DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

last wk n tis wk r e most terrible n unbearable wk in tis sem..
bcux im constantly rushing project..
1 after another lorx.. (>.<)
ytd had my IADT demo wib e teacher..
n e teacher pointed out lotsa flaws in my grp's work..
he asked 4 a REDO!!
shit him lahx.. all those tat he mention wasnt in e criteria form..
we merely do it in our own way..
yet he insisted on us re-doing it..
showin him again tis fri..
5-6pm!! when every class has ended!!
omg~ wat shit is tat?
ytd my grp of gers skipped e MOCOMS lect..
went 2 sch library 2 do our ELIT report..
budden duno y ehx?
tink every1 not enuff slp bahx?
c bks den startin 2 doze off le lorx..
oni manage 2 do a small lil' part niax.. =\
b4 playin sum pranks on Sharmaine Tay..
reason bhind is she has been playin pranks on oths too..
she oways use our hp 2 msg ppl sayin, "i love u.. haha"
makin ppl mistood tat we really like dem lorx..
hahaha.. she arhx.. oways full of pranks..
aniway we intend 2 use her hp 2 msg Jinwei..
telling him tat Sharmaine Tay likes him..
we 1st send Weimin 2 msg JinWei..
weimin run away but was caught up by Sharmaine..
aft tat we send peiying but oso caught up by Sharmaine..
whu ask Sharmaine Tay 2 run so fast nehx?
keke.. makin a fool of ourselves at e library lorx..
disturbing ppl studying..
aniway aft sch rush hm wib sharmaine's bk..
cux they cuming over my hse 2 stay over mahx..
all 5 of dem worx..!! o.O
majiam partying lidat.. bght lotsa tidbits..
munching non-stop..
i turned in at 3+am.. cux was v vvv tired..
sumore read my Negotiation Skills stuffs read until i zZz..
cha bo they all arhx..
so bad.. play Monopoly nv ask me n py lorx..
cux me n py slpin outside on e sofa..
n they play until 5+ den turn in..
end up slpt late.. keep complaining tired..
kekeke.. all of dem say my sofa v comfortable..
muahahahah` tat is of cux lahx.. =p
2dae had my negotiation role play..
tink it went over smoothly bahx?
b4hand we meet our opponent n negotiate le..
we even cum 2 terms 2 everything liaox..
so when e actual 1 started..
we jux repeat everything which we say..
n "act" like unwilling 2 give way..
keke.. kinda funny..
aniway its role play mahx.. of cux hafta act abit rite?
tml not goin Napfa le.. no time arhx..
need 2 rush my ELIT n IADT lorx.. =(
act. tml can go watch e Jue Dui Superstart live at Indoor Stadium de..
my sis's bf got e tix.. can gimme 2 nehx..
budden cant find ani1 2 watch wib me lorx..
sumre my sis n bf goin mahx..
if i go alone, wil b like light bulb rite?
so in e end i decline it le..
act. im hopin 2 go watch it live there..
i've nv been 2 indoor stadium b4..

Monday, August 29, 2005

[20.08.2005] Sat

was havin a terrible cramp tats y cancel outing..
n dar.dar came over find me eat dinner..
went 2 eat at my hse there de market..
our usual chicken chop lorx.. nice n yummy~
n my dad took potato chips as french fries..
b4 i went out, i asked if he need anitin?
he replied me, "potato chips.."
den i was like, "huhx? u eat potato chips? =\"
but i stil buy it aniway..
so when i pass it 2 him..
he ans me, "y u buy potato chips?"
i shoot him back, "u ownself say potato chips de lorx.."
tat was when he say he act. wanted 2 eat french fries..
-_-ll blue sotong.. haha..
dar.dar stay over play wib toto.. =p

[21.08.2005] Sun

woke up arnd 9+ n eat porridge..
ai xin zao can bght by my dad lehx.. hehe..
prepare abit n intended 2 go off at 11+ de..
but e toopid locksmith cum lorx..
n my mum ask him 2 adjust e extra lock on my metal gate..
end up bein persuaded by him 2 buy another more ex de lock..
it cost a whopping $128!!!
aft tat stil hafta wait 4 him go tak stock etc etc..
in e meantime, dar.dar was locked inside e room wib toto..
cux toto was so excited 2 bark at e locksmith..
he fix e lock 4 my opp. neighbour 1st..
sth crop up.. he hafta spend a longer time doin it..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
the old lock..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
the new $128 lock.. hehe..

wait n wait.. sumore my mum ask him help us drill holes on walls..
2 hang e clock mahx..
so need 2 wait longer lorx.. =at last, i went off oni at 12:30++
rched tanah merah there at 1:30pm nehx..
i was e 1st 2 rch cha bo's hse..
dar.dar went off aft sendin me 2 tanah merah..
me, py, ailian n weimin all squeeze inside cha bo's rm 2 do proj lorx..
nv really do much lahx.. oni manage 2 do a lil' niax..
went off at 6+pm n we all go our separate ways..
took bus 24 hm by myself..
was a lonely long journey siax.. cux alot ppl..
tat nite watched Tian Guo De Jie Ti vcds borrowed frm my frenx..
not bad ehx.. watched 1st few episodes
n we all turn in le..

[22.08.2005] Mon

went 2 sch 4 my bluetooth pract..
was super late again..
need 2 do our pract 6 which every1 has done alady de..
we 3 missed e pract mahx.. so nw make up lorx.
e teacher totally duwan 2 lend us any helpin hand norx..
keep askin us 2 figure it out ourselves..
even those whu have done it help us oso cant work..
so we give up n sit there chit chat..
however, e teacher tink we'r slackin away..
n insist if we cant get it work by 5pm, we hafta stay bac n complete..
hpmh!! (>.<) so unfair lehx..
end up found out is e com got prob..
not our fault ok!

[23.08.2005] Tue

last nite watched e Tian Guo De Jie Ti vcds until v late..
resulting 2dae overslpt lorx.. =X
skipped my morn classes n attended oni e aftn ones..
MOCOMS lect was as usual v boring..
e ppl attendin lect r gettin lesser wk by wk..
kinda pity e teacher.. so ke lian..
hehehe.. aft tat got tutorial n we let off early..
meet min at SP bus stop 2 tak bus down far east 2gether..
meet zhen n cine at Lucky Plaza n walk 2 Taka..
took lotsa pix at Taka n i bght cheesy pancake 2 eat too..
yummy yummy nehx..
went 2 wheelock place search 4 winnie de bdae bear..
bght mine n dar.dar de ones.. =D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
dar.dar n mine bdae winnie bear..

aft tat we took bus 7 go down Bugis 4 our dinner..
e $10 steamboat not bad worx..
quite worth e money lahx..
i got input n output lorx..
jux eat 4 1hr+ niax n got output liaox..
hehhee.. eat arnd 2hrs den we go Shaw Tower de Coffeebean slack le..
we bght winnie de pooh de bdae bear too worx..
aniway 2dae is really a great day..
until sum pervert msg zhen..
send her sum hurting sms arhx..
n sth spooky happen too..
mak us freak out lorx..
esp when i walk hm along e carpark..
fwah.. super quiet n lonely siax.. =(
msg dar.dar sumore nv reply me norx.. hpmh!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
i love this pix alot.. *gRiNx*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
we lookin intensely at each other..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
pouting face

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
cheerful us..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
look at e fingers.. she holdin onto mine..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
kiss kiss

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
huggin n holdin hands
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
lookin at each oth intensely again..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
me stirring the "eggy" soup..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
eatin my beaten egg soup..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
my soup.. full of eggs..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
cine, mine n zhen's winnie de bear

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
using min's hp

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
smiley cheerful us

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
angry us

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
usin cine's hp

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ugly ghostly face..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
pouting face..

[24.08.2005] Wed

2dae miss my morn classes cux too tired le.. (>.<)
end up ailian sms tell me tat my Ethics n IT Law paper got 79..
n i was e highest in class nehx!!!
omg~ cant believe it worx.. hehehe.. =)
aft tat meet cha bo go 4 aftn de Negotiation Skills class..
wahx.. Negotiation Skills really v jialat..
change new teacher le.. e class was damn boring..
jux goin thru notes wib us lorx..
fill in e blanks.. den c 2 grps negotiate..
not v bad lahx.. like skilled professional lidat.. hehehe..
cux both grps got do preparation mahx..
but both grps duwan 2 give in..
so keep draggin until over 3pm den finish..
meet up py n ailian + weimin aft class..
go play badminton nahx..
borrow 4 badminton rackets frm EEE club..
however, badminton court was full of ppl..
every1 trgin 4 e badminton tournament mahx..
4got was sports fiesta 2dae norx.. =(
wasted trip.. walk 2 sports complex c oth tournament..
vv hot arhx.. perspiring inside orhx~
n ailian told me another info..
she say im e 2nd in standard 4 ELIT paper..
meanin im e 2nd highest among all whu took ELIT..
fwah fwah~!~! i really din expect it..
hehx hehx hehx.. =D
act. say wan exercise 2dae de..
budden all went hm aft tat..
rch hm arnd 4+pm.. watched awhile of Tian Guo De Jie Ti..
n prepare rush off 2 Dover meet dar.dar le..
intend 2 go HarbourFront c TV wan..
as e time was quite late le.. so nv lorx..
went 2 Paradiz Centre de Subway eat dinner..
again.. i was v unwilling..
cux i hate eatin bread.. Subway bread r so THICK n BIG
stuffed wib lotsa veggies, onions, etc etc..
not i dislike veggies or onions..
but e whole bread wib all e food stuffed inside mak it extra bigger..
tats y eatin it is v "tong ku"
mak me look like a small kid eatin extra large adults meal..
cux all e thingy inside e bread start droppin out..
bit by bit.. my whole area was so messy.. =dar.dar saw me lookin v sad..
so he asked me wat happen.. n knew its bcux of eatin Subway..
thus he promise nx time dun brin me go eat Subway again le..
*yEaHx* say bye bye 2 Subway..
i'll nv gonna eat Subway again le.. *jump arnd*
head down 2 Bugis..
as he wanna look 4 purple n green tees lorx..
he bght a FreshBox sleeveless 4 me too!
i insist on L but he say M fits me better.. hpmh!
M was really tight lorx..
i hate wearin tight clothings..
esp nw got some fats le.. =X
keke.. he bght a green tee lahx..
duno wat sk8ter tees norx..
hm sweet hm aft tat..

[25.08.2005] Thur

morn wake up duno y feelin aching all over..
guess i din slp well bahx?
morn mum went 2 collect my clock..
finally my rm got a big big clock le..
its also blue in color de.. hehe..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
my blue blue clock..

prepare abit n went 2 meet zhen tak lappy..
evening time goin over Ailian's hse stay over lorx..
zhen lend me her precious white Asus lappy worx..
quite light in weight lahx..
but tat day hafta brin clothes + bluetooth txtbk..
so bag was heavy too n nw hafta put in adapter.. extra load..
=( lucky meet dar.dar 4 lunch..
he helped me carry lappy n bag lorx..
so i wasnt carryin anitin.. *bEaMx*
he went 2 bght a small skateboard lorx..
ask him buy 4 wat?
he say buy le can use it in his hostel..
frm his room skate 2 toilet n bath.. -_-ll
lame arhx him? hehehe..
bght a packet of Twisties brin over 2 ailan's hse..
took train down Boon Lay with dar.dar..
so qiao took e same train as ailian..
dar.dar took 179 back 2 his ntu hostel..
n i took 242 wib ailian n huilin..
slack abit at ailian's hse..
preparing zhen's lappy 4 whole nite of proj..
really tough task arhx.. cux no mouse..
everything hafta use e small area 2 move arnd..
was scare my fingers wil remain stiff e nx morn.. hahaha..
me n ailian went out 4 dinner..
bght e dinner bac hm 2 eat cux got Jue Dui Superstar..
ailian's sis really torture her siax..
so bad norx.. nv c a younger sis lidat b4.. *shake head*
aniway started doin oni arnd 10+
cha bo rch arnd 11+ goin to 12am..
n ordered Mac delivery siax..
n i keep munching on tidbits..
cannot mak it siax.. oni me alone keep eatin..
whole packet of twisties almost all i eat lorx..
hahaha.. stil got pocky, yanyan n panda..
hahah.. all strawberry wan..
i do until 4+ 5am den zZz..
wheras ailian slp earlier abit..
cha bo zZz tat time im alady in lala-land liaox..

[26.08.2005] Fri

7+am wake up n heard raining sound..
found out its raining v heavily..
as in slpy mode, i went 2bac 2 zZz again..
until cha bo wake me up..
she sore eyes siax.. duno wat happen..
prepare n nua nua abit..
went off at arnd 9:30am siax..
for my 10am class lorx.. keke..
was late when we arrive lorx..
but me n chabo decide 2 give it a miss..
go eat breakfast 1st den go t15 use wireless do proj..
sway sway discover tat i miss out a extension plug..
w/o e plug, zhen's lappy cant use AC Power lorx..
i hurrily called ailian n took her hm keys..
took train n bus go 2 her hse tak..
luckily its at her hse..
n i hastily rushed off 2 go bac sch 4 Bluetooth lect..
damn sway..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
e plug which i missed out.. =
rch sch go Bluetooth class but stil v tired lehx..
aft class rush hm 2 prepare n rest awhile..
took zhen's lappy 2 yishun return her..
n oso eat desserts at yishun central..
not bad ehx.. her there got wireless sumore..
she acc me wait 4 bus while takin sum pix too..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

took 851 change 54 to orchard..
was super late siax.. traffic jam..
ate Long John Silver at Lido there..
watched Saint Ange too..
confusing.. complicated..
i dun catch a thing at all..
no subtitles.. n their accent v french..
dun quite uds.. =hm sweet hm aft tat le..

[27.08.2005] Sat

morn wake up send off dar.dar 4 his trg le..
n i hurrily prepare go meet zhen tak lappy le..
cux inviting cha bo n ailian over do proj mahx..
lucky zhen willing 2 lend me her precious again..
hehehe.. thx thx worx zhen..
bump into kelly at bus stop.. took same bus as her..
but she alight at Khatib..
meet le acc zhen eat Long John Silver b4 rushin back..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

give cha bo wrong direction..
end up she wasted more time 2 arrive.. =X
cha bo was scared by toto's fierce behaviour..
scare until hide at staircase there siax..
super funny.. kekeke..
aft tat ailian cum le.. n duno y suddenly they n toto ok liaox..
toto keep followin dem arnd norx..
and my 1st Abercrombie n Fitch tee is here le..
online auction buy de..
its orange in color de orhx.. *wInKx*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

cha bo n ailian oso took turns tak pix wib toto..
funny siax.. cux they wanna hug toto..
but yet dun dare..
so can oni mak toto sit close close 2 dem lorx..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

heheh.. cha bo went off at 5pm while ailian at 7pm..
con't doin abit b4 takin a rest..
turn in at 4+am..
busy wib e database stuffs..

[28.08.2005] Sun

wake up at 11+am to con't wib IADT proj..
programming really a killer..
type out e report but stil lack lotsa parts..
do n do n do.. den dar.dar came by arnd 2+pm..
he acc toto play while i busy doin lorx..
aft tat i rest awhile n wake up at 6+ to con't..
mainly jux programming n programming..
IADT really ruin my wkend..
wasted my wkend doin it..
i no time go find my TV n mini-combo..
i wanna have dem inside my rm b4 hse warming..
really!! =(
do proj until midnite 2+am den turn in..
by e time stil haven really do finish yet niax..
left ailian n cha bo doin..

[29.08.2005] Mon

woke up at 5+am..
ailian msg me ask me online 2 do e report..
so i rush online 2 accept e updated prog..
went 2 bath b4 startin on e report..
frm 5+am starve until go off at 8:15am..
rch sch at 9:10am..
went 2 find dem at t12404 to finish up sum parts..
hand in n its a load off our mind..
finally got time 2 eat breakfast..
Mac breakfast worx..
library aft tat..
intend 2 do ELIT final report..
but every1 dozing off le..
so we went hm at 2+pm norx..
hehe.. zhen came over 2 tak her precious lappy..
n oso 2 transfer pix 2 my com..
after she went off, its time 2 zZz le..
schedule for tis wk:
Tue : preparation for Negotiation Skills Role Play
last min preparation for ELIT presentation
Wed : Presenting ELIT final report
Role Play 40%
Thur : early aftn go NUS mak ID pass
late aftn go bac SP for NAPFA
Fri : hohoho.. finally im free!!!! =p

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Saturday, August 20, 2005

aArRrhHhh~ unbearable feeling cumin back again..
havin my cramps nw.. =(
not bcux of my running trg.. nw is stomach cramp..
ytd had my 4x100m relay finals..
total got 5 teams participate..
shar run 1st follow by py den cha bo n im e last runner..
bein 1st n last runner super stress nehx..
sumore we represent our sch of EEE lorx.. (>.<)
so cannot lose face mahx..
oths got Business, Banking n Finance, Design Engineering..
but my grp got Bronze worx.. =D
super happy alady.. at least got sth can le..
hehe.. aft tat we all went hm 2 bath lorx..
i bath le prepare n set off meet dar.dar 4 dinner at j8..
aft tat he came over 2 my hse play wib toto lorx..
while i try 2 get sum rest..
hehehe.. ltr wil post up sum pix we took ytd..

1st runner.. Sharmaine Tay.. 415

peiying.. 2nd runner.. 416

cha bo's no. 417

me showin off my no. 418

my 4x100m relay team members..

last pix b4 we went off 2 report..

Thursday, August 18, 2005

saw tis jacket online.. but its selling at $89!! =(

feeling kinda feverish rite now..
guess its bcux tis morn caught in e rain bahx?
was drenched quite abit..
n board a super "winter" 74 to sch..
rch le went 2 trg our 4x100m again lorx..
tis time rnd we jux do sum warm-ups and try out e run..
as it was drizzling.. therefore was wet again..
slightly awhile later, e drizzling bcum bigger..
so we stopped while waitin 4 cha bo to cum..
n ailian + huilin drop by 2c our trg..
as py hafta go off 4 her facial appointment..
so i acc her 2 swimming pool basement de toilet bath..
v stinky lorx.. like v long no1 go siax..
lucky i sit under e fan.. so e smell wasnt too strong..
n i dry myself while waitin 4 peiying..
chabo rch le den ailian + huilin + peiying went off..
left me cha bo n sharmaine niax..
cux stil raining quite heavily..
thus we decide 2 borrow badminton racket 2 play..
hahaha.. play for 1hr+ lorx..
oso play double wib another boi n ger..
but e court got booked by another grp..
so we left at 1:30pm.. n decide 2 run again..
muahaha.. v toopid lahx..
e rain haven stop yet n we went 2 run lorx..
so was drenched again!! tis time my tee was soak 2 e skin..
omg~ i was wearin a white over-sized tee norx.. (>.<) quickly went 2 bath n prepare arhx..
arnd 2+ they went 2 eat KFC n i went 2 meet zhen..
we went 2 Lido eat Long John Silver..
yUmMy yUmMy~~
wait n wait n finally min arrive..
walk arnd at Taka + far east b4 leavin hm..
m extremely tired by e time mahx..
min went 2 meet Ivan nehx.. 4 their 1yr 1mth anni worx..
hahaha.. wish her "xingfu 4eva" =D
on e oth hand me + zhen took bus hm lorx..
rch hm at 7+pm..
bath n rest on sofa..
nw my right arm m aching liaox..
duno tml how 2 run siax..
leg muscle cramp again le..
Sharmaine how how how?
hehehe.. jux nw compete wib zy n shar, i was e fastest worx..
budden doubt e possibility of winning is high bahx?
cfm alot well-trained ppl wil join de.. =(
hMmm.. rem 1 thing le..
my Mr Nice Neighbour horx.. he v nice worx..
he rem i wanna buy glow in e dark stars..
cux my rm was pitch dark arhx..
n he went Kota Tinggit, he caught a few fireflies back..
he offer 2 give it 2 me..
hehehe.. i nv seen fireflies b4 lehx.. =\
mux b v nice n swt bahx? glowin in e dark.. >_^
but too bad i nv get 2 meet him arhx..
so e fireflies die b4 i get 2c dem.. hehehe..
aniway oso mux thx him 4 rem..
wOohOo~ i have been officially living at my new hse 4 1mth le worx..
i mean in terms of ytd lahx..
F.Y.I i move in on 17th of July.. =)
n i wanna apologize 2 "sum1"
duno wat cum over me..
aft hearin e "sum1's" explaination..
i tink its jux a misunderstandings lahx..
so i shldnt have gotten angry over it..
yEaHx~ nx wk i'll b able 2 watch Tian Guo De Jie Ti le..
i'll b waiting for e arrival of e vcds..
i *promise i will.. (^v^)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My Precise BMI
Percent Body Fat : 25.2%
Fat Body Weight : 12.7kg
Lean Body Weight : 37.7kg

Basal Metabolic Rate : 1145 cal/day
Total Body Water : 26.3 litres, 52.2% of Body Weight and 69.8% of Lean Weight
Bioresistance : 796 ohms

Body Composition Current Target
Percent Body Fat : 25.2% 19%

Total Weight : 50.4kg 50.4kg
Fat Weight : 12.7kg 9.6kg
Lean Weight : 37.7kg 40.8kg
Weight To Lose : 0kg
Metabolic Rate : 1145cal 1241cal

2dae so qiao shar got approach by sum1 whu work 4 a roadshow..
is Beauty Slim..
they'r currently havin tis roadshow at Ngee Ann City..
helpin ppl 2 measure their BMI..
using machine ok?!
vv accurate.. n they will tell u which part need 2 slim down..
which part unhealthy and etc lahx..
aft measuring my BMI, e person told me..
tat act. my bones r quite small.. tats y i look skinny..
e reason y i put on weight is fats siax..
not healthy lean weight is fat weight nehx.. =(
she comment tat my Bioresistance r e highest among e ppl they measure..
bcux it goes 2 show tat my digestive systems r efficient..
my cells replace v fast.. wound heal v fast lorx..
hehehe.. but i lack of exercise..
tats y my Metabolic Rate needs to be improved..
wOohOo~ not bad ehx?
aniway had a enjoyable day wib py, shar, mk n chris..
went frm chinatown to town lorx..
bght 3 new plain tops and 1 ballet pumps..
haha.. to replace my spoiled de white ballet pumps lorx..
and oso to pamper myself too!
at 1st go chinatown stil got cha bo, brian + his fren and JunYan de..
but they went off halfway le.. =still, aft they left.. mk n chris got bullied by us..
mk help me carry my shopping bags..
muahahahah.. my male maid nehx.. =D
thx thx orhx.. mak me 4get abt my unhappiness..
hMmm.. gotta go watch Jue Dui Superstar le..

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

y does every1 care oni abt themselves?
borrow frm tis n tis but none wanna lend..
1 say lend 2 oths..
1 say return 2 oths..
is borrowin n lending frm ppl so diff?
4get it!!
i can get it myself!!!
every1 is selfish in tis world!


front of e fake cockroach..

back of e fake cockroach..

y did i tak tis pic? hehe..
cux toto jump up to e computer table..!!!

toto lookin curious..