DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Friday, April 22, 2011

never been sooo ...

this week ends slightly faster than others,
all because today is an official PH for us office workers!
could be due the often conference call with some of my besties too.
they've been calling me at my office almost everyday!
then the few of us wil engage in our arrangement through the phone.
and i actually had 3 long lunch out of 4 working days!
2 of it was spent with my friends at Orchard,
while another 1 was with my colleagues at TiongBahru Plaza.
if only the weather can be less scorching hot.
i really dont mind lunching out EVERYDAY!
settled my Mon's lunch at Xin Wang.
wanted to eat my usual Curry Chix Rice budden,
i've got a $2.5 curry chix rice selling near my office!
so why would i wanna eat something similar at a much higher price?
Wed was over in a breeze too!
celebrated KK Uncle's bdae in the office.
we surprised him with a cake while he's busy working.
ytd was all abt playing & working!
i rushed out my reports, sent out & enjoy my fun!
celebrated lisa's belated & had dinner with joey aft work.
we even went 2 take neoprint!
its super overpriced here in SG!
JPN cost e most 500Y and here? $12 FYI! -.-"
e effect is the same as those in jpn.
our eyes were magnified until so big!
if only in reality it was that big as well.
joey brings me to the usual hangout place 4 her colleagues.
was really cozy with live band arnd 10pm performing.
somehow i guess i really could hold my liquor well.
doesnt runs in the blood or genes.
since both my parents arent a good drinker.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

payday yet not happy!

its my payday 2dae but im not happy lah!
the accounting dept made a mistake & credit wrong amount to me! ;(
they actually credit in the previous pay amount to me!
hello! dont try to eat up my $700+ hor!
in anyway, my SLA period is officially over yesterday!
come next week i'll be busy with my invoicing reports 4 finance.
this month is so packed & tight!
BUT its alright. now i've come to appreciate busy than slack.
the art of act busy look busy is harder to learn than natural busy.
last Sun i went over Mabelle's hse 2 meet her awhile.
got her 2 help me buy a casing back from HKG!
although it might not be the original, but i still like!
i also got the HNL magnet + kitkats too! :D
Mon was raining v heavily when i knock off from work.
i walked pass e Ah Mei Cafe at AMK Hub & smelled prata!
ended up it successfully tempt me loh!
so at night we went to try the Jalan Kayu prata!
NICE yet overpriced! so unless you're willing to pay more.
yesterday i decided to bring my polaroid camera to office.
wanted to snap some shots for my colleagues to keep.
the end result is i finished all the films i brought with me!
they were so fascinated by it honestly!
i find it hard to turn down their request to snap.
so, just snap finish then i can change new one for my birthday? ;p
and today its the last day for Amy working in position.
she'll be transferring to another dept.
which is why we decided to head out for a longer lunch instead!
kinda busted the amount we intend to eat.
4red plates; 2pink plates; 19normal plates & etc..
the bill came up to $90+!!
my most exp lunch since i started work 1mth ago!

today just afew moments before i went off for lunch,
i received a phonecall and it totally changed my mood.
suddenly felt very regretful over what i've done.

从前从前有个朋友告诉我 :

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Saturday, April 09, 2011


i received the photo for my access card..
this photo was taken more than 3yrs+ back..
used it for the application for my previous co. too..
its funny how things turn out now..
have never imagine myself back in this co. honestly.
if not because of the salary, i'll definitely not be back here.
but i figured out i'll end up saving more while workin here.
have worked up a savings plan & shall keep closely to it.
till then.. gotta bath, lunch & go ipl already!


Thursday, April 07, 2011

Fruit of The Month!

i was rather amused by these bananas honestly.
asked my colleague whats with these 4 boxes of bananas?
she said our co. will give out free fruits on every 1st Wed of the month.
and it so happened that Bananas are for April!
now i shall hope for the month of Mangoes!
dont tell me there isnt any month for mango hor!
then while i was browsing some spree website,
i came across some1 selling off Cath Kidston hp casing!
ohno! super tempting loh! with these flowery & polka dots designs.
googled online that its selling for 24.95pounds!
w/o factoring the shipping to SGP yet!
why spend so much on a casin when i can get lookalike cheaper?!
shall wait for my friends to buy some back from bkk!


Monday, April 04, 2011

Last Week Was So Fun!

i begin my last week with fiery red nail polish!
suddenly my passion for red nails came back..
thankfully, my nails are long enough!
anyway, last week was not so "busy" at work.
since its month end when everything is more or less finished.
Tue i met zhen to accompany her down Chinatown.
she gotta collect her stuffs from Poh Heng jewellery.
afterwhich we walked all the way to The Central just to settle dinner.
i agree im indecisive when it comes to food.
here's the 2 of us.
only snapped afew pix that day..
our 1st try at Freshness Burger!
which i feel is an imposter of Mos Burger.
100% plus chop Mos Burger is better in terms of ALL!

then we took train back home from Clarke Quay.
got a weird uncle on board the NSL,
he occupied the 2 seaters near the door with bags on the floor.
the 1 thing which puts people off from sitting beside is -
he was doing his shaving of moustache on board! -.-"
disgusting act of a singaporean *shake head*

then WED i got a finance meeting over at Tanjong Pagar office.
feels good to be back at Tanjong Pagar honestly!
everything seems oh-so-familiar to me!
except my old office is gone, most of ex-colleagues were gone too.
now we're got a new office at 20 Anson Building.
super ATAS lah! if i work here, gotta dress up everyday!
see the address already know its atas le right?
even take lift also must scan access card!
had a 2hrs+ meeting going through powerpoint slides.
and finally see all the people im dealing with.
NOTE! only finance & asset management side!
surprisingly, there's only 1 guy among our meeting that day.
another side of my work will be involved with 80% men.
notice the use of words, guy vs men.
reason being that guy was 27yo while the men?
all above 30s or 40s already loh! only xiang's hubby is in 20s.
its true that im working with older generation of people.

skip pass Thur which is full of unpleasant events,
i welome Fri with an open heart & excitement!
reason being, i got invitation to agnes b summer/spring launch!
there's even cocktail, fingerfood & fashion show! ;O
anyway, we had our dinner @ Fish & Co.!
been so long since we last had, have been frequenting MFM too much.
here's zhen with the Fish&Chips!
we're both famished!
cant wait to dig into our food already!

then i told her about 1 of my last time wishes.
that is to visit Balaclava after work with them when we all become OL!
as we all know the possibility is very low!
xiang is allergic to alcohol; lisa got family to look after;
cine & zhen's duty always seems to clash.
hence improvidently, we decided to pay Balaclava a visit!
had a hard time trying to find this place!
hafta take the escalator out to 5th level,
walk pass the carpark to reach the entrance eh!
i nearly had an attack when i saw the age limit is 25yo!
somehow i got a feeling that i might kena check IC!
very heng! zhen walked infront & we just went in w/o getting checked!
it was Ladies Night so all housepour on 50% discount! wheee~!
snapped a photo while i was on the phone with bf.
i had Flying Bulls first while zhen had champagne.
i seriously sucks at choosing what to drink. bleh!
my 2nd choice was Walking On The Peaches.
zhen tried their Apple Strudels cocktail.
she said it tasted blend after the ice melts.
happily welcoming the weekends!
no more 630am alarm for 2days! double yay!

coincidently bf went to meet his friend nearby.
so he came down & gave us a lift back home!
he said i was complaining & scolding him when im drunk.
but was i drunk? no lehhh.. i was sober loh!
i just felt my head weighing down on me.
oh well, i bought a pair of new flats!
to reward myself for getting 1st pay! ;x
also to replace my previous pair of polka dots flats.
was so sad that it became spoilt after wearing it several days.
here's the invitation for the agnes b launch show.
gotta paste this on ourselves before entering.
used for re-entry purpose if we leave the place.
the goodie bag that was given to us.
just yet another magazine bag lah with vouchers.
totally useless to me i think..
bf came bac frm bkk with sth 4 me!
a naraya bag & a slim belt!
the belt buckle even got my fave key & lock on it!
got new bag to bring for work, can fit my Dell laptop too!
last Sat i watched my 1st ever live soccer match!
at Jalan Besar Stadium where SG vs JP friendly match lah.
but the high thing is, Nakata was there too!
i think JP only use like 50% of their potential,
yet we still lost like 7-1. omg seriously.
previously bf drove pass this Smith's Fish & Chips at Tanjong Katong,
so we went back there after match to have our dinner!
its all packed into thick drawing paper?
everything self service includes helping yourself to drinks!
the fries was big & soggy, totally my love!
bf say its only so-so lah.. but oh wells, me love soggy food!

ended the week by nua-ing half a day at bf's place.
busy trying to rush through The Fierce Wife drama online.
still lagging behind by 6eps & counting..
overall, last week was so fun!
if only every week could be just as fun & interesting!

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