DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Monday, April 30, 2007

cakes pls

some1 go get me a slice of cake pls..
im so so craving 4 cake right now..
esp aft browsin e photos i took at TW..
with e above piece of cake i had at TW airport.
their cakes r so wonderful nicely made!
oh man~ go get me a cake..



e then-stranger-now-fren said, "xiao jie"
saved my silly life frm e on-coming coach

quoted from -YH-


Saturday, April 28, 2007

back in action.... finally

im back, everyone..
im back im back~

but i need 2 recuperate..
gain back my lost slping hrs..

bcux some1 comment i look shagged!


Monday, April 23, 2007

Pre-advanced Booking

i guess all of u mux b wondering..
why is there an entry 6days b4hand?

i wont b arnd on e 23rd 2 type it..
BUT, i jux wanna bk some ppl b4 my bdae..
dont say i nv inform u all earlier..
its already 2mth in advanced le worx..
i would really appreciate u guys 2 turn up..
venue & time 2b confirmed again..
but e DATE is definitely 23rd June'07!
names r not in priority order ok?

Pri Sch :
. kaiying . shuyu . sauwei .
e rest 2b confirmed

Sec Sch :
. kelly . shuyu . sunny . shuwei .
. aimin . francine . lizhen . lisa .
. wilson . charlie . netball seniors? .
. peishan . siewxiang . limei . weiguo .
. mayying . yvonne . zhengxiong .
. miss heng? . miss chng? .

M1 mates :
. weitian . shiyin . thomas . jane .
. shunfoong . ivan .

CitiBank/Sis's Fren :
. troy . guowei . yihao .

Current Colleagues :
all 2b confirmed

Poly mates :
. ailian . sharmaine . peiying .
. mk . chris . brian . boonkeat .
. vincent . kahlap . weimin . zhiying .
. humairah . zhiquan . hansoon . huilin .

ok~ e list is some sort like above..
maybe some names cant recall yet..
m typing this in a rush..

peeps, pls check if ur name is inside..
let me know if u can make it anot ok?
at least by 28th May?

Friday, April 20, 2007

byebye everyone~

im inside e departure..
using their free internet access..
gonna board plane at 12noon already..
wil approx rch Taiwan at 5+pm
any1 miss me jux sms me kx?
i'll be able 2 receive it de..
miss me kx?


here we go~

when we're going on a short getaway,
toto gets 2 enjoy as well..
c how happy he is?that is toto's luggage..
for his getaway..


Thursday, April 19, 2007


the boyfriend said,
"if i dont have exams,
i would have folk out $$ 2 pay
for hotel & air tix myself.
jux 2b there 2 look after u"


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

on & on & on

7th entry of the day..
so sorry 2 squeeze everything 2dae..
making 2dae's entry such a long long one?
is like updating all e way from 6th until 17th?
anyway, this entry is random..
jux 2 countdown..
another 2 days and im FLYING~

dear frenx, dont miss me..
i'll b back real soon..
/* i.p.r.o.m.i.s.e

with lots & lots of goodies..


mobee mobee

now now.. im outdated again..
reasons for catchin these movies is bcux..
dar.dar is havin exams on 27th & 31st,
and im goin hols from 20th-26th,
meaning we cant watch movies from 20th-31st..
SO, gotta faster catch some movies,
b4 there're down again..
overall 3.5/5 blings?
storyline is gd,
lotsa muscular guys 2 drool
(but i wasnt in e least interested)
there's 1 part which i got a Qs,
where did that white horse ran to?
aft cuttin down e captain's son's head?
i pity those elephants, horses, rhino in e movie..
i mean if they were real, it wld have been painful right?

didnt really know why we watched it..
but overall its as good..
i would rate it 4/5 blings!
the storyline is v unexpected..
i mean, i cant imagine if i was him.
i wouldnt have survived if i was him in e movie..
my will isnt as STRONG as his..
but e sniper's shooting skill is definitely EXCELLENT!
nw then i know shooting sth gotta depend on surroundings,
humanity, wind, surroundings, pressure etc etc..
gd 4 knowledge as well?


gd bye, my hair

im saying that on behalf of toto..
because toto wil be going 4 a "haircut" 2dae..
as every1 can c, his hair is covering his eyes,
so much that i cant c his sparkling eyes anymore..
therefore, my mama has scheduled with e groomer,
to get him "cut" 2dae lohx..
meaning 2nite when i rched hm,
he shld b "hairless"
or maybe "botak"
oh my oh my~
toto lyin down near e main door..
dont let me go work?
every morn, toto wil wake up early..
2gether with my mama lahx..

but he wil bark bark bark if me & sis go work..
is he saying "byebye" 2 us?


Donut Factory_v2

last Sat we had another crazy stunt..
jux that this time rnd im not as crazy..
bcux i've got 2 scapegoat 2 do it 4 me..
they're namely zhen & ys!
hahaha~ ys rched at 9:50am,
zhen rched half an hr ltr.
i rched at arnd 11:45am.
we oni managed 2 get our donuts at 1pm sharp?
there was only 10-15ppl infront of us niax..
but LOTs & LOTs of ppl behind us..
our happy look!
mux thx ys again..
4 driving us 2 suntec 4 lunch..
photo whoring when zhen not arnd?
we had Kenny Rogers!
bcux im inloved with e honeyd ribs
zhen & ys went Carrefour,
while we head back hm.
at City Link toilet
while waitin 4 train at City Hall
2mins & what can we do?
why she looks like she's gonna bite me?
sittin at senior citizens seats..
tryin out e panaroma function
doesnt seems 2b v successful thou..den i tried e Burst mode..
takin 4 consecutive shots quickly..
Take 1
Take 2
Take 3
Take 4
this 4 consecutive can b considered e most successful.
bcux e rest all featured our Miss Foo's face in a blurred.
she super amazed by this Burst mode..
e whole cabin was filled with our laughter..
jux bcux e 1st set of photos was hilarious..
or shld i say we look retarded in it?
finally, a normal take.
ME, returning hm happily with my buys.
my Orange White Chocolate --- FAVE!
the oth 2 is Cheese Tar Tar,
and Spicy Cheese
from top left to bottom right :
Peanut Dark Choco
Double Choco
Lotus Mocha
Hazelnut Dark Choco
Apple Cinnamon
Cheese Tar Tar

now, does any1 fancy some donuts?


10th & 11th Apr

10.04.2007 [ Tue ]
received a mail from some1..
its my F21 goods!
my mail finally
its my 3 necky..
wOwx.. i've got 4 necky frm F21 already..
Kimber Key Necky
Lacey Heart
Heart Pendent
loved this necky esp..
bcux e necklace itself is interwoven with ribbon..
its not those normal chain necklace..
special bahx?

11.04.2007 [ Wed ]
head to Chinatown aft work..
meet my sis up at People's Park Complex.
need 2 go down for briefing..
kinda off right?
met dar.dar over there as well..
e tour agency which we joined.
was given 4 tour bags again..

much to my surprise,
the tour leader bringing us 2 Taiwan,
she's called Veron too!
coincident bahx?
rched hm and there's a mail 4 me..
its my Haley Horn Necky!
e 1 which cost me $3.80 niax..

that night, toto was super abnormal.
he wanted 2 come in to my rm..
while me & dar.dar was slping,
he use his "loud-speaker" 2 knock my door..
aft opening e door,
there he was smiling at me..
toto lookin at dar.dar smiling..
whats with that look?
toto slpin with me on my bed..
lolx.. abit messy lahx..
and.. i cant even c toto's eyes..

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6th & 7th Apr

on the 6th of Apr which is Good Friday,
i met dar.dar at J8 aft his sch.
went to eat Sakae as he stil got $20 voucher 4 it.
and he intro me Katsu Don.
in which bcux i told him i like egg + onion.
in e end, its so tasteless!
such a disappointment 4 my 1st time.
ordered Chicken Sukiyaki again..
my all-time fave at Sakae.
i added e egg into it.

aft our dinner, we head over 2 his hse.

cux i bght Donuts 4 his family on 5th Apr.
so better bring it 2 his family earlier.
and jux nice his dad jux return from HK niax.
surprisingly, his dad bght his DSR cam le.
he paid a lower price compared 2 SG prices.
acting pro using his dad's cammy
whoa.. such camera is so heavy can?
imagine those photographer hafta carry it all day long?

07.04.2007 [ Sat]
morn me, sis, mama, dar.dar + wh went 2 ICA building.
my sis + mama + dar.dar need 2 collect their passport.
and guess what freaking thing happened?
the queue for entrance into ICA building is LONG!
i think i walked 1 BIG rnd ICA b4 i entered it!
e no. of ppl collecting b4 my sis, mama & dar.dar got 100+
wah liew!
why every1 so qiao need 2 collect?
anyway, we left at arnd 9+am aft 1hr+ waiting..
wh drove us hm den me & dar.dar went buying 4 stuffs..
need 2 visit his mama at e Mandai Columbarium.
met up with his papa then we offer joss stick 4 his mama.
honestly, its my 2nd time there..
1st time is during his mama funeral,
and 2nd time is 2 visit his mama.
freaking HOT day.
we're sweating non-stop worx..
took 138 back to amk again.
intended 2 lunch 2gether, but his dad goin elsewhere.
so we settled our lunch at Pepper Lunch!
fortunate us get a seats right b4 others..
bcux we're 2 pax while oths r a grp.
Sizzle it your way!
we added egg to it..
we LOVE eggs!
the whole meal came up to $28 lehx..
which is so exp can?
doubt i'll ever eat it with oths..

went hm aft our lunch..
took some rest & acc toto.
BCUX, toto is goin chalet le..
my sis's bf, wh is bringin toto hm.
wanna try whether toto can adapt anot.
bcux wh is e 1 lookin aft toto when we're away.
toto givin me innocent look again..
and he yawn once..
infront of my camera.

giving me a satisfied smile aft that..
toto~ i wil miss u~