DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

yahx rite..
i shldnt lose my temper..
cant blame anyone..
cant vent my anger jux on any1 i like
cant behave unreasonably
alot of cant-s
but can sum1 call e ambulance
cum fetch me go mental hospital and lock me up?
jux leave me alone as u like..
since u cant stand me..
shld jux close down tis site
since i cant blog wateva i want

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

aahh im finally free 2 blog le..
pass few days been working lorx..
but is those low-paid sort of work.. -.-"
jux ytd alone.. i earn $28 ONLY!
but i was out for a whole 7 or 8+hrs lorx..
supposed 2 meet *him n py at 1130am..
but i took 130 down to tg pagar,
and i lost my way cux i alighted at e wrong stop! ha ha
aniway i saw a MRT sign so i follow e sign direction and walk..
manage 2 rch TG Pagar station eventually..
waited awhile b4 *he appear
*he drove us 2 suntec nx
and told us tat act. we'r suppose 2 start work from 4-8pm
BUT wth!! we rched suntec at 12+pm lorx..
he dumped e 3k flyers 2 us and went off liaox..
so we hafta carry e 3k flyers wib us..
went 4 lunch at MS Han's
we stoned there for an hr plus
cux part of e time i went toilet bian bian. lol
we each had a fish n chips set meal.
really sianx half.
cux we even tot of goin shoppin or window shoppin
however, we hafta carry those flyers wib us..
muscle wil cramp lorx. (>.<)
tink we combed e whole of MS b4 goin over 2 Suntec,
follow by Peninsula Plaze
stupid of us arhx!!
started work at 3+pm and we end at 7pm
asked *him 2 pay us $30
but he transferred $56(mine n py's pay) oni
e $2 oso wanna "gey gao" lorx..
this type of ppl i duwan help *him animore
so for e nx few promo, im not gonna help *him le
$$ really hard 2 earn arhx..

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Sun went Tamp 2 work 4 m1
at least tis is much better than e previous one..
thou was stationed at Guardian,
but its sort of a redemption type..
Because 4 every $20 spend,
e customer can redeem a $8 worth of M Card..
and i befriend some nice HP Dealers as well..
haha~ worked from 12-9pm
and even got a free ride hm BY 1 of e hp dealer
hehe.. not by my in-charge lorx.. -.-"
jux 2dae alone i earned $63 lehx.. so happy..

Image hosting by Photobucket

eHhhx.. total up 2 days i earn arnd $100 le bahx?
aniway, i've earned enuff 2 spend in HK le..
alady tot of wat 2 buy over there.
im gonna buy HK drama serial back..
missed my idols so much..
no matter wat, im gonna keep their drama..
hahaha.. cine taught me a way 2 keep e vcds..
=D happy happy nehx..

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ytd nite rched hm at 8:30pm
lucky asked my sis 2 record down e Superband 4 me..
e last episode of Hard Fate i oso record down..
bcux YongSi die.. i felt so sad 4 JiaMing..
for 6yrs, he din even re-marry lorx..
every yr on YongSi's death anniversary,
he wil spare time out 2 clean her tomb..
and bring her stuffs..
sumtimes e 1 tat u hope 2b with,
wil not oways turn out 2b ur ultimate husband
i guess tats true bahx?
was on e phone ytd nite wib Kelly..
and she told me abt her fren's prob..
sound really scary 2 have such in-laws..
*shake head*
but guess i'll nv have such prob..
cux i'll nv get 2c my bf's parents mahx..
and dun tink his parents wil ever noe tat he got a gf
*roll eyes*
his behaviour oways let me feel tat,
he duwan 2 intro me 2 his parents..
so y shld i force him 2 intro?
haiya.. wth!! y am i complaining again..
aniway its not e 1st time already..
oth ppl 2gether less than 1yr..
both side parents noe of each oth le..
whereas my case lehx?
i have only 1 word 4 him..

Friday, April 21, 2006

Ugh~ so lousy!!
tis is e 2nd time im typing tis post lorx..
e previous entry was gone in a i-have-no-idea-wat-happen manner
oni e blogspot IE was closed..
e rest was spared!! *luckily
aniway i was sayin i din have a gd slp ytd nite..
all due to my small lil' lamp being burnt..
yeahx.. it even melted e external plastic lorx..
with a "chao tah" smell stil lingering in e air ytd nite

Image hosting by Photobucket

so i guess im was pretty fortunte 2 discover it
b4 it burnt up my whole bedroom? ha ha
and so i did manage 2 get some wink
but oni for 4hrs..
cux i woke up at 6am and cant slp at all..
oni aft 8am did i doze off again..
but i doze off wib a pretty scene in my mind..
hahaha.. i went 2 use com for e 2hrs duration.. =X
went 2 search abt 鄭嘉穎 and 周麗淇 lorx..
oni aft i was watched e 翡翠戀曲 drama
which is being shown over Channel 55
every wkdays from 10-1130pm..
its goin 2 end soon le..
i promise i wil miss *u
lolx.. lame
nahx~ i find e 2 of them make a great couple lorx..

Image hosting by Photobucket
see.. i dint bluff u rite?
they did make a great couple horx?

Image hosting by Photobucket

e above 2 pix i took it from some1 else webby..
but i dint rem e url *oOopx
so i cant provide credits 4 it lahx..
and horx.. i even found out e 2 of them took wedding shots b4!!
omg omg~ im so envious of e ger ok?
cux i find 鄭嘉穎 v charming..
he gimme a feeling tat he'll make a gd hubby
lolx.. im bein lame again..
ermx.. but he's too old 2b my hubby lahx.. =P
okok~ im goin 2 post some weddin shots which they took..
can view more from this webby

Image hosting by Photobucket
i personally like tis shot alot..
cux it looks diff from e usual weddin shots..
look at wat Kevin is wearing..
a denim material pants and no those usual type..

Image hosting by Photobucket
i find this shot special..
see e heart shape background anot?
look so romantic lehx..

Image hosting by Photobucket
nw nw.. i duno y i choose this shot..
ermx.. jux find it diff bahx? =D

Image hosting by Photobucket
OooHhH~ another romantic shot..
they'r sitting on a ... carriage?

Image hosting by Photobucket
AAAHHHH~ i love it!!
see how fortunate they look?
seems like real wedding shots horx?

Image hosting by Photobucket
i choose this shot bcux it shows e ger's full length hair..

oh man~ i really envy e ger liaox..
althou i discover tat 鄭嘉穎 got chest-hair
BUT i alady abandon e tot le..
cux he is simply so Prince Charming 2 me..
oh no~ tis entry better dun let my bf c..

eHhhx~ lets change topic..
ytd nite my sis bf came over..
and.. he changed hp le!!
its e newly launched Nokia slide up phone..
my sis is changing too~
bcum couple couple phone horx?
its 2 mega pixel cam nehx..
lets cc e pix taken wib e cam bahx..

Image hosting by Photobucket
ok~ tis pix wasnt taken v nicely..
tats y its kinda blur..

Image hosting by Photobucket
yeahx~ tis is much better le..
nw.. izzit worth e money?
Hee~ shall end my post here le..
wanna go bath n play game
or mayb tak a nap?
since 2nite e toilet gers r cumin over..
yeahx yeahx~ a overnite session worx..
duno whether can play mahjong anot?
cux min say she tired..

Thursday, April 20, 2006

how abt tis?
hehehe.. some videos 2 share wib u guys..
since Photobucket nw can upload videos le..
so happy lehx..
wait til i edit more videos den post up~
on ur speaker 2 hear toto growling

Attn francine low.. ur frame is ready 4 collection
pls arrange a time wib my secretary 2 cum down and collect it.
*bleahx jux kiddin lahx..
got nuttin better 2 do ehx? =P
aniway, here's a look at how cine's frame gonna look like..
Image hosting by Photobucket
e hearts at e bottom right, some r pop-up de worx..
hEe~ 4 e last 3 days,
i've been turnin in at an odd hr or 2 or 3am
all bcux aft 12+am im stil v awake
so i'll went 2 do art n craft lorx
ended up finishin e frame in 1 or 1 n a half hrs
i've done extra ones 2 send out 4 my sec sch frenx..
give them a surprise.. hehe
and.. i need 2b serious nw..
jux nw when i was cleanin my rm,
i accidentally topped over a photo frame
its not those tat i made,
it is e 1 which cine n joey gave me as bdae pressy
Image hosting by Photobucket

c tat large crack at e lower left hand side?
Image hosting by Photobucket

i bet u cant c clearly, so i took another close up pix
im so sad ok?
barely 1 yr and i broke e glass le..
sumhow i had an omen tat sth bad gonna happen..
when i was wiping my study table,
and tadah! it really happened!
and i did nuttin 2 stop it
blame it on my retarded-ness bahx..
im gonna re-do new frame 2 store my rest of e photos..
and im goin 2 stop using e frame which my classmates gave me on my hse warming too!
cux im afraid 2 broke it.. Ugh~
i've oways been v careful and yet it stil lidat..
Image hosting by Photobucket
ok~ this was taken ytd nite while watchin TV
toto restin on e sofa wib me n my sis..
c behind toto.. tats my sis readin newspaper
and e leg.. of cux its mine! hahah
toto look kinda off rite? =X
nw nw.. its foody time!!
i got sth delicious 2 recommend every1..
is recommended by my sis
kekeke~ suitable 4 all ppl..
Image hosting by Photobucket
aha~ its maggi mee BUT
Image hosting by Photobucket
its herbal chicky flavour!!

e soup is v nice BUT e mee is tasteless
dun scold me lahx..
i really find e soup v tasty tats y i intro u all mahx..
kekeke.. if u got high blood pressure family members at hm,
do let them try tis..
cux its herbal and yet not so much MSG???
oh yeahx~ nearly 4got 2 mention tis..
my mum have collected my Me 2 You bear from e laundry
it smells so nice orh!!
Image hosting by Photobucket
naked him..
does he look slimmer?
Image hosting by Photobucket
aft i've put on e clothes 4 him..
looks better rite?
Image hosting by Photobucket
AaahhHh~ i can welcome him 2 slp on my bed again..
i dun mean last time i dun welcome him..
its jux tat last time he's so dirty mahx..
hMmm~ not gonna mention here..
okok~ gotta sign off le..
wanna go bath n play game le..

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Image hosting by Photobucket

lolx.. okok i noe im wrong..
i shldnt have uploaded a scary pix rite at e start
ha ha but jux 2 let u guys have a small scare =P
aniway i got nuttin 2 do nw
had settled down a new electric appliances at hm
mUahahah~ can benefit whole family lehx!
thou mostly i'll b e 1 using it *bleahx
n horx.. im anticipating e arrival of The Grudge 2
starring EDISON CHEN!!
wonder whether has his acting skills improved?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Long entry.. read on only if interested.

i jux finish watchin 再說一次 我愛你
starring 劉德華, 楊采妮 and 蔡卓妍
i noe its an old film
but jux got it from my sis's bf mahx
plus since im free, so jux watch it 2 kill time.
e story is super draggy
toking abt Andy Lau whu lost his wife in a car accident
meeting another ger whu got e heart transplant 6 yrs ltr
ermx, overall its oni e last few mins of e movie tat is touching
rest of e time, im engrossed at lookin andy's expression
i cant deny, he stil look so handsome althou he's so old le =X
aniway, tml wil continue watchin HIS another movie,
Wait Till You Are Older
ani1 want e movie? kekek can ask me send u.. =P

Image hosting by Photobucket

ytd nite while watchin Channel U's SuperBand,
my sis told me sth abt "George Tan"
and i imm. tot of e Joy Doggy's owner lorx.. -.-"
she told me, "2dae's newspaper got article abt him.."
i imm. went 2 fetch 2dae's newspaper 2 read
true as it is, there's a article indirectly related 2 him..
here it goes, (article taken from 17th Apr 2006 The Straits Times)

Virus kills 3 pups - pet shop fined
New ownders blame shop for not vaccinating puppies before selling them, as required under AVA rules

Three puppies from the same pet shop fell ill and died from a canine virus after they were taken home by their new owners.

Both the owners complained to the Agri-food and Veterinary Authority (AVA).

Their beef: The pet shop did not vaccinate the dogs -- an AVA regulation -- before selling them and this led to the dogs' deaths.

Joy Doyy Pet Shop in Upper Thomson Road, which sold all three dogs, was fined $100 by the AVA.

Businesswoman Sandy Tan -- whose two-month old British bulldog died -- is also filling a complaint with the Small Claims Tribunals today to claim back the money she spend on the dog.

Miss Tan, 31, said: "The pet shop should have vaccinated the dog before selling it to us. It could have at least prevented it from getting the virus. As a first-time owner, I did not know how lethal the virus could be."

Her dog was brought home from the shop on March 22 and hospitalised at the Animal Recovery Veterinary Center (ARVC) the next day. It died a week later of Parvovirus.

This is a canine viral disease which affects puppies more than dogs. The virus, transmitted through the faeces of infected dogs, causes severe bloody diarrhoea and vomitting. It also suppresses the dog's immune system and attacks its heart muscle, causing death.

The other owner, who did not want to be named, bought a poodle puppy on Feb 18 from the same shop. After she took the dog home, it started vomitting and had severe diarrhoea. It was rushed to the ARVC, where it died on Feb 20.

She was offered a replacement dog, also a poodle, by the pet shop. However, she was later told that it had fallen ill with the same symptoms and died before she could even take it home.

She was offered a third poodle, which she picked up on Mar 24, but that one also fell ill. It died three days later.

The owner said she did not want to be named because she was trying to get back the money from the pet shop.

Joy Doggy's owner George Tan has offered to compensate the owners for their loss through negotiations with his lawyers.

But Miss Tan said: "It is not just about the money. I am angry that my dog would not have been in this state if he had done the right thing. "
Her complaint to the AVA resulted in the pet shop being fined $100.

The AVA said repeat offenders can be fined up to $1000, be charged in court or have their licences suspended or revoked.

The bug can be transmitted to a dog through contaminated shoes, hands and car tyres. It can stay active for up to nine monthes if the contaminated area is not flushed with bleach. The virus incubates in an infected dog for sever to 14 days before symptoms show.

Mr Tan confirmed the dogs came from his shop, but refused to take the blame for their deaths.

He said: "The dogs were okay in my shop, but when the owners took them home, they died. If the dogs were unwell, why did they buy them? They are the ones insisted on taking the dogs home without their vaccinations. Maybe the virus was from their homes."

Rejecting his argument, Miss Tan said he "should have known better" sonce he had breached a pet-shop licensing regulation.

But Mr Eric Lim, owner of Ericsson Pet Farm, pointed out that Parvovirus can also hit vaccinated dog, especially one that is going through stress, such as when it is being moved to a new environment.

Image hosting by Photobucket

oh man~ sad news rite?
good tat i quit early..
and lucky tat during e period which i worked,
e dogs sold did not got mention in this article.
i felt sad 4 the british bulldog,
because i've seen e dog at e pet shop when i work.
it looked kinda sick and was down with flu.
one of my colleague even brought it home 2 "make him more energetic"
cux he ate v little and wasnt v active mahx.
another fortunate thing is, e husky wasnt mention too!
hEe =X
i look down on his way of sayin ( refer to 3rd last paragraph)
sound so irresponsible horx? =(
pity those pups

Monday, April 17, 2006

yo yo yo~ im back..
hehhe.. last wkend i read finish a new bk
definitely bought by my sis
its called Shopaholics & Sisters
quite an interesting story
revolving arnd a shopaholics
who spent too much and brin trouble 4 her hubby
and her best friend found another best friend,
makin her feel left-out
but out of nowhere, her parents say she got another elder sister!!
only 2 let her felt further disappointed when she get 2 noe her elder sister hate shopping!!
lolx~ some parts r hilarious and some parts r unbearable
like u ownself noe tat ur hand-tight,
yet u can stil go on spurlging so much on "un-necessary" items
wonder r there really such ppl? hMmm~
oh yahx, last fri my sis bf came over.
guess wat? he bght chilli crab too!
happy 4 my family but not me lorx..
cux i duwan eat crab.. ltr itchy how? =\
as every1 was busyin crackin up e crab n munchin away,
im enjoying (watching) TV on my own
Ugh~ nvm nvm..
cux e nx day (Sat) he bght curry puffs~
they r so yummy ok?
cux its from e "siew xiang's dad" coffee shop
lolx.. yahx yahx i noe its no longer belongs 2 siew xiang's dad
but i jux like callin it siew xiang's dad coffeeshop
e ppl at e stall is stil so snobbish as ever
nv tok 2 ppl lorx (how i noe?)
cux ytd nite dar.dar acc me go buy MORE curry puffs
im hooked!!
wanna tak a look at how e curry puffs look like?

Image hosting by Photobucket

look delicious anot?
hehehe.. another thingy im addicted on..
Image hosting by Photobucket
but its not ordinary chips..
is Roasted Wings flavour lehx..
really taste like chicken wings lorx..
omg~ i cant believe it!!
okok~ i need 2 go eat my lunch le..
so at e end of e post, a pix of me..
Image hosting by Photobucket
haven post pix of my new hair style since donkey yrs ago

and of cux not 4gettin all time fave 4 u all..
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
look at toto's "hair"
got style horx?

Friday, April 14, 2006

i've send my biggy big Me 2 You bear 4 laundry wash..
reason being.. im scare tat its been attacked by bedbugs..
and im beginning 2b paranoid..
basically checking every corners of my room..
tidyin up my bed free from dust b4 i slp..
checkin whether my windows r shut tight
lookin arnd my bed if there r small teeny weeny milli small bugs
crawlin or moving arnd?
nahx~ u guys wont uds my situation..
and horx.. tml dar.dar cumin over
he's stayin over until..
if im not wrong is Mon morn..
hehe so i wont b online these 2 days liaox..
oh yahx, b4 i sign off,
ytd i played 3-leg mahjong wib my parents..
guess whu is e ultimate winner?
tat is of cux ME!
i wont exactly 10 bucks worth of CHIPS
lolx.. i finally beat them le..
and e loser is my DAD!
kekeke~ cux he keep payin double..
as he is e 1 whu throw tiles let me win mahx..
wAHhahaha~ he's so "angry" tat he duwan play mahjong 2dae
he say he want revenge so he duwan play wib us
hpmh! so bad orhx?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

i wanna break down le lahx..
such job oso cannot get..
duno wat else 2 apply le..
quick quick.. i need fast cash..
arbo tis whole mth i can rot at hm
e person din email me at all..
keep me glued 2 e com from 1pm onwards..
my heart was thumping so fast
hopin 2 get e job..
nw my hope r dashed..
god.. help me!!!!

ok i finally have sth interesting un-interesting experience 2 share
and it happened jux last nite ... b4 i went 2 slp
as usual, i watched TV until 1am
walked into my room,
and i hear some sorta "shuffling" sound from my bookcase area
i turn over 2c jux in time an "intruder" leaving
guess wat "intruder" tat is?
i imm. on e lights and c e lizard crawling on e wall..
right below e windows..
i was hoping in my heart tat it jux crawl right outta windows,
and spare me further "exercises" (playin hide n seek)
i jux shouted 4 my mum..
ask her 2 help me get rid of it..
well naturally, toto follow my mum inside too.
jux as my mum was abt 2 catch e lizard inside a plastic container,
toto go "ka jiao" my mum and let e lizard slip away!!
by then, my heart was racing inside
if e lizard is stil hangin inside my rm, i wld rather slp in e living rm than slp in e same rm wib e lizard lorx. =(
so i catch toto and left my mum inside my rm 2 search 4 it
aft arnd 10-15mins, i lock toto inside his plastic cage,
put it right outside my rm ( so as 2 let him c )
den aft searchin high n low arnd my bed area,
my mum stil cant locate where e lizard is,
so she decide 2 give up!!
omg~ no no
when my mum step outta my rm,
im stil jittery abt steppin inside my rm, wonderin where e lizard is..
i pull e side of my table out and push it in again
(thinking e lizard might hide arnd there)
AND to my surprise, it really is hidin there..
cux it jux crawl up e wall 2wards another side of e windows..
i shouted 2 my mum again..
"quick quick.. e lizard there.."
who knows, e lizard suddenly drop onto e floor and MISSING again
tis time, im sure its right under my lower deck bed
so my mum pull out my lower deck bed..
jump on it..
AHA! e lizard got scare and crawl on e floor 2wards a nearest wall
Ultimately, arnd 25mins of chasin e lizard,
it crawl outta windows liaox
tis time rnd, i mux shut my windows tight
no more chance 4 bugs or insects or LIZARDs 2 invade my rm again!
seriously, i really hate it..
i duwan 2 take e risk of havin a lizard dropping on my face
in e middle of e nite or a lizard crawlin on my skin..
i mean, u imagine lahx..
those 4 cold sticky feets crawlin on ur skin,
how wld it feels?
i duwan lorx
it really frightens me alot at the thought of it
i oni manage 2 zZz soundly at 3+am
Image hosting by Photobucket
i guess i din get e job of redemption counter recep..
cux up till nw.. aft numerous times of loggin in n outta my a/c
there's stil no inbox
i'll b devasted if i cant get tis job..
i'll b v down.. so

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

oh man~ im so anxious ok..
i cant wait 4 tml to come..
cux i've jux applied 4 a redemption counter job..
last from 14th Apr all e way to 1st of May
n it ends b4 my trip..
wats more.. e time is from 11am-8pm
at Funan IT Mall
how much task r there at e redemption counter?
thou there's no off days..
but i dun mind..
any1 with extra cash n no idea how 2 spend it,
pls approach me..
i can lend them a helpin hand k?
lolx.. ok back 2 subject..
i've calculated..
14th-1st is 18 days
and e pay is $70/day
so.. OMG !!
aft workin like 18days, i get a pay of 1.2k
how great is tat?
i'll b able 2 pay off my hp bills..
come back SG not wib a empty pocket
it really wil help me alot if i get e job rite?
tats e reason y im so anxious..

PS: pls pardon me
cux im simply ANXIOUS~
god bless me hurx?

那時候負氣 說走就走
所以埋怨我 沒打聽你的下落

躲起來邊哭邊說 I MISS YOU
還捨不得把 你封鎖

星光閃爍 如何擁有
雖然 有時候 會寂寞
牆上時鐘 停格
用悲傷 的脈搏寫成 想念你的歌

該怎麼才能 讓你懂呢
誰對誰錯已經模糊了 忘記了
我們都處理 得有點笨拙
畢竟從來沒有 像這一次如此愛過

常常只有一個念頭 I MISS YOU

Monday, April 10, 2006

hello everyone..
im back from my "holiday"
act. nuttin happened..
i jux wanna set myself free..
so i decided 2 mia 4 awhile lorx..
and thx 2 those whu shown concern 4 me..
plus sorry 2 those whom i nv ans ur calls

You are a

Social Liberal
(66% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(36% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Thursday, April 06, 2006

MIA in process
pls dun bother callin my hp
i wont appear online in msn
dun disturb me by callin my hse no.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

there's sth i need 2 announce 2 everyone..
my hotmail a/c has been HACKED by some idiotic person guy
n u guys mux b tinkin how i get 2 noe abt it rite?
i've alady started suspecting..
when once i was logon 2 my msn n yet SUDDENLY,
i was being logout..
there'll b a popup 2 say i've jux signed in elsewhere lorx..
tats y i was tinkin, "eHhhx? where i sign in siax?"
SO, tis is cfm when zhiying inform me abt it..
she said on 30th Mar arnd 5+AM,
"i" msn her 2 chat..
plus ON A WEB CAM (i dun own a web cam)
follow by "showin her some disturbin actions"
by then she noe its a guy..
n e guy admit he is not veron (ME!)
he sumore ask zhiying not 2 tell me..
told zy he hack my a/c w/o knowin whu i am

it goes 2 show how simple my password is..
tat oth ppl not knowin whu i am is able 2 hack into it..
so its always a MUST to keep changin ur password as n when..
i've alady changed mine 2 sth long long long..
like 14 characters? with alphabets n numbers..
muahahah~ lets c how u ppl gotta hack my a/c again ehx?
mayb i did over let too many ppl noe my password le horx?

at tis moment when im typing tis entry,
im havin e 1st meal of e day, LUNCH
( i hate e taste of carrots)
thou i woke up at 11am
n started doin my album at 1130am,
i had no appetite..
might b due to im stil coughin n coughin
sneezing n sneezing..
bad weather ehx?

Monday, April 03, 2006

oh god~ im addicted to e game --
shld b finishin soon le..
from wat dar.dar told me lahx..
plus i got hold of e game walk thru
might b able 2 assist me on

noe wats my daily rountine mahx?
* morn 9 or 10+ wake up
* brush teeth wash up
* on e com, check email, chat msn
* arnd 12+ play 軒轅劍參外傳~天之痕
* 2+ eat lunch + play game
* 4+ end game go n bath
* 5+ cum back n play game
* 7+ end game go eat dinner
* 8-12am watch TV
* stil watch TV... until i zZz

v sad horx?
=( cux no job den i cant earn $$$
cant earn $$$ no income no outing lorx
oh man~