DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Thursday, August 31, 2006

gosh~ 2dae is e 1st time ever i tell every1..
hafta queue up 2 board e train..
and even when i board e train, there's stil a crowd bhind me..
scary right?
every1 is standin close 2 each oth on e train..
rainy days crowded train..
was half wet when i rch my office..

now u noe my meanin of half?
is 1 side of my pants r wet lohx..
even when im usin a brolly ehx..
can u imagine how heavy e rain is?
anyway, i self declare fri again..
bcux its raining heavily at my hse area..
so i assume its rainin at all areas,
and wear 3/4 thinkin tat i can escape being wet..

hahaha~ half side wet horx?

and den, i even saw toads in e field..
why toads oni appear on rainy days?
where they emerge from harx?

task 4 2dae :
1. check thru my templates
2. YouTube all e way lohx..
hehx~ v free horx?
tml wont b free le..
reporting cycle officially starts tml..
countdown 1wk1day b4 Clarris go..

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

got several nice MV to share with you guys..
i know i said im gonna do my work..
but i have finish my AP templates le..
so got some time 2 spare..
hehehe.. went 2 search 4 MV 2 watch..
here are they..

李圣杰 - 很想说

reason why i like this MV:
because e lyrics are aWwwfully meaningful..

蔡依林 - 离人节

reason why i like this MV:
oso because of e lyrics..
reminds me of e past r/s..

杜德伟 - 嫁给我

reason why i like this MV:
because its so sweet~
it cant possibly happen in reality..

杜德伟 - 把你藏起来
reason why i like this MV:
aiya is due to my sis lohx..
last time she keep listenin 2 this song..
and insisting its v nice..
guess i'll melt if sum1 sing this 2 me..

蕭亞軒 - 他和她的故事
reason why i like this MV:
got my fave Elva + Daniel Wu?
look how lovin they r in it?
hEe~ enjoy..

Ouch` 2dae wil b a memorable day 4 my sis..
because she jux went 4 an Op this morn..
2 extract ALL her wisdom tooth out..
she even hafta b warded 4 half day..
n given 8days of MC nehx..
seriously i cannot imagine myself doin e same..
thou i have encounter lotsa painfulness b4..
lik piercing of ears, fallin n land on butt, fell n hurt knee..
etc etc tat e skin drop off or "pulling" own teeth out..
(oni when my teeth r droppin off lahx..)
and i oways cannot bear 2 imagine myself givin birth..
lik when i heard my fren say e doc wil use scissors 2 cut open..
and u hafta "push" e baby out..
stop stop!!

shall start a new paragraph 2 summarise wat im busy with..
i know i haven been bloggin for days..
and its not bcux im busy..
its bcux im lazy.. =X
and wat else can i say except tat, "Im fortunate.."
hehehe~ been meetin dar.dar past few days..
and last thur, my current storey got new office..
so its under renovation..
and guess wat happen 2 e entire storey?

yupx~ u noe why i took this pix?

they even make e effort 2 cut out a hole..
for the buttons to e lift lohx..

close up look of e hole..

cute right?
anyway fri aft work went 2c doc..
for diarrhoa-ing 2days..
my butt hole pain can? =(
was given 1day MC..
so fri i dint went 2 work..
but stayed at hm 2 zZz..
i hope 2 go comatose for 1wk..
hahaha.. =p
fri evening meet chris + mk + ailian..
prata 4 dinner at Thomson..
din manage 2 take any pix..
except for 1..

ice cream prata..
ordered by Christopher..
lolx.. inside got strawberry + choco..
hm sweet hm aft tat..

Sat was spend cleanin my rm..
all covered with dust..
window grilles, study table, cabinet, rack..
everything wipe clean!
even re-decorate my table abit..
evening time dar.dar visited me..
went 4 western again..
and he bght me 2 boxes of gummy!!
fwah fwah..
can last me 4 duno how long le..
he even acc me + parents 2 play mahjong..
lights out at 1+am..
e next day(sun), he woke up arnd 6am..
prepared and went down 2 Suntec..
got e sheares bridge run..
alot alot ppl can?
he oni returned back arnd 11+am..
zZz again aft awhile..
evening went out j8 4 dinner...
its Sakae Sushi again..
hehhe~ craving 4 chawamushi..
BUT e person say its not available..
gimme a shock horx..
duno wat happen.. 1st time lehx..

my 1st time eatin cold noodle..
taste like normal noodle..
jux tat it is cold?
plus its in green color?

fried hotate & fried tofu..

Sukiyaki Chicken..

e "solid fuel" they use 4 fire..

see how good this egg is?
the egg yolk nv break..
n so astonished tat mux tak pix..

jux bcux i din manage 2 eat Chawamushi..
dar.dar brin me 2 Yoshinoya..
their chawamushi cmi lohx!!

at least this is slightly better..
jux nw tat pix is really overcooked lohx..
nevertheless, i stil prefer Sakae's Chawamushi..

on e way back on bus 88..
i saw a camera on e back of e bus..
how weird is tat?

i caught toto smiling happily..
very cute right?

another happy look of toto..
him lookin rather curious horx?
with his head tilted 2 a side..

now u seriously noe wat i mean by fortunate?
another reason is i have happily lived another 5days..
hahaha.. counting down 2 my anni wib dar.dar
which means i hafta rush out 3 thingy..
1. dar.dar's pressy..
2. clarris's farewell pressy..
3. henry's weddin gift + hongbao
4. developing 10 2R pix
5. another cycle of reportin starts..
alright, shall return 2 work +
some YouTube-ing

Thursday, August 24, 2006

a visit to the temple near Bugis Village..
my 1st time there thou..
clarris brin me there..
hohoho~ even offer some joss sticks to e buddha over there..
and start "cracking" lohx..
dun have more time 2 go arnd e temple..
anyway, 2dae is "chu yi" got alot ppl go "bai bai" mahx..
all filled with ppl..
like e saying, "ppl mountain ppl sea"
heheh.. do i look v excited?
this is my 1st time doin this nehx..
wonder wil my lot b gd or bad?

the piece of paper i got 4 exchanging it with e lot..
all in chn n e oth side in eng..
but v brief description lehx.. =\

aha~ help me take a look..
explain 2 me what does it mean?
i only know its bad..

omg~ jux when i tot i can rely on YouTube,
for killing some time..
its down for maintenance!!
omg x 10 arhx..!!
so in e meantime, im gonna blog abt my HK trip..
pls dun scream at me..
dun say, "not again.."
bcux i've got nuttin else 2 do.. =(
shld have brin a bk along 2 office..
anyway, 2dae im goin temple wib my colleague..
hohoho~ gonna go ask abt my fortune too!
shall upload pix aft lunch..
stay tune yo?
and now presenting my Day 6 in HK..

yOohOo~ we'r leaving HK lohx..
going Macau nehx..

our tickets to enter Macau

checking my passport ehx?
i dun look like e ger in the picture mehx?

the public transport we took 2 go Macau..

look how foggy e weather is?

what we had for brunch..
was shivering with cold when we rch..
therefore ordered sth to share..
definitely with rice..

m so excited at e sight of eggs..
hahaha.. funny me..

lolx.. takin pix outside e rest.
like 2 "men shen"?

hehehe.. takin pix with small fountain..

bet no1 know where it is?
this place was shown in a HK drama..
starring Julian Cheung & Charmaine Seah..
its Ao Men Jie
(Macau st? direct translate)

look how tall this door is?
and tat dar.dar tryin 2 act like ghost behind me?

view frm the top of e building..
we climb up and stairs 2 tak this pix..
i think i got a phobia with heights..
sumore the ground can c thru..
feeling so unstable right above lehx.. =s

i look so small n short horx?

hahaha.. cfm duno what im takin right?
i saw these droppin frm trees..
and i think it looks like cotton 2 me..
some were blown by wind 2 elsewhere..
looks like snow if alot r bein blown..

while waitin 4 my sis + bf 2 cum down from e bomb shelter..
i manage 2 persuade dar.dar 2 tak pix with me..
hohoho~ love this pix e most..
almost those which i took it myself lahx..
because it looks v loving.. =D

mux tak a few more..
but dar.dar duwan tak lehx..

yeahx~ a visit to the Macau Tower lohx..

jux tak a look at how tall this buildin is with compared to oths?
want me 2 jump down from the building?
think i wil faint halfway thru..

i think you ppl mux b thinkin i jux wana tak pix with dar.dar
but e main focus shld be on e bridge behind us..
i duno what e bridge is call lahx...

althou no chance 2 jump down from e building 2gether..
but we get to tak pix with e whole building 2gether..
not a bad idea horx?

hehehe taking pix with e menu..
e stall selling excellent pork bun nehx..
was even shown on TV lohx..
so definitely mux cum here 2 try out..
excellent anot.. ltr i'll noe..

see they'r stil usin those traditional type of bottle..
it does taste more gas-sy lahx..
im going to eat lohx..
act. i dun find it v tasty lehx..

taking pix with a big stone??

so funny horx?
Macau bus call "Ao Ba" lehx..

hohoho~ tat is where we'r headin le..

c how happy i am?
wanna brin back those sand 2 share with everyone..
and god knows how heavy tat bottle weight?

me takin pix at the board at Black Sand Beach..
of cux with my bottle of black sand lahx..

on the Macau bus headin to Casino...

wOohOo~ at the casino at Macau..

eating their egg tarts?
taste delicious..
unlike those i ate in Sg..

our supper..
dar.dar oways look ready 2 eat horx?
got fried you tiao..
n char siew chang fen + beef de..
porridge shared by all of us..

our late nite supper dessert..
got hot egg custard, cold milk custard
and those tangyuan with red bean filling inside..
of cux i didnt eat the tangyuan lahx..
oni tasted a mouthful of e milk custard..
tasted v weird bcux its cold..
didnt like e egg custard too..
bcux i prefer the SG type.. =)