DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Monday, May 31, 2010

So Silly; So Happy!

gotta admit, i've got a silly bf!
but his silliness makes me happy v much too!
imagine e 1st sms i received when i on my hp was this..
right aft flt & there's sum1 greeting me frm thousand miles away.
that kinda feeling is indeed undescribable! ;D

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pure Sweetness -

can last a long while.. :)
so 2dae i rched hotel & received a love letter!

found this polariod &

& this inside the love letter 4 me!
e duo met up last nite w/o me @ NRT 4 dinner..
so sweet of them 2 remember me even thou i wasnt arnd.

den that day b4 yun jeh left,
she gave me a letter as a form of appreciation.
at least im glad i left her some swt memories during her stay.

not 4getting that day i got 2 toys frm Raju & Yun Jeh.
so thoughtful of raju 2 get me sth when she visit town @ NRT.

its kapi hp chain!
with a strawberry hanging at e bottom..

yun jeh got us both sth frm Mother Garden.
even Raju also know which 1 i like!
nw it shall comes along with kapi wherever i go..

i miss home cooked food!
due 2 tight schedule, SG is like my 2nd hm nw..
NRT has instead bcum my 1st hm.. ;(

quote from 1 of my gf -

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Entering Into The 4th!

officially entering into the 4th busy month!
here's an entry cut short 4u guys..
29th-2nd : LAX
5th-10th : AMS
13th-17th : KUL
20th-24th : SFO
30th-6th/7th : JFK
aft that i shall declare the start of my hols!
thou its jux a short 6Ds of AL with 5Ds in beloved HKG!
i shall eat.slp.shop. all i want with Mabelle!
in the meantime, i wil grit my teeth & continue slogging on..

i received my allowance slip ytd.
got a shock when i saw the amount of flyin hours clocked!
its shown as 99+45 which means i OT-ed 14.5hrs!
like wtf?! since when i worked so hard in MAY siax? o.O

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Plans Came Crashing Down..

i killed like millions of brain cells 2dae durin class.
was really tired 2 slp like 5hrs b4 lesson lohx. ;(
e train ride down frm amk 2 airport has shorten by half!
Residence - Bishan - Paya Lebar - Tanah Merah - Changi Airport
everything is done like within 1hr 05mins only!
Residence - Bishan MRT : 25mins
Bishan MRT - Paya Lebar MRT : 20mins
Paya Lebar MRT - Tanah Merah MRT : 10mins
Tanah Merah - Changi Airport : 10mins
im really surprised by how Circle Line has affected me!
had nihon-go class frm 9-5pm & was unprepared.
luckily i've got jessie 2 lend me a helping hand!
however, everything changed.
raju was activated for flt tml morn DH up..
headin on 4 SFO instead of LAX with me.
there goes all our plans.. everything all goes down e drain.
i shldnt have pin any hope.. its jux so near yet ...
no1 wld uds how it feels.. esp outsiders..
2b able 2 fly with ppl whom u enjoy hangin out with..
it'll make the whole flt pattern so much more enjoyable!
jessie also told me sth which im unexpected.
i wasnt informed at all.. makin me feel like i've lost a friend!
indeed i am disappointed.. ;s

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jeh Jeh, Di Di & Mui Mui

so me & raju met yun jeh 2 tak our stuff back!
had lunchy @ dtf & got free peanut dumplings so nice!
head elsewhere b4 we settle down 2 prawning.
everything started off quite slowly,
until certain point of time, our yun jeh is so busy.
she's e only 1 removing e pincers & hooks lohx.
i got v lucky & caught a big "lobster" by accident!
well, yun jeh's "bodyguard" came down too..
quite a gentleman i would say.. :)
got 2 taiwanese gave us their prawnies 4 free!
in exchange 4 contact no. 2 go prawning 2gether again?!
that nite he texted raju 2 ask 4 our fb 2 add..
ermmm no harm in adding strangers on fb thou i think..

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kr Kr Krispy Kremed!

so there's outlets in Seoul, San Francisco & New York!
now even Tokyo i oso know where i can find!
but, when wil they open franchise outlet in Singapore? ;(
i wanna eat hot & pippin out of oven glazed donuts!!

hm swt hm in 13hrs' time! yay!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Im 1 Step Closer To Home!

yeah~ wil be headin hm tml evening!
finally my 3rd flt of May wil b done soon-ish!
anyway, ltr am headin out Harajuku with Jessie-san!
hohoho.. i've conquered OP svc safely!
thou abit of hiccups here & there,
still im glad everything is now OVER! *phew
however i've got another headache -
katagana i haven study yet!!
my nihon-go class is on e 27th! *shit
"pls gimme more time.. more time.. more time.."

btw, officially 1mth more 2 e special day!
better get ready ur moolahs ehx?! ;p


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dont You

ever left me at a foreign place by myself..
i might just wait there 4 u 2 come back & find me.. :(
right where u left me at..


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh! Donutssss!

i had donut 4 breakfast this morning!
bought it ytd at Changi Airport..
donuts reminds me of past crazy Q-ing thing with Lisa..
how i miss e me back then.. prone 2 crazy acts..
gonna go fill up my stomach 4 e battle later..
cant believe even short haul also got double gly assignment?!
wtf! yeah im e sway cha bo.. fancy tio-ing double leg gly!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Changes Changes..

unfortunately, my schedule got changes yet again?!
but whats fortunate is, i'll be flyin with raju!
& also with jessie as well!
like omg, everytime i show up 4 flt, my schedule got changes.
this time round however, im the most pleased of all.
althou its e sickenin lax flt which i goes by,
"Lax 一点都不 relax at all 的咯!"
i shall look 4ward 2 eatin tofu soup again!
cheap scrapbookin buys + bath & body works - here i come!!!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

thats true!

im not gonna believe in love anymore


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The RVJ Day

dinner @ Saizeriya!
chix wings 1 each 4 us!

arcade @ Aeon Mall..
toy story 4 J, miffy 4 V & kapi 4 R..

self shot on shuttle bus bac 2 hotel..

webcammy in rm 786 of us with props..

all these aft my double gly flt bac frm JFK-NRT..
blessed 2 have them entertain me while i DH bac e nx day..
look 4ward to 01/06 whereby we shall gather again!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Limited Time

so tell me whose time isnt impt?
at least 2 me, my time is impt as well!
as of now, i really conclude im running out of time -
which im able 2 spend in sg 2 rest fully.
sneak peeked at my nx mth's schedule jux nw in ofc..
its another 2Hs aft every single flt!
im so f' tired like honestly!
even my bdae wil not b spared this time rnd.
i din apply AL as it falls on a Wed which i guess,
ppl would most prob b workin since its a workin day?
if it follows e schedule i saw,
i'll b counting down in midair of SFO-NRT..
so my precious time wil only be spent with ppl who r impt.
if u cant be bothered, i can be e same as u too!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Because Happy Moment R Short!

undeniable, happy moment pass by too quickly..
yet sad moment r always here 2 invade our mind..
with the accompany of Raju & Mabelle,
even if there's earthquake in Jap,
i guess it'll still be memorable 4 us!

a big THANK YOU 2 them! ;)

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Last Ovs Lunch With Yun Jeh

e yun jeh who dotes on fang di wil be leaving.. ;(
i jux had my last overseas lunch with her..
including the twins of the company!
they really look SO alike, i had diff differentiating them..
but yun jeh keep sayin they're miles apart..
hmmmm.. i think i wil miss yun jeh's bitching..

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Story Behind This

is only for me to know..


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Capture The Moment!

so i met mabelle ytd since we're both in SG..
& its hardly a chance nowadays as our schedule clash totally!
change currency + t&t b4 heading 4 lunchy!
i cldnt resist & changed usd & euros 4 my flt..
shall hold on 2 these currency & save save save!

we wanted 2 have dtf 4 lunch but we cldnt find it!
walked several rounds but stil cldnt find..
hafta resort 2 askin security guard. =.=
managed 2 finish everything off!
finally satisfied my cravings 4 e drunken chix!

checked out katespade & agnes b 4 stuffs..
saw a katespade tote bag that i wanna buy -
but i resisted! *save money*save money*
even agnes b i oso resisted..
however mabelle got us a new "mabella item"!
its in a v swt pastel shade - lavender & turquoise!

i rem seein a girl carryin Action City carrier..
with a Kapi cushion inside so i went 2 check it out..
& true 2 what i saw, they're selling it! ;(
NNNNOOOOOO.. i mux say NO to soft toys!!

head bac 2 jurong 4 dinner last nite..
been sooooo long since i last dine at his place..
not that there's much changes..
i sneaked a sudden polariod shot of him..

when he jux came out frm e toilet..
HAHAHAAH~ every1 close 2 me wil b sacrificed!
beware, my polariod cammy is with me everywhere i go!

den i bght small bottles 4 e manuka honey!
hopefully its really gd, i need help on my slpin disorder..
plus e on off attack of flu/cough now & then..

kays, i shall go tak a cold bath & fall bac aslp..
am flyin off 4 work 2nite.. w/o any close khakis arnd..
i hope 7Ds wil come & go in a whirl!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy For Abit.. Upset For Alot..

that day b4 we flew off, me & raju went 4 dtf @ j8!
omgoodness xlb is stil great as ever can?!
nw im salivating while lookin at it..

den on my flt bac 2 SIN, i love e y-cls dessert!
i act. kept all those clean dessert 4 myself!
den my ichi-ban told her CL e following,
"liang-san is jux like a baby - loves 2 eat cake!"
i really love my new team now!
cux i feel lik i got 3 new elder sisters!

ever since when, i started e black eyeliner again..
cux i found my perfect eyeliner w/o smudging!
its none other than from e jap famous brand - KATE!

ytd met zhen 4 lunchy @ Mac & run some errands..
i guess we'll b seein each oth v often..
most prob at least once a mth frm ytd onwards? ;)

2nd last day of my rest in SIN..
i shld jux change my name to EMO Liang horx?

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Saturday, May 08, 2010


i've gone & am bac frm my LAX flt..
was great flyin with the nicest ppl arnd!
esp my NRTSIN was done with my new team-mates!
i guess im kinda lucky 2b in e same team as them!
cant wait 2 have more team flts thou.. ;(
anyway im jux bac 4 a short lil' update here..

e nite b4 i flew off, i went 2 watch Ip Man 2!
its totally worth every single cent!
my donnie yen was so .... MAN can!

aft i rched hm, i found a DHL parcel at hm!
its my lomo stuff but its only been less than a day?!
like WTF FAST can?

am nw a proud owner of yet another new toy camera!
its none other than e Diana Mini!
also comes with hell lots of cheapo films!

touchdown for less than 12hrs & im out!

met my bud 4 some short catch-up & lunchy!
enjoyed our lunch in a black-out Mac thou..

then i head down Raffles Place meet Raju..
t&t + currency changing 4 her..
i managed 2 save yet another time frm changing..
new polariods taken outside e Far East Plaza!
i bght a new watch 4 workin cux mine kinda die off..
Harbourfront Center was spot sellin it for $29!
guess how much i paid 4 it at FEP?!
$9 only! 9 freaking dollars!
even if its 9usd or 9euros its stil cheaper than $29!

here's me showin off e new Diana Mini!
hahaha~ i'll post up pix frm Diana Mini once i develop..
am currently at 24/36 exposure only!

shall end off this entry with this pix..
polariods with our tattered & torn jeans..
have i mention how much i love this jeans ehx?
oh yah, i bght a new top frm bershka too!
got a black star sewed on it..
raju say its my kinda style when i try it on..

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Saturday, May 01, 2010


is the day whereby the madness begins!
because i actually hafta work 22days this month!
9days of rest for me but 1 of which i hafta attend lesson.
lets see if i'll be a happier girl being so busy!