DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Officially Most Tiring..

is flt 721/724 already!
even my CANNGO cant be compared to this!

i went 24hrs w/o slp since ytd 8:30am..
only managed 2 slp at this morn 9+am arhx.. ;(
althou e co-pilot(KKM) was v cute-looking,
but it didnt help either.. LOL!

anyway, luckily e team i flew with to NRT was nice..
hence, its already quite a fortune liaox..
(except for a TSM "xiao on" weirdo)

then imagine to our horror aft we deplane..
at the immigrations counter being FLOODED with ppl!
we hafta go thru e Quarantine counter 1 by 1..
with the NEW quarantine questionnaire survey compulsory..
follow by e Q-ing @ our Foreign Crew lane..
it took us 30mins jux to clear CIQ lohx..
a usual 15mins become 30mins..

nw im prayin my remaining 3 legs wil b as smooth as ytd's..
wil b flyin with my 1-ban for e rest of e 3 legs arhx!!
better pray hard i dont do anything silly..


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rare Rare Rare!

woke up @ 8:30am this morn..
settled my spree stuffs & had my breakfast..
was watching e news on "早安您好"
saw a v sad news related 2 horses.. ;(

watched e video they show in the news..
really mak me go OMG OMG OMG..
jux imagine a horse & horse collision?
both horse collapsed onto the ground..
n unable 2 stand up even after ppl drag them..


hate 2c such animal news..

more info of the news HERE.

& im flyin off ltr in the evening..
goin to NRT via KUL lohx.. -.-"
that taihen pattern!
its another 8days b4 bac to SIN..
kinda havin pre-flt blues nw..

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Summarised Updates :

i realised i've been meetin my darling almost everyday..
but some days when i dont get 2c her,
i feel queasy.. like sth is not right..
even my darling feels it too..
she's starting 2 uds me inside out already..
like how i used my short forms & she knew it w/o asking..
eg. HTHT & BWG.. she got it right at 1st try!

20th Apr 2009 HTHT @ Seletar Reservoir
e day i returned bac frm my KIX turn..
met her up within 5hrs of rchin SG!
c how loving we are?! ;D
update each other on wat happened durin e 3days..
thou its 3 days, but it seems so long..

21st Apr 2009 252 : Signal of Life
thx 2 e complimentary tix frm my sis..
we get 2 enjoy this 4/5 stars movie!
really thumbs up + toes up!
if only we can omit off those extra sound effect..
those auntiesSs sittin near us..
keep makin extra effect 2 disturb us..
talkin non-stop.. irritating + annoying 2 e max!

24th Apr 2009 Bugis Lunch + Fortune Telling
we went down Bugis specially 2 meet lisa 4 lunch!
xiang came down specially 2 pass me my films..
& we spent some wonderful 30mins+ 2gether..
thou each of us is busy with our own stuffs,
but im grateful that we stil find time out 2 meet..
cine, i uds that ur working.. so im not blamin u worx..
aft our lunch, me & darling head 2 Yishun..
where we had our lifetime 1st fortune telling..
heheh~ shall wait til Aug/Sept 2 determine if its accurate.
imo, i think its 75% accurate bahx?

25th Apr 2009 Tanning Session @ Cafe Del Mar

aft so long finally a tanning session..
stubbornly refused 2 apply any sunblock/suntan lotion..
thats y 2dae im suffering frm e consequences of it..
shoulder & back are aching frm it.. ;(
durin shower, i can feel e sharp pain!! ugh!
anyway, jux endure it for 2days shld b fine i guess..
too bad xiang wasnt arnd 2 snap snap too!
else it'll be a perfect grp photo le!
of cux we save a space 4 her lahx..
e space infront of lisa, is jux nice 4 her.. ;D


detailed updates wil b done when im free

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Saturday, April 25, 2009


thats me while waitin 4 my family 2b ready..
gonna head out 4 dinner again!
was kinda tired frm my morn tanning session..
sis brght us 2 this rest. @ Thomson..
its really NOT bad.. can give it a try..
nx time wil brin my girls there 2 eat as well..
morn went tanning with my girls..
here's e outcome of it lohx.. ;(
Garlic KangKong
e BEST of all e dishes 2nite..
duno why.. but i jux like kangkong ALOT!
Dao Xi Fish Slice
oso not v nice imo lahx..
but its definitely better than those hawker..
Hotplate Beancurd
a MUST for all zichar i went to..
BIG disappointment!
no taste in those beancurd at all.. ;s
Furong Dan
its normal but its nice..
seems there's lotsa onions ehx..
Hor Fun!
seems quite normal imo..
by e time i eat, e sauce all MIA-ed.
Mango Crispy Chicken
the chix is crispy beyond words..
i duno how they can make it THIS crispy!

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my previous mths' flt was ok-ok..
hence my this mth's pay is not greatly affected..

gonna withdraw $1k 4 savings & family allowance,
e rest shall go 2 hkg funds & miscellaneous spendings..

yippie! Sentosa.. here i come~~!!!
finally a date - VLZF!!

i promise 2 do a photo update soonest..
been nua-ing @ hm watchin TVB dramas & nothing else..
meetin up & goin out becoming so frequent..
emer test! i need 2 benkyo too! ;(

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Randomness 2

Was on the way walkin at yishun underpass,
when i heard a young sch ger askin mag stall auntie,
Young girl : "auntie,有没有卖星座书?"

so i turned 2wards zhen n told her..
Me : "那个女学生问有没有星座书,一定是看太多篮球圆。。"
Zhen : "huh?兵乓圆啦!"
Me : .... *embarrassed*

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Thursday, April 23, 2009


was watchin 家好月圆 on PC when my mum interrupt me.
i turned over & watched e channel 8 news 4 a moment.
it was abt the strong wind last nite..
then the next news skip 2 china heavy snow..

Mum : "看。。在中国蒙古啊。。"
Me : "蒙古在中国?"
Me : "蒙古英文是设么? Mongkok?"
Mum : Mongolia
Me : LOL! Mongkok 在香港啦!

my geography really sucks.. i know..


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


managed 2 sell off my FE2 & colorsplash flash on sgst..
finally can re-claim my 100+ odd dollars liaox..

if ur interested in buyin things off me,
do check out my LJ page HERE!
help 2 contribute 2 my hkg funds lahx.. ;)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some Updates :

15th Apr : lunched @ our current fave place - Xin Wang.
train-ed 2 AMK Hub 4 L.O.V.E movie.
followed by meetin ppl tak Mirror Screen Protector.
train-ed 2 Bugis had LJS, Sim Lim 4 mic/earphone & Bugis Iluma.
met lisa @ City Hall & train-ed bac AMK 2gether.
received my online order iTouch casing

16th Apr : rotted at hm whole day watchin TuDou/Youtube

17th Apr : supper meetup with my girls!
passed zhen her advance bdae pressy.
full attendance report @ Tong Shui Cafe again.
free ride frm cine & zhen.
snap snap with every1 else with golden half/hp/polaroid!

18th Apr : spent whole day watchin TuDou/Youtube again!
reported for flt at 8+pm & realised crew change!

19th Apr : slpt my day thru & continue my HK drama frm HD.
completed A Journey Called Life finally!
& started 3 episodes of New Police.

20th Apr : woke up early in e morn 2 prepare.
reported 4 flt & flt delayed for 15mins!
my stupid cabbie was late 4 another 25mins!
i only rched hm at 8:20pm! -.-"
went out @ 10pm 2 meet zhen go Seletar Reservoir.
had some heart 2 heart talk with the cool cool breeze blowing.
thats when e both of us saw a shooting star!
silly-ly made a wish althou 90% wont come true.
did some last min snappin b4 drivin me bac hm swt hm.

21st Apr : share with sis 2 buy a new CPU 2 replace our lao kok kok
continue with my 霹雳MIT last 2 episodes.
mailed 2 items out & recover $25 only.
evening meetin zhen 4 our 252 Signal of Life free movie!
conplimentary tix frm my sis! ;D

& i really need 2 start savin $$ for my hkg trip nx mth!!
althou i realised i've saved arnd $5k since i started flying.
only $5k you know!! thats v little consider how much i've earned.
seems like i really spent too much during my flt.. ;(
mth end's AMS flt with team, Lynn say they intend 2 go c tulips..
HOW HOW HOW! if i go, cfm no chance 2 save $$ already.
dilemma feeling hitting me again lahx.. zzzz

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

iDo with Clothes!

got my iDo her clothes already!
its in my fave shade of PURPLE of cux!
e front of it
& thats e back of it!

can say BYEBYE to scratches already!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whats Up w L-O-V-E?

ytd decided 2 catch L-O-V-E with zhen 2dae..
hence i changed my nick to reflect :
"i need some L-O-V-E man!"

who knows, 2dae i've got 2 more companion..

anyway, bac 2 e movie L-O-V-E..
its made up of 4 diff love stories..
e last 2 story was sucha waste of time!
only e 1st 2 stories was gd..
& i really find Megan Lai YaYan v pretty!

but! watch it only if it cost $6.
u know wat i mean? =]

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ferrero Rondnoir

check THIS out man, Ferrero Lovers!

Now, wil some1 get me a box??


official website


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Welcome Myself Back!

the journey home was made happy!
cux i flew with e team whom i flew b4..
its that Kurahara SU again! =\
dun like him but i love his team girls..

3/4 pattern was spent doin c-cls..
mayb its time im gettin immune with c-cbn..
til e time comes when i spot c-gly beside my name?

anyway, TIRED!!
gonna lights out now..
tml's another long day 4 me..
follow by e day aft then i can rest! ;)


Friday, April 10, 2009

3rd SFO to & fro

e day when i landed in NRT, its the cherry blossom season!
along the way frm airport 2 hotel, they everywhere!

metup with bud once i rched hotel..
so happy we get 2 bunk in!!
then we head out 4 dinner aft i settle down..
bud with hers..
she had a great dinner with me..
an enjoyable dinner i had that night!
its been long since i had 1 fine dinner..
look @ the clear blue sky!
if only im there on a holiday..
bus-ed down Union Sq 4 some shoppin!
my 1st destination!
i feel like im part of them as well..
muahahahha~ ;D
e casings i saw there!
i really nearly attempted 2 buy 1 casing there..
but fortunately, sg apple store is cheaper..
hence i decided not 2 buy there..
2nd stop - AE!
lotsa clearance items but no aerie 8 for $25!
i was lemming 2 buy undies yet again!
heng! else i wld have gotten another 5/8 already!
these r e amt of rings available..
no Trinity Ring 4 you-know-who-ur..
then its the 3 levels of F21-ing..
where the mad treasure hunting begins..
i nearly go crazy inside e 3 levels i tell u..
escalating frm 1st-2nd-3rd-2nd-1st storey..
e cycle goes 4 god-knows-how-many-times.
luckily, i din went bac empty-handed.

roamed arnd lookin 4 more shops..
went into A&F n out with another bottle of perfume..
then to payless shoes, sth camera & visited Nordstrom..
Bath & Body Works 4 my senior..
checked out the Vanilla Cammomile hand cream 4 her..
too bad.. its on 2 for $20 sale instead.

saw Hollister nearby & returned witha tee + trackpants?
e trackpants was a bargain (i think?)
usual priced at $59.90 & got it at $19.90?
initially wanna get white then grey & saw last piece dark blue.
its in the exact size i want - XS!
came out feelin so happy with my buys!
next, Borders across Hollister so in i went..
din c any interesting storybks arnd..
in addition, i stil have another 3 unread bks..
hence.. i left within 5mins of visiting..
guess wat i spotted!!
WETSEAL! omgosh!
nearly bght a skirt & leggin there..
its buy 1 and get 2nd @ 50% off!
last station - victoria's secret!
sadly, e passport holder was out last Dec..
its no longer in stock already.
tram-ed bac aft 4hrs of "walking"

thats when i saw that landmark of Fisherman's Wharf..
& realised im stil lovin SFO v much!

c'mon! gimme more SFO pls!

really enjoyed myself v much durin this trip..
esp with e great company sg seniors,
& not 4gettin e great buncha jap crews i have..
(was v helpful of them 2 help each other thou 1 or 2 sucks)
oh yah + another 2 hk based ojt girls..
its really makin my 3rd sfo trip a memorable one..
did i mention, i received my 1st yoroshiku note from them.
+ did my 1st instructor-ojt frm jap-out..
ushiro-gly is sth im familiar with so i can teach..
my jap-in's c-cls didnt sucks as much as 1st..
might b due 2 havin only 7pax this time
(half of my 1st experience)
all & all, its really a precious experience 4 me indeed.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

the routine starts again..

headin off 4 flt again..
this time im goin 2 sfo for 1 nite stay..
so pattern is only 6days..
wil b back in sunny hot island on SUN evening..

am gonna play treasure huntin in F21.. LOL!


Monday, April 06, 2009


this pix shld describe how happy i am bahx?

i honestly nv regret on-ing my PC,
checkin my gmail, FB & blog..
cux it brings me gd news!!
according 2 my senior who updated her status in FB,
there's FREE internet in NRT already!! ;D
its like a million OMG zoomed by my brain instantly!

u guys can nv imagine how overjoy i am right nw!


HK Cafe + Movie + Supper

a visit to Xin Wang HK Cafe
1st pix @ HK Cafe
her lychee tea
my hot honey lemon
baked pork rice
ready 2 start on my curry chix rice
c how long e cheese can stretch?
@ Northpoint carpark..
vrooming off 2 AMK Hub already
doin groceries shopping?
nahx! we bght tidbits instead..
our couple seats
wat we wore that day..
& b4 we caught e Confessions of Shopaholics.
not bad a movie i wld say..
esp e dancing scenes.. left me laughin madly
when zhen went 2 top-up her cashcard..
long time no bubble tea le!
finally have my double pearl too!
oh no! kana caught drinkin already
ooops! caught in the act..
dont snap me anymore..
i jux wanna drink my bubble tea
while on e way 2 thomson area..
playin with e banana soft toy zhen bght..
a pix @ Ritz Strudels
strudels - sth which i'll nv get sick of!
polaroids taken that day!

pix 2 summarise up my 3rd of Apr! ;)
not 4gettin meetin e rest 4 supper that nite.
& thanks 2 lisa 4 helpin me get those super heavy stuffs!

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