DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Sunday, July 31, 2005

jux have my dinner and nw gonna start studyin soon..
aniway 2dae went 2 work 4 m1..
outside lucky plaza.. cux it was a roadshow..
super tiring arhx..
among all e days i work 4 m1..
2dae is e most tiring wan!!!
=( time pass slowly..
no1 acc me 2 tok bcux most of e time i was alone outside 1 shop..
while e rest of e colleagues was at e roadshow..
aniway had my lunch wib Thomas..
not really consider as lunch lahx..
cux thomas dun feel like eating..
so i bght Old Chang Kee spring rolls n mineral water..
n we sit outside Taka 2 rest..
i eat my spring rolls while he jux drink water..
hMmm.. aft tat kinda slack liaox..
i help to slot in flyers into tissue paper..
while e rest distribute dem lorx..
arnd 5+ e DJ Mario spice up e atmosphere..
every1 crowd arnd e booth n c show siax..
went off at 6pm..
took bus hm wib zhen norx..
tired but cant slp..
hafta study siax.. *sObx*
last nite tok on e fone wib my Mr Nice Neighbour..
tok until 3+am lorx..
i turn in at 4am..
muahahahah.. m impressed..
1st time i tok on e fone until middle of e night..
n i woke up feelin blur blur..
eHHhx.. shall stop here..
update nx time.. =

Friday, July 29, 2005

whoa~ 2dae gonna b my STUDY day!!
no matter what.. i MUST study 4 as least 4hrs!!
4hrs totally on my IADT module..
so tis wil b a quick entry on wat i've been doin e past few days..
Wed i meet zhen go clementi..
act. is 2 thread eyebrow lahx..
but i nv thread in e end..
cux i decided 2 buy oth thingy which i need it more..
haha.. bght hair-band n hair-clips + ear sticks too!
my ear-sticks r oways goin MIA..
have no idea where they go siax.. (>.<)
aniway havin c my fave pierre cardin V back undies..
i bght another 3 new ones..
haha.. im crazy.. i've got like more than 20 or 30 undies le..
but i stil bght it anyway..
it find it comfortable lahx.. but Robinsons is not sellin animore..
so hafta get it whenever i c it lorx..
haha.. abit stupid lahx.. =p
aft tat we bght sweet talk drink n sit at e Mac stone table 2 tok..
had lotsa heart 2 heart tok lorx..
seldom got chance 2 sit down n tok so much..
hehe.. arnd 1+pm we went 2 tak train..
she headin hm while i meet dar.dar go jurong east..
super bo liao arhx.. go all e way 2 IMM jux 2 eat a jap cuisine..
hMmm.. its omellette inside wib fried rice n chicken cutlet..
not bad lahx.. but not worth it 2 walk all e way there..
keke.. (o.^)(^.o)
took e free shuttle bus 2 clementi where we tak bus 14 2 bugis..
watch Stealth at 515pm..
lasted until 710pm..
v interesting.. i give it a 7.5/10 stars..
got jessica biel inside sumore nehx..
muahahaa.. her figure damn gd!!
super fit ok! dun pray pray.. haha..
show end le we took bus 961 go beach rd..
jux 4 e sake of eatin e chicken rice there lorx..
-_-ll *shake head* 2dae do lotsa bo liao thingy..
ehem.. aniway walk pass e tour agency at lavender mrt..
n we took sum brochures 4 beach resort de..
guess we cfm goin hols arnd 2nd or 3rd wk of Aug bahx?
wont b a long stay.. jux 3D2N lorx..
destination wld b Tioman..
hohoho.. gotta go oth tour agency 2 tak brochures..
more considerations mahx.. =)
he cum my hse 2 play wib toto..
n oso 2 help me fix sth..
toto saw him den 4got abt weihong(my sis bf) le..
when dar. dar wanna go hm.. toto keep barking..
like dun let him go hm lidat..
toopid toto.. last time c him keep barkin..
nw start 2 like ppl le harx? (^v^)
ytd went bac old hse 2 pack things..
thou have move over le.. but old hse stil got lotsa thingy siax..
me, my sis n my mum went over 2 pack..
frm 1pm pack until 5++pm lorx..
can u believe it?
but halfway my sis left at 3pm cux she evening got orientation..
n i stay on 2 pack abit more lahx..
almost all r my mum's thingy..
so dun really noe wat she wants n wat she dun wants..
i left arnd 4+ goin to 5pm..
took a bath n a nap..
super tired arhx!!
wasted 2 days of studyin le..
tats y 2dae mux mug mug mug~!*~!*

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

having move into my new hse..
i suddenly realise i got lotsa thing which i lack of..
hMmm.. n i gotta faster mak my purchases..
hehe.. shall make a list of it..

1. hand-held mirror
2. wall clock (big big 1.. suitable 4 short-sighted me!!)
3. hair-clips n hair-band
4. clothes hanger
5. photo frames (it wil brighten up my day alot!!)
6. develop photos!! (ehem 2 put into photo frames lorx..)
7. hole-puncher (duwan 2 share wib my sis)
8. gillette ger's shaver (gers need a shaver too rite? =p )
9. pimples n blackhead squeezer (2b put in e toilet)
10. cordless phone (can brin arnd e hse mahx.. =D )
11. entension power bar (i got lotsa electrical stuffs 2 plug..)
12. multi purpose plug (need a 2 hole plug 4 my hp adapter)
13. new alarm clock (my current alarm clock is arnd 5-10yrs old le)
14. bolster (i got 2 beds so i tink i need another 1?)
15. bedsheets (i've got 2 bedsheets but rem i got 2 bed oso rite?)
16. mattress protector (2 protect aganist toto's urine n saliva)
17. skotch-tape (e sort u can pull den tear off de)
18. hi-fi n tv
19. new clothes (2 fill up my wardrobe.. is oni half full nw.. haha)
20. new bags, bottoms, shoes, sandals..

tink tats for e time being..
but there's alot more thingy i wanna accomplish by end of tis yr..
dun find me long-winded arhx..
got nuttin better 2 do.. have been tinkin whole day long..
hahaha.. here's e list..

1. go hols!! (any country oso can.. bleahx)
2. go jb wib frenx or clasmates
3. chalet? (mayb aft semestral bahx?)
4. decorate my room (MY OWN ROOM.. muahahahah)
5. frenx cum n stay overnight..
6. own a camera? (thou possibility quite slim)
7. buy formal wear (act. tis shld belong 2 e list on top..)
8. table lamp (my study table there lack of a lamp)
9. gain weight!! (haha.. be more "meaty")
10. get fitter!! (2b prepared 4 NAPFA)

guess tats abt it bahx?
or mayb tml or e day aft wil have more 2 cum?
hahaha.. im fickle-minded.. always changin my mind..
lalalal~ short entry..
shall end here le.. buaix~

Monday, July 25, 2005

wOohOo~ long long time no post le horx?
muahahaha more than 1wk tis time rnd le bahx?
=p aniway shall start off frm last last Fri..
the wk where i move hse.. hehx..

[15.07.2005] Fri
celebrated brian's bdae wib him in sch..
bght him a cake frm SP co-op..
aha.. my grp of gers celebrated his bdae 4 him worx..
aniway his bdae is 16th July..
i bght him his bdae bear..
is pink legs n hands siax..
doubt he wil put it as keychain or hp chain bahx?
haha.. aft tat had my bluetooth lect..
meet dar.dar went 2 tamp eat dinner + watch movies + shop..
act. is 2 search 4 my parents bdae pressy..
n oso shuyu's bb 1st mth de gifts..
i bght 4 shuyu's bb 2 bb wear worx..
look v ke ai de..
but i dun really like bb.. v troublsome..
esp when they cry in e middle of e night..
omg~ spoil my nite of slpin liaox.. =X
den went 2 25hours to find parents pressy..
bght 4 dem a couple watch..
with small diamond on it de nehx..
specially choose stainless steel as my dad perspire alot..
watch Wet Dreams 2 at tamp too..
not a bad show.. quite interesting n humorous..
lotsa ppl watch it siax.. not as RA as oths tot..
there's not much scenes tat show RA stuffs..
haha.. took bus hm aft tat..

[16.07.2005] Sat

whole day was quite anxious abt goin shuyu's hse..
din really how 2 maintain my poise..
or communicate..
all old time frenx.. but seldom contact..
tats y was kinda afraid i wil b sittin there niax..
my sis bf drive a car 2 help us move sum things over..
so damn sway.. kana mense 2dae lorx.. (>.<)
sad case arhx.. stomach cramp n yet hafta move things..
arnd 4+ went hm 2 prepare n go shuyu's hse..
i rch her hse at 7pm sharp..
none of my frenx has rch yet!
haha.. i was e 1st lahx.. =P
she showed me her weddin photo albums..
really mak me "wOwx" thruout..
she had taken lotsa weddin photos worx..
mak ppl envious of her bahx? =)
saw her bb boi too..
her bb is call Foo HongChen, Richmond..
v adorable.. but is single eyelid..
same as shuyu.. =D
arnd 8+ den more frenx came..
eat outside her hse.. n had sum catchin up plus gossiping..
keke.. feels really great 2 tok 2 dem again..
mak me miss my sec sch times..
whereby we can sit down n jux chit chat on n on..
gossiping abt whoever who offended 1 of us..
aiya.. jux tokin abt everything under e sun..
aft sch.. we oso hang out 2gether..
almost close as sistas liaox..
really miss those times.. *thinks*
aniway i left early.. meet dar.dar 4 supper b4 goin hm..

[17.07.2005] Sun

morn act. meetin dar.dar 4 breakfast at my hse there de market..
but my dad bght lotsa breakfast hm le..
so i cancel e breakfast thingy..
end up dar.dar went 2 eat at e market himself..
n drink his fave teh-bing b4 cumin 2 my hse..
n started off our moving...
at 1st i was oso movin e stuffs to e stairs..
den they needed ppl 2 look aft e thingy on e lorry..
n i was told 2 stay put at e lorry lorx..
hahaha.. wat a simple task ehx? =p
arnd 12+ we drove off 2 our new hse le..
treated e ppl who help out 2 eat wib those duck n chicken rice..
watch abit of e TV den e guys went bac 2 move furnitures..
all bcux of my mum lorx.. ask here n there..
c which relatives want wat furnitures..
den hafta drive here n there 2 move e furnitures 2 relatives hse..
so kay poh lorx.. -_-ll
esp 1 of my auntie arhx..
she wants e sofa n a office table but she n her hubby din cum n help out much..
sumore went bac n jux wait 4 e furnitures 2b "delivered" 2 her hse..
omg~ cant stand such ppl.. whu they tak us 4?
nehx nehx arhx.. hpmh!
aniway night time me, dar.dar, my parents n my sis + bf went 2 eat..
at e market near my hse..
we eat zi cha lorx.. stil order crab sumore siax..
but i oni tak afew bites.. dar.dar crack open e crab 4 me 2 eat..
aiya duno how 2 describe it lahx..
rch hm rest awhile den me n *him acc my mum 2 old hse..
tak sum bamboo + small small thingy 2 new hse..
poor dar.dar.. sick le but stil acc me..
hehe.. n he stay over at my hse 2 slp.. zZz..

[18.07.2005] Mon

i woke up v late..
n hafta study 4 my bluetooth lab test..
so dar.dar fix breakfast 4 me nehx..
1st time worx.. got ai xin zao cao eat.. hahaha..
n oso he acc me 2 sch b4 headin bac 2 his hostel..
wahx.. another 1st time.. he acc me 2 sch..
*chuckling 2 myself*
e lab test pass smoothly.. cux Melvin got help help..
aha.. aft tat head hm 2 zZz again..
1st night slp act. stil alright..
wib dar.dar arnd mahx.. den i wont anihow tink tink..
but tat night i slp alone..
off e lights niax.. whole rm so dark lorx..
sumore my rm furnitures everything is walnut color..
totally pitch dark siax.. lucky my air-con got lights..
e display shown on e air-con v bright..
kinda deadbeat.. so i zZz w/o tinkin much..

[19.07.2005] Tue

woke up early 4 my 10am pract..
day ended quite fast..
aftn had my another lab test..
oso done it quite "ok-ly" lahx..
cux e teacher got assist us in it mahx..
giving us hints n clues here n there..
hehe.. went hm aft tat..
oso v tired.. zZz..

[20.07.2005] Wed

quite a bad day afterall..
had a v early start.. 8am got tutorial lorx..
aft tat is my ELIT presentation..
tink we did quite a lousy job..
kana shoot until total embarrassment..
*sIgh* e clarence ng lahx!
expectation so damn high!
sumore we 1st grp 2 present but he nv give us any face at all!
aftn had my Negotiation Skills de written task..
haiyo.. e task abit e.. i duno how 2 say..
cant cfm whether i did it well or badly? unsure?
not sure e markin scheme lahx..
aniway head hm early too..
clean up my rm.. pack sum stuffs.. n zZz..
these few days ended my day by zZz-ing..
toilet gers havin their exams..
classmates have their own thingy..
dar.dar has his orientation..
aiya.. my frenx circle is so small.. =(

[21.07.2005] Thur

boring day.. i jux slack at hm..
eHhhx.. not really say slack lahx..
i did my bluetooth tutorial.. 2 n 3 lorx..
exasperating.. cux e stupid tutorial keep markin me wrong 4 no reason..
-_-ll is a online tutorial.. so mark by system..
stupid lahx.. mak me repeat doin a few times..
study bit of bluetooth..
kinda 4got wat i did le lahx..
i got short term memory..

[22.07.2005] Fri

turn up 4 my IADT lect in e morn..
had lunch wib my usual classmates..
den went 4 bluetooth lect lorx..
1st time i can ans a few Qs tat Dr Cheong ask..
cux i got study on thur mahx.. (^v^)
aft lect meet my supervisor go NUS 4 fyp meetin..
tis time rnd got a Mr Xiong Wei le..tink he uds our criteria more bahx?
he gives us a easier proj..
compared 2 last time e proj another guy gives..
n he even ask us 2 tell him wat we've learn b4..
so we can use wat we learn 2 do e fyp..
n not learn sth new jux 2 do fyp..
it wil waste alot of time mahx.. =p
aft meetin i went bac dover meet dar.dar..
went 2 Marina eat Han's..
saw 1 of my lect hall de classmates..
watched The Island too..
was a fantastic movie!!
wOoo~ Ewan McGregor was so yandao in it..
so man n etc.. lookin aft e ger he loves..
hehe.. was glued thruout nehx..
went hm soon aft..

[23.07.2005] Sat

met dar.dar go town walk walk..
dun have any idea where 2 do lorx..
simply walkin arnd.. eat n shop bahx?
brght him 2 Far East e Halal Sakura Thai cuisine..
we 2 person ordered 4 dishes lorx..
hahha.. n we finish it all lehx!
e sambal kangkong i eat until choked..
really cannot stand hot n spicy food siax.. *shake head*
slack abit at Burger King b4 goin hm..
kinda nua.. den duno wat came over me..
i ask him 2 stay overnight..
hehe.. cux din really spend much time 2gether ah..
aniway.. slpt at 2am..

[24.07.2005] Sun

had my reunion day wib my toilet gers..
its our days.. muahahaha..
abit bo liaox.. but we stil mak it an effort 2 cele lahx..
4 more info.. refer 2 my frenx blog 2c..
duwan 2 blog too long..
wil post up e pix later.. =)

shuyu wib her bb richmond eyes opening..

shuyu's bb, Richmond..

me wib sunny outside shuyu's hse.. Posted by Picasa

zhen wib toto..

me wib toto.. on my bed.. in my rm..

cine wib toto..

our 1st 3 person pix taken ytd..

taken at my bus stop..
notice oni my hair is black..

me n cine.. =)

me n zhen..

cine n zhen.. look at cine's hair.. OMG!!

our bdae bear.. e blue n green 1 is cine's..

on e bus.. candid take..

while waitin 4 our food 2 arrive..

my ytd dinner..

my sianx sianx look..
waitin 4 cine's food 2 arrive..

busy readin mag in ajisen..

nicey nicey.. but abit dark..

our long long legs..

candid photo.. i look so innocent in it? haa

our loving take..

our les pix.. nw believe im a les le bahx?

me wib e prada..

me n cine wib prada bag.. haha..

me n cine..

me posing a V n zhen posing a J

omg~ wat r they doing? o.O

no.0 pose..

no.2 pose.. i look kinda retarded in it..

no.9 pose

whose is whose?
all in levi's jeans nehx..

our legs.. guess whose is whose? Posted by Picasa

my leg seducing cine's leg.. bLeaHx~

e furnitures which im most satisfied..
my L shape sofa in e living room..
its purple in color.. super fashion rite?

TV cabinet.. but w/o e TV n hi-fi.. haha..

extra large queen size bed..
e followin 2 pix r all taken in my parents rm..

big big wardrobe..

dressing table..

my room cabinet.. look so ugly right? =(

dar.dar bght e koala n strap frm aust 4 me..

couple watch.. hehe..
tis is e 1st couple thingy btw my mum n dad worx.. =D

men's version of e watch..

ladies watch..

e diamond cert..

brian's bdae cake!!!

e cake wib candles..

attempting to divide up e cake in process..

he eatin e cherry.. hoho..