DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

& i ♥ her so

4 popping out my Cookies & Creme ice cream!

note my ultra shagged face & eyebags..
sometimes i hope my hp cam wasnt that gd at capturing e details..


Saturday, August 29, 2009

totally random..

jux nw went out Daiso & bght a magical sponge..
can polish my cabin shoes w/o much effort..
compare e before & after.. isnt it much shiny nw?

saw this blood donation bus opp. e stop 4 shuttle bus..
i suddenly had this weird thought,
"imagine i donate my blood here instead of sin?"
"then my blood can flow in jap too! hahaha"

plus i got 爱心零食 & yakult!
at least 2 acc me thru my ams flt?
thanks ♥!

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and so ytd i got my schedule frm ofc..
there's some amendments to it..
im not sure is that a gd or bad thing thou..

28th-4th AMS (duty instead of DH bac)
11th AL (friendship day!!)
14th-20th JFK (DH-ing bac instead of duty)
23rd GD (pre-lesson 4 bunka)
26th-30th/1st (depends on DH/duty)
26th-2nd ORD (DH up & 3sectos with mabelle!)

omgodness! im like flyin with mabelle on a long haul!
we're headin to chicago 2gether!! ;DD
legoland legoland legoland!
*cross fingers* lets hope ofc wont change anything..
so i get 2 bunk in with mabelle all e way frm 26th-2nd Oct!
whoa~ seems like durin our hkg trip siax!

anyway, ytd e team i flew with for SINKUL was nice..
its that same team i flew with few mths back!
some of e crews stil rem me & im damn shocked lohx!
then i got e same pax who took SINKUL flt..
even he oso recognized!! ;O
unfortunately, e team frm KULNRT was weird..
they totally 没有默契的咯!
imagine got 1 weirdo deplane by herself 1st,
nv even report wasuremono check/collect shinbun??
oh wells.. had a short 3hrs+ nap & woke up..
nw preparin 2 head out 4 some groceries shopping..
hehehe~ i need 2 stock up my mushroom soupp..

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Thursday, August 27, 2009


so i love waking up 2 a clear blue sky w/ white clouds..
e 1st thing i see is usually the sky outside..
cux my bed is next to the window..
but these few days been raining alot..
sometimes its e gloomy sky greeting me in e morn..

& i planted a surprise 4 my fren on Tue nite!
i guess its quite a success bahx?
waited under the blk for nearly 50mins!!
& i snap this shot while waitin..

so its true that e sky arnd is all e same..
who's e 1 who told me diff place got diff kinda sky?
my fren once said e sky in TW is much more blue-er than SG..

my aftn bicycle ride is dashed..
been raining in e aftn these few days..
tml at this time my emo mode wil b turned on..
it'll be another 8days pattern again! ;(

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009



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what an enjoyable day!
with great company of cux!
shall update when i've got time..

and thanks 4 e lil' time on e phone..
letting me reminisce our poly times 4-5yrs ago..
at least nw i know that..
there'll sum1 there 4 me when i needed accompany..
a listening ear.. a shoulder 2 lean on..

& my 2nd cycling trip 2dae aftn..


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sept Schedule

called ofc early in the morn 2 ask abt my schedule..
seems like i c more $$ comin in for aug/sept..
hehehe~ which is gd 4 fixin e damage i got frm hkg..
plus plannin my last quarter hols trip 2 korea??

28th-4th AMS (duty instead of DH bac)
11th AL (friendship day!!)
14th-20th JFK (DH-ing bac instead of duty)
23rd GD (pre-lesson 4 bunka)
26th-30th/1st (depends on DH/duty)

yeah~ say byebye 2 cross-over flts!
weird that there's no nrt/kix turn 4 sept siax?
oh yah.. had my hair cut ytd..
its another rnd of 傻里傻气-ness again!
gonna hear such sentences soon..
"liang-san, kawaiiiii ne!"

till then!
headin out 2 meet my mabelle 4 lunchy!
+ wave byebye 2 my pay liaox..
need 2 change euros 4 my ams flt!! ;(

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Pictures of You

This is the clock upon the wall
This is the story of us all
This is the first sound of a newborn child,
Before he starts to crawl
This is the war that's never won
This is a soldier and his gun
This is the mother waiting by the phone,
Praying for her son

Pictures of you, pictures of me
Hung upon your wall for the world to see
Pictures of you, pictures of me
Remind us all of what we used to be

There is a drug that cures it all
Blocked by the governmental wall
We are the scientists inside the lab,
Just waiting for the call
This earthquake weather has got me shaking inside
I'm high up and dry

Pictures of you, pictures of me
Hung upon your wall for the world to see
Pictures of you, pictures of me
Remind us all of what we used to be

Confess to me, every secret moment
Every stolen promise you believed
Confess to me, all that lies between us
All that lies between you and me

We are the boxers in the ring
We are the bells that never sing
There is a title we can't win no matter
How hard we might swing

Pictures of you, pictures of me
Hung upon your wall for the world to see
Pictures of you, pictures of me
Remind us all of what we could have been

Pictures of you, pictures of me
Hung upon your wall for the world to see
Pictures of you, pictures of me
Remind us all of what we could have been

reminds me of Brothers & Sisters again..
i guess its time 2 get back on track with my dramas..
haven been doin much except eat.slp.msn..
ohgosh.. am wasting my time away..


Sunday, August 23, 2009

cycling on my own..

the "dark" side of the building

image taken durin daytime..

snap this shot while cycling jux nw..
i HATE it like seriously!!
it'll cfm block my view of fireworks.. ;(

i actually went cycling on my own in the aftn..
thou e sky was abit dark..
but i was prayin 4 it not 2 rain..

ride past the area 4 dogs playground..
& i spot a siberian husky inside!!
in future i wanna walk e dog with my hubby on a sun noon..
but my hubby gotta pick up e poops 4 e doggie..

sadly, 40mins thru my cycling time..
the rain came down on me.. ;(
it was jux drizzle then it changed 2 bigger droplets..
i had to ride faster & seek shelter sumwhere..
thats when i did a "initial d" style of skii lohx..
lucky i brake & set foot on the ground 2 stop..
else i guess i wld have ...

so i sat at the shelter while waitin 4 rain 2 stop..
luckily there's sum1 on the phone with me..
if not.. i think its really boredom 2 the max!!

act. its quite fun 2 ride bicycle..
and i guess i wld return again..
mak it like a weekly thing?!


for the first...

sorry but only ME MYSELF & I!
check HERE for the entry

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

nw thats wat excites me

it got my attn right frm the subject of the email..
once opened & my attn was glued for a full 15mins!
read thru e entire text & check out e microsite.
nothing excites me as much as my toy cameras.
not even branded bags nor flatty pumps..
throw me a camera & i'll be ur obedient girl..
snap snap snap can keep me busy thru-out..
of cux, i'll need interesting subjects 4 my cammy!

presenting 2u the new Diana Mini!!
its somewhat similar to my golden half,
cept that it can tak long exposures & squarish shots.
love e effects thou i've yet 2 master it.
somehow mayb i shld attend such classes if there is?
BUT, no khakis = no motivation = boring! ;(

thats e Diana Mini with e BIG fRash!

e normal Diana w Diana Mini.
isnt it oh-so-lovingly-cute?!?!

seriously squarish shots r ♥♥

multiple exposures r ♥
so does long exposures too!

i foresee my xmas pressy~
shall get that as a pressy 4 myself!
hohohoh~ ;D

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Friday, August 21, 2009


back/neck/shoulder-ache all loves me aft KIX flt?
even my long-haul flt cant be compared 2 my KIX flt..
i guess it might be due 2 over-packing again..

pack light pack light pack light pack light
*chant 2 myself b4 nx KIX flt*

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

HKG 4x Part1.2

so we arrived @ e hotel,
but was told that our rm wasnt ready yet..
we went out nearby hunting 4 food..
CX's meal was too small a portion 2 keep us going..

stop by the KFC nearby which is like 5mins walk away..
starving us decided 2 jux satisfy ourselves with it..
& y does e ppl talk so loud in an enclosed area?
like every1 is competing with each other..
thats where i realised head can uds canto v well!
she even uds wat e KFC staff was talkin in canto lohx..

walked bac hotel & ended up MORE waiting.. ;(
its stil not ready.. hence we planned our rest of e day..
decided 2 jux comb e area arnd our hotel since its not early..

our 1st location is e CTMA building..
where lots & lots of toys are available!
& we got ourselves e 1st item frm hkg!
mine was a doraemon fan (its not workin at all! damn!)
and head's was 2 littlegreenman stickers!
2 of us jux took our own swt time walkin & walkin..
i guess it was only arnd 7+pm when we rtn bac 2 hotel..

set off again at 9+pm 4 our late dinner..
and in our supper outfit - I♥HK tee!
combed part of the ladies st & bght some tees..
only managed 2 lights out at nearly midnite..

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

reasons 4 ♥-ing ma girlies

& i met them 2days in a row on 14th & 15th..
however im stil feelin not enough..
might b due 2 bein away for v long this mth..
seems like my days jux zoom past frm e 1st Aug til nw..
everything happened too fast 4 me 2 keep a record!
anyway, am stil ♥-ing my life v much nw!

settled our dinner @ HK Cafe Yishun!
its been long isnt it?
haven got my curry crave since way bac..
thats us with our beverages..
& spot my new specs frm hk!! <$10 i think!

u shld have predicted i'll b havin my curry ehx?
jojo had her usuals as well..
lisa, always e last 2 made up her mind..
xiang stickin 2 western chix chop in a hkg cafe sho?

caught them while they're talkin..
such expressions r priceless!
recently am in a skirty kinda mood..
returned frm hkg with 5 skirts & 1 pants.
that 1 on jojo was abandoned by me! ;(
jux imagine non-brand in replace of F21 yeah?

den 15th met jojo again 4 movie..
its G.I.Joe this time rnd..
fantastic imo! but beginning was abit mixed up..
camwhore session wil nv b complete w/o her!
she's kinda my best camwhore partner!
& did i mention i ♥ leanin on ppl's shoulder?
let me lean on ur shoulder & i'll go all quiet..

faced some prob on my current flt..
got "abandoned" 4 e 2nd time!
e senior whom im supposed 2 fly with din s/u.
end up its another seniorx2 flyin with me.
*pax req 2 upgrade 2 c-cls
*nearly delayed our whole flt
*pax's med cup was thrown away by C/L
*C/L served wrong SPML ref but i found out
*woke up frm rest with nothing 2 eat
*sick pax occupied e whole ushiro gly
*star gazing on my own at mid-gly window
(din know there's THAT much stars outside our aircraft)
*secretly eat wstn tray when seatbelt sign goes on
(there goes my half-eaten scrambled egg & sausage)
*went w/o food for nearly >24hrs aft KO-ing
*checked in 10061 follow by 10060
*short circuit aft i boil my water
*packin/unpackin/packin/unpackin again!
*realised i over-packed my stuffs!
*its ck flt 4 me again! damn!

thats my "short" summary 4 my 3rd KIX flt

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HKG 4x Part1.1

snap here snap there..
photos taken while waitin at e gate..
at the boardin bridge, on our 34-A/B seats
& our boarding pass too!

checked in our luggage with a total weight of 16.6kg!
erm.. not sure if we over-load any stuffs thou..
but e meal onboard was fabulous! we finished it all!
omellette-sausage-hashbrown was delicious 2 e max!
except 4 e fruits in my case..
papaya-melon-grapes r nono 4 me.. ;x
we dozed off with our tray set on the table..
(rem i rched SIN like <12hrs b4 my hkg flt?)
e Mr.Nice sittin at 34-C helped us 2 clear our trays..
guess he sort of took our trays & pass 2 e crew..
thanks alot! ;)
we din touch e IFE at all..
jux purely listenin 2 our ipod while we slp..
not 4gettin e menses cramps i've got..
like 4x to hkg & 4x down with menses.. how qiao?!!

ride on a cab & on our way down to CityView Hotel!
persuade head/mabelle 2 brin red luggage too!
so we can both be "ang ang" durin e trip!
identical colornails/birks/luggage/berms/tees!
i love 2b identical with my head/mabelle!

start snappin frm e toilet onwards..
i always think toilet is v impt 4 my case..
esp e flushin system.. LOL!
& they've got a special shower spray on e ceiling..
im amazed by it.. thou it took long 2 heat up e water..
but im not complaining..

found some innovative ideas in e rm..
they act. hide e hair dryer & kettle/tea cup set..

our queen size bed with large window nx 2 it..
and e view outside e window..
i guess rm 1624 is really executive!

许留山 for the 1st time durin our trip!
i was expecting more 2 come durin e nx few days..
& i was so damn right about it!

wil update more when im bac frm KIX..
reportin 4 flt 2nite at 21:05pm..
ytd went down ofc 2 tak my JOL4 recordin test..
studied in e morn with Eileen,D,K & HuiPing..
went 4 our lunch & bac with more studying!
gosh! luckily everything is past nw..
lets hope i'll pass then *fingers crossed*

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Friday, August 14, 2009


am back frm my hkg hols already..
stil lovin e shop-eat-slp pattern v much!
these r inside jokes!
outsiders' wil not uds a single thing!
lotsa memorable incidents!
shall look 4ward 2 e nx headtail OR mabellebella's trip..

wil update on e photos when i feel like it..


Thursday, August 13, 2009

last 5+hrs in hkg..

jux paid 30hkd for 30mins of internet usage..
did our online check-in & most seats r taken!
damn! luckily we managed 2 get ourselves 2 seats 2gether.
else i cant imagine us sittin separately on a/c..
we've each got 1 luggage + 1 new barang bag!
its super damn big! i've no idea how we're gonna lug it hm..
& we're both carryin on our bag + 1 bagful of almond biscuits!
seriously, this trip really make us broke! ;(
gonna save up my jkf per diem totally!
my upcomin kix flt shall b my hibernate flt..
and mth end ams... i duno how!! =.="

anyway, god bless us!
any1 wanna come pick us up?
we're rchin roughly 12am, i know its late!
hahaha~ dun b horrified by our shoppin bags.. ;x


Saturday, August 08, 2009

jfk - 7x

was starvin in my jfk hotel rm..
refused 2 order rm svc as i cldnt find any nice food.
hence i digged my luggage & found these gums..
then i wonder where did i bght them frm?
looks really yummilicious frm the wrapper isnt it?
with my fave doraemon on it..

e c-cbn seatin chart of mine..
pls dont complain abt my ugly hand-writting..
i can nv write nicely w/o a table..
a memorable jfk flt again!
while in jfk, e girls webcam me durin gate-crashin..
thou it got dc-ed halfway.. ;(
flew with "matan" & "vachua", both v nice..
"matan" even made me her 爱心面线 lohx..
damn touched! she helped me clear my y-gly too!
did e rtn leg with her, she's c-gly while me c-cbn..
its her hajimete siax! but totally dont look like!
she nv complain abt my blurness too..
i accidentally made "kbt-cc" angry as well..
all bcux of e onigiri lahx.. =.=
kbt-san, i'll def rem ur persistent in eatin onigiri!
++ beyonce act. took my flt frm jfk-nrt!!
seated at f-cls & my emer duty at R1 stn siax!
plenty of chances 4 me 2c her right in e face lohx!
i rem walkin past her aisle & she look at me smiling..
damn friendly i gotta say! ;D
by right tanto 14pax, end up jap crew change w/ me..
my tanto too much jgc/p spec pax..
e v nice miura-san initiate 2 xchange w/ me!!
14 in xchange for 13pax isnt big deal..
but imagine my CL took care of another E-pax,
den another 1 pax xchange seat elsewhere,
plus 2 more pax kept slpin & slpin..
im like only in-charge of 10pax in act. fact!
LOL! mayb its plain heng bahx?
took shuttle bus & 1st time a senior ask me sit w/ her..
its none other than "matan" lohx.. ;p
she really seems lik a big jiejie takin care of me..

rched nrt late at 6+pm and rushed 2 head's rm..
bathed & prepare but only order crew meals.
had my usuals - hotdog/fried chicken/fries 4 dinner
dozed off while talkin 2 my head at 8+pm..
woke up arnd 10+pm & head complained that i slp-talk!
wth! i totally no impression wat i'd said..
well, tired me seems 2 always slp-talk..
or shld i rephrase, i only slp-talk when im with head?
ytd morn woke up at 8am 4 her 2 bath & prepare..
went off to ito 4 some "disney shopping"
took e train in 1 big rnd, alight at Sakura..
4stns away frm kozunomori.. ;\
a 45mins train ride took us 1+15mins instead..
had my usuals omellette rice! oiishi!!
head spent lik 5k in all? whereas me mayb half of hers?
we concluded that ito is an evil place!
shall only visit when we feel richer again! ;x

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Friday, August 07, 2009


i caused *him 2 lose trust in *her,
all bcux *she wanted 2 help.

i nv had e intention 2 sow discord btw them
and nv wanted 2 complicate things.
but it seems like things r gettin alil' out of hand.

i've no idea how/why things ended this way.

now even **she is blamin me 4 it.

guilt-stricken - its hitting me right in the face

well done, veronica!!!
ur always capable of doin such things..
& u know a sorry wil nv gonna turn bac e time.
an escapade is no excuse 4 u 2 think things thru..
u better get ur priorities str8-ten out!

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

y i ♥ my d

is such lil' act that makes me happy!

thanks 4 e thought thou i wasnt there on 23rd!
& thankfully u guys stil went ahead 2 disneysea!
can c u guys enjoyed loads!



Monday, August 03, 2009




Sunday, August 02, 2009

whats good?

thank you for your concern
but its none of your business!

so im lockin up my entry HERE!

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