DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

After A Long Wait..

I stil haven got e time 2 sit down,
relax & happily photoshop my photos..
hence, these photos wil only b part of it..
there's another 1st part of photos untouched. ;x

i realise i seriously need 2 update..
b4 my this blog turned into a "ghost blog"
its like not much ppl visitin already..
hur hur hur? why?! O.O

anyway, 4 e benefit of those who con't supporting me..
here's my ultimate update on my last wk.. ;)
have been playin Resident Evil on Wii for e past 3 wks..
from a Rank C, i bcum Rank A!
but its only this once.. LOLx!
i jux cant seems 2 aim & shoot accurately!

& thats toto doin his check..
everytime got new parcel,
he's bound to sniff arnd it..

i get all excited when new parcel arrive!
cux i can c beautiful clothes & accessories!

my mama & sis made these..
its kosong inside, w/o fillings..
but i stil love it e most!
pinky & greeny reminds u of...?

aft watchin a TW variety show..
teachin ppl how 2 make DIY pizza,
my mama suddenly v enthu..
she went market & buy all ingredients..
and viola! my sis bcum her "accomplice" too..
this is sis doin e cheese..

e amt of ingredients in our pizza..
love e pineapple e most! ;p

e SMALL mountain of cheese..

does e pizza look "pass-able"?
but act. e crust is too HARD & crispy..
LOL! taste like eatin biscuits w/ pizza add-ons.. ;x

nw thats another 2 spree's parcel over here..
thats why i say 6 boxes lyin at my place..
BOO! ;(

these are my items!
did i gave u a shock?!
are these too much? ;x

let me show u the necklaces..
e guitar bling bling clock necky is my fave nw!
its bling & its got clock function..
1 stone kill 2 birds right? ;p
however, im abit disappointed w e key necky..
its so NOT nice over here.. =|

wonderin wat is this?

given by my sis's bf lahx..
is special bcux its custom made!
no1 wil get e same piece,
UNLESS he ordered extra lahx.. ;p

on a random day,
while waitin 4 bus & saw these guys painting..
e smell of e paint makes me wanna do painting as well..
did i ever say, i love e smell of paint? ;D

thats my 1st destination on Xmas eve..
all bcux i duwan 2 keep my spree-ers waiting..
so i went down AMK PO to post their items..
thats e 1st time i saw a Q at e PO lohx..
-.-" wanna know e reason?
bcux there're lotsa AUNTIES & UNCLES..
who DUNO how 2 use e SAM or AXS machines..
they "willingly" Q up to pay bills at the counter..
wasting other ppl's time..
when they can jolly well make payment at SAM or AXS..
*calm myself down*
luckily my parents are NOT any of them.
they go by GIRO way..
save time 4 themselves & others as well..

2nd destination : AMK Hub.
had my lunch over there +
met up w another spree-er..
(im quite a spree freak nw right?)

3rd destination : Mandai Crementorium & Columbarium.
went 2 visit *his mum..
partly 2 keep my promise as well..
and i saw MONKEYS outside! ;O

4th destination : AMK Drive-Thru Mac Cafe
aft visitin *his mum, we slack there..
each playin own NDSL 2 kill time..
im leveling up on my Dragon Quest game right nw..
hiakx hiakx~ need 2 kill a powerful boss.. =s

and in e midst of nowhere i suddenly rem a big issue!
that morn b4 i went down PO, i spotted sth at the doorstep.
both me & mama was at home e morning..
no DOOR BELL or KNOCKING, so why got delivery advise?
i quickly call up SingPost to ask..
and demanded an explanation from them.
(its 3 parcels by the way, i've been expectin them)
e guy was quite apologetic that such thing happened.
he excused while & ask his superior.
gave me e Delivery Base's contact no. 2 call.
i call them up & told them e situation.
below is part of the conversation :
Me : Hi, i saw a delivery advise at my doorstep.
But e prob is, i din hear any doorbell or knockin at all.
so, why am i getting the advise?
both my mother & i was at home this morn.
Lady : may i know whats your item number?
Me : told them e 3 parcel's number..
Lady : hmm~ u've got 3 parcels right?
e reason being your parcel is bulky..
Me : hearin that & tryin 2 interrupt her.. but got cut off..
Lady : u need me to arrange another re-delivery?
Me : Yes, of cux! I need the parcels by 2dae.
Lady : okie, i help u call up the delivery man & arrange.
but i cant promise u'll definitely get it by 2dae.
Me : *absurd feeling* ok! do let me know.

- hang up the phone -

told *him abt the conversation.
and he asked a crucial Qs.
"parcels bulky den cannot deliver mehx?"
which makes me thinking..
"yah horx, bulky can put on floor wat!"

- phone rings, its the Delivery Base -
Lady : Hi Veronica, i cant get hold of any deliveryman.
Me : So what can be done now?
Lady : Do u want to come down collect instead?
We're having half day, so wil b closed at 5pm sharp.
Me : -time check, 3:50pm- Is there no other deliveryman?
Cux e prob is, the postman DID NOT deliver my parcels.
I was at home & yet i stil get the advise.
Now im stil ASKED to go down & collect the parcels myself.
I did pay for the shipping charges, so why shld i collect it?
Lady : I'll continue to try & contact the deliveryman for u.
but would u wanna try comin down 2 collect?
since u say u need it by 2dae?
Me : alright. even if i go down,
i'll stil want 2 know who the postman is.
Lady : Act. we did give u a call b4 makin the delivery.
and nobody pick up the phone.
Me : Even if nobody picks up the phone,
it doesnt mean that no1 is at home.
If the postman can go my doorstep & put e delivery advise,
why cant he jux press e doorbell?
Lady : Ok. I will ask the Inspector of Post.
See if he can make the delivery to your place.
Me : OK! Pls keep me updated.

- conversation ended -

i persuaded *him 2 go down with me..
while waitin 4 bus, *he say THEY shld b deliverin 2 me,
why shld we go down & collect ourselves?
So we waited at the bus stop until 4:45pm,
b4 i call them up again.
They oni pick it up aft afew tries.

Me : Hi, this is Veronica.
Lady : Hi Veronica, i've arranged with Inspector of Post.
He wil make the delivery by 7pm.
Wil that be ok with u?
Me : Very well, some1 wil be at hm 2 sign the parcels.
Thank you!

- conversation ended -

we hurried home,
hopin 2c e Inspector of Post.
And i would wish to "complain" 2 him..
its e 1st time i experience such incident.
and i feel such things shldnt b repeated!
lets hope my nx parcel wil NOT end up lidat. ;)

rched hm & all 3 parcels were at my place already.
-.-" they mux have hurrily make e delivery.
So that i wil not rch hm in time to "complain"
really v irritating can? (>.<)
went 2 bath & change b4 goin out 4 dinner..
*he say bringing me out 4 xmas feast!

wOohOo~ Grill Out!
its located at Buona Vista.
Beef lover, this is a MUST try 4 u! ;p

here's e address for u..

appetizer : fresh greens

sittin under the coconut tree..
ambience is really great!

there's no light for e seats.
save electricity by usin candles..
does this refer to candlelit dinner too? ;p

Cheese Platter.
really quite -.-" right?
i nearly fainted when i saw it..
i was expecting sth really cheesy..
until i saw e biscuits.. :O

nevertheless, we tucked in 2 e food..

*can c e photo changed 2 darker background*
night has fall already. ;)
e cheese really tasted differently.
its like those white cheese.
but i prefer normal cheese taste. ;x

here comes the soup..
at 1st look, i tot its Curry soup.
tried afew mouthful, it taste weirdly..
cant tell what kinda soup is this..
UNTIL, i find e color resembles..
OMGOSH! again i tried sth w/o knowin wat it is..
i DONT LIKE pumpkin nahx..
e taste is really awful can? ;s
i nearly puked out..
but i stil "persuade" myself 2 finish it.

garlic bread!
it taste DELICIOUSLY! ;D

my main course : Back Pork Ribs.
really regretful can?!
i dun really know how 2 eat pork ribs..
was "stabbin" e ribs so hard that my hand hurts..
=( if oni i order steak as well..

*his Kobe Beef.
v tender & soft, i can tell that..
*he started eatin b4 i rem i need 2 shoot..

aft *he finish eatin *his steak,
*he offer 2 help me cut up my pork ribs..
den i realised i've been cuttin it e wrong way!
(-___-)" really turned off by myself.

Mango Sorbet w/ Poached Pears!
the mango sorbet is HEAVENLY lahx!
poached pears taste weirdly, to me again. ;x

& *he force me 2 wear *his oakley 2 tak pix.
else i'll hafta foot the bill.. =|

Coffee or Tea?
e v irritating *him insisted that Coffee for both.
i tried my 1st cuppa Coffee that day..

when i've finish mixin it,
it no longer taste like coffee..
more like milk sugar coffee..
HA HA! i added 5 packets of SUGAR!
*shrug shoulders*

thats how much everything added up to..
Cheese Platter - $10!!
freaking expensive right?
9 pieces of biscuits + 8 cheese = $10!!

returned 2 my place 2 rest awhile..
i settled my 2 spree's stuffs while he "zelda-ing" away.
time sneak by quickly, its XMAS DAY already!
by 1230am, we're on my sis's bf car..
headin down to AMK Hub for Midnite movie..

caught I Am Legend there..
thats my sis's bf..
i treated them 2 e movie horx.. ;p

thats them inside e lift.
e lift really reminds me of Resident Evil.
whenever my character is in e lift,
there sure wil b creatures attacking me..

here's e gift frm my sis..
an altered box frm her! ;)
i can move my ever-growin accessories over le..

w starry shaped stick-ons for windows..
im considerin where 2 stick them now..

plus my items from e 3 parcels.
a purple starry clock necklace!

e nx day, received an sms frm zhen..
askin 2 meet 4 dinner last min..
she arhx.. always got such last min cravings..
luckily mama haven cooked yet..

any idea where we had our dinner?

i bet u duno where it is.. ;p

nw u got e idea already?

how abt now?

know le bahx?
SHUCKS! im so addicted..
this is e 5th time this mth..

aft lisa joined us..
surprisingly, we din had any make-ups on..
esp LISA! no eyeliner at all! :O

thats THEM!

hardly i'll look nice at the left side.
all bcux i spot a right side parting.
=| gotta go 4 a haircut soon..

random 1

random 2

random 3

random 4

guess which toilet are we at?

inside e handicap toilet! LOL!
and all of us wear shorts!
if ur eyes are sharp enough,
u'll be able 2 tell that.....
pair of shorts is 1 of e new items i bght!

im sucha addict for F21..
but im LOVIN' it! ;D

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