DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Friday, December 29, 2006

aft readin Francine's blog,
have decided 2 follow her "entry"
and summarise up my 2006's happenings!

: Jan :
busy-ing myself with FYP with PY & ZY
often kana scolding from our XX supervisor
hahaha of cux i stil rem XX's full name lahx..
this was the month where my grp of 6 girls drift apart..
so saddening arhx.. (>.<)
had my 1st reunion dinner with parents + bf
1st time in my LIFE ok?

: Feb :
i spoilt dar.dar's PS2
BUT im not directly responsible for it..
like what dar.dar said.. electrical thingy wil spoil 1 day..
hahaha.. but this mth i kana skin allergy again..
sumore its durin my exam period ok?!
kns right? ugh~
i also kana food poisonin aft celebratin min's bdae..
its at Chomp Chomp norx..
where we all 4 girls kana food poisoning..
jux that cine is more serious..

: Mar :
went Natas fair with my jiejie & dar.dar
settled our May's HK trip.. wOohOo~
i also went Kelly's hse 4 my 1st time ever "Mahjong"
sumore its with her poly frenx norx..
playin OVERNIGHT! fwah!
and den i realised part of my dream..
is 2 work at a PET SHOP
i guess most of u shld rem my dramatic experience?
hahaha.. i CFM + GUARANTEE wont go back..
i wil rem that pet shop 4ver!
eHhhx.. i finish my POLY STUDIES lohx~
plus.. i kana bedbuds bites..
i duwan..

: Apr :
nothing much happened..
jux plain workin part time job 4 fast cash..
to earn my holiday money mahx..
hahaha.. sort of addicted 2 PC games..
provided by dar.dar lohx..

: May :
get to work at Suntec with SF & Jane..
which eventually let me get 2 know SF more?!
hahaha coincidently mk was work there too..
so i get 2c him v often at that time..
SF even treat me Ben&Jerry's ice cream *yum
stil rem chris drop by 2 visit us *so swt
fulfil my another dream..
that is 2 travel abroad by PLANE..
1st time in my LIFE ok? *again?
this mth is e mth that i get 2c dar.dar parents..
but is also the last time i'll c his mum..
cux ...
was durin my super low period..
thx god min gimme advice so i avoided 1 regretful decision..
m greatful that i get 2 know *her

: June :
my 20th bdae?!
another thing is i got my current job..
started on the 12th June..
dar.dar got me my 3rd Levis jeans..
as a form of pressy 4 my bdae..
(since he duno what 2 buy)
World Cup started and i rooted for Germany 2 win..
dar.dar bght his w800i too!
and dar.dar went back HK with his dad..
2 settle some personal stuffs..
lastly, dar.dar bght 4 me w700i..

: July :
my colleagues intro me a great rest.
at Chinatown de Red Star Rest.
4th July i grad from SP le..
officially took my grad cert lohx..
i shared with my sis 4 our parents bdae pressy..
a $300++ Oto Trimax worx..
dar.dar bght his Adidas pair of shoes..
search high & low 4 it lehx..

: Aug :
dar.dar brin me go c fireworks on National Day
went temple "qiu qian" 4 my 1st time..
all thx 2 lianlian..
i got free tix 2 watch Lee Sheng Jie's mini concert..
definitely dar.dar acc me 2 watch lohx..

: Sept :
its our 2yrs anniversary~ *muackx
dar.dar gimme a wallet as pressy..
while i made my door-handle + album 4 him..
my oni female colleague left the office too..
my mama made mooncakes 2 sell..
earn a whoopin $400+ profits *thx every1
bump into limei & siewxiang at tanjong pagar mkt..
so qiao they'r workin that area too!
i bght my 1st ever scrapbookin album frm US webby..
super happy & enthu over it!
thx 2 dar.dar's papa 4 buyin cola gummies 4 me!

: Oct :
i rem i brin my jiejie 2 Clementi thread eyebrow..
its the 1st time we 2 go out ourselves..
hahaha.. hardly we wil go out mahx..
and den chill out with zhen & cine at Liquid Kitchen..
dine at Kenny Rogers *yummy
dar.dar borrowed PS2 from his frenx..
let me cont playin my DQ8
got my confirmation this month lohx!

: Nov :
went back YCKSS aft many yrs..
4 my juniors farewell party..
it also helps 2 brin me & my long lost frenx closer..
*thankful for it*
cele dar.dar's 26th bdae
witness the 1st time ever accident in my LIFE
hahaha.. the tree collapse at Lornie Rd lohx..
cele my sis's 24th bdae..
gave her a hand-made notebk as well..
and den cele zhen's 20th bdae..
by goin 2 PartyWorld..
went Fish Leong's concert with sis + her frenx..
had our dinner at Fishermen's Village..
plus a prata session cux sis's bf driving mahx..
met up with lisa and e rest 4 lunch as well..

: Dec :
BBQ with my sec sch mates 4 xmas celebration
dar.dar share money buy N Mei with me..
received a surprise xmas gift from sis..
and.. received e most xmas gift this yr as well..
visited PartyWorld with zhen & Lisa
a chance 2 peep into siewxiang's workplace
afew more doraemon items 2 add 2 my collection
celebrate zhen successfully gettin into Police
*clap hands*
and 1st time ever me & zhen caught a movie..

yepx.. thats all for now lohx..
m glad that 2006 is gonna b history soon..
thou there's sadness, but it has made me grow up..
im sure 2007 wil b a better yr 4 every1..
wil learn 2 love & treasure those arnd me more!
*i promise

2nd day of my 6days holiday and im rottin at hm..
even when its such wonderful weather 2dae..
cux im sufferin under e hands of cramps..
not only cramps, diarrhoa as well..
morn was runnin in and out of toilet..
until im so sick of it..
legs turning jelly too! =(
aft swallowin 2 pills for pain relief..
i doze off with toto slpin on the bed with me..
woke up arnd 3+pm for my lunch..
and have been usin PC til now..
doin my preparation for my art class tml..
searchin for my OWN photos..
bcux i'll b doin a ME Board tml lehx..
hahaha.. shall post up when i completed ok? ;)
ytd like what i've said, was spent with zhen..
head down MS by train..
b4 that was caught in e rain lohx!
-.-" jeans wet until my legs turn cold on train..
so nice of her 2 acc me watch..
dar.dar duwan watch with me mahx..
so luckily she agreed!
read on for my photo entry..
takin pix infront of Charlotte's Web ads

me with the Charlotte's Web ads
wonder dar.dar wanna watch wit me?

aft movies..
went 2 ans e call of nature
a nicer take bahx?
both lookin at e camera..
guess where we went 4 dinner?
stil duno bahx? =D
at Marina outlet, u can enjoy a real Jap style!
readin menu c what 2 order ehx?
Fried Hotate~
an overheated fried hotate..
fried tofu(s)
Tako Yaki
zhen's salmon sushi(s)
my Kani Sushi(s)
our Kakiage
my fave Chawamushi~
i took this pix myself nehx..
zhen's pumpkin chawamushi
i dun dare 2 try..
our desserts ---- Mochi ice creams
c my greedy look.. hahaha
last pix b4 we went off..
beautiful lightings at MS
really beautiful right?
my solo take
while waitin for our train..
another take..
on the train lohx..
from bottom up..
some1 dozin off ehx?
Mini Toons havin 30% STOREWIDE!!
cannot resist e temptation and ....
bght 2 Doraemon stuffs..
2 add on to my collection mahx..
my current games on N Mei
this is my NintenDog - KAKA
(derived from VeroniKA)
Mario Kart playin with dar.dar
we'r in e same team..
he call N Zai and me N Mei..
wOwx~ i won i won i won~
Rank Star sumore!
received a card from WeiMin
thx dear~
the surprise gift from my colleague..
know whats that?
a SNOWFLAKE keychain..
super nice & sweet..
given my character arhx..
definitely cant bear 2 use it..

gonna end here le..
b back when im free ehx?
wish everyone in advance 1st..

Happy New Year 2007~

Thursday, December 28, 2006

finally.. blogger is able to load..
after the quake near Taiwan..
almost "all" the network connection bcum S.L.O.W
experienced it ytd during work..
which i TOTALLY had no connection..
cant access anywhere using IE..
except my Skype is connected.
even my co. messenger oso cant connect..
how shitty is that?
anyway, ytd was full of ups & downs..
met limei & siewxiang 4 lunch at PS..
cux i wanna grab some stuffs 4 my Sat class..
sweet siew xiang pass me raisins tarts..
which is given by her colleague..
hahaha.. i in turn gave ALL 2 my colleagues 2 eat..
they even trust me 2 eat omellette with me..
(they only trust TAKA that outlet)
went 2 buy Ice Mountain which i 4got 2 drink..
only when i rch Tanjong Pagar den i rem abt it lohx..
WTH? how absent-minded can i be?
den passed namecards 2 e rest of e colleagues..
and got another pressy back (shld b e last)
its quite consider a surprise lahx..
at night went 2 collect my $30 deposit from RC..
which they DONT gimme back cux i nv produce original receipt..
and how e hell i produce lahx?
its all gone after washin inside my shorts..
there goes my $30!! *WTF*
ANYWAY, my mama agree 2 go down with me 2nite..
argue the way thru or mayb show them e BITS & PIECES of it..
they want original receipt mahx.. show them lohx!
but b4 that im meetin zhen go MS/Bugis..
she wanna shop 4 pressy 4 ys 4 their 2yr anni.
and me? jux plain shoppin lohx?
or mayb mood gd wil go buy another tee 4 dar.dar?
since he's so gd 2 me..
hahaha.. pay half of my N Mei 4 me..
okok.. thats all for now..
mayb 2nite wil go depth with photos..

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

back 4 work after 1..2..3..4 days of hols..
after 2dae and tml,
i'll b havin my long long break le..
yes yes.. nehx nehx approved my leave..
wil b havin a 6days break..
how great is that?
i've decided 2 visit my friends at work..
acc them 4 lunch?
lets c who r those fortunate ones..
Sat wil b havin art class frm aftn until evening..
Sun wil b at hm with parents..
mayb mahjong?
Mon wil b gai gai day bahx?
Tue shld b goin dar.dar's hse lohx..
ytd went over his hse..
and his dad cooked dinner 4 us..
intend 2 eat sakae de..
but was full over at Compass Pt..
anyway, this xmas i received 4 doraemon stuffs..
2 from my ever-dearest mama
1 from my ever-loving sis
and lastly 1 frm xiang mei arhx..
muackx them!

at e background is 2 from my mama..
e more AA "thing" is frm sis..

this is IT!
fly from Jap-Bangkok-SG
cool huhx?
think is like Yan-Yan bahx?
i cant bear 2 eat!!

chopsticks & nailclipper
contributed by my mama lohx..

this belt is frm my sis too..
she bght frm Bangkok..

stil frm my sis..
also from Bangkok de..

close up view of e tee
she got a piece with diff color..

the tee i bght 4 dar.dar de..
yupx.. frm Flesh Imp my love..

a tee my sis bght 4 dar.dar
my sis v thoughtful horx?

my sis rem 2 buy magnet 4 me..

from LiMei..
fly all e way frm Australia..

another gift from colleague..
wonder whats inside ehx?
shall reveal it tml lahx?
make a guess?

Total gifts received:
Doraemon Lamp
N Mei (NDSL)
Doraemon Chopsticks
Doraemon Nail Clipper
Doraemon Big Cup
Crown Belt
Doraemon Yan-Yan
Thailand Magnet
Australia Magnet
Aussino Notebook
Winnie The Pooh Biscuits
Notebook from KuHa
another item haven opened.

thats all folks~

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Yesterday had an enjoyable BBQ party with friends..
all 2gether i think we've got 14-18people?
most of e girls arrive quite early arnd 7+pm..
thou it was enjoyable, but i was damn tiring arhx..
guess i run up & down too much?
didnt get to eat much either..
1stly was 2 settle the pit problem..
2ndly was 2 brin e food & stuffs down 2 pit..
3rdly was 2 settle down the food & stuffs..
4thly was 2 give intructions 4 friends who r coming..
let me explain which problem separately..

1st problem :
went down arnd 530pm 2 check e pit..
realised it wasnt setup YET?!
went 2 find SX + bf
went up tak receipt & walk over 2 RC..
manage 2 get hold of 1 person's no.
called up e person 2 ask them setup e pit..
walk back 2 e pit and saw e guys settin up..
arnd 30mins gone..

2nd problem :
becux most of e ppl not here yet..
and SX was helpin her bf 2 settle e pit..
so i went up & down 2 fetch e food..
stuffs includes tumbler w/ water, charcoal,
chicken wings, sausage + sotong balls,
forks, spoons, etc etc etc..
i cant rem how many trips i went..
until dar.dar came 2 help..

3rd problem :
friends haven arrive yet..
so me & SX + XQ try 2 mix e drinks..
settle e food..
dar.dar help 2 start fire..
(SX's bf went off)

4th problem :
the pit area do not have blk no.
so hafta give exact location 2 friends..
and yet most of them nv come b4..
so got a hard time explaining..
(there's funeral, marriage, bdae party arnd)
maybe ytd was an auspicious day..

act. there's another prob -----
bbq-ing too slowly
in e beginning, we only got a pit..
and e fire was at e front of e pit only..
thats why in e end we started another pit..
aiya.. overall jux alot prob..
but anyway, hardly can all meet up..
so even if alot prob, its stil worth it..
enjoy e photos bahx..
m stil awaitin 4 min 2 send me e rest..

e cake that XiaoQi made..
its strawberry cheesecake worx..

LiMei, Siew Xiang & Me..
inside my rm cux Siew Xiang checkin her contacts

we bbq-ing lohx..

LiMei fanning,
Siew Xiang & XiaoQi bbq

Lisa, Min, Zhen & May Ying all bbq

guess what chao tah thing is this?
Ans : wollemhsram

me bbq marshmellow
and xiaoqi bbq chicky wings..

i look so "huhx" in it right?

Lisa, Min & Me
i like this shot nehx..

Min & Zhen

Group Photo_1

Girls Group Photo

Group Photo_2

Its prize giving time lohx..

1st on the list goes to ...
(receiving her prize from Siew Xiang)

2nd on the list is ...
(receiving her prize from May Ying)

3rd on the list is ...
(receiving prize from Lisa)

4th on the list is ...
(receiving her prize from Zhen)

5th on the list ...
(receiving prize from Yvonne)

6th on the list ...
(receiving prize from LiMei)

7th on the list ...
(receiving prize from WeiGuo)

8th on the list ...
(receiving prize from ZhengXiong)

9th on the list ...
(receiving prize from ME)

10th on the list ...
(receiving prize from AiMin)

after opening up the prize..
Its aromatherapy..
given by Lisa..

my pressy from Zhen
i love e notebooks..

surprise gift from SiewXiang
guess whats inside?

Its a bigbig cup 4 ME!
with Doraemon inside worx..

my hand-made mango pudding..

went 2 visit Siew Xiang at her office..

went 2 visit her toilet again..
this time rnd..

with the antique version flush..

self take at her desk
the red & black "thing" is SX

she helping me open pressy..

a notebook from James?

me opening her pressy..

whoa~wth use penknife until left this?

the tip left so little until cannot even cut wrapper

the card on her pressy
from her boss..

guess whats inside?


with price tag on it..
in RM sumore..

e choco i help SX 2 wrap..

the After look..
passable anot ehx?

i think this yr's xmas i love it e most..
mainly is bcux i got my toilet girls arnd..
and also my sec sch mates..
even some of their bf(s) along too..
when the old peh peh come 2 pester us off..
some of them even stood by us..
helpin us 2 shoo that peh peh off lohx..
book a pit and yet was force 2 end it early?
WE, definitely wil not give in..
thats what we, yckss graduates are..