DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Monday, November 30, 2009

for the moment..

as the pix says..
im currently in a busy mode..
was bac on Sat night, did e unpacking,
washing of clothes follow by re-packing 4 work..
ytd was out spendin 10 quality hrs with the ♥,
evening of 2dae wil b in e ofc, reportin 4 work already!
if u ask me, i'd definitely say im stil in holiday mood now.
fortunately, wil b goin nrt-ams-nrt with ppl i like.
thats consider a consolation to me.
be bac in 8days time again! ;)

in the meantime, some grp photos 2 share..
am waitin 4 e man to scan & send me the beautiful pix!
skiiiii photos r grreeaatt, trust me!
enjoy these 1st while i go busy with my errands,
b4 i go KO again, lunch in 2hrs' time,
wake up at 3+pm 2 start prep 4 work.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009


why am i feelin so mixed right now?
is like im gonna report 4 work later on..
but in fact, im goin 4 a holiday!
this feelin is so not right..
im not happy at all..

wil b bac 8days ltr..
& reportin 4 work 10days ltr..
how nice is that?? =.=

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Friday, November 20, 2009


sometimes e more u wanna hold on to something,
e more will drive that something away..



Wednesday, November 18, 2009





Tuesday, November 17, 2009

prep 4 korea hols!

i was in a dilemma as 2 which luggage 2 brin..
shld i use my work cargo or personal?
so i decided 2 give them both a weigh 2 decide..

my work cargo..

its 6kg when empty!

here's my personal luggage..

only 3kg?!
but its abit too small..

& then since im already weighin these luggage,
might as well weigh my sis's luggage too..

here's hers..

wtf? only 5kg?

how come my work cargo is so heavy even when empty?
no wonder crew got no weigh limit lahx..
jux imagine if we're only given 20kg per flt.. LOL!
its beyond my imaginable so i'd rather not..

then aftn i went to blk 332 coffeeshop 4 lunch..
shared some dim sum with my parents..

e century egg & lean meat congee..
its nice i think.. 4 a coffeeshop standard..

run by 2 "jiaozi" thats y..

e other dim sum but not as gd..

aft my lunch, i had a short nap..
got woke up by toto's barking again.. =.=
so might as well get started..
sweep & clean my rm neat & tidy!
then can start 2 pack luggage 4 hols!

this was how it looks like aft i unpack last Sat..
no limit so i can brin whatever i like with me 4 work..
but now gotta limit everything DOWN!

tadah! all my clothes & necessities r IN!
i weighed it again.. hahaha~
its already 13kg can? ;(

Things To Do During This Week :
- Replacement 4 spoilt hp
- Complete a backdated bdae gift
- Eat more Mac meals! ;x
- Get a new gloves!
- Buy small portable perfume spray bottle
- Change korea won & euros & yen
- Pay hp & cc bills
- Clean up my room b4 hols!
- Complete my half-started hkg drama
- Dental checkup
- Spend more time with ....

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aft e sudden departure of my k850i,
i jux got a replacement ytd..

decided 2 get this Nokia N97 mini..
aft i knew abt e preorder of the Raoul Limited Ed,
i was super gian 2 get it previously..
& nw im really a proud owner of one!
cept that its not the Raoul Edition of cux..

both my mom & sis liked Cherry Black,
however i insist on getting Garnet color..
i guess it'll takes me quite awhile 2 get used 2 it..
been a Sony Ericsson user for >5yrs..
nw gotta adjust bac to Nokia..

btw, my new baby's name is Ninet!
(Ni frm Mini & Net frm Garnet)

ciaos! gonna bath & head out 4 lunch..
& i really am interested 2 go watch meteor shower!!

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Monday, November 16, 2009


i so wanna c e leonids meteor shower!
was in the news that Asia will have the best view of the cosmic show
during the peak time, as the United States and Canada will still be in daytime.
there'll be five hundred chances over the span of an hour to see one!
The peak of the 2009 Leonids Meteor Shower is slated for -
November 17th at about 21:30 UTC, according to NASA.
that wil be 1am over at sg time!
wil last all the way til the peak period of 05:40am!



Sunday, November 15, 2009


yes.. im that amount poorer.. :(
but i guess i feel happier in the mind!

in a few days' time, i'll be $800 more poorer..
am stil waitin for my dbs cc bill 2 come..
which i dun think i can reveal the amt right here.. ;x

kays! headin out to kbox with family & sis's bf.
YES! my whole family is goin kbox!

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my hp jux died on me! :(
e keypad lights up but not the screen.
refused 2 turn on or off.
the lights jux remained on til i took out e batt.

why did it hafta break down now?!

/*wil be un contactable til further notice

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

safe & sound

pix was taken on the 12th..
when me & mabelle head out 2 chiba!
thx 2 isabelle 4 givin me the directions arnd..
hahah~ din manage 2 find e buildin opp. matsumoto.. ;(
so i din get to buy the 500yen gloves!
ugh! need 2 go hunt 4 gloves during this wk..
& in exactly 1wk's time, i'll be on the way to seoul!!!
my flt jux nw was "horrible" lahx..
a 2hrs svc took us 3hrs 2 complete, can u imagine?
all bcux of the weather.. caused so much turbulence..
nw im havin backache frm the standin & squating rountine.
however, im glad the old flavour of ice cream is back!
no more english tea! lets say HI to mango vanilla flavour!
too bad not enough time 4 me 2 have a 2nd serving..
all in all, my 5th sfo pattern was a great one!
gonna miss these 2 nice seniors..

Things To Do During This Week :
- Replacement 4 spoilt hp
- Complete a backdated bdae gift
- Eat more Mac meals! ;x
- Get a new gloves!
- Buy small portable perfume spray bottle
- Change korea won & euros & yen
- Pay hp & cc bills
- Clean up my room b4 hols!
- Complete my half-started hkg drama
- Dental checkup
- Spend more time with ....

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

ofbeing - lucky

in a span of 5days, i've completed 3legs..
am only left with the last leg & i'll be sayin a big HELLO to Seoul!
flt was great as i've got 2 great seniors arnd..

durin my iki-bin, Senior "irw" intro me to Sprite Float!
haha~ we created our own by addin Vanilla ice cream with Sprite!
it taste weird initially but i got addicted sumhow..

am over & done with SFO flt!
honestly, am stil ♥-ing SFO flt v much!
short & sweet imo!

durin e 1N hotel stay, i accidentally dozed off on e coach..
my laptop was on playin 桃花小妹 opp. me & yet i fell aslp..

v fast 1N over & im on e kaeri-bin back to NRT..
workin in c-cls gimme lotsa chance 2 eat "better" food onboard..
& i seriously miss my una-don so very much can?!
had 1 during my duty-time with my emer trg instructor!

i had it e simple way but she added ocha to it..
mak it looks like ochasuke! ;O

aft which we were sitted for 1hr on our crew seats!
e supposingly turbulence turns out fine & extra 20mins holding,
that resulted in us havin a 1hr "rest" on our seats..
but i was so damn tired.. e temptation of fallin aslp was high!
cleared e customs & spotted lotsa girls standin outside Arr. Hall!
thats weird! i wonder which great superstar or celebrity is comin NRT?
end up i found out its Jerry Yan! omfg!
no fate as i cldnt spare extra time waitin 4 him..
rched hotel rm, unpacked, changed & chiong out 2 aeon.
was rainin & colllddddddd, walked alone to uniqlo..
spent 1hr & out i came with 2 jackets & 3 turtlenecks.
bac 2 aeon mall, head 2 supa & damaged was 2.5k
follow by to sakurabo 2 get my new 2010 scheduler!
had a hard time choosin as my doraemon scheduler was ugly. ;(
settled with mickey mouse & winnie the pooh instead.
e unimagineable thing actually happened!
i went 2 saizeriya & had dinner by myself! O.O

ordered e unstoppable chix wings!
totally unstoppable i tell u!
mayb 2nite wil pyscho mabelle go eat again! ;x

here's e stuffs that i returned with..
jux think abt me luggin these bags, my own bag & umbrella..
my arms feel like breaking lahx!
fell aslp on e shuttle bus & woke up only when sum1 brushed pass me..
extremely malu..

e stuffs in total!
heatpads in big & small + kapi design.
yakult 4 these 2Ds 2Ns stay.
2 scheduler, 1 for work & 1 for personal use.
soups 4 own & oths.
sweets 4 upcomin korea trip.
jackets & turtleneck 4 me & sis!!
i foresee myself pullin cargo, tv bag & coat bag!!
**yell in horror**

jux nw went over mabelle's rm..
den head down ampm turn capsules!!
here's e pix 2 show all the designs available.

mabelle got e TechnoBrain while i got e mystery design!
OMFG! mayb my luck is returning bac 2 me soon..
nw i hope 2 get e air canada design..
wish me luck!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

alil' milo a day keeps me healthy?

this milo is dope!
gonna get these 4 future flts!
& i accidentally stain e bedsheet with milo! ;x
milo stain shld b able 2 clean off right??

唱一段歌 歌尾奏已经结束
突然我们都沉默 你不敢看我
越害怕伤害我 我感觉越难受
你不懂 我没你想象脆弱

热情结束以后 冷静开始以后
时间开始怂恿 劝深爱的人放弃
我不想倒数 还能爱多久
勇敢祝福以前 找到幸福以前
我会耐心等候 并重新适应寂寞
开始倒数 开始忘记
知道你的爱 你确定不是我

但我不想欺骗我 真实的感受
越相互关心著 越加速疏远了
别触碰 我在深藏的笑容

热情结束以后 冷静开始以后
时间开始怂恿 劝深爱的人放弃
我不想倒数 还能爱多久
勇敢祝福以前 找到幸福以前
我会耐心等候 并重新适应寂寞
开始倒数 开始忘记
值得你的爱 你确定不是我

让任性妄想反方向移动 直到看不清楚
眼泪突然夺眶而出 快要不能自己
难 很困难 再这样说的多快乐

热情结束以后 冷静开始以后
时间开始怂恿 劝深爱的人放弃
我不想倒数 还能爱多久
勇敢祝福以前 找到幸福以前
我会耐心等候 并重新适应寂寞
开始倒数 开始忘记 我们都爱过

热情结束以后 冷静开始以后
时间开始怂恿 劝深爱的人放弃
我不想倒数 还能爱多久
勇敢祝福以前 找到幸福以前
我会耐心等候 并重新适应寂寞
开始倒数 开始忘记
值得你的爱 你确定不是我


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2dae is the day i changed from -
AF*C to AF* (JL002 was AF*C, JL001 will be AF*)

/* but thats when the nightmare begins

ohhh! & for the 1st time flyin states flt,
i get to duty cabin for both legs!
i guess the "ah tao" might have refer bac 2 my last flt..
considering that i galley-ed consecutively 3 legs?
& luckily nothing else goes wrong during flt,
other than the 50mins delay in departure.
am so lookin 4ward to 12th! :)
we mabella are goin out in NRT!

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Monday, November 09, 2009

“In my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you; the right person will still think the sun shines out your ass. That’s the kind of person that’s worth sticking with.”

Mac MacGuff, “Juno”

finally awaken aft a nearly 12hrs slp..
wasnt 12hrs thru-out as i awake sumhow..
spot some good nite msn msg which was sweet..
but i gotta come bac 2 reality fast!
am need to get down 2 preparing in abt 1hr?
then hopefully a short flt time 2 fly me over to sfo..
b4 im bac in 2days' time! ;)
seriously cant wait 2 get myself bac in SG..

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Sunday, November 08, 2009

my 08.11.2009

03:30am : alarm goes off, woke up in shock!
03:40am : wash-up & bath
04:00am : blow dry hair, change uniform, make-up, spray hair
04:37am : mom cooked maggi mee 4 me!
04:45am : msn-ing mabelle while eatin breaky
05:32am : mush & boon came 2 fetch me go airport *yippie!
05:54am : rch airport frm free ride!
05:58am : change extra 50usd currency
06:00am : rch ofc & saw no1 except 2 oth management peeps
06:35am : briefing starts
06:55am : went off frm ofc to departure hall
07:15am : c/a briefing at the departure gate with oth crews
07:25am : cockpit briefing & emer light check
07:40am : security check
07:45am : i tore e stockin which i wore for 2hrs+ only!!
07:50am : start pax boarding
08:35am : ready to tak off..

-= change in gmt from +08:00 to +09:00 =-

14:45pm - REF svc started
15:56pm - landed at NRT airport
16:00pm - pax deplaning & start doin wasuremono check
16:23pm - deplaned frm aircraft like finally?!?
16:41pm - board shuttle bus panting like hell
16:56pm - rch hotel & started checkin 4 rm no.
17:03pm - checked into rm 818
17:07pm - unpack luggage
17:10pm - slot note in senior's rm
17:37pm - drank a packet of cold milo, taste great!
17:51pm - drag myself 2 bath
18:31pm - started this blog entry
18:32pm - done washing laundries
18:40pm - head down ampm in search of food!!!
18:51pm - enjoyin my dinner!
19:06pm - finished dinner & continue with my hkg drama
20:08pm - eyes shutting but cant slp..
20:19pm - removin & repaintin nail polish
23:41pm - finally e person im waitin 4 came online
00:21am - finished my snooker drama! & feelin hungry too!
00:30am - time to lights out but im stil genki! shiat!
00:31am - posted entry & gonna put eye-mask go KO..


Saturday, November 07, 2009

steamboat & dessert supper!

ytd i had a wonderful day!
lunch steamboat @ mabelle's hse,
dinner & movie @ mush's hse follow by -
dessert supper @ serangoon garden's ice cube!

we started e series of webcammy again!
had a long time doin groceries shoppin & preparations..
mabelle say me & bud was getting ready 2b housewives lahx!

only 1 round & we're done already!
but we're stil left with mountain of foods......
mabelle was in-charge of finishin e mushrooms - button/enoki/shitake
im in-charge of drinkin e soup (super nice aft 1st rnd of food)
bud was in-charge of miscellaneous food..

aft webcammy, we went into mabelle's rm..
thats when all e gossips begin...
too bad we ran out of time..
gotta bid farewell til e nx time...

mush drove me down serangoon garden 2 meet e cousins..
initial plan was coffeebean - chomp chomp - liquid kitchen - ice cube
lucky we got ourselves a long table 2 sit 2gether..
ordered mains + starters + mudpie + crepes!
elsie even share with us e salt caramel roll she bght frm Aringo King!
think e killer is e Apple Cinnamon which she finished it herself.. ;x

but that nearly 2hrs was spent well catching up..
who knows when wil be the next time we all meet up again..

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009


havin a fulfilling 9hrs slp uninterrupted;

wakin up & 1st thing that greeted me is clear blue sky & white clouds,

know what i mean right now?

bringin hm presents & items which friends asked me 2 buy;

enjoyin my fave Mac Ebi Filet Burger;

not seein bubbles in my newly painted nails;

slpin in tees + pants + jacket w/o air-con & yet not sweating;
(there's free "air-con" jux by openin the window)

havin omu rice + chawamushi + potato soup 4 dinner!

ohh! what a layback day i've had 2dae!
aft my past hectic 6days, 2dae seems so relaxing..
gonna attempt another uninterrupted 9hrs slp 2nite..
hopefully wearin eye mask really aids me in slpin better!
cux b4 i knew it, i'll be on the way bac 2 SIN already!

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