DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


raju left me an offline msg sayin she bght it @ NRT!
im so gonna collect it frm her when she's bac..
nw im a proud owner of a kapi barang container lahx!
we're so gonna carry it & go picnic 2gether!

"so happy i could die..."

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

positivity | negativity

there's jux a thin line btw everything;
love & hate;
happy & sad;
rich & poor;
everything or nothing.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

plain insanity!

i think i nearly die on board last nite.
tio-ing e double gly is majiam as easy as ABC 4 me..
i wonder why honestly?
luckily i've got lynn arnd 2 help me with..
also, my C/L & wada-san r both v helpful crews!
ended up only countin e meals was tedious..
a total of 24CHML, 5VGML, 1HNML, 5AVML, 1LFML,
1ASML, 1VLML, 4SPML for me 2 count!
my 1st time seein so much varieties lohx!
whats fortunate is, there's only 1 meal & REF..
e previous 2 sectors of NRT-JFK & JFK-NRT is insane too!
my allocated compt was FULL for both ways!
been long since i last saw 14pax in my c-cbn chart..
dishin up ala carte became easy peasy 4 me!
i became e gly-san, dishin up while they took order!
simply love it man! (think cookin seems interesting 2 me!)
aft my NRT-SIN flt ♥ came 2 fetch me!
waited 4 me downstairs while i went ofc slot stuffs..
head 2 thomson 4 BCM jux in case im hungry too..
i returned hm with a big bagful of xmas gifts!

a tad disappointment thou..
mayb i shldnt have had any anticipation.. :)

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

OMG I WANT!!!!!!

was doin groceries shoppin earlier on..
happened 2 walk pass the center stage at Aeon Mall..
saw sth which caught my attention!!

e display of 福袋 available on the 1st Jan!
any idea which caught my attention?

its none other than my Kapibara 福袋!!
ZOMG!! & i think it cost 2100yen only lehx!
includes a cushion, towel, cup & lunchbox!
plus a soft container 2 put all these inside!
that is like OMG-cute can?!

any1 arnd at NRT on the 1st Jan?
pls pls pls help me get it!!
i really really want it badly.. ;(

& btw, i survived e whole of xmas day,
with jux half a bowl of my chix katsu don..
i felt bloated aft eatin it & no more appetite..
all the way til nw.. also no appetite..
mayb tml wil eat sth heavy in prep 4 full flt bac SG..
hmswthm in 24hrs' time! + i think i need 2c doc..

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Friday, December 25, 2009

make a guess..

whats the 1st gift i received on this xmas day?!

the 1st gift i got was 2 vomit out -
the water & antacid which i ate awhile ago..
=.= what a way 2 cele xmas in NRT!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

how n.i.c.e?!

everything started off smoothly..
but halfway through the flt, my menses came.
checked my handbag & realised i only have 5 pills with me.
wasted 1 off by dropping it on the floor.
ate 1 & survived through my crew rest w/o any disturbance.
when i returned bac 4 my duty time 2+30,
e pain slowly hit me & all i can do is endureeeeeee..
got 1 panadol frm lynn but e pain refuse 2 leave me alone.
fortunately, its landing time b4 i knew it..
had 2 runs b4 i deplaned frm the a/c!
a long 14+07 flt time - torturous & yet heartwarming.
bcux those j-crews whom i worked with all show me concerns.
seein my that unbearable face & not bein able 2 stand str8 at all.
rched hotel & unknowingly concussed on my bedsheet unchanged.
when i regained conscious, its already 3hrs gone..
by then, e nauseous feelin hit on me too.
wanted 2 vomit but nothing came out.
nw aft i had my bath, im feelin e headache as well..
ohhh how nice..
menses cramps + nauseous + headache all get 2gether ehx?

mayb i shld jux slp my night away..
hopefully i'll feel better the next morning..

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


was on cloud 9 to have pink key!
like 4 e 1st time out of my 1yr+ fly time!
also doubly stress, afraid of losing it.

upon exiting frm JFK airport, was greeted with e snow on ground!
there're snow basically EVERYWHERE!!! except frm e sky!
yes, it has snowed, but not snowing.. ;(

like how e snow piled up everywhere..
affected e traffic which in turn affected ME!
e bus was due 2 arrived at 1520pm.
waited 4 0+45 at the Sports Authority exit,
even resorted 2 callin e bus driver.
my hands was numb 2 e feel, feets were icy cold..
all thanks 2 e snow storm last few days..

if u think im warm enough in my hotel rm, u'll be so wrong.
i off the aircon/heater 2 experience it..
no ventilation & yet im wrapped up in comforter..
even my kapi is suffering frm coldness!
am ♥-ing it thou..
(fortunately am only a short 2Ns stay!)

headin out 2 mall in 3hrs' time!
not too sure abt e xmas sale currently..
hopefully am able 2 lug bac some worthful buys!
then 25hrs' ltr, gonna checkout..
flyin bac 2 nrt 4 my xmas eve + day by me, myself & i!
can predict my msn list wil b empty..
as every1 wil b out 2 enjoy themselves fully!
well.. till then...


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Friday, December 18, 2009

really weird..

like why am i stil using ur name as my password?
but whats worse is, im actually not gonna change it off.
oh wells, since its not sth that im using it often.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


din know its hard 2 lose 1.5kg..
finally my weight is returning bac to "normal"

recently am becoming a mask-addict.
ever since i bght bac a bagful of masks,
been on a eyemask/nosepatch/facemask mission.

cute lil' hand chain..
both me & sis got 1 each..
frm e result of shootin game in seoul.

miss eatin haagen dazs ice cream with head..

i long 4 sand-castle building days once more..
or visiting the beach 4 cycling session..

spotted this special design helmet box at Jurong..
guess the builder mux b dino-lover?

2dae's a sunny cloudful day 4 outing!
am meetin cine 4 lunch/cuthair/prawning laters!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Raju+Nika Day!

on the 10th, me & raju met up!
its like nearly 1mth since we last meet up..
we went frm Raffles-Parco-Burlington-Lavender-J8-Prawning!
everything in a time span of 12hrs! ;O
met @ Raffles Place 4 Mos lunch!

here's e amt of cameras we have..
spot her hp is in e mood 4 xmas too!

figuring out her cam settings & eatin yami!

my kapi with her kapi out 2gether!

den she say my hp & cam arnd e same color..
garnet + champagne gold?!

went to change currency + T&T 4 more meds..
thats a must everytime we head down Raffles Place..

while waitin 4 train..
im always excited when there's train rides..

makin use of every oth minute 2 snap..

what we wore that day..

arrived @ Bugis 4 me 2 grab some xmas gift..
saw xmas trees decor arnd Bugis Junction..

our kapi joined in the fun 4 shooting!
at that instant, got a random uncle talk 2 me..
say i got v gd idea 2 snap pix this way..

visited e ladies.. camwhore too! ;x

we snapped a shot using raju's polaroid..

a random shot of me lookin at feather duster xmas tree..
LOL! i feel that they dyed e feathers white..

walked over Burlington Sq where i collect photos..
scanned my Holga film & developed some 4 colleagues.
Raju oso took passport photos & developed some digi shots..
spent like 45mins inside e shop waiting..

while on e way bac 2 Bugis Junction 4 bus 133.
some touristy kinda shot near Fu Lu Shou Complex.

thats US!

at the traffic light waitin 4 green man..

hopped on to bus 133 & head down Lavender..
where Raju bght her shampoo frm her usual salon.

with her shampoo in hand!

then we took bus 13 4 headin down J8 meet Mabelle.
thats raju at the background playin with my Ninet!! ;D
she nearly wanted 2 get same hp BUT,
aft i told her Ninet lags, auto shutoff & hangs..
she's having 2nd thoughts already..

sunglasses that show reflections..
there was a weirdo uncle sittin opp. us..
fancy wearin sunglasses on a bus?!

candid shot of me!
was readin her jap ref bk..

rched J8 slightly near 6pm..

thats Raju,Mabelle&Nika!

we head over 2 arcade 4 me 2 checkout those ufo catchers..
gave up aft throwin 5bucks away. =.=
mabelle bght 2 lens frm Action City 2 play..

thats her tryin on e triple image lens..

2 new lens 4 her 2 add-on effect..

all e cameras we have..
all canon users once again! hahaha

checkin out e menu..

busy texting who lehx?!?

raju's dinner

mine & mabelle's r identical..

vampire in trend nw?

unglam shot by raju on polaroid..

tomato stuffed into my mouth!

triple ME!



wanted 2 upload photo onto fb..
only 2 realised i cant login to my fb.. =.=

think its such a nice scene..
2c them talkin face 2 face..
both tall ppl, eye on the same level..

tall arent they?!
im surrounded by tall frenx..

Mabelle went 2 meet her fren while we went prawning..

thats out 1st catch!

thanks 4 giving us more prawns..

Venetia helpin us out..

& Venetia even helped us snap 1 shot..

e lady who caught an ultra big prawn..
look at e pincer over there!

US with 2 rods?!
nahx.. its a kind uncle lend it 2 me..

busy prawnin 4 more prawns!!

wrapping up soon.. not!

e cute innocent lil' doggie..
both raju&me r animal-lovers lahx..

our catch 4 the day!
dun think we're so pro lahx..
i think half of them r donated by e uncle..
& e uncle really got a lucky rod!
our luck improved tremendously by using his rod..
10mins we caught 3 prawns! ;D

head off & i walked hm, rchin @ 1am!
that nite Ninet shutoff again!
fortunately i've got lisa's hp with me..

Raju, rem our nx prawnin date in Jan! ;)

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