DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Monday, January 31, 2011

可能 永生难忘的二十六号!

was doin spring cleaning that day..
when we decided its time to change our modem at home!
so we ring singnet up & they agree 2 send technician down.

thats e technician helpin us 2 change a new modem.
finally no more weird modem startup sound;
and hello to new pearl white modem!
but before the technician went off, something happened.
he realised his specs is missing so we searched high & low.
den my mum felt accused cux earlier on i passed her her specs.
which the technician was just asking me to check,
"see if i accidentally took the wrong specs away?"
ended up my mum feelin accused & say we shouldnt have let -
old, short-sighted & most imptly non-chinese speaker technician 2 come.
like wth is wrong with non-chinese speaker?!
WE ARE the ones communicating with him not YOU?!
so who is the racist over here whom we're talking about? -.-

while painting my nails & on the phone with bf,
my mum went market to buy food & sis went out with bf.
my house phone rang & it sent my heart racing.
i couldnt think straight & only thought of calling my sis first!
got hold of sis & mum den another phonecall came.
at that point of time im actually shivering.
her words keep repeating in my mind, "阿嫲可能不可以了。"

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

somehow ...

i wasnt right with my prediction.
i thought a weekday would spot a shorter queue instead.
who knows, i ended up queue-ing for a good 4hrs20mins.
all for the sake of 2packs of 600g gold coin kah gwas only!
yessss unbelievably true i hafta admit.
while other people were spot lugging big BIG bags of it,
i was only lugging 1 small paper bag instead of plastic bag!
fortunately i wasnt queue-ing on my own.
i have raju along side with me to kill boredom.
was late for 40mins; went chinatown hawker to exchange clothes;
poor raju was queue-ing by herself while i was away.

ignoring the fact that sun was shining down mercilessly,
we stil had our bonding session done. HAHAHA!
i bought ice cream to beat the heat!

near to 4hrs' time, we're finally steps away to the shop!
and jux 2person infront of us is an "otaku"!
his hairstyle is damn ... & he got a "pet cat" on his bag!
through out the 4hrs+, he was reading comic on his ipad.

spot my gold coin bah gwas?!
they jux got it re-filled so full!

we only came out with these!
e big plastic bag is raju's $80 worth of bah gwas!

walked here & there at chinatown b4 settling down at kbox!
finally we can rest our feet & enjoy the free aircon!

only 2hrs & we sang to our hearts' content!
was surprised to see similar system in kbox like those in TPE!
even their lighting's are so atmospheric with changeable colors!

what shock me even more is we paid only $12 in total!
which is $6 per head with 1 free drink & tidbits!
its amazing.. its amazing..

had our dinner at some random food market.
walked quite a distance to the bus stop with lesser crowd,
hop on bus 851 to enjoy the free flow of vulgar from a chinese guy.
i've always wonder how hokkien speaker speak so fluently?
as in their sentences are like connected to the vulgar.
he kept me entertained for a good 10mins,
as i was (sorry!) eavesdropping his conversation on the phone.

havent mention that last Sun my sis/bf bought mango dessert home!

here's the mango pudding with(out) the condensed milk.
my mum accidentally threw the milk away. HAHAHA!

and the pomelo with mango sago -
has turned bad after leaving it overnight.
even the color has turned darker. ;s

last night my sis/mum bring toto c vet.
poor toto been vomitting 3days in a row.
on my bedsheet; on the sofa & in the living room.
might be virus or germs in his stomach.
gotta put him on medications for 5/10 days.
bara is back to her normal self, now is toto's turn.
not really a good start for 2011 i suppose?

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh My Oh My...

my bah kwas are depleting very fast..
only left than 10 small gold coins are left..
so in order to continue my crave,
i shall go beat the queue & come back with another pack!

side note, everytime when CNY is slowly approaching,
my mum wil have a 180degrees transformation.
thats when the non-stop nagging start,
where she becomes the nagging machine on auto-mode.
i wish there is a button which i can mute everything. ;(
and im so gonna call up Singnet to complain!
how many zillion time am i gonna tolerate the modem not working?
out of 10x, there could more than 5x it needs to be rebooted.
its getting on my nerve everytime i need to use desktop.
not to mention my iphone. the 3G & reception can get rather sucky.
seriously, im so done with complaining now.
gotta chiong out to queue for bah kwa. BYE THERE!


Friday, January 21, 2011

thank u for your honesty!

that all along i cant bring u happiness.
all that i gave are only emo-ness.
thank you once again for being so frank to me.
so frank that it hurts right in. thanks!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

dear diary,

im neglecting u so often nowadays..
i dont even know if i wil stop blogging one day.
however i'll definitely not close down this humble site of mine.
here contains too much for me to lose..
occasionally its a form of entertainment to browse the archives.
i haven done much recently except having more "me-time".
just last week while clearing my table, i came across something.
i couldnt bring myself to throw it away.
but yet i flipped through, gone were the bitter sweet memories.
very often we'll make decision that we'll regret.
i've since learnt not to regret instead to accept & face the reality.
whatever it is, life goes on; happy or not.

last Thur i met my team 101 girls..
we had a great catching up session over dinner.
talked about our 1st flt, silly phrases & of cux gossips!

elena treated us dinner at Tampopo!
its like our advance reunion dinner lidat..
the care & concern they gave me is indeed priceless.
elena as usual express her motherly care for me.
been coughing so much that she advise me aganist eating chix.
lynn & i is always caught saying the same thing!
our replies & catchphrase, i can only say is all build during flt.
i miss her laughter & the "sshhhh" which jap crew will warn us.
how i hope we can get such meetup every now & then..

after dinner with them, i bought a crystal jade cake.
was on a 30% discount after 8:30pm.
i ate like 80% of it & left 20% for my sis.

last Sat i was disfigured! ;(
its a long story as to how i got it..
so i shall spare u people from the long details..
as of now, the mark is fading already..
no longer as serious as it seems in the picture.

i told him i was still quite pissed over NYE incident.
so in order to appease my anger, he went around looking for balloons.
at weird timing of 11+pm where most convenience shop are closed.
i went home to feed bara her med first when he called me.
opened the door to see the balloons planted outside my doorstep.
undeniable, i was touched as i can feel his sincerity.
bring the balloons in & 1 of them burst!
it ended up giving me a scare instead.
but within another half hour or so, another burst as well.

e same night my sis came back from Cambodia.
she bought for me mini sized tic tac!
in 4 assorted flavours so cute!
she even got for me my fave Honey Lemon Green Tea!
i only drink selected green tea -
sakae sushi & suki sushi green tea + this special 1!
up till date, have only find this green tea from BKK thats all!
so at least now i know Cambodia have this drink too!

Mon my sis drove me & mum down to Chinatown!
we spent 2hrs finding clothes for my dad & mum.
another 2hrs buying random things for CNY.
bought my fave jellies from TW too, at a bargain price!
dinner was settled at the hawker.
totally full to the brim!

yesterday i met lisa & xiang for lunch @ orchard.
its like back to our good ol' days of lunching together.
be it at bugis or tanjong pagar, we'll settle our lunch together.
sometimes as far as suntec, we'll also head down!
after lunch i came back to amk to meet yixian.
intro her the ipl place that i went to.
she decided to have a trial before taking up package.
except the outcome was different from what we agree beforehand.
i can only hope that she find the result +ve then.

knowing that im uber lazy when it comes to eating,
my noble mum peel the skin & took out all the seeds from it,
put them all on a plate & bring into my room for me.
so i can eat the orange while enjoying my drama.
u cant find this kinda love from just anyone.
they can only come from your dearest family.

am currently chasing drama on my HD now..
have finished half of Cinderella's Sister, a korean drama.
i shed tears although i know its all drama.
am determined to have it finished by this week.
before then next week will be spring cleaning all the way..

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Recent Days...

last Sun i made my last trip back to office.
i took a very last look in my mailbox.

goodbye to my so call two letter.

then we foursome head to dabao lunch before going down..

to baby dro's 1st birthday celebration at ACC!

they ordered some helium blew balloons;
joey&dickson blew somemore balloons 4 decor;
the rest of us paste the decor around the chalet.
all's done within an hour of hardwork.
had the buffet and stayed in "our" room to play Charadium.
was so addicted to the short thrill!
sang the bdae song; cut the cake & took photos.
heard that there's a BIG match Man U vs Liverpool.
hence decided to tag along & watch.

continued the night with watching streetside soccer!

drank beer & eat Doritos.
everything sum up to less than $10!
why would i wanna spend that same amount on valet?

then Mon i met Raju accompany her down Raffles Place.
she helped me get some med as i've run out.
hungry as we can be, we hopped into a random place.

ordered chix mushroom soup,
goes well with our nachos cheesy bun!

and even ordered these cheese sticks.
its totally filled with mozzarella cheese!
we requested to get it re-heated up to taste better!

come Tue i went down for the "interview".
wasted time waiting for the testor & other testee.

return of the old school 2B pencil & MCQs!
been long since i last did such shading on test paper.
lets see if i can pass the 1st round. :)

ytd i met joey at amk then train down Clarke Quay!

i went to get some sticky from The Central.
slowly walked down to Chinatown as it was raining.
been wet & cooling these few days, me like!

everywhere in Chinatown is filled with REDness!
there've got whole shop selling just CNY decors!
i mean, how are they gonna survive when CNY is over?
as its still pretty early, i decide to checkout a place..

did u get me right?
its the legendary Lim Chee Guan!

i was shocked to see no Q outside lohx..
only to realised their famous bak gua r all soldout!
sold out as in sold out for the day! ;(
i went down too late already!
but still i bought an alt instead.
the gold coin bak gua better than nothing.

randomly walked around & bought a facial scrub.
there's actually a 女人我最大 专卖店 in chinatown loh!
my current fave mask is selling there too!
although is slightly more expensive than TPE,
however i can mix & match my own box.
being done with Chinatown, we took NEL down Serangoon!
nearly wanted to stop at Farrer Park for Saizeriya,
City Square is not as tempting as Nex i guess?
we settled our dinner at a small fast food place - TORIGO!
its all fried & bbq chicken. western style.
we ordered this honey bbq combo to share for $12.80

here's 1 side of e chix with fries;

den another side of the chix with croissant!
its 1 whole bbq chicken, fries, croissant & drink for $12.80!
im not really sure if its consider exp though,
but the chicken is real tasty!
ermm im referring to the skin & thigh plus wing.
the chicken breast meat is as usual stiff. i dun like.

before i forget, we add-on a chicken mushroom soup as well.
the soup is really thick & concentrated.
i find it taste sweet instead of the usual MSGs.
love that its got onion inside!

we completed the whole NEX shopping within 3hrs?
didnt really shop, its just walking & browsing la.
i was so full from the dinner that i din get anymore finger food.
no dessert either, its time for me to go on slight diet. ;x
call it a day as we're both tired.

thats us while waiting for train at Serangoon.
we took the Circle Line this time round.

and alighted at Bishan before taking the North line back home.
it seems pretty near for me like just 3stops away!
Serangoon - LorongChuan - Bishan - Ang Mo Kio!

lastly, having bid goodbye to my ex-company,
i can now happily have any hairstyle i like already!
even long fringe & colored hair!
we shall see how my hair turns out in half a year's time!

tonight's Team101 meetup!
im meeting my TAN LL & SENG EL!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


so im officially jobless right now!
*dance around in circle*
so i've returned every single ex-company items back,
my spacious bedroom is finally back!
i clear a part of my room everyday & slept more than 10hrs?
but that is under the effect of medications.
been taking cough syrup & flu pills for the whole last wk.
am slightly better now & went down for an "interview" this aftn.
shall not go into details with the "interview" first.
somemore rounds coming up next to be notified.
anyway, i shouldnt drift off from my main topic today!
i took photos of most of the gifts i received for Xmas'10!
guess what my senior told me?!
she say im the one with the most gift last year!
even our boss also agree with her! *blush*
oh well, such thing doesnt happen that often lah..

all e gift i received after my Xmas AL..
stuffed right inside my small tiny mailbox in office.

our LI CR came to my NRT room just to pass me this!
and we ended up chit chatting till i hopped over for 2nd round!

thanks for the disneysea's cookies!
i love what is imprinted on the metal box,
"the bear of happiness & luck"
thats indeed what i need the most right now!

am really surprised to receive this from CHIONG PE!
she's like 1 of the nicest senior i've flew with so far!
been spotted with similar hairstyle too.
my mum say she gonna keep this box for CNY.. HAHAHAH!

then this box of hokkaido snack from TAY JE!
we got a temporary 1month team flight back in MAY/JUN.
did 3 pattern together and built our bond during the period.

my newly made friend QUEK JO wrote a card for me!
with the self stamped VERONICA on the envelope, i appreciate!
she even got me my fave KAPI(-kia)!!!

not to mention the girl i abandon after i left, LIN JI!
she wrote her heart-felt words on our in-flight postcard! ;(

even thought she nv slot it into the mailbox,
she passed it to me the very last time at Marroad hotel.
just before i left hotel for my last sector back to Singapore.

afew more other gift which i forgot to take photos..
i really appreciate every single card/note/gift & everything!
the few best things that i've got from this company are :
- lesson learnt in leaving my nails long (like finally!!!)
- knowing people from almost all walk of life
- the ability to see a slightly bigger world other than SEA.
- of course, making new friends who are willing to stay on in my life.

to those of them whom you know who you are,
i spell a big THANK YOU to you! :D

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Saturday, January 08, 2011

ermm WOW~!

today i woke up to answering 3 phonecalls..
1 after another & 1 from someone whose been missing for months.
was a surprise though..
from being sleepy to totally awake..
and then i start my day by cleaning toto's vomit.
not once but twice! ;(
my oh my.. i wonder whats wrong with toto..


Thursday, January 06, 2011

回顾 2010 :

一月 Jan -
welcomed a lil' angel Alejandro;
dad went to have his knee op. on another leg;
lost my precious itouch but got 1 back from ♥.

二月 Feb -
had a 1N stayover at lisa's hubby's house;
a trip down chinatown slightly b4 CNY with raju;
visit 春到河畔 with my family after donkey years;
attended Alejandro's full mth with ♥;
steamboat gathering at Gillian's house for the 1st time!

三月 Mar -
started my tumblr blog;
went Tokyo Tower with Valerie after our SFO flt;
Heineken Brewery visit with Isabelle @ AMS;
1st stayover at Mabelle's house;
♥ brought me to USS on the 2nd day of opening!

四月 Apr -
bought my 1st tumbler from starbucks;
my dearest mabelle met with an accident;
200yen caught my biggest kapi;
saw light snow at NRT for the 1st;

五月 May -
met bud 4 a short catchup @ harbourfront;
share with sis & buy Diana Mini;
mabella pen from Mabelle;
Aeon mall with Mabelle & Raju;
jap downtown with Jessie after KL flt.

六月 Jun -
bunk-in with Jessie @ LAX;
dad bought kapi&bara hamsters home;
FE surprise visit me at SFO hotel;
Kelly surprise me at NRT hotel with a cake
Mabelle & me bought swatch watch!

七月 Jul -
Mabella's 2nd annual HKG trip + guest appearance Cine;
1st time visit to Raju's & Melissa's place;
my 1st dry-gly experience!

八月 Aug -
Mabella 1st time bought peaches back from Jap;
baked muffins for ♥;
downtown @ KL with Cindy;
red dot chillout with Cine & Joey;
med check-up with Mabelle @ t&t;
twosome dinner @ The Sail with Joey;
KL-AMS with my team-mate TAN LL!

九月 Sep -
Pizzahut dinner with Raju @ T1;
Suki dinner with Raju/ChiewYen/Serene;
Haircut @ JFK by Verine;
Arrival of I-baby;
Xiang's BIG wedding day;
Lunchdate with Bud&Mabelle;
Gathering with D, Cine, Raju & Mabelle;
1st facial experience;
horror movie with Raju!

十月 Oct -
long haul JFK with Jasmine classgirl;
Mabella got passport holder;
Ditching Time with Mabelle & Adeline;
dinner treat by zhen @ The Canopy;
threesome room svc with Mabelle & Valerie;
Meiji Jingu with Mabelle;
1st & last DH JL712 with Raju;
raju gave me e kapi that we got from UFO catcher;
celebrated sis's bdae in advance!

十一月 Nov -
KL-LAX with Cafren Li;
1st time threesome bunk-in @ LAX with Stella;
neck pillow with love from ♥;
Skinny Pizza celebrate Joey's 24;
lunch & window-shop with Kelly;
TPE 9Ds trip with sis/bf/bro;
dropped my 1st ever JFK flt pattern;
handed my resignation letter!

十二月 Dec -
welcome ♥ to iphone clan;
NRT hotel changed new LCD TV;
1st neoprint session with Angelina;
1st & last JFK flt with new ichiban, Sylvia;
Manhatten & Broadway show with Joycelyn+Jean;
Rockefeller Xmas Tree with Sylvia,Jean,Jamie,Joycelyn;
very last Jap downtown trip with Raju @ Ginza+Ueno;
last flt with Raju via HND with nicest jap team;
KL with Yixian + drinking after flt;
neoprint session with HuiMin,Jessie & Mabelle;
lunch + kite flying with ♥;
family miss call me at NRT GMT+09:00 for Happy New Year!

that kinda sums up my 2010..
sad to say have only travelled twice last year..
not sure this year how many travel times i'll have.. :)

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Wednesday, January 05, 2011


okie.. gotta apologize 4 my lack of updates recently..
been so caught up with my social life,
that im neglecting this "open" diary over here.
gone is 2010 & here comes 2011.
i promise i'll try to think back on my 2010,
and do a recap over here, most probably one of these days.
right now, i'll just update on my last 3days.

i started a brand new year by overshopping!
1st of Jan japan has got 福袋 selling at Aeon Mall!
being a 1st-timer, i chiong the 1st bus out!
ignoring the fact that i slept at 3am e previous night.
lucky me, i've got June who is also a 1st-timer to accompany me!

she dragged her trolley full of stuffs wherever we go.
so, feel kinda paiseh i also didnt dare to shop too much.
we even deposit her stuffs over at 100yen locker!
its so big that we managed to fit in all her buys lohx!

randomly we bought gyoza to try and it became our lunch instead.
although i bough my Ebi Burger Meal, i kept it as teabreak.
also helped Serene to buy a 525yen accessories 福袋!
which tempt me into buying as well.

i bought a canmake 福袋 which got -
eyeshadow; blusher; lipgloss; nail polish & grape flavoured body lotion!
all these for a mere 700yen which is less than $16!
did some groceries at Jusco supermarket -
teriyaki & salad sauce; assorted ramen; braised eggs & sandwich!

i even managed to help zhen to find her Cure products!
not forgetting her stickers from Sakuranbo as well.
head to Daiso buy plastic gloves 4 mum too..
took the 1st bus 1005am & only went back at 1400pm.
1410pm i rushed out airport to change my cargo;
hurrily took 1450pm bus back to hotel.
which enables me to take the 1505pm bus out to Mall again!
HAHAHA! this time round i did shopping on my own.

this is classified as my best buy of the day!
a pair of beige color boots for $28!
was on offer and with additional 10% discount!
totally couldnt resist so ...

anyway, i totally run all the tasks that i noted down!

2nd day was not so smooth for me..
i can name it the most memorable last flt man!
flew with the pretty lady which most of us crew agree with..
we nearly missed our 2025pm airport limo bus;
i left my shoulder bag at 3rd storey Mac after boarding the bus.
did a 8x100m dash back to retrieve it.
we nearly got lost at e HND airport & wasted 10mins.
overbooked & allocated ushiro gly!
gum tape hit my lips & left a blue black mark! ;(
ultra mean crews who never lend me a SINGLE HAND during flt!
was really a terrible flt not until i told them its my LAST!
thats when things took a slight turn for the better.
fortunately i got a free ride home which enables me to sleep earlier.
else i think i'll start my day off being very grouchy.

2dae i met zhen at raffles place whereby i see doc.
my cough & flu been delaying for the longest time.
kinda worsen when i did my LAX pattern.
i cough until i can taste blood in my throat,
& i blow my nose until e mucus came out greenish with blood.
whenever i insert tissue into nose to clean,
it'll definitely come out bloody. ;(
doc say my throat is red with inflammation.
but my lungs are still alright.
she even diagnosed me to have slight fever too.
all in all, i came out with 6 kinda meds.
im gonna finish them all up to kill e virus once & for all!

since our dear lisa is working nearby,
we gave her a call & met her shortly after.
had the usual dessert at Arcade.

here's me & zhen sitting at e grass patch outside MRT.
waiting for her sis to go blog shopping,
while im killing time before heading home.

alrights, this kinda sum up my 1st 3days in 2011.
overall wasnt really a good begin for a brand new year eh?
lets just wish for the better bah. :)

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