DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

28.07.2009 happy day until ...

meet head @ Orchard Central & walked down FEP.
she had her facial earlier on so i went down meet her..
managed 2 get my missha eyebrow pencil too! ♥♥
den bght an identical watch as head&d!
i din copy them! head asked me 2 get it de..
so we 3 can have identical watch! ;D
surprisingly, there's CTV inside a small watch shop..
thats when we make use of it.. thou wasnt clear..

we had oldchangkee/shaker fries/bubbletea again!
fulfilled another day of shaker fries!
hahaha! den e same o' bubbletea flavour 4 us..
head was tryin 2 do some stunts as shown in bottow few pix..
does it looks like she's fallin off?
or she's tryin 2 catch hold of e cars??

we took bus 502 down to Jurong frm FEP!
then changed to 174 go down JP!
i think whole journey <1hr only lohx..
gong gong me duno 502 its an express bus!
i was tellin head, "hopefully sum1 alight den we can sit"
but inside her mind was, "whats taily thinkin?"
its only aft like 20+mins did we managed 2 get our seats..
look at our sittin etiquette! ;x

head took order since she always dine here!
look at her serious face while markin down e order..

e amt of food we shared..
there's e egg fried rice too!
but my 不争气 hp auto-shutoff aft snappin it..
& i din realise it wasnt saved..

scrumpy scrumpy everywhere!!! ♥♥

taken right aft our 1st catch!
too bad photography not allowed in arcade..
else we wld have snap a shot nx 2 e machine lohx..

at e end of e day, we're happy with our gains! ♥♥

& thats e machine which i caught 2 in a row!!

we visited e arcades inside JP,
and head saw her fave scrump inside!
she plead & beg & watever u name it 2 me..
that she wanna HAVE IT!
den we cooperate & got e greenie scrump at $6!
we literally scream our head off infront of e girl!
totally unbelieveable as to how e scrump fell into e hole!
its like sum unseen force aid us lohx!
afterwhich we head 2 another arcade 4 e brownie scrump!
changed $5 worth of token & decided that $5 finish we'll go..
but can u believe it?!
i actually caught e stitch at 1st go!!
exchanged e stitch 4 e scrump doll imm. lohx!
with $4 left, i decided 2 try again..
mayb catch a stitch & give it 2 D as gift!
thats when e most unbelievable thing happened!
i succeeded in catchin 2 stitch in a row!!
WTH! $2 and we're hm with 2 plushie!
i totally cannot believe how lucky i was!
at that moment, there's already ppl watchin us..
everytime we caught 1, we'll scream in excitement!
we shall head bac again 2 try it out..
hopefully we can catch another 1 for our D! ;)

aft meetin head, i met Mr.Y at JP 4 Public Enemies..
was a long 2+10 movie which i find it abit draggy..
but with gd company, e time pass by v fast..
and unknowingly, im on e way hm already..
however, thanks 2 *u 4 ruining my happy mood of e day..
plus another 10% JOL mugged..
left 80% shall complete it within these 3days..

dad's leg op. is brght 4ward to e 7th Aug..
while im not arnd as im on flt..
bac on 8th but < 12hrs ltr im on e way 2 hkg..
/* bless him!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


rainy day = slacky day = casual day!
hence we wore tees/shorts/slippers down airport!
hahaha~ im not sure if its e right decision.
cux we were freezing cold anywhere..
esp at the Northpoint!
its like FOC air-con running at full blast!

there's this v delicious salmon fish rice at airport staff canteen!
its been sooooo long since we last had it durin e trg..
we shall go have it again IF we go down collect schedule k?
shhhhh! dont share with too many ppl..
else e Q wil start 2 get longer.. hahahah

while waitin 4 train at Changi Airport stn..
there's this v unhelpful fellow at the control stn.
he literally "yelled" or "shouted" at us 4 not seeing e note..
i mean, not every1 wld have notice e note right?
and being at Changi Airport stn, there'll b alot tourists wat!
wil he yell at e tourists 4 bein ignorant too?!
shitty unfriendly unhelpful arrogant fellow!
but anyway, head started highlightin her schedule..
so i camwhore on my own 4 havin too much free time lahx..

changed yen, usd & hkd frm our fave Hassan!
spent over $1k+ in exchange 4 them lohx..
from 24 notes to only 9 notes back..

time 4 some tea break!
had OUR fave shaker fries + bubble tea
lemon ice 4 her & red tea 4 mi!
note that head is stranglin me in e pix!
& honestly im so gonna eat shaker fries everyday!
b4 its all gone in a whirlwind!

went into Kiddy Palace 4 some soft toys..
ended up snappin a shot using e mirror found inside.
;x and im so cravvving 4 MFM again!

den im meetin her again ltr in e day..
shall pay a visit 2 her hse lahx..
however im feelin so dead can?
i haven mug like 50% of my JOL4 yet!
only 10% done last nite & i dozed off! ;s

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Monday, July 27, 2009


yes! we're both headin out!
but not with each other lahx!

&& head+tail act. 心有灵犀 lehx!
i sms-ed her & e nx moment she msn me!
both is 2 ask each other wearing wat siax?!
aft she msn me den she rcv e sms i sent her lohx!
how? nw u believe we're truly head&tail?

♥♥ nika/taily

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Sunday, July 26, 2009


jux when im tryin 2 tak a rest in my rm,
my mom silently walked 2 my rm and said this 2 me,

sometimes its jux random things that make me happy..
no matter if its jux a tiny lil' incident,
or some words or whatsoever,
i can feel warmth in my heart, i mean it!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

when things get alil' out of hand..

on e day i brin my laptop out 4 dinner..
we started random snapping usin my webcam..
din know there's a hell lot of functions on it!
there's diff borders, frames, timer, burst, video etc..
shall brin it out e nx time when i meet head&D!

& thx 2 lisa 4 gettin us e pen each..
doraemon 4 me, chips&dale 4 xiang & frog 4 zhen..
ohh! and thx 4 e wedding invitation too!
thou i cldnt mak it personally,
but u know my heart & soul wil b there with u!
i wish u happiness in ur marriage! ;)

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Friday, July 24, 2009

20.07.2009 & 22.07.2009

jux finish my 712/719 turn last nite..
supposed 2b v tired but stil went along 4 some ice cream
anyway, ytd came bac frm 719 & ck'ed my schedule.
so ofc changed my sfo to jfk instead! ;O
my whole of AUG wil b damn busy..
i'll only be in SIN for 11days niax lohx..
1st-8th JFK (via KL back! *F)
9th-13th HKG with head!
18th-20th KIX
28th-3rd AMS (4th time! via KL up =.=)

im so goin 2 save moolahs 4 my hkg trip lahx!
budden i've got JFK flt jux b4 hkg lehx..
depressing.. was kinda lookin 4ward 4 my SFO flt can? ;(
as that might b my last SFO according to my advance.
since i 710 on 1st Aug means i hafta tak e JOL4 on e 1st too!
jitao more sianx.. only left with 1wk to mug 4 it..

on e 20th of Jul, met zhen 4 some prata..
she brght me to Yishun 418 for e cheeese prata!
sadly, e amt of cheese is pathetic!
then we visit e pasar malam near her place.
where i bght tealeaves egg & shark's fins soup.
stil got other cravings but too full le..

22nd Jul, jux arr @ NRT frm my 712 and head arr frm 005
we met up 4 dindin & we're supposed 2 plan our itineary lohx!
went out Aeon 2 get some stuffs & supa too!
hit her ankle with trolley but i got my own karma as well..
aft which im so tired that i jux KO right aft eating..
even my fried rice oso cant finish up..
vividly rem head askin me, "你就这样睡了啊?"
i slp talk while she block nose..
kekeke~ indeed another memorable bunk-in with head.

e stuffs we left in the fridge.
by right we wanted 2 finish off e ice cream..
yet it refused 2 return bac to solid state.

guess which is hers & which is mine? ;p

my 712 up got 21 SPML & nearly freak me out!
then my 719 bac got a CF2 bully me!
turn oso can b so sway, so stop sayin my heng heng!

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Monday, July 20, 2009


thats how i felt when i turn e capsules/play ufo catcher,
i can get so happy when i got what i wanted!!!

if $2 can get me 1min of happiness,
den how much do i hafta spend for a day's happiness?

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Sunday, July 19, 2009


have rcv e remaining photos frm zhen..
so here i am bloggin abt e night..
met zhen 1st and started Q-ing at NYNY b4 7pm..
as expected, we a grp of 5 gotta wait longer 4 e table.
fortunately, in 15mins time we got ourselves a table.

what we did while waitin..

what we wore that day..

settled down & lisa joined us shortly after..
that silly Ms Wong act. went 2 Q-ed,
thinkin we haven rch yet! ;x

thats us with e album i made 4 her..
seriously its been long since i did sth which im proud of!
+ a candid shot of Ms Wong laughin at some jokes..
totally hearrt candid shots! ;p

ordered our food & zhen + lisa get down 2 work..
started scribbling their greetings on it..
while waitin 4 our food 2 arrive..
gotta save space 4 desserts hence i ate finger food..
love their mudpie/brownie or whatever u call it..
zhen came bac frm gentin/KL with sth 4 us!
love such actions frm frenx..
it goes 2 show they rem us while on hols!

as cine off work at 9pm,
so we shift our place 2 Ms Wong's hse nx..
lisa helped zhen 2 paint her nails..
while Ms Wong read thru her bdae album..
thats when me, being e bored person over there start snapping..
poor me.. always acting as e photographer!
cine arrived & we started e singing of bdae song,
cutting cake, snapping & video-ing already..

another collage of us with bdae girl..

den lotsa grp photos..
cux Ms Wong's hubby-to-be arrived!

nx up.. shall blog abt my hairstyle..
realised i've changed quite alot diff styles..

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曹格 - 超级4th场

曹格 - 寂寞先生
作词:曹格 作曲:小寒

於是追 要你陪

在游说 在萦回
在体内是什麽 在把我摧毁在伤痕累累

人类除了擅长颓废 做什麽都不对
Oh … I’m not okay

人在爱情里越残废 就会越多安慰

能摆脱寂寞我什麽都肯给 就像个傀儡

曹格 - 掌纹


在我的手心 你落下的眼泪很冰
晶莹的泪滴 轻轻滑过我的一生
春去春又回 我走过的孤独很黑
难忘那一刻 你走进生命的瞬间

我不信命 我信爱情是没有理由
悲欢的注定 在我的掌纹中你在那里
如此的清晰 没有输赢 你是我的命


在我的手心 你落下的眼泪很冰
晶莹的泪滴 轻轻滑过我的一生
春去春又回 我走过的孤独很黑
难忘那一刻 你走进生命的瞬间

我不信命 我信爱情是没有理由
悲欢的注定 在我的掌纹中你在那里
如此的清晰 没有输赢 你是我的命

我信命中你给的每个 考验和奇迹
在我的掌纹中安身立命 是否愿意
张开手 你回应
我不信命 我不信命 我只信你

曹格 - 入戏
紫.sè制作 QQ:253057646

最后 你转身离去
闪过 一丝犹豫
已经到底 像拍好的剧情
埋下伏笔 未完待续

是我 一直太入戏
彻底 为你着迷
安然静静 有一千种表情

那里热闹往哪里去 都随你

我该 怎么形容你
爱得即兴 没有任何逻辑

是我 一直太入戏
彻底 为你着迷
干干净净 眼神黑白分明

那里热闹往哪里去 都随你


那里热闹往哪里去 都随你


Saturday, July 18, 2009


cele my parents' bdae 2gether!
its not e 1st time im saying this..
but my parents have got e same bdae as each other!
which is on the 17th of July!
cele early cux my sis went Phuket 4 hols..
had our cele at Conrad Hotel's Oscar's buffet dinner.

imo, its not worthwhile the price.

feelin sick all of a sudden..
might be due 2 goin in & out of aircon rm
was havin 50mins of a/c observation,
follow by 30mins of ppt slide presentation..
repeat the routine twice & what i've got - FLU!
shall rest more 2 chase e headache & flu away already

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Friday, July 17, 2009

i miss my D...

so much so that i wanna c her tml!

she's havin a flea booth @ SMU frm 1-8pm B21!

go on down & pay her a visit if ur free!

nw, who's free 2 acc me go down e flea 2 give her surprise?


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wil b at airport frm 9am-4pm..

dont miss me if u nv c me on msn/fb/wherever..

u know who u r..

& lookin 4ward 2 e suki treat ltr in e day!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009


some silly quiz gave me silly results..
which resulted in such conversation..
and ended abruptly..


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


- e word head used 2 described *us


"wakaranai ne!"

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

13.07.2009 P2 & P3

so aft meetin Raju @ AMK Mrt,
we train-ed down 2 Raffles City 4 some T&T..
took some med & lotion b4 goin down 4 a rnd of desserts.

seriously, they increased e price of Mango Sago..
are mango that exp nw ehx? =\

and continued several rnds of cam-whoring..
includin takin out stuffs frm our bag..
identity crisis! jux look at our similarities!
we wore specs out that day!
lens, kapis, pouch, sanitizer & hp chain!
totally awesome right?!

hurried our way bac to Bishan & took bus 13.
rched the prawning place slightly aft 5pm..
settled down and started our "live-trg" with uncle..
on e spot, uncle caught e biggest prawn of e day!
i mean.. among our catch, his is e biggest!

raju managed 2 mak e prawn go all unlively in her hands..
yet when im holdin down e prawn, it keep struggling!
damn! gave me shock & mak my hands shiverrrr!!
lotsa OMG & AHHHHHH were heard frm our side.
so much so that e guy in yellow tee came 2 our aid.
he's e 1 who helped us remove e bait frm prawn.
i guess twice or thrice in total?!

and we saw a dog & cat slpin 2gether!
like so harmoniously! totally hearrt lohx!
our catch slowed down to mins & hours..
frm e initially 3 catch within 10mins to ...
which gave us time 2 cam-whore abit.
but patience run out & my face turn frm =) to ;(
there's an evidence in the top right hand corner thou..

ended our prawnin session aft 2hrs..
and gave our catch 2 another uncle nearby..
bus-ed down to Broadway Plaza 4 some Suki Sushi!

had my chawa & unagi crave fixed!

visited e ladies & snap snap again! ;x
of cux with my fave positioning of e camera..
look! the attack of sadako!!
HAHAHAH~ acc her 2 wait 4 bus too..

b4 my 3rd plan of the day continues..
Mr.Y pick me up and drove down Jalan Besar 4 dim sum!
was lookin 4ward like how i did 4 Ho Kee Pau..
however.. e standard seems 2 have fallen..

even e zhuchangfen oso came plain w/o char siew!!
siewmai, ha gao & xiaolongbao were in 2s or 4s..
fried dumpling wasnt as tasty too!
was amazed by how a man goin w/o food e whole day -
can swallow down within 10mins!!
and even goin on 2 finish up e plain zhuchangfen!
really mak me go "whoa" inside my brain!
also, mens talk r really mens talk..
totally opp. frm wat we women talk abt..

ltr that night, we paid a visit 2 Marina Barrage..
if only we visited durin e evening time,
i guess e scenery might be prettier.
nevertheless, it was a fun filled day! ;)

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Monday, July 13, 2009

13.07.2009 P1

my part 1 of 13.07.2009
met joey aft so long & went 4 lunch..
end up no appetite & i din eat anything. ;(
only had a cuppa bubble tea til we meet lisa up..
@ Seletar Broadway near AMK Ave 10.

i ♥ B&W photos!
maybe my future wedding photos,
i wanna request 2 have it all in B&W!
hahaha~ ;x
b&w photos got e vintage feel..

aft acc-ing them 4 2hrs+,
joey drop me off at AMK Mrt 2 meet Raju!
wil update abt P2 and P3 soon..

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

a lil' something

thank u ladies 4 ur lil' something..
really brightens up my day! ;D

am gonna meet D 2 go out..
not like ppl who agree 2 go & yet didnt..
well, u know who u r..


Thursday, July 09, 2009


- 天气这么晴朗
- 不用穿厚厚的衣服在这纽约城市
- 每天有人陪我在网上聊天
- 就连睡觉也有人“守护”着
- 电脑可以二十四小时开着不怕浪费电
- 从日本到纽约的日本同事
- 我在三个小时内只花了一百多美元
- 在那一百多美元中,只有一半是属于我的东西
- 我新买的A&F香水(始终忍受不了还是买了)
- 自己忍受诱惑不买二十多美元的夹克
- 再过四天就能回到我熟悉的家!
- 最重要的,多一个月就能再去香港买东西吃东西!

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009


i think i only slpt <24hrs since e 5th..
remember on e 5th i woke up at 9+am,
thinkin that i wil tak a nap in e aftn..
however, i cldnt manage 2 catch a wink at all!
then i reported 4 flt and althou i've 1+40 of rest time,
i din slp again! cldnt fall aslp no matter how..
til e nx day rch hotel & fell aslp frm 10-12+noon?
and i stayed awake all e way til e nx day morn 4+am..
b4 wakin up 2 prepare 4 flt at 6:50am. =.=
jitao only catch <2hrs of wink b4 my long haul flt!
officially a "memorable day" i wld say.
anyway, i woke up with slpy eyes..
reported flt with a "no mood" face even my 3-ban can tell.
but thx 2 e buncha jap crews.. so nice!!!
my CL is even nicer! frm usual manseki flt of 14-18pax,
i only tanto 10pax ytd!
and 1 of the pax's seat cant recline..
so my CL transfer e pax 2 her tanto instead!
that ends me with only 9pax 4 a manseki flt lohx!
can i say im lucky or fortunate? ;D
my CL 16, 3-ban 15 and e other guy got 10.
i tanto e least pax lohx! hahaha~
my pax oso v kind 2 me!
keep talkin & askin me this or that..
meal choice jux nice makes me feel doubly blessed!
all in all, i guess this manseki c-cbn is e smoothest 1?
except for e last 2hrs+ or so of anytime u wish..
fixing, serving, collecting like every min!
hafta fix 2-3 dish at 1 go lohx..
felt like playin e duno wat Kitchen game in FB..
keep track of e time makin sure food is not burnt!
i made full use of e 2+05 rest time!
returned bac 2 help e Y-cls REF happily!
Y-cls - thats where i feel e most comfortable.

aiya.. 2 summarise up, i slpt <24hrs within 3-4days..
shall catch more wink when i come bac frm shops..
hehehe~ gonna go do some shoppin ltr..
and get prepared 4 my battle way bac to NRT. ;p

credits : here

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

26.06.2009 - 28.06.2009 KIX

reported for my 2nd KIX flt last mth..
ofc slot in this extra flt 4 me..
might be due to resting all e way since 14th?
well, so kind of them i wld say..
flew with sum1 whom i've flew b4 so at least save e intro..
she even ask me out 4 dinner 2gether!
at some tonkatsu place? inside e hotel de..
4got 2 tak pix of e shop name..
too engrossed in tryin 2 find a toilet..
cux i had a stomach ache right aft eatin my dinner!
;( and yet i duwan 2 tell e senior lahx..

make a guess.. which of e 3 dishes above did i had in KIX?

;P i spent 1,200yen on 6 kapibaras thou..
gave them 2 my special ones.. heheh~!
pls treasure my "love" 4u guys..

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Monday, July 06, 2009


which zhen & lisa got jealous..
and demand 4 sth during their bdae..
we shall c if enthu wil strike me again?

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