DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

mOi sIanx sIaNx lOok..
vErOn fEaTuRing hEr bLaNky.. *gRiNx*

mOi pOuTy liPs..
fEeLiNg dAmn pIssEd aRhx.. bLoGging fAiLs.. =

hAir dOwn lE.. iN sHoCk lOok.. LoLx..

bIg eYes.. sCaRe ppL oFF mAhx.. hEhE..
mOi hAir sO sHoRt sTiLL cAn tIe iN2 a sMaLL pOnYtaiL..

nOtIce mOi dArK rInGs mAhx? rEaLLy nOt eNuFF sLp..!!

fuLL vIeW Of mE wEaRing a sKirt wOrx..
*gRiNx* fEeLing bOrEd jUx nW naHx..
sO wEnt 2 tAk a pIx oF mE wEaRing sKirt nOrx..

tIs iS e oNi pIx i tOok wEaRing sKirt..
LoLx.. oNi tIs cAn c tAt iM rEaLLy wEaRing a sKiRt k? =D

wAh kaOx.. iSh ReaLLy a ShiTty dAY aRhx!!!
eVeRytHiNG nOt wOrKin..
dAmn fRusTraTEd wib mY cOm!!!
sO dAmn uSeLeSs.. mUx rEaLLy fIx iT!!!
i aLADy tYpIng mOi PAst fEw dAys eVent 4 e PAst hR..
IE hAng n eVeRyThIng iSh gOne!!!
wTH laHx!!!! cAnt eveN b nIcEr 2b bY sAviN iN2 dRaFTs?
sHIt IE laHx..!!
sO f uP liAox.. rEaLLy nO mOod uPdAte le..
cAn u iMaGine.. iS mOre tHan a fEw tHoUsAnds cHars..
aLL gOne iN jUx 1 cLiCk..

Thursday, August 26, 2004

wAs cHeCkiN mOi maiLs.. dEn cUm aCroSs tIs..

To those of us who are NOT SO SINGLE?
Love isn't about becoming somebody else's "perfect person." It's about finding someone who helps you become the best person you can be.

To those of us who are SEARCHING?
True love cannot be found where it does not truly exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does. Love is magic. The more we hide it, the more it shows. The more you suppress it, the more it grows.

To those of us who are FOOLING AROUND?
Never say I love if you don't care. Never talk about feelings if they aren't there. Never touch a life if you mean to break a heart. Never look in the eye when what you do is lie. The cruelest thing a person can do to another, is to let them fall in love when they don't intend to catch their fall.

To those of us who are POSSESSIVE?
It breaks your heart to see the one you love happy with someone else but it's more painful to know that the one you love is unhappy with you.

To those of us who are SINGLE?
Love is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it eludes you. But if you just let it fly, it would come to you when you least expect it. Love can make you happy but often times it hurts, but love's only special when you give it to someone who is worth it.

hEhhee.. sOunDs mEaNgIngfuL rIte?
weLL.. m uSing iT 2 eNcOuRAge ppL dE.. KEke..
iF u hAppEn 2 faLLs uNdEr 1 of e cAtegOry..
dO tAk a fEw sEcs 2 tInK bOut iT.. =]

yOoHoO~ hEhEhE wKeNd cUmIng lE wOrx..
sO hApPy nEhx.. cAn wOrk 4 cItIbAnk aGaIn..
LoLx.. =D eArN mOre mOnEy aRhx..
tIs mOrN jIe mEi sEnd mE a sOng.. qUite nIce..
iS caLLeD cRaZy BouT tIs GirL?
iF i nV rEm wRongLy laHx..
aFTn wEnt oFF qUite eArLy..
rCh hM dEn sLp aLL e wAy tiLL 7+ loRx..
cAnt iMagIne rIte? kEkeke..
dAmn tIrEd aRhx.. sLpt qUite lAte lAst nIte..
iF mOi sIs nV caLL mE.. tInk i'LL sLp unTil mOi mUm wAk me up..
hHehe.. caLL mE 2 heLp hEr fInd mOrE teMp sTaFfs loRx..
dEn hP jUx bSidE me nIax..
dIn eXpeCt aNi1 wiLL caLL mAhx..
aRbo i sLpiN cFm bAr iNcOmIng caLLs dE..
*gRiNx* dEn no1 cAn wAke mE uP..
mUAhahaha~ =p
tInk tmL cAn gEt 2 mEeT mOi dEarIes le..
tHeY aLL gOt ExaMx tis Wk mAhx..
hOpe tHey'L dO weLL eHx?
mEeT dEm.. mAyb bRin tHem dOwn sUntEc..
4 e cItIbAnk tRg loRx..
rEaLLy hOpe wE cAn 4 gErs wOrk 2gEther..
m lOokIn 4wArd nW lE..
*yAwNx* tInk i'L tUrn iN eArLy 2nIte tOo..
tmL mOrn gOt lEct sIax..

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

mE n cIne.. cRoSsIng e rOaD.. dEn tAk e pIx..
i uRge hEr 2 tAk dE loRx.. hEHeh... =D

cLosEr vIew oF e tHInGy.. Coffin Street.

hOhO.. yTd wIb cIne waLk fRm e oFfiCe..
dEn cUm aCrOss tIs.. Coffin Street!!!

mUahahaHahah~ 2dAe dAmn hApPy wOrx..
dUno y nEhx? *gRiNx*
weLL aNiwAy.. aFt sCh wEnt 2 cAtCh a mOvIe wIb fRen..
n sAw beLiNda wOrKin aT hEerEn tOo..
hAhha.. n bOon aT ps loRx..
hE sAy wIb cHrIs n mEng nEhx..
bUt dIn c dem.. cUx tHeY iNsIde CaRrefour..
nVm laHx.. sAw dEm iN sCh le..
kEkKe.. i wAtCh FaCe loRx..
wAsnT tAt sCaRy aNiway..
hOweVEr gOt ppL sCrEam nEhx..
LoLx.. sOunds eFfect nOt bAd?
mAk ppL iMaGiNe..
eNd uP nUttIn hAppen..
e eNdIng iSh sTh i dIn eXpEct laHx..
i gIve 3 oUt of 5 sTaRs..
sAme as The ViLLage loRx..
n i oSo cAuGht sUm tRaiLeR nEhx..
lOtsA kOreaN sCaRy mOvIe..
dUno wAt "pEn gHoSt" & "gHost" dE..
sEeMs nOt bAd wOrx..
Haha.. m waitIn lE.. sEpt baHx..
*wInKx* tmL cLaSs wiLL eNd qUiTe fAst tOo..
pRaCt lE dEn bReaK..
foLLoW bY tUtOrIaL dEn lEcT nOrx..
hOpe tIs wK cAn pAst fAsTer loRx..
cUx iM lOokIn 4wArd 2 nX wK mAhx.. hEhe..
hOpe eVeRy wK i cAn b tAt hAppy bAhx..

*yAwNx* sO tIrEd nEhx..
tHou lAst nIte tUrN iN qUitE eArLy aT 11+
tIs mOrn sTiLL wAnNa ?�� sIax..
hEhE.. yTd eVeNing tRaIn 2 rAffLes pLaCe wIb cINe..
eNd up wE 4gOt e oFFiCe aT wHicH lEvel..
caLL mOi sIs 2 aSk.. sHe nV aNs nEhx..
sO i aSk cINe 2 msg tRoy aSk..
hE repLy.. "wHu r U?"
hAha.. hE dIn sAve cIne's nO.?
e 2 oF dEm aRgUe hErE n tHeRe..
sTiLL nV aSk hIm wHicH fLoOr..
hAha.. mEet hIm waLk 2 cHina Sq..
aT e lObbY, need 2 eXchange VisItOr's pAss..
dEn wE sAy 10tH sTorey..
hE sAy "eHHx? u aLL nOe wHiCh fLoOr aRhx?"
Haha.. lUcKy mOi sIS caLl bAck..
tAts y wE nOe loRx..
=p weLL tAts nOt aLl arhx..
dUrIng e bRiEfIng..
sUm1's hP kEeP rIngIng nEhx..
sUmOre dIff rIngTone wOrx..
gOt dOreAmOn.. pInk pAntHeR..
LoLx.. aTtraCt aTteNtIon eHx?
cAnNot bLaMe laHx.. tAt sUm1 dO bIg bUsIneSs..
bLeaHx~ hEe~ aFt e bRiEfIng..
cIne's bf aRic cUm fEtcH uS loRx..
dUnO y oN e cAr..
eVeRy1 v qUiet.. mAyb bCux..
gOt liGhT buLb mE aRnd?
kEkEKe.. naHx.. tInk eVeRy1 iSh tIrED baHx?
cIne dIn sLp mUch yTd maHx..
haIx.. i gOtTa gO liaOx..
lTr rAin bCum hEaViEr nO nEed gO sCh..
cHa bO tHeRe sTiLL v bIg..
dUnO sHe cAn mAk iT aNot?
hEhe.. bYex..

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

hEyx hEyx.. m aT cINe's hSe nW sIax...
kEkE.. mOrn gOt lAb tEst lOrx..
i dAmN aNxiOus laHx..
nEarLy cAnNot mAk iT le..
lUcKy pEiYInG gOt heLp mE nEhx..
xIe xIe nI wOrx pEiYinG..
hEe~ dEn sUmOrE lAb tEsT cAn aSk tEaChEr..
e tEaChEr dUnO iSh kUkU oR wAt..
hE heLp mE loRx..
n i fAstEr eDit iT.... sOoo..
fInaLLy cAn wOrk..
=D sO haPpY.. gOt e rEqUirEd wAvEfOrm.
tInK gEt fuLL maRks baHx?
unLeSs dO wROng?
gO sCh cHa bO tHeY aLL kEeP sAyiNg..
iM "jIn mAo sHi wAng"
gOldEn haIr liOn?
hAa~ i wHeRe gOt liOn nEhx?
mE sO nIce n sWEet.. LoLx..
naHx.. j/k de laHx.. *gRiNx*
rEaLLY gOt loTsa rEgReTs iN liFe..
sO muCh sO tAt i cAnt lIsT dEm oUt..
*sIgh* ltR gOtTa gO 4 tRg le..
sCaRe 2nIte cAnt bLog sO wRite iT nw..
wKeNd oSo mIgHt nOt c mE onLine..
wiLL b bUsY e wHoLe dAy..
aRrGgHhhh~ liFe iSh sO bOrIng wOrx..
i wAnt sUm nEw cHanGes loRx..

cLoSeR vIew oF fRiNgE.. LoLx...

mOi fRInGe... loVe mOi friNgE e mOsT de wOrx..

tOp vIew.. hAhaha.. nuTtIN 2c laHx.. jUx tAk 4 fUn dE..

bAck vIew oF mOi hAir..
nOtIce e loWeR paRt oF mOi hAir v goLdEn maHx? hEe~

hEyx hEyx.. mOi nEw hAiRsTyLe n coLoUr..
LoLx.. tAk pIx aT cIne hOmE wOrx.. *gRiNx*

Monday, August 23, 2004

gOt a bIg bIg nEws 2 sHaRe wOrx..
i fUiFiL aNoThEr wIsH oN mOi liSt liaOx..
hEHE.. 2dAe rEaleAse eArLy aT 3pm maHx..
dEn kInda sIaNx.. eNd uP oN bUs..
a tOt sTrike mE loRx..
i wEnt 2 cUt mY haIr..
dEn iMpuLsIveLy dEcIde 2 dYe & hIgHliGht tOo!!!
hAhaha.. i cHooSe aSkbRoWn n dArk cOPper bRoWn..
e gEr bLeACh mY hIgHliGht pArts..
oUtcOme v nIce loRx.. tHou iSh nOt aShbRoWn..
bcUm a sTriKiN yeLLOw sIax...
dEn hIgHliGht yeLLow dAmn nIce..
mE tEmpted aRhx.. aSk e pErsOn 2 cOntInue dYe bRoWn...
aRbO i tInk wiLL b mUch nIcer..
=[ kInda rEgReTtEd nW..
haIx.. e gEr sAy mY bRoWn coLor wiLL fAde oFF..
n e hIgHliGht aRea wiLL b mOre obvIoUs lE..
i sTiLL liKe mOi bLaCk n yeLLow haIr..
shLd hAve tOok a pIx oF iT..
= dAmn sAd aRhx..
nVm laHx.. mAyb aFt my hAir gRoW loNg n blaCk lE..
n tRy iT baHx? *gRiNx*
oH yaHx.. hAve mOi DCF lAb tEst 2dAe..
yTd gAn jIoNg.. aSk HaNz 2 heLp mE pRint soLuTiOn..
eNd up.. mOrn gO sCh.. bRiAn oSo heLp mE pHoTosTaT..
aRhx.. sOrRy wOrx hAnZ.. mAk u sTay uP sO lAte..
hEe~ bUt e wOrse pArt iSh.. teAcHer dUn let uS c..
waHx..!!! -_-ll sO e soLuTiOn oF nO use..
kEKeke.. sWaY rIte?
lUcKy Qs 1 n 2 qUite oKiEx.. cAn gEt e wAvefOrm..
sO iSh aLrIte laHx..
sTiLL gOtTa tHx hAnz n bRiaN k?
dUriNg DCF lEct.. mE n cHa bO wAs pAying aTTeNtIon..
fInaLLy wE pAy aTteNtIon liAox..
tAk dOwn nOtes.. hIgHliGht hErE n tHere..
DCF gETtIn mOre & mOre iNtErEsTiNg lE..
HAhaha.... =D
sIaNx tmL sTiLL gOt DS lAb tEst nEhx..
2 lAb tEst iN a rOw loRx..
hOpe cAn dO weLL bahx... =]
aNiWay.. tIs wK wiLL b qUIte bZ..
tmL nIte gOt jOb tRg..
sAt n sUn gOt wOrk..
mOn n tUe gOt lAb tEst..
waHx.. cAn lEt mE haVe a sEnsE oF wAts bUsY..
hEe~ hOpe i wOnt cOmpLaIn tIrEd baHx..

Westlife Why Do I Love You??

Suddenly she's leaving,
Suddenly the promise of love has gone
Suddenly breathing seems
So hard to do

Carefully you planned it
I got to know just a minute to late, oh girl
Now I understand it
All the times we made love together
Baby you wereThinking of him

Chorus :
Why do I love you? Don't even want to
Why do I love youLike I do?
Like I always do
You should've told me
Why did you haveTo be untrue?
(Love you like I do)
Why do I love you
Like I do?

Ain't gonna show no weakness
I'm gonna smile and tell the whole world I'm fine
I'm gonna keep my senses
But deep down when no one can hear me
Baby I'll be crying for you


Can't go back, can't erase
Baby your smiling face
oh no I can think of
Nothing else but you suddenly


Sunday, August 22, 2004

uGLy fAce.. wHu cAn wIn mE nEhx?
wan aCt ugLy i oSo bEsT aT iT worx.. mUahahaha~

yOohOo~ tIs iS e bEst..bOth iN e pIctUre.. kekE..

yEaHx.. tIs is bEttEr.. bUt cIne's fAce lOok wEiRd wEiRd hOrx?

haHa.. lOOk aT cIne's fAce.. iM iN fOcUs.. sO sHe lOok mAd? LoLx..

nItE mOde.. aT e bUs sToP lORx..
gOt lOtsa wHIte dOts dOts aRnd.. >.<

mE n cIne e nEo nEo.. hAhaha.. aBit bLur..
cUx is tOok usinG hP maHx..

hOhOhO.. fRi i wEaR sKiRt 2 sCh wOrx.. =D
dUrIng lUnCh bReAk wEnt JP..
wIb mOi gRp oF gErs wOrx..
nO oTher ppL tIs tIme..
dEn wOnt eNd up uNhaPpiLy eHx?
kEKEke.. wEnt 2 eAt KFC loRx..
tHou SP gOt.. bUddEn oUtsIde gOt aTmOsPhErE..
LoLx.. aCt. wAn eAt loNg jOhN siLvEr dE..
bUt sO mANy sTudEnTs lORx..
sIaNx haLf laHx..
haTe 2c sO mAny sTudEnTs aRnd..
>.< wE dUno oRdEr wAt aRhx..
eAch oF uS eAt 2pIecE, 1 wHiPpEd pOtAto n cHeeSe fRiEs..
sO dAmn fuLL aRhx.. toLd cHa bO i wAn gAin wEigHt..
sHe wAn mE fIniSh aLL uP..
oF cUx iMpOssIbLe laHx.. LoLx...
aFT tAt wE gO tAKe nEo nEo worx..
i lOng tIme nO tAke le nEhx..
So eXcItEd bOut iT sIax..
dEcOrAte aLL oF dEm lEaVe IT 2 mE..
hAhaha.. i pUt lOtsa bRigHt bRighT sTars.. bUbbLes..
lOoK cLoSeLy aT e bOrDeRs aRnd..
kEKE.. thEY sAy iM crAzy.. wHeRe gOt nEhx? Hee~
aFT sCh mEeT cIne wOrx..
sHe wAn gO cIne mAke sTh 4 aRic mahx..
fInaLLy E 2 oF dEm r sO loVinG liaOx..
fEeL hAppy 4 dEm laHx.. =]
eNd uP i toLd cINe 2 tAke nEo nEo aGaIn..
Lolx.. jUx loVe 2 tAk nEo nEo maHx..
*gRiNx* oN e wAy hOme.. wE oSo sNaP sNap..
aT e bUs sTop.. kIndA dArK..
sO sHe oN nIte mOde.. bUt gOt tHoSe..
wHiTe LiL' dOts aRnd laHx..
= sTiLL okIex.. oVeraLL..
iM bAck 2 nOrmaL lE..
wOnt fEeL sAd oR unHaPpy.. oR wAt lE..
jUx lEave it 2 fAte laHx..
tIme wiLL teLL eVeRytHiNg..
wAt iSh meAnt 2b uRs..
nO maTtEr wAt.. wiLL sTiLL beLongs 2 u..
=) *mUAcKx*

aLL gIvInG a "V" sIgN.. hahahha... ^_*

kEkE.. mE aCtInG cUte naHx.. =P

hOhOhO.. aNoThEr gRp pIx pix.. *_-

yEaHx~ mE n cHa bO sTaNd bhInd..
aiLiAn n pEiYing sTaNd iNfRont.. =D

Saturday, August 21, 2004

yEaHx~ eVeRytHiNg iSh aLrIte nOw le lahx..
dUn wOrRy aLL mOi dEaR fRenx.. KeKE..
tHiNgs aReNt aS bAd aS i tOt lahx..
mAyb iSh i gEt e wRoNg mEaNiNg baHx? LoLx..
=D yaHx.. aDmIt iM bEn bEn k? tOopId laHx..
bUdDEn wHen i jUx wAke up.. sTiLL aBit e bLur maHx..
tAts y loRx.. sUmOre cAnt tInK cArefuLLy..
mINd not cLeAr..
=X weLL aNiwAy.. lAst nIte i hAd 2 lOng sLp lE..
LoLx.. gUeSs how lOng eHx?
mOrE tHan e 10hRs i nEed nEhx.. hehE~
dAmn sUrpRisE loRx.. fRm 8+ i sLp unTiL aRnd...
6+ tIs mOrn.. i wAke up cHeCk hp..
waHx.. 3msg worx.. Hee~ bUt i wEnt bAc 2 sLp aGaIn..
kInda dUn rEm aNItIn wHen i wAke up..
lIke iN e lOng lOng dReAm sIax..
tOtaLLy 4gOt i toLd cIne 2 onLine dEn sMs mE..
Hahaha~ lEt hEr wAit.. eNd up i dIN onLine..
sOrrY wOrx.. *gRiNx*
bUt i fInaLLy wAke Up aT 10+ laHx..
eAt mOi bReaKfAst.. hAhaha.. mOi mUm pRepAre de..
aRbO y wOuLd i eAt rIte?
mUAhaahahahaa~ hOwEvEr.. i wEnt bAC 2 sLp aGaIn..
uNtiL 2+ wAke up.. tIs tIme ReaLLy wAke up lE..
e mOre i sLp e mOre tIrEd i m loRx..
sO wEnT onLine 2 dO ResEaRcH 4 e IntErnEt PRog aSsIgNmEnt..
im sTartiNg 2 hAte wAtCh liaOx..
mE n cHa bo r dOin e tOpIc on wAtcH wOrx..
OnlIne sHoppIng.. =]
oh yAhx.. 2dAe wAtcH e cHaNneL 5
oLyMpIcS tAbLe tENnIs...
Li Jia Wei oF sPoRe nEarLy wIN dE loRx..
aLrEaDy lEaDing liaOx..
eNd uP lOSe sIax.. rEaLLy lEtdOwn aRhx..
i dUN bLaMe hEr laHx.. mUx hAvE loTsa preSsUre..
i aDmIre hEr sIax.. aT leAst sHe lOse bY 1 gaMe oNi..
nW wAitIn 4 hEr 2 fIgHt 4 bRoNze mEdaL lE..
*pRay* hOpe sHe'LL wIn.. n bRIng uS pRoud..
hAahaha~ *yAwNx*
sHit laHx.. m gETtiN tIrEd aGaIn liaOx..
=pPpp sIs wEnt KL yTd.. nW aT hM kINda lOneLy..
nObOdY sCoLd mE... lIke nOt uSed 2 it..
*wInKx* aBit e sIaOx rIte? wAn ppL sCoLd..
weLL aNiwAy.. tInk gOtTa eNd hErE lE..
bLoGsPot aBit e sIaOx sIaOx..
i cAnt eDit mY tEmpLaTes sIax..
iRriTaTiNg nEhx..
wAn cHanGe sEtTinGs oSo cAnnOt..
sIaNx 1/2 lE laHx.. =\

Friday, August 20, 2004

i'vE got a iNsOmnIa nItE jUx nOw..
e tIme iSh 6:10 iN e mOrn..
n hErE i M bLoGgIng... nOe hAveN bEeN bLOgGing 4 long..
=\ aReNt fEeLing weLl rIte nOw..
tHou i nOe i shLd.. aFt wAt i toLd ciNe yTd nIte..
bUt.. *sIgH* sTh hAppEn laHx..
dEn.. gUeSs i cAnt mAk it...
oR shLd i pHrAsE it.. wE cAnNot mAke it?
(cIne, mIn, zHen, uDs wAt i sAy? "cANnOt mAk it")
hOpe u gUys udS baHx.. rEaLLy dUnO hOw 2 dEsCriBe it..
kIndA nUmb lE baHx? m sUdDeNLy tInKin oF a sOng..
AvRiL lAvGiNe... mY hAppY eNdIng..

So much for my happy ending
oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh ohOh oh, oh oh, oh...
Let's talk this over, It's not like we're dead
Was it something I did? Was it something You said?
Don't leave me hanging, In a city so dead
Held up so high, On such a breakable thread
You were all the things I thought I knew
And I thought we could be

You were everything, everything that I wanted
We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it
All of the memories, so close to me, just fade away
All this time you were pretending
So much for my happy ending
oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh ohOh oh, oh oh

You've got your dumb friends
I know what they say, They tell you I'm difficult
But so are they, But they don't know me
Do they even know you?
All the things you hide from me
All the shit that you do
You were all the things I thought I knew
And I thought we could be

It's nice to know that you were there
Thanks for acting like you cared
And making me feel like I was the only one
It's nice to know we had it all
Thanks for watching as I fall
And letting me know we were done


oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh ohoh oh, oh oh,
oh oh, oh ohoh oh, oh oh, oh...

aLL oF a sUddEn e sOng kEep rePeaTiNg in mY mInd..
sEeMs sO tRuE sO reaL.. n jUx fEeL lIke mAkIn uP sTh...

dOn tReAt mE sO gOod, iF u nOe i mIgHt faLL 4 u...
dOn gIve mE pRomIsEs, iF u nOe u wiLL bReaK dEm eVeNtUaLLy..
dOn tReAt mE sO sWEeT, iF u nOe u wiLL hUrt mE lTr oN...
dOn gIve mE wAt i tOt iS e bEst, bUt eNd up iSh jUx a lIe..
dOn gIve mE e iDea wE cLd b 2gEThEr, bUt fUrThEron u got uR eXcUsEs..
jUx dUN eVer tReAt mE sO nIce.. sO sWEet.. sO gEntLemAn...

sUm1 toLd tIs 2 mE oNce.. i fInd it qUite sWeet... gOtTa sHaRe..

??�� ROAD ?��?�A �ڤ��Q�@?�H WALK�A
�u���Ʊ�A�]??�Q�A HOPE �A?�n�n�ñ��ڮ@�I

iS tAt sWeEt? hEe~ nOt gOnNa sAy bY wHu..
sUm1 i dUn lIke nOw.. cHa bO tInk u nOe wHu lE bAhx?
aCt. tOt oF sEnDing tIs 2 sUm1 dE..
bUt gUesS iSh tOo lAte lAhx... �L�O�@?�j���H��I
*sIgH* kInda ReGrEt nOt tAkIng up a CCA in mOi 1st yR..
nw rEaLLy rEgReT lE.. mIn.. u mUx cOntiNue oN wOrx..
dUn gIve up.. nV sAy dIe..
loTsa tHiNgy wAnNa sAy.. bUt dUno wHEre 2 sTart...
aLL sTuck aT mOi mOuTh... oNi cAn sAy...
iM dIsAPpOiNted..
if u rEaLLy lIke a pErsOn.. wLd u cOnsIDer sO mUCh..
tInk bOut e cOnsEqUeNces.. fUtUre.. sCaRe oF hUrTiNg sUm1...
eVen b4 u sTep in2 e r/s?
tIs Qs mIn aSk me b4.. n i toLd hEr "NO"
y cOnsIDer sO mUch wHen aLL u hAftA dO is aCcePt it?
when u oSo liKe e pErsOn..
bY tInKin.. cOnsIdEring.. uR oNi mAkin iT wOrsE..
nW is mIn's turn 2 teLL mE tIs baHx?
bUt iM not e 1 wHu tInk bOut it..
cUx iM a sOrt wHu aCt on iMpLusIve..
hOweVer iM nOt iMpLusIve aRhx..
zHen n cIne hAve bEen teLling mE..
tAk iNitIaTive.. aSk hIm aSk hIm... bUt wHen i aSk..
wAt dO i gEt?
tIred oF aLL tHesE laHx..
mAyb bEiNg a lEs oR bUtCh cAn fRee aLL fRuStrAtioNs?
oR mAyb wAt tRoy sAy iS tRue..
i oNi nEed 3 dEaRies n cHa bO bY my sIde..
tIme nOw 6:38am
sPeNd nEarLy haLf aN hR pOuRing my tOts oUt..
bUt aInt fEeLing aNy bETter eHx?
y iS tAt sO?
a tHorn iS stab iN2 mY bOdy.........

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

LoLx.. tAt pIgGy cIne gO eDit e pIx wOrx.. lOok liKe pIgs maHx?
ugLy pIgS sUmOre hOrx?

SwiTcH pLaCe liAox.. hEHEHE.. aNotHer pErfEct pIc..

nOw iS tIme 4 sUm ugLy pIx liAox.. kEKE.. sO ugLy wOrx..
ugLy dUckLinGs.. =D

nAuGhty nAuGhTy pIx.. hAhHA.. dAmn nAugHty lOok..
sHowiNg oFF oUr tOngUes?

sWiTCh pLaCe liaOx.. hEhEHe.. tOok uSing cIne'S nOkiA fOne..

nIce nIce pIx we tOok yTd.. aT e Mac wOrx..

Monday, August 16, 2004

waHx sIaNx aRhx.. wHoLe dAy oNi DCF sIax..
sUmOre aFt sCh 3pm sTiLL gOt mAkeuP cLasS.. 4 laSt mOn..
oSo DCF pRaCt loRx.. >.<
n dEn cHa bO dIn cUm 4 e mOrn pRaCt.. sO i wAs aLone iN e morn...
=[ i sUrvIve laHx.. kEkE.. eXpLoRe on my oWn loRx...
tHoU bIt bIt loNeLy.. sTiLl cAn maKe iT..
cHa bO sO sWAy.. oN hEr wAy 2 dOver..
a bAby sItTing bsIde hEr vOmIt oN2 hEr sIax..
lUCky hEr god bRo At hM.. dEn hE bRing cLoTheS 4 hEr..
a rEd rEd.. bRiGht rEd tOp wOrx..
cHa bO lOok sO bRiGht 2dAe nEhx..
kEkEKe.. bUt sHE lOok nICe iN iT wOrx.. *gRiNx*
dEn aFt lEct.. wE gO 4 mAkeuP pRAct loRx..
pEiYing mEeT aIaI pLaY tEnNiS sIax..
sO gOod rite? hEhEhe..
iS gOod 2 pLay sPoRts gAmE wIb aIaI..
cUx hE wiLL lOok aFt u mAhx.. rIte?
*wInKx* i wEnt oFf aT aRnd 4..
mEeT fReN.. c hIs MM pRojEct loRx..
iS aN eYe opeNer.. a wHeeLcHaIR wAsher nEhx..
bUdDen wHen tHeY tEst rUn, i wEnt oUt 2 fEtCh cIne n mIn..
sO dIn mAnAge 2c iT loRx.. =\
aNiwAy wEd is e exhIbItIoN.. sO mAyb wEd dEn c bAhx?
hAhaha.. aRic dRive cIne, mE n mIn gO keLly tHeRe e Mac..
On e wAy, wE wErE cHit cHaTtIng.. 1St tIme aRiC tOk wIb us..
gErs tOk.. hE oSo jOin iN wOrx..
LoLx.. mAyb bcUx cIne caLL hIm "bAobEi"?
mAk hIm v hAppY.. n hIgH bAhx?
sErIousLy.. cIne.. caLL aRic dEaR n bAobEi mOre oftEn..
i nOe hE wiLl b dAmn hIgH bOut iT dE..
i wAnt caLL oSo nO cHanCe..
hAHaha.. i mEaN i wAnt caLL mY oWn bF tIs..
oSo nO cHaNce.. Not caLl uR aRic hOrx..
=D dEn cIne wEnt oFF 2 wOrk aT 6:30 sO mE n mIN..
wE cHit cHaTtEd aT mY bUs sTop..
uNtiL aRnd 7+.. sHe tOok 852 gO dOwn..
cUx mIn dUN wAn cRoSs e bRidGe.. hHahaha...
reaLLy eNjoY tOkIn 2 hEr.. sO cOmfOrtAbLe..
sHe cAn rEaD my mInd.. oWaYs nOe wAt iM tRoubLed wIth..
mIn.. a gEr cAnnoT b tOo cLeVer wOrx..
Lolx... =O mayb wiLl uPloAd sUm pIx lTr OR tmL baHx..
wAit 4 tAt pIgGy cIne 2 sEnd mE loRx..
*yAwNx* tInk shLd eNd nOw lE..

Saturday, August 14, 2004

hOhOhO.. mEeT ciNe In e eVeNiNg gO dOwn eAt dInNer..
aCt. gOt mIn tOo dE.. bUt hEr mUm dUn aLLow..
wAn hEr sTay aT hM n rEsT loRx..
cUx sHe wHoLe dAy nV sLp.. rUsh pRojEct maHx..
sEe loRx.. lAst mIn eHx? kEkE..
IT sTudEnt jUx liKe 2 wAit tiLL lAst mIn dEn rUsh de..
kEkE.. tIs i cAn uNdErsTaNd wOrx.. *gRiNx*
oN e wAy, wE tOok sUm pIx loRx..
cUx lOng tIme dIn sNaP wIb cINe lE maHx..
tHou i mIsS mIn n zHen.. bUt nVm laHx..
cAnt mEeT dEn oTh dAy loRx?
wE waLk aRnd sUntEc..
aT 1sT i cRaviNg 2 nOodLe oMeLLeTte..
wAn go PS oR tOwn 2 eAt.. bUt i sUgGeSt..
wE sEttLe dOwn 2 HaN's InsTEad loRx..
sHe eAt gRiLLed fIsh n mE..
oF cUx iSh fIsh & cHiPs laHx..
gIrLs aLL lIke fIsH & cHiPs eHx?
dUnO wHu teLL mE dE.. kEkEke..
aFt tAt wE wEnT oFF liaOx..
cUx cIne's sIs wAn wAtCh mOvie..
i reaLLy sEriOusLy tHinK tAt..
cIne's sIs w/o hEr cAn dIe..
dUn hAve hEr aRnd 4 a sIngLe mIn..
sHE cAnt tAhAn liaOx..
oWaYs caLL n sMs hEr.. aSk wHeRe iSh sHE?
pLs loRx.. cIne hOw oLd liaOx?
cAnNot mAk iT eHx? >.<
oOooPx.. iSh mY oWn oPiNiOn naHx..
n cIne oSo bOuGhT a cOnvErsE sHoe..
i sUpPoRt hEr dE..
qUite nice.. tAt tIme i toLd cHa bO i lIke dE..
eNd uP i dIn bUy.. kEKEke..
*yAwNx* dOubt e pErsOn iM wAiTiN 4 wOnt onLine 2nIte..
mAyb i cAn tUrN iN earLiEr liaOx..

bLur bLur lOok.. hEaD hOw cUm tiLt oNe sIde leHx?

hEhEhE.. seLf tAke pIx.. lOnG tIme nV seLf tAke liaOx..
oMg~ mY eyebAg iSh out...

yUmMy yUmMy lOok..

tAke 2.. cLoSer aBit liaOx.. i lOok sO cHuBby nEhx..

LoLx.. tOoK oN bUs.. wHiLe gOin dOwn sUntEc..

RaBbIT.. i lOve rABbIt nEhx..

hAmsTer.. oR dWarf.. sO cUte.. jUx nW sAw iT aT sUntEc wIb cIne..

sTar bRaCeLet.. mY mUm bOuGht 4 mE dE..
eVeN sHe nOe i LiKe sTars wOrx.. hEe~ =D

tOtO lYiNg lAziLy oN e fLoOr.. a cLoSe cLose lOok..
vErY cUte hOrx?

hOhOhO.. wAt i wEaR 2dAe 2 mEeT cIne.. oNi mEeT hEr..

tHe pReView QUILL i wEnT 2 wAtCh yTd aT j8..
wItH loTsa dOgs aRnd sIax.. at oPeN aRea..

kEkE~ iSh a v tOuChiNg mOvIe aRhx.. rEaLLy mUx gO wAtCh..
i wAtCh unTiL i cRy nEhx..
tRy 2 hoLd bACk.. bUt.. rEmInds mE oF mY rAbbiT..
rEaLLy fEeL v sAd aRhx aFt wAtChiNg..
n my sIs bOugHt tOtO wIth uS loRx.. hE wAs sO bUsy..
kAy pOh.. lOokIn aRnd..
oTh dOg bArk.. hE oSo jOin iN loRx..
LoLx.. n waLk hErE waLk tHerE.. cAnNoT kEeP qUiEt..
n mY sIs wEnT aRnd tAkin dOg pIx..
dEn wE wEnT hOme loRx..
cUx i mEeT lE zHen n cIne.. n wEnt sTr8 dOwn 2 j8
nV gO hm pUt bOoKs.. dAmn tIrEd mAn..
=D sUmOre i "dOng" uNtiL qUitE laTe dEn sLp wOrx..
*gRiNx* aLL bcUx...

aNoThEr sHot oF e pRevIew cArd.. hEe~

kEkE.. aNoThEr bREed oF dOg..
bUt i dUn lIke tIs sIax.. hAir sO sHort maHx..

2 LiL' xIao kE aI sNiFFiNg eAch oTher..
LoLx.. sTiLL gOt riBBoN nEhx..

tHiS dOg sO kE aI leHx.. "oR Bah CaRk" LoLx..

aNoThEr HuSky.. n oSo haLf sHot oF e oth dOg..
dUnO wAt nAme iSh tHaT.. kEkE..

dAiLaMaTiOn n goLdEn rEtRiEvEr? bOth bIg bIg dOgGIe oRhx..

lOoKs liKe sNow dOg hOrx? sO cUte nEhx..

HusKy... zHen.. iS tIs e 1 u lIke eHx?