wOohOo~ aint i lucky?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

*cry out loud*
its raining heavily..
n im stuck-ed at hm ..
shit.. how m i gonna go 4 work?
freaking sway..
keep raining in e morn these few days..
wats wrong wib e weather ehx?
aniway m meetin zhen 4 lunch 2dae..
goin 4 e Soup Spoon (again)
hahhaa.. she wanna try it out mahx..
so most prob wil b sharing e soup wib her,
in case we cant finish e whole bowl..
ytd had a major meeting over at Cecil House..
scare e hell outta me ok?
tot i can avoid being noticed by e "big ones"
yet, he stil ask me 2 stay back..
n shoot me alot Qs..
oh god oh god..
seriously, aft this meeting,
e impression i had earlier on r all turn off-s
its not as gd as i imagine..
m im so sad tat both Joyce n Clarris r leavin e office..
nx Tue onwards, i'll b e oni ger in e office..
Joyce leaving e com n Clarris transfer over 2 Cecil House..
im all alone at Anson House le..
so e Qs is,
shld i continue workin on?
or shld i quit halfway thru?
my ans is simple,
lets wait til i "get familiar" wib all e work 1st..
another goodie news is..
im meetin dar.dar ltr aft work..
bcux im goin over 2 Boon Lay there..
all 4 a medical checkup (sponsored by company)
so on e way meet dar.dar lorx..
have dinner 2gether b4 goin hm bahx?
*stil no chance 2 watch my Silent Hill
everything is not goin as i plan-ned
nw i dun have e energy n power 2 wake up early in e morn,
whenever i think of *they r leaving me alady..
i'll b so all alone when tat comes..
dar.dar goin back HK on e 4th July..
which clash wib my graduation..
tat means he cant attend my graduation..
thou i noe poly grad r no big thing..
but i jux hope tat he cld b there 2c me get my cert? =(
no choice he goin 4 2wks..
n 18th July he hafta go back re-service 4 3 mths..
so he die die hafta go back HK on e 4th lorx..
it makes me so disappointed n sad..
July i'll really b left alone on my own le..

Sunday, June 18, 2006

AaarrhHhhh~ im so tired ok?
ltr stil hafta do my "hmwk"
cux Joyce gave me some "hmwk" 2 do,
so as 2 make me familarise wib all the job scope..
fri met dar.dar aft work..
let him carry e lappy 4 me lorx..
went down to MS to walk..
budden wib less than an hr,
we completed the whole mall alady..
seriously got nuttin better 2 shop..
lolx.. walk on to suntec..
visited mk too..
Carrefour bght some stuffs,
Giant bght some stuffs..
ate Subway again..
since i love subway cookies, so i dun mind..
went hm soon aft.. =)
ytd meet dar.dar arnd 4pm 4 Xmen3..
nice movie indeed..
lucky cine told me end of e movie stil got sth..
so we waited on 4 tat small lil' part..
hahaha.. went over his hse..
had pizza 4 dinner..
this time rnd is Super Mozza + Hawaiian..
full as i can be..
wib my fave wedges + mayo..
nicey nicey..
went hm aft 10+pm..
act. ytd wanted 2 watch Silent Hill..
BUT all e time not suitable..
so stupid..
y such movie but not all cinemas got?
oni GV n Shaw?
wat abt cathay n eng wah?

Friday, June 16, 2006

ok~ pix time..
these r taken ytd..
while im in office and Soup Spoon..
plus 1 is wib e gers..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
tis is me wib Joyce..
looks kinda distorted..
but e pix not taken wib my hp cam horx..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
our lunch!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
her beef duno wat..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
my velvety mushroon soup..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
my office area?
nahx.. i nv take e whole place..
cux part of it is another colleague's stuffs..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
my lappy..
hehehe.. jux nice login to blogspot..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
e company tat im workin..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
e pair of shoes tat is giving me blisters..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
i bght it cux i love e trims infront..
of cux not 4getting e ribbon as well..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
e cuppa milo tat i made..
seems nice but taste un-nice..
gonna wash it off..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
got AiLian, Peiying and me at e back,
wib Sharmaine n Humairah infront..
oOooPx.. 4get 2 take grp pix?
nv include ZhiQuan n HanSoon as well.. =X

wOoo~ gonna finish my breakfast,
and go 4 work lohx..