DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yet Another Week...

this week was slightly better than last.
at least i spend my office hrs doing my work not slacking.
realised 8hrs of working pass by so much faster than when doing nothing.
next week have to attend training on conference call;
have to go over Tanjong Pagar office for a Finance Meeting;
and also it marks the start of April!
which means its time to start doing my SLA report myself! ;s
shucks! gotta prepare stationary & note down all important stuff.
anyway, i have to iron my clothes prepare for work tomorrow.
every 2 weeks iron once, maybe should get more cotton clothes instead.
this is the Small vs Big which im referring to.
i setup a monitor connected to my laptop for bigger usage.
didnt know using keyboard, mouse & monitor is better than laptop!
e other day i got free lift home from work.
reached home b4 the sky turns dark.
bath & came out just in time for 7pm channel u drama.
even got time to take photo of the sky turning dark.
last Thur the postman delivered toto's raincoat!
next time during rainy day can also bring toto out for walk.
HAHAHA! look at how unwilling toto looks over here.

alrights, i gotta go do my ironing already.
if time permits, i shall do some work to lighten tomorrow's load.
not forgetting to re-paint my nails again. :D
tomorrow midnite the lover is coming back home loh!

I'm coming home
I'm coming home
Tell the World I'm coming home
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits and they've forgiven my mistakes
I'm coming home, I'm coming home
Tell the World that I'm coming

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


here's the amt of junk food i stocked up in office!
bit by bit i binge on them during ofc hrs..
esp aft lunchtime 4 my itchy mouth..
while doing reports & munching on junk food is great combi!
haw flakes aid in digesting & gd 2 curb menses cramp!
milo is 2 go with my bread in the morning.
i foresee my working area growing day by day..
since im e only 1 sitting at another side of the office.
stay tune tomorrow 4 my entry on small vs big!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

weekend gone in a blink

ytd's weather was kinda weird,
it went from white clouds blue sky to gloomy sky suddenly.
yet aft e gloomy sky, the blue sky returns back!
i took 2 snaps out from my house's window.
here's the sky from the right hand side of my hse,
which is my cousin's hse area.
look at those thick black clouds!
the sky over my side which is stil showing fluffy white clouds..
den i realised ever since i started working,
i've been binging on junk food v often!
i even stock them up in my office drawer for my convenience!
so 2dae i bought a pack over 2 his house 2 share..
very sian at the thought of returning back to work tomorrow..

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Friday, March 18, 2011

There Goes First Week..

so i officially returns to being an OL on Mon..
pulled myself reluctantly up for work in the early morning at 550am.
bath, prepare, breakfast & setoff as early as 730am.
reached Tiong Bahru bus stop at 820am. -.-"
my co. shuttle bus only picks us up at 844am loh..
was half listening 2 music & half fb+twittering on my iphone.
anyway, i met 1 of my boss at the bus stop together.
he shows me arnd the 3floors & without him i'll be handicapped.
cause i need an access card to enter basically everywhere!
after he went back to work, i stick around with Amy.
she's in charge of handover to me.
what i had on e 1st day of work.
consider cheap at $3 with extra meat in soup!

what i did the whole day was jux staring at her working.
my laptop wasnt ready yet so i couldnt do anything.
the same goes to Tue as well.
except i've finally signed my contract already!
also pass to HR all e relevant docs for processing.
since Amy was busy & i couldnt help her in anything,
i sneak out for teabreak!
was craving for curry puff suddenly la!

i informed them beforehand that Wed i couldnt report for work.
got some personal issues but anyway it was approved.
i head down for my 2nd med checkup within 6days!
note that its at the same Raffles Hospital.
urine & blood test again!
i got blood test phobia!
my previous blood test wound is stil blue black.

Thur i returned back to work wearing my new pants!
its from Stradivarious, very comfortable in slim cut.
makes me look slimmer, me like!
paired with ultra cheap $10 pumps from vivie.

Amy was driving her dad's car ytd hence we lunch further out.
drove out to somewhere near Henderson Market.
had their Teochew porridge with dishes.
very cheap, only comes up to $13.60 for 4pax!
we've got a total of about 7dishes!
i stick around with Amy to Bukit Merah Market too.
she hafta help her husband to get contacts.
only reached office at 1430pm!
thats when the technician finally came with my laptop!
had it 60% setup. the remaining 40% Amy helepd me with it.
this morning i had my fave donuts 4 breakfast!
very sweet but it makes me happy!

reached office & i slowly try to personalise the laptop.
very lousy considering that its only running on a 512MB RAM! BOO!!
sooner or later, i'll get them to add in extra for me!
ytd i bought this at Henderson Market.
there was a stall among the wet market selling bicuits.
chose this over all biscuits.
brings me fond memories of my childhood days.
didnt lunch out today so i dabao yong tau foo back!
sucha big bowl with 8ingredient + rice for $4.30!
i finished the whole bowl except the rice.
still, i think i'll patronise this stall again.
they've got very nice & friendly aunties!

as i slowly countdown, its the end of 1st week being an OL.
so far stil ok except i dont like my current office.
everything is so old & how u call that, used?
undeniable, i've got nice colleagues & still no politics.
but there IS this one guy whom i hate ever since 2yrs+ back,
he's stil around & is my direct reporting boss now.
i sincerely pray he'll be shifted away. ;D

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011


e other day i met Raju & she passed me these..
honestly i've forgotten who this jap crew is already..
and those goodies from Raju with ♥!

last Fri i sent my resume back to my ex ex-boss,
on Mon he gave me a ring & just ytd i went down to meet him.
all been discussed & i accepted his offer on the spot.
its too good to give it a miss.
only thing i hate is the working location.
at tiong bahru, not here nor there.
i cant even meet my besties 4 lunch anymore! big boo!
but i've set my plan to save $800/mth!
slowly build up my savings bit by bit while im can..


Sunday, March 06, 2011

Finally After 39days,

i finally step into his house again!
the day before i accidentally went to Alec's house,
after which i also went to Lisa's house!
only realised that when Lisa asked if i've been to Francine's place.
ohno! i was still trying to keep to the 49days principle.
anyway, i hope nothing bad will happen to their family.


Saturday, March 05, 2011

Not Again!

its the weekend once more..
when every1 else is so happy to have weekends,
im actually feeling different.
weekday or weekends, to me both seems e same.
thats the best thing about being unemployed.
right now i've already turned down 3 job offeres.
the 4th will be turned down next week.
although they're willing to pay me a salary of $2.2k,
but the amount of AL is only 7Ds per year!
not to mention no dental, even medical is only $100+!
nuff said, i shall wait for government job..
at the same time, if a better job offer comes by...

Mon was spent meetin Mabelle @ Bugis.
had lunch & walked around aimlessly b4 bidding farewell.

Tue i met Cine after 2 interviews.
decided to invest in some formal clothes,
we walked around Orchard shopping!
the last time i spend $$ on clothes was 2mths ago!
wait 4 xiang & lisa 2 off work b4 we took a train home.

Wed i met Raju at town again!
paid a visit to Kinokuniya to browse books.
saw this whole range of shopaholics storybooks, my fave!
i even read out horoscope from books to Raju..

Raju bought playdough from Kinokuniya!
so funny to knead icecream & burgers outside the Chanel store.
security guard even shoo us off!

Wed i received an sms from Singtel about winning tickets!
as stated in the sms, its 12noon on 4th Mar.
who knows, that was a wrong date & time!
poor me & zhen made a wasted trip down Powerhouse. -.-"
again we went down to town where i bought new clothes!
luckily zhen stopped me from buying the pants from Bershka,
because i ended up buying something nicer elsewhere!

while waitin 4 lisa at Orchard MRT..
as we hardly get to meet up that often,
we camwhore a teeny bit..

i made a mistake again!
lisa said she's at e 1st cabin but we wait at e last!
when we finally met her at Newton MRT,
her face was black & fierce.

aft that xiang went home while e 3 of us went 2 lisa's hse.
played with dro & had our dinner together!
even watched the MobTV on Demand for the 9pm drama!
since its only the 3 of us aft dro fell aslp,
we gossip abit here & there..
listening 2 lisa relate 2 us about her pregnancy story,
i really admire her 4 being so brave!
alright, about time i go take a nap already..

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