DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Saturday, September 30, 2006

woke up extremely early cux cant slp well..
thats why decided 2 cum blog awhile..
shun bian upload pix i took last nite de..
consist of albums stuffs + what dar.dar brin over..
some of e album stuffs r with my sis..
and i cant find them..
so jux post those that i can find..
stil got another 2 alphas n 1 numeric rub-ons..
plus a daisy prima flowers..
additional, i altered my notebk 1st time..
wonder how do i fare in it?
enjoy bahx..
2dae gonna b a busy day..
need 2 brin mooncakes 2 amk mrt 4 2 frenx..
plus mayb goin Natas fair..
and den, i wanna play Bomberman on com..
or mayb 軒轅劍伍 on com..
nite time mayb do abit scrapping..
oh yahx, mayb passin door hangers 2 shar too!
btw, thx 2 cine n zhen 4 buyin 2 boxes of mooncakes from me!!
cux they came 2 collect it last nite..
xie xie ni men de zhi chi..
wo ai ni men yo..

ytd i manage 2 fit into my Type 1 jeans..
hohoho~ my diet plan has pay off abit lohx..
but i feel fat wearin it..
cux its tight-fitting de.. =(
no matter what i stil mux perserver..
lose lose lose until 47kg!!
my cola gummies!!
thou its not frm e shop which i want..
but its stil cola gummies..
omg~ wonder can last me how long?
egg rolls from his 2nd auntie..
e mooncakes from his 3rd auntie..
close up look of e mooncakes..
Mei Xin Yue Bing?
e inside look + outside look..
toto stucked in his cage..
cux he's wearin e loud speaker..
n its stuck!
he cant cum out..
random pix of ytd..
while waitin 4 francine 2 cum..
collect her mooncakes + posters mahx..
the most exp item we bght on Wed..
wanna know how "they" looks like mahx?
chipboard patterned alphas..
these type can oni use 1 alpha at a time..
cux its freakin exp!!!
100 characters + tags = $32.95
4 sheets of stickers with diff topic..
1 if 4 travel, e oth is girls talk & teen,
e last 1 is inspirations..
2 rub-ons i bght..
i specially choose those with alot category..
quite intersting lehx..
3 types of alphas stickers i bght..
cost quite cheap at mayb $2.95 for e pink n blue..
extreme left 1 is either $4.95 or $6.95 bahx?
our brads + eyelets container r expandin..
look at e diff colors, designs, sizes we have in total..
scary arhx..
sooner or later, got 2nd box le..
these r e rhinestones brads i bght..
love e look of them..
got 6 diff colors in 3 diff shapes..
10 for each colors..
cost $9.95..
these r clear stamps..
1 is flowery design..
wheras e oth is alphas in button..
got more idea lohx..
i altered my CSC Notebook..
gettin sick of e simple look..
thus decided 2 do a makeover 4 it..
know what im snappin at mahx?
its e balloon norx..
my sis went 4 gala dinner..
n brin back a balloon 4 me lehx..
of cux mux have sth 2 do with star lahx..
close up look of e star balloon..

Friday, September 29, 2006

Lots of things have happened 4 e past wk..
from last wkend, our US art stuffs arrive..
and den another art n craft shoppin trip on Wed..
to clinchin 2nd n 3rd deal 2 our online biz..
all thx 2 Sharmaine n AiLian..
4 purchasin a total of 3 door hangers frm us..
hafta rush thru them as they wanted it 2dae..
(but postpone 2 sat or sun collection)
and den my mama's mooncakes order hit a total of 30..
which means we might earn abt $300+ profit?
hehehe.. a million thx 2 all those who shown their support..
in buyin or promotin e mooncakes 4 us..
plus last Sun alone..
i completed 1 album (pressy) n 2 frames..
all r gifts 4 frenx de..
feelin so accomplished..
m v satisfied with e album i made..
4 my goodie fren de..
hope she wil like it alot..
plus, she MUST treasure it..
cux its my 1st acid-free album completed..
b4 i 4got, mux express my gratitude 2 oths..
dar.dar's relatives of hk give us mooncakes..
HK brand de traditional mooncakes..
n oso HK brand de egg rolls (ji dan juan)
his dad even bght cola gummies..
*omg~ even his dad know i've got swt tooth
all these dar.dar brin over ytd..
din have time 2 tak pix yet..
shall upload pix when i've got chance..
m currently addicted 2 playin Bomberman on his PSP..
so exciting lehx..
alot levels n mux fight boss de..
i v gan jiong n *niao at usin special powers..
thats why i keep restartin over n over..
oh no.. nearly 4got..
last Sat/Sun/Mon went 2 watch Miami Vice..
honestly, i dun like e storyline..
abit confusing n complicated at e same time..
jux find Colin Farrel yandao..
thou i hope he doesnt have long hair..
n those moustache..
quite a turnoff 2 me lahx..
however, i love his eyes.. =X
so mesimerizing ok?
went 2 dar.dar's hse too..
compete with him on com's bomberman..
i fight win a boss horx..
so dont oways say i no gamin genes le..
can cultivate de..
alright alright.. enjoy e photos..
1 last thing, i've finished watchin a TW drama
its all within 3days..
YouTube queen? =D
my lonely reflection at Bugis MRT..
i exchange hp with dar.dar
thats why hp reflection is white..
anyway, im kinda feelin isolated again..
jux like e feelin of not lunchin with colleagues..
not much topics 2 tok abt?
while on e way 2 Bugis..
not i wana say lohx..
fancy removin slippers on bus..
he even sit cross legged..
and keep strokin n touchin his "black" feet..
sumore he even *ahem* smell them..
Before designing starts..
halfway thru 2 finishing..
finally finish lohx..
1st order..
2nd order..
last 1..
guess which 1 of e 3 is i made?
my mama bght 2 more ding dang thingy 4 me..
additional ding dang lunchbox..
and oso ding dang's chopsticks n spoon + folk
very cute right?
last time 4got 2 add in my ding dang's tamagochi..
my doraemon collection is expandin..
Wed aft work..
me n sis head down PS..
4 another art n craft trip shopping..
total damage of $250!!
aft 15% discount lehx.. =(
anyway, we bght patterned papers,
texas patterned cardstock alphas,
alpha templates 4 paint stamping,
rub-ons, stickers alphas,
prima flowers,
& brads..
v eeeyer right?
my mum was makin mooncakes..
n takin salted egg e yolks out..
happened 2c this unusually thing..
e membrane din break..
looks v solid horx?
with e watery egg white..
e frame i made 4 my colleague..
4 his marriage de..
havin drag 4 nearly 2wks le..
its a set with e door hanger..
made a simple frame 4 min..
4 her 2 pin it in her office desk de..
hope she likes it..
dar.dar won another db medal..
2nd place 4 Men's 500m open lehx..
compete with ppl frm oth countries sumore..
1st n 3rd place r phillippines..
back of e medal..
toto scare i snatch his pilly n ball..
look how frightened his face is?
hahaha.. use hand 2 put on his pilly sumore..
cute right?
my sis + bf share buy 2 boxes of mooncakes..
guess frm where?
hehe.. its Goodwood Park Hotel..
tot can keep e box..
but my sis wanted it 4 herself..
jackfruit look-alike-flavour..
honestly, i duno what this fruit call in eng?

durian flavour..
i hate durians lohx..

cut open look of e jackfruit-look-alike- fruit..
its fresh fruit inside..
with the skin made with e fruit taste..
quite interestin ehx?
Woo~ finally my USA online art items r here..
act. it arrived 1wk ago..
but my sis din have time 2 meet her fren collect..
thus, it was dragged until last Sat..
sumhow these patterned papers was included..
have no idea which name it belongs 2..
funny thing is i dun rem buyin papers lehx..
mayb comes along wib my album?

cardstock alphas + tags..
middle pc is my sis's..
extreme left is mine..
polka dots i love..
very versatile n convenient..
4 diff colors of cardstock alpha stickers..
easy 2 use.. great 4 all occasions..
shimmering alpha stickers..
got Silver, Black n Pink..
aha~ this is e album i bght..
big one.. 12x12..
cfm can do arnd 20pages or more..
the total amount of things we bght online..
cost us a freakin SGD$100 lehx!!
includin shippin + postage..
and i saw some alphas stickers in e PS shop..
same as those on e US webby..
it cost almost double here lehx..
luckily i bght in e webby..
within 2wks, nearly $250 gone in art n craft..
sad siax..
no profit, keep incurrin loses..

Thursday, September 28, 2006

been MIA for the past few days ehx?
busy watchin drama on YouTube..
爱杀17 is currently shown over SCV on Sat..
4got which channel le..
quite a mystery storyline..
was guessing who e killer was..
really abit shocked 2 know who it is..
anyway, have finally finished watchin aft 3 days..
cux oni got 13 episodes..
imagine everyday at least 3-4 episodes?
kekeke.. this wk free..
nx wk wil b a real challenge 4 me le..
shall update more tml..

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

aft slacking for 2-3hrs..
i've decided 2 come here n blog (again!)
ytd while doin some hsehold chores..
got a inspiration struck me..
some actions or 2 do things which i find it romantic?
e list is jux randomly typed out..
not in order horx..
1. flying kites 2gether
2. seein sunrise/sunset at e beach
3. goin on hols (jux e 2 of us)
4. doin sth scary 2gether
5. goin NTUC buy veggies etc
6. cooking a meal 2gether
7. sittin down 2 enjoy vcds/dramas 2gether
8. seein each oth when we open our eyes in e morn..
9. takin cable cars n enjoy e night scenary
(provided that u dun have height phobia)
10. givin each oth surprise attacks once in a while
11. hand-made sth 4 gf (bf make 4 gf)
12. enjoy home-made candlelit dinner
13. dancing under e moonlight
14. lyin down on empty patch of grass viewin e whole sky full of stars
15. lookin down at night scenary from sumwhere high
16. meetin each oth 4 lunch
( even if 1 workin at east, 1 at west..
my colleague is 1 gd example of great hubby)
17. takin night stroll once in a while
18. having heart 2 heart talk

and e list goes on..
ugh~ can oni recall these..
i know its quite long..
but who knows.. some1 might hav longer list?
there's a few points which i oways wanted 2 try..
since im in sec sch?
like Pt 5, 6, 7, 9, 11 & 14?
i know this entry quite boring lahx..
but it helps 2 kill some time..
m waitin 4 e time 2 come..
den i shall go hm..
zZz is all i want right now..

2dae's lunch was e most enjoyable..
but i dun mean my past lunch appt arent..
jux that 2dae got surprises..
and we filled up e whole table..
1st was meetin min 4 lunch..
den my sis wanna meet up too..
in e end aft my sis left..
i spotted Limei queue-in for Nasi Lemak..
aft tokin awhile..
realised Siew Xiang is nearby..
finally, we 4 meet up lohx!!
do some catching up..
n found out Limei is a programmer..
Siew Xiang is at DBS workin Risk Management..
wOwx~ aft 3+yrs nv contact..
suddenly meet up siax..
isnt it a small world afterall?
enjoy e followin pix..
1st pix of us..
not v well taken horx?
i like e Me in this pix..
but cant c siew xiang's face..
n limei's face cut into half..
act. this pix is quite nice..
but im e spoiler..
look at my rabbit teeth..
failed attempt..
main focus seems 2b on limei?
i like this pix e most..
but e last 2 gers din smile nicely..
oh no~ failed attempt..
but we look happy in it ehx?
last pix of e day..
my face seems like im constipated?
had nasi lemak again..
went early 2 buy while waitin 4 sis + min..
saw e queue go on n on n on..
neverending even when i go off lehx..
this is wat i ordered..
excluding e chicky meat..
cost $1.60!!
this is wat my sis ordered..
oni cost $2 lehx!!
a small thank u gift from henry..
e colleague who jux got married last Sat.
all e flavours available..
startin frm top left hand corner :
Lychee (Pink)
Green Tea (Dark Green)
Pandan (Light Green)
Banana (White) the 4 mooncakes when cut opened.
mooncakes which my mama jux made..
with Green Tea flavour added.
my pills..
ytd went 2c doc 4 mense cramp..
1st time in my life..
e doc turn down my request..
asked 4 a MC..
but she said, "NO!" 2 me..